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Monday, July 10, 2000: 9:30 am-12:00 pm

"Italian Studies and Italian Cultural Presence in North America:
A Tribute to the Life and Contributions of Mario Casalini"

Program Description: The WESS program for 2000 deals with Italian cultural topics and is dedicated to the memory of the Italian vendor Mario Casalini (1926-1998), who was of seminal importance over the past 40 years in the building of Italian-oriented academic library collections in North America. The program will focus on various aspects of Italian cultural history, publishing, and bibliography and their representations and interests on the North American academic and library scenes. Books published by Italian presses with which Mr. Casalini was associated will be on display.

(1.) Dante Della Terza, keynote speaker, Irving Babbitt Professor of Comparative Literature, Emeritus, Harvard University,and Professor Emeritus of Italian Literature at the UniversitÓ Federico II, Napoli.
"Italian Books in North America : the Role of Mario Casalini in Enriching Academic Collections."

(2.) John Tedeschi, Distinguished Academic Librarian Emeritus, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
His talk, entitled "Transatlantic Correspondence: Roland H. Bainton and Delio Cantimori, 1932-1966," focuses on an academic collaboration on two continents to promote Italian studies.

(3.) Ingrid Rowland, Associate Professor, Department of Art History and the College, University of Chicago, is an expert in Italian Renaissance art.
"Athanasius Kircher, a Jesuit Scientist in Baroque Rome."

(4.) Paul Gehl, Custodian, John M.Wing Foundation on the History of Printing, the Newberry Library, Chicago.
"Collecting for Today's History of the Book and Tomorrow's: or What's so New about the New History of the Book?"


Generous support for the WESS Program given by Jean Touzot, libraire-Úditeur


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