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Spring 1998, Vol. 21, no. 2

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SB = Shari Buxbaum
RK=Robert Kusmer
JKL = Jeffry K. Larson
MPO = Michael P. Olson
KR = Katalin Radics
LMS = Leena M. Siegelbaum

European, General

Access to Commission Documents : A Citizen's Guide. Luxemburg: Office for the Official Publications of the European Communities, 1997. 40 p. ISBN 9282783154.
The main part of this booklet consists of two sections: the first one deals with how to obtain official Commission publications, the second with how to obtain internal, unpublished documents. Includes the text of EU public access policy to Commission and Council documents as well as pertinent addresses. [LMS]

Herbig, Paul A. Handbook of cross-cultural marketing. International Business Press, 1997. ISBN 0789001543. $60.
This book is aimed at all companies, American and others, who want to succeed in markets other than the one or two they are familiar with. Better understanding of a culture different than one's own is of major importance in our multicultural age and a key to success in the international marketplace. The book is organized in three parts: Premarketing, Marketing, and Postmarketing, with an extensive bibliography. Academic libraries will find this handbook useful for business collections. [SB]


Bibliographie des écrivains français/Bibliographica (ISSN 1245-2505) Paris; Roma: Memini: Diffusion, CNRS éditions [for nos. 6-7], Presses universitaires de France [for nos. 9-]. 24 cm., + 1 computer disk (3 1/2 in.) System requirements for accompanying computer disk: IBM PC or compatible; Word 6.0. 6: Plagnol-Diéval, Marie-Emmanuelle. Madame de Genlis. 1996. 194 p. ISBN 8886609078; LCCN: 97147406. 290FF. 7: Magnien, M. (Michel) Étienne de La Boétie. 1997. 198 p. ISBN 8886609086; LCCN: 97167527. Ca. $52. 8: Bokdam, Sylviane. Pontus de Tyard. 1997. 145 p. ISBN 8886609094; LCCN: 97224102. 260 FF. 9: Touitou, Béatrice. Baculard d'Arnaud. 1997. 104 p. ISBN 8886609108; LCCN: 97203723. 210 FF. 10: Morlet-Chantalat, Chantal. Madeleine de Scudéry. 1997. 138 p. ISBN 8886609116 (br.); frBN023187089. 260 FF. 11: Trachsler, Richard. Les Romans arthuriens en vers après Chrétien de Troyes. 1997. 334. ISBN 8886609124. 360 FF.
Further installments in a series whose first number was noted in our Spring 1996 issue. No. 10 offers a classed, annotated bibliography on the score of Arthurian verse romances aside from Chrétien and the Continuation du Conte de Graal. This series is being reviewed in IFB, hence in IFBA and RRE. [JKL]

Bibliographie des éditions de la Nouvelle revue française, mai 1911-juillet 1919. Paris: H. Vignes livres anciens, [1997] 1 v. (unpaged): ill. (some col.); 21 cm. LCCN: 98110690. 90 FF.
A bibliography of books published by the Éditions de la NRF before it changed its name to Gallimard. Entries are in order of publication and include complete physical descriptions (with press runs and original prices) and "historico-literary commentaries." Includes an index of authors, préfaciers, and translators. [JKL]

Dictionnaire du XIXe siècle européen. Ed. Madeleine Ambrière. Paris: Presses universitaires de France, 1997. 1375 p. ISBN 2130486517. LCCN 97226376.990 FF.
One of the PUF dictionaries covering history. The 1570 entries describe the most important nineteenth-century personalities and define characteristic trends, disciplines, institutions, and other notions in nine sections: French literature, European literature, sciences, medicine, philosophy, music, arts, law and political economy, and history. The targeted audience is the greater educated public, including specialists. The dictionary is a structural masterpiece: perfectly clear and easy to use. It is revealing of what the concepts and principles of selection of the editors were. Three indices and a chronology of events close the volume. Review forthcoming in RRE. [KR]

Dictionnaire européen des Lumières. Ed. Michel Delon. Paris: Presses universitaires de France, 1997. Xxii, 1128 p.: ill. ISBN 2130488242 (hard cover). 820 FF.
An ambitious dictionary of the "notions" of the Enlightenment in its different national manifestations. The articles signed by European scholars, constitute "états présents" of the topics covered, and conclude with brief bibliographies. Includes selective indices of cross references and names. Review forthcoming in RRE. [JKL]

Francesistica: bibliografia delle opere e degli studi di letteratura francese e francofona in Italia, II: 1990-1994. Eds. Giovanni Bogliolo, Paolo Carile, & Mario Matucci. Fasano: Schena; Genève: Slatkine, 1996. 567 p; 24 cm. ISBN (invalid) 8875145577. LITS 70,000.
From the Società universitaria per gli studi di lingua e letteratura francese, this volume continues the classed bibliography of Italian studies on Francophone literature noted in our Fall 1993 issue. [JKL]

