WESS Newsletter Editor Bids Goodbye

WESS Newsletter

Spring 1999, Vol. 22, no. 2

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This is my last issue as Editor. I want to publicly thank all four column editors whom I've been fortunate to work with: Richard Hacken, Gail Hueting, Robert Kusmer, and Leena Siegelbaum. Thank you all for your dedicated work-you are the real force behind the WESS Newsletter. WESS members often tell me how much they enjoy reading the columns-how helpful they find the reviews and how much they chuckle over Dick's puns.

My term as Editor has brought me pleasure and just a few moments of frustration-mostly when working too close to the deadline. It has given me an opportunity to meet members and learn more about the section. As our 20th anniversary draws near, it seems fitting to step down as Editor and start the next 20 years anew. I wish to express my gratitude to Elisabeth Remak-Honnef for agreeing so cheerfully to serve as the next Editor. She has many ideas about how she hopes to shape the WESS Newsletter. We have much to look forward to. Good luck, Beth, and thank you!

Marje Schuetze-Coburn

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