WESSWEB, the Web service of the Western European Studies Section, Association of College and Research Libraries Annual Program:
Washington, DC 2007

The European Union Today:
Constructing European Identity

The European Union Today:
Constructing European Identity

Monday June 25, 2007 10:30 - 12:00
Room 101, Washington DC Convention Center

Hon. John Bruton
Ambassador of the European Union to the USA

Kathleen McNamara
Associate Professor of Government and International Relations,
Georgetown University

Arend Kuster
Director, Publishers Communications Group -- Europe

How will European Union enlargement and Europe's increasing diversity affect scholarship, publishing, and libraries? Speakers will address these issues, the EU approach to European identitites, and the social construction of political authority in the EU. Time for questions and discussion will follow.
Today, fifty years after the Treaty of Rome, the European Union's diverse constituency includes residents of 27 member states.  Who -- and what -- is European?  Identity issues challenge governance and feature in politics and popular discourse even in non-member states.


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