Frank, Barbara, and Jörg Hartmann. Inventaire systématique des premiers documents des langues romanes. Tübingen: G. Narr, c1997. 5 v. (Script Oralia; 100) Contents: v. 1. Introduction, bibliographie, tables; v. 2. Partie documentaire (éconcés métalinguistiques, explicatifs et commémoratifs, littérature de caractère religieux); v. 3. Partie documentaire (littérature instructive et scientifique, poésie profane, historiographie, législation); v. 4. Partie documentaire (chartes françaises et occitanes); v. 5. Partie documentaire (chartes italiennes, sardes, catalanes, espagnoles et portugaises, letters, documents administratifs). ISBN 3823354108. LCNN 97181791. 398 DM.
An exhaustive classed descriptive catalog of documents (including epigraphical) in Romance languages before the mid 13th century, complementing in language and period Kristeller (Balay AA206-207, Walford v.3 #2596, 2639). Each document has a fiche giving: current and previous locations, call number, provenance, physical description, contents, marginalia, bibliographic references, title, incipit/explicit paleographic description, genre, date, place, language, and internal "metacommunicative" indications about the circumstances and modalities of the document's creation; some of the later charters receive only abbreviated notices. V. 1 contains an 140-page bibliography and indices of manuscripts by holding institution and by chronology, of place names and dialects, of medieval authors and works, and of modern authors. [JKL]

Laffont-Bompiani. Dictionnaire encyclopédique de la littérature française. Paris: R. Laffont, c1997. xii, 1125 p.; 20 cm. (Bouquins) ISBN 2221077016; LCCN: 97206257. 149FF.
Contains over 700 bio-bibliographies of Francophone authors born before 1951 and about 350 entries on major works; these are revised versions of the articles from the 1994 Laffont-Bompiani world dictionaries of authors and works that were annotated here in the Fall 1995 issue. Also contains almost 300 new articles on genres, institutions, literary movements, and rhetorical and poetical forms; entries in this last group cite primary works illustrating the concepts, but seem to omit studies. Cross references, but no index. [JKL]

Martin, Joël. Dico de la contrepèterie. Paris: Seuil, 1997. 537 p.; 20 cm. (Dicos de point virgule) ISBN 2020304082. 120FF.
Contrepets are plays on words based on phonetic metatheses (e.g., Rabelais' "Les vieilles femmes sont folles de la messe/[molles de la fesse]"). LC calls them French spoonerisms, but they are actually potential spoonerisms, since the humorous, usually salacious phrase is never explicitly enunciated, but only implied by a particular phonetic combination. At hand is a lexical guide to constructing and interpreting contreprets by the author of L'Album de la comtesse, the column on the genre in Le Canard enchaîné and of other related manuals. A first section lists and glosses terms that are considered to be "contrepétogènes" i. e., lending themselves to malicious exchanges; another section lists corresponding words called "contrepétophiles" i. e., having proclivities for pairing with members of the first set; yet another section lists suggestive proper names, and yet another section offers mates for the (im)proper nouns. A short section indicates the taboo words that are being suggested. Finally, a list of "solutions" to the riddles posed in the previous pages. In the middle, "les pages roses" parody the quotation rubric in Le Petit Larousse, offering examples according to classical themes, as well as a "Bibliographie commentée," a guide to constructing contrepets according to which phoneme is transposed (and where), and some totally innocent contrepets (which are harder to decipher, since there are no tempting combinations to guide the reader). [JKL]

Mellot, Jean-Dominique, & Queval, Élisabeth. Répertoire d'imprimeurs/libraires XVIe-XVIIIe si`ecle: état en 1995 (4000 notices). Paris: Bibliothèque nationale, c1997. 719 p.; 30 cm. ISBN 2717720073. 350 FF.
Third edition of a directory of printers and booksellers (44 % of them French) from the 16th through the 18th century. Entries on persons, corporate bodies, and fictive entities provide dates, locations, notes, and bibliographic sources. Includes cross references, geographical index, and 32-page bibliography. [JKL]

Merle, Pierre. Le dico de l'argot fin de siècle. [Paris]: Seuil, c1996. 431 p.; 20 cm. (Les dicos de point virgule) ISBN 2020227894; LCCN: 97135546 120FF.
A popular glossary of current French slang. Entries offer brief definitions and unsourced illustrative examples. Includes cross references, but no index or bibliography. [JKL]

Pascal, Blaise. Öuvres complètes, I-. Éd. Michel le Guern. Paris, Gallimard, 1998-. 1378 p.; 18 cm. (Bibliothèque de la Pléïade, 34) ISBN 2070114856. 330 FF.
An important new edition of Pascal, finally supplanting the inferior text (at least of Les Pensées) in the previous Pléïade edition. Vol. I offers biographical documents, his early scientific writings, and his religious polemics, including Les Provinciales; vol. II will present later, pseudonymous mathematical works and Les Pensées with the text in the order of the Première copie, followed by the that of the Port-Royal edition. Voluminous notes, no index. [JKL]

