WESS Newsletter

WESS Newsletter
Spring 1998

Vol. 21, no. 2

Editor: Marje Schuetze-Coburn

Association of College & Research Libraries
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119 Basarabian Nights: A Memoir of a WESS Librarian in Moldova

by Beau David Case

Retrospektive Erschließung von Zeitschriften und Zeitungen

Review by Scott B. Denlinger

New Publications of Note

Column Editor Leena Siegelbaum

Europe by Bits & Bytes

Column Editor Gail Hueting

Personal & Institutional News

Column Editor: Richard Hacken

Information Sources Regarding Scandinavian Literature in Translation

by Sem C. Sutter

Publishing in the Languages of Spain

by Alain Couartou

Jeffrey Garrett Awarded Nijhoff Study Grant

WESS Section Business

Executive Committee Minutes

Notes from the WESS Chair

Classical, Medieval & Renaissance Discussion Group Report

Special Topics Discussion Group Report

1998 Annual Conference Schedule

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