William Fischel

 Lucas v South Carolina Coastal Council: A Photographic Essay
William A. Fischel
Dartmouth College
Department of Economics
6106 Rockefeller Hall
Hanover, NH 03755-3514
(603) 646-2940
February 1995
I took the following photographs in November, 1994. They show the lots at issue in Lucas [505 U.S. _, 112 S. Ct. 2886 (1992)] and the immediate vicinity. The text is from my book, Regulatory Takings: Law, Economics, and Politics, which Harvard University Press will publish in July of 1995. The photos may be reproduced and circulated provided that they are attributed to me. The text is copyrighted by Harvard University Press, and permission from them should be obtained to reproduce it further.

Photo 1: View of Lucas's two lots, on either side of large square house in the center, from the edge of the ocean (looking towards northwest). Note that Lucas's lots are the only vacant lots in sight along the beach.

Photo 2: Closer View of dunes and both of Lucas's lots from the beach, looking towards northeast. As before, square house is between Lucas's lots.

Photo 3: Looking toward ocean (southwest) across one of Lucas's vacant lots (#13 Beachwood East). The small sign says "Beach Access Path," indicating the public path to the beach.

Photo 4: View of the low dunes in front of Lucas's lot #13, looking west from the public access path.

Photos 5 and 6: Other houses along Beachwood East Street. The top photo was taken from the duneside end of Lucas's lot next to the public path, and the lower photo was taken from along Beachwood East Street looking east.

A Photographic Update on the Lucas Property

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