WESSWEB - Western European Specialists Section

WESS Officers (Executive Committee) 2006-07

Section Officers

Bryan Skib
University of Michigan
E-mail: bskib@umich.edu

Sarah Wenzel
Columbia University
E-mail: sgw2103@columbia.edu

Past Chair:
Helene Baumann (†)
Duke University

Acting Past Chair:
Tom Izbicki
Johns Hopkins University
E-mail: izbicki@jhu.edu

Pamela Harris
Swarthmore College
E-mail: pharris1@swarthmore.edu
(replacing Erika Banski, University of Alberta)

Paula Carns
University of Illinois|
E-mail: pcarns@uiuc.edu


Conference Planning - 2007:
Sarah How
Cornell University
E-mail: seh4@cornell.edu

Collaborative Initiative for French and North American Libraries (CIFNAL)
Sarah Wenzel
Columbia University
E-mail: sgw2103@columbia.edu

Coutts-Nijhoff Award:
Tom Izbicki
Johns Hopkins University
E-mail: izbicki@jhu.edu

Emily Stambaugh
University of California-Riverside
E-mail: emily.stambaugh@ucr.edu

Rowena Griem
Yale University Library
E-mail: rowena.griem@yale.edu

Beau David Case
University of Michigan
E-mail: bdcase@umich.edu

Michael Seadle
Michigan State University
E-mail: seadle@msu.edu

Recruitment to the Profession:
Brian Vetruba
Washington University
E-mail: bvetruba@wustl.edu

Research & Planning:
Timothy Shipe
University of Iowa
E-mail: timothy.shipe@uiowa.edu


Newsletter Editor (ex officio)
Paul Vermouth
Harvard University
E-mail: vermouth@fas.harvard.edu

WESSWeb Editor (ex officio)
Reinhart Sonnenburg
Dartmouth College
E-mail: sonnenburg@dartmouth.edu




See WESS Committee Assignments page for committee and discussion group chairs.

Chairs of standing and ad hoc committees serve on the Executive Committee.
The composition and duties of the Executive Committee are detailed in Article VI of the Bylaws.


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