WESSWEB - Western European Specialists Section

WESS Officers (Executive Committee) 2005-06

Section Officers

Helene Baumann
Perkins Library, Duke University
Tel: 919-660-5847
E-mail: helene.baumann@duke.edu

Bryan Skib
Hatcher Library, University of Michigan
Tel.: 743-936-2366
E-mail: bskib@umich.edu

Past Chair:
Thomas M. Izbicki
Resource Services, Johns Hopkins University
Tel: 410-516-7173
E-mail: izbicki@jhu.edu

Sarah Wenzel
Reference Services, Columbia University
Tel: 212-854-5477
E-mail: sgw2103@columbia.edu

Laura-Dale Bischof
University of Minnesota
Tel: 612-626-8026
E-mail: bisch004@tc.umn.edu

Study Tour Coordinator:
Thea L. Lindquist
Norlin Library, University of Colorado at Boulder
Tel: 303-492-8302
E-mail: thea.lindquist@colorado.edu


Conference Planning - 2006:
Sam Dunlap
University of California-San Diego
Tel: 858-534-6443
E-mail: sdunlap@ucsd.edu

Ann Snoeyenbos
Project Muse, Johns Hopkins University Press
Tel: 410-516-6992
E-mail: anns@muse.jhu.edu

Collaborative Initiative for French and North American Libraries (CIFNAL)
Sarah Wenzel
Reference Services
Columbia University
Tel: 212-854-5477
E-mail: sgw2103@columbia.edu

Coutts-Nijhoff Award:
Thomas M. Izbicki
Resource Services
Johns Hopkins University
Tel: 410-516-7173
E-mail: izbicki@jhu.edu

Emily Stambaugh
University of California-Riverside
Tel. 951-827-3703
E-mail: emily.stambaugh@ucr.edu

David Lincove
Main Library, Ohio State University
Tel: 614-292-2393
E-mail: lincove.1@osu.edu

Bruce Swann
U of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Tel: 217-244-1872
E-mail: bswann@uiuc.edu

Sarah How
Olin Library, Cornell
Tel: 607-255-9478
E-mail: seh4@cornell.edu

Recruitment to the Profession:
W. Gerald Heverly
New York University
Tel: 212-998-2515
E-mail: gerald.heverly@nyu.edu

Research & Planning:
Charlene Kellsey
University of Colorado
Tel: 303-492-1183
E-mail: charlene.kellsey@colorado.edu



See WESS Committee Assignments page for committee and discussion group chairs.

Chairs of standing and ad hoc committees serve on the Executive Committee.
The composition and duties of the Executive Committee are detailed in Article VI of the Bylaws.



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