WESS Committee Assignments 2006/07



Executive Committee

Bryan Skib, Chair
Sarah Wenzel, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect
Helene Baumann †, Past Chair
Thomas Izbicki, Acting Past Chair
Paula Carns, Secretary
Pamela Harris, Member-at-Large

*Executive includes all chairs of committees and ad hoc committees

2007 Conference Planning
*Sarah How, Chair
Gordon Anderson
Stephen David Corrsin
Heleni Marques Pedersoli
Kathleen Hunter Rutter
Sarah Sussman
Bryan Skib, ex officio

*Sarah Wenzel, Chair
Ceres B. Birkhead
Yvonne Boyer
Dominique Coulombe
Richard Hacken
Sebastian Hierl
Sarah How
Denis Lacroix
Jeffry Larson
Kati Radics
Heleni Marques Pedersoli
Beth Remak-Honnef
Susanne Roberts
Kathleen Rutter
Bryan Skib
Charles C. Stewart
Sarah Sussman

Coutts-Nijhoff Study Grant Jury
Thomas Izbicki, Chair
Jeffrey Garrett, 05-07
Richard Hacken, 05-07
Charlene Kellsey, 06-08
Megan Bielefeld, ACRL representative
Coutts-Nijhoff representative

Fundraising Committee
*Emily Stambaugh, Chair
Dominique C. Coulombe, 06-08
Gerald Heverly, 05-08
Tom Izbicki, 06-08
Sheila Antonia Smyth, 06 - 08
Ann P. Snoeyenbos, 06-08






2006-2007 Conveners:

Cataloging: Rebecca Malek-Wiley
Classical, Medieval and Renaissance: Paula Carns
College and Medium-Sized Libraries: Pamela Harris
General Discussion Group: Pamela Harris
Germanists: Timothy Shipe
Romance Language: Sarah Sussman
Scandinavian: Jeffrey Hancks
Social Sciences and History: Gordon Anderson
Special Topics: Jane Faulkner



Membership Committee
*Rowena Griem, Chair
Paula M. Carns, 05-07
Jeffrey Hancks, 05-07
Pamela Harris 06-08
Dennis Lambert, 05-07
Jennifer MacDonald, 06-08
Heleni Pedersoli, 05-07
Brian Vetruba, 06-08

Nominating Committee
*Beau Case, Chair
David Lincove 05-07
Rebecca R. Malek - Wiley 05-07
Elisabeth Remak-Honnef 05-07

*Michael Seadle, Chair
Paula Carns (WESS secretary, ex officio)
Diana Chlebek 05-07
David A. Lincove, 06-08
Thea L. Lindquist, 06-08
Shawn Jeremy Martin, 06-08
Clay G. Williams, 06-08
Alessia Zanin-Yost, 05-07
*Paul Vermouth, Newsletter Editor
*Reinhart Sonnenburg, Webmaster

Recruitment to the Profession

*Brian Vetruba, Chair
Laura Dale Bischof 06-08
Todd S. Gilman 04-07
Karen Green 04-07
W. Gerald Heverly, 06-08
Fred W. Jenkins 04-07
Charlene M. Kellsey 04-07
Heather Lea Moulaison, 06-08
George I. Paganelis, 06-08

Research and Planning
*Timothy Shipe, Chair
Frances Ott Allen, 06-08 Yvonne D. Boyer, 06-08
Miriam E. Conteh-Morgan, 06-08
Hank Harken 06-08
Emily Horning 05-07
David L. Langenberg, 06-08
George I. Paganelis 05-07
Louis Reith, 06-08
Gregory Wool 05-07


Official ACRL/WESS committee rosters


Last updated: May 25, 2007

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