Le Robert. Le nouveau petit Robert: dictionnaire alphabétique et analogique de la langue française. Ed. Josette Rey-Debove et Alain Rey. Nouv. éd. du "Petit Robert" de Paul Robert. Paris: Dictionnaires le Robert, c1993 [rev. 1995, 1997 printing].XXXV-2551 p. ; 29 cm. Title on dust jacket: Petit Robert Grand format. ISBN 2850365068; FrBN022620776. 470FF
A large format version of the renowned Nouveau Petit Robert (Walford6 v. 3/#5719), making it pulpit size. For myopic frogs. [JKL]

Le Robert. Le Robert dictionnaire d'aujourd'hui: langue française, histoire, géographie, culture générale. Ed. Alain Rey. Paris: Dictionnaires le Robert, c1991 [rev. 1995, 1997 printing]. 1091, 353, lxv p.; col. maps.: 24 cm. ISBN 2850364258. 189FF.
An augmented version of the Micro-Robert, offering a lexicographical section, an atlas, a dictionary of proper names, morphological tables, and lists of eponyms and topnyms. Competitive with Le [Nouveau] Petit Larousse illustré; (Balay AC333, Walford6 v. 3/#5720). [JKL]

German and Dutch

Angenendt, Arnold. Geschichte der Religiosität im Mittelalter. Darmstadt: Primus Verlag, 1997. 986 p. ISBN 3896780174. DM 98.
History of Christianity from its beginnings up to the Reformation, with an emphasis on the social, intellectual, liturgical and cultural influences and manifestations of "religiosity" within medieval civilization. [RK]

Beinert, Wolfgang, and Heinrich Petri, eds. Handbuch der Marienkunde. Zweite, völlig neu bearb. Aufl. Regensburg: Verlag Friedrich Pustet, 1996-c1997. 2 vols. ISBN 3791715259. DM118.
This new edition appears twelve years after the first and is not only an enlargement of it (from one volume to two, with an increase of three hundred pages) but a significant revamping and augmentation. Includes personal and topical indexes and a forty-seven page bibliography. Comprehensive in scope, covering the gamut from inter-denominational theological considerations through manifestations in the arts to personal accounts. [RK]

Brauner, Detlef Jürgen, Robert Raible-Besten and Martin M. Weigert. Internet-Lexikon. Munich: Oldenburg, 1997. Xvii, 244 p. ISBN 3846241702. DM 49.80
English terms relating to the Internet, translated into German with explanations. [MPO]

Budzinski, Klaus and Reinhard Hippen, in collaboration with the Deutsches Kabarettarchiv. Metzler Kabarett-Lexikon. Stuttgart: Verlag J.B. Metzler, 1996. 494 p., illus. ISBN 3476014487.
Compact but rich reference source for historical and contemporary cabaret companies and performers in the German-speaking world. Also contains topical terms pertinent to this art form. Entries include bibliographical sources and, frequently, portraits. Main section followed by general bibliography, cabaret prize awards historically listed, profile of cabaret sites including historical data, current information, and professional focus. A directory of cabaret agencies and name index to the articles round out this volume. [RK]

Dinzelbacher, Peter, and James Lester Hogg, eds. Kulturgeschichte der christlichen Orden in Einzeldarstellungen. Stuttgart: Kröner, 1997. (Kröners Taschenausgabe; Bd. 450). 419 p. ISBN3520450011. DM 42.
Comprehensive treatment of the thirteen major monastic and religious orders within cultural-historical framework. Includes chapter bibliographies, general bibliography, indexes of personal and place names, glossary, index of Catholic orders, index of significant order names and their abbreviations. Can serve as a useful reference work. [RK]

Doddema-Winsemius, Mien, and Boele de Raad. Idioticon van de Persoonlijkheid. Amsterdam: Uitgeverij Nieuwezijds, 1997. Xxix, 173 p. ISBN 9057120194. NEG 34.50
Dictionary of Dutch terms dealing with personality, attributes, and characteristics. [MPO]

Duve, Karen, and Thies Völker. Lexikon berühmter Tiere. Frankfurt am Main: Eichborn, 1997. 671 p. ISBN 3821805056. DM 44.00
An encyclopedia of famous animals from history, film, fairy tales, mythology and pop culture. Highly illuminating. [MPO]

Erler, Hans, Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich, Ludger Heid, eds. "Meinetwegen ist die Welt erschaffen": das Intellektuelle Vermächtnis des Deutschsprachigen Judentums: 58 Portraits. Frankfurt am Main; New York: Campus Verlag, 1997. 554 p. ISBN 3593358425. DM 68.
Perusing the table of contents reveals the wide spectrum of scholarship by German-speaking Jews of the 19th and 20th centuries and reminds one of their significant contributions to German intellectual history. The signed articles, containing bibliographies, are arranged into broad subject and topical categories. Includes index of personal names. [RK]

Gössmann, Wilhelm. Heