WESS Committee Assignments 2005/06



Executive Committee
Helene Baumann, Chair
Bryan Skib, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect
Thomas Izbicki, Past Chair
Laura-Dale Bischof, Secretary
Sarah G. Wenzel, Member-at-Large
Thea Lindquist, Coordinator, Study Trip to Eastern Germany
*Executive includes all chairs of committees and ad hoc committees

2006 Conference Planning
*Sam Dunlap, Co-chair
*Ann Snoeyenbos, Co-chair
Frances Allen
Dick Hacken
Rebecca Malek-Wiley
Susanne Roberts
Barbara Walden
Helene Baumann, ex officio

Membership Committee
*David Lincove, 04-06, Chair 05-06
Paula M. Carns
Rowena Griem, 05-07
Jeffrey Hancks, 05-07
Pamela Harris 04-06
Dennis Lambert, 05-07
Heleni Pedersoli, 05-07
Sarah Wenzel 04-06

Nominating Committee
*Bruce Swann, Chair 05-06
Sarah How 05-07
Elisabeth Remak-Honnef 05-07

*Sarah How, 04-06, Chair 05-06
Laura Dale Bischof (WESS secretary, ex officio)
Diana Chlebek 05-07
Tom Kilton 05-07
Blake Landor 04-06
Jeff Matlak 04-06
Michael Seadle, 05-07
Alessia Zanin-Yost, 05-07
*Sarah Wenzel, Newsletter Editor
*Reinhart Sonnenburg, Webmaster




2005-2006 Conveners:
Germanists: Dale Askey
Romance Language: Dominique Coulombe
Cataloging: Thom Edlund (?)
Classical, Medieval and Renaissance: will decide at Annual
College and Medium-Sized Libraries: Pamela Harris;
Scandinavian: Gordon Anderson
Social Sciences and History: Louis Reith
Special Topics: Jane Faulkner



Recruitment to the Profession
*Gerald Heverly, Chair (2004-2006)
Dale Askey 04-06
Laura Dale Bischof 04-06
Todd S. Gilman 04-07
Karen Green 04-07
Fred W. Jenkins 04-07
Charlene M. Kellsey 04-07
Robert J. Rohrbacher 04-06
Brian W. Vetruba 04-06

Research and Planning
*Charlene Kellsey, Chair 04-06
Roberta Astroff 04-06
David Duncan 04-06
Hank Harken 04-05
Sebastian Hierl 04-06
Emily Horning 05-07
George I. Paganelis 05-07
Tim Shipe 05-07
Agnes Widder 04-06
Gregory Wool 05-07

French-American Resources Project (ad hoc)
*Sarah Wenzel (Chair 2004/06)
Yvonne Boyer
Dominique Coulombe
Richard Hacken
Sebastian Hierl
Sarah How
Tom Kilton
Denis Lacroix
Jeffry Larson
Kati Radics
Beth Remak
Susanne Roberts
Kathleen Rutter
Bryan Skib
Sarah Sussman
Barbara Walden

2006 Eastern Germany Study Tour (ad hoc)
*Thea Lindquist, Chair, 05-06

Coutts-Nijhoff Study Grant Jury
Thomas Izbicki, Chair, 05-06
Jeffrey Garrett, 05-07
Richard Hacken, 05-07
Megan Bielefeld, ACRL representative
Coutts-Nijhoff representative


Official ACRL/WESS committee rosters


Last updated: August 5, 2005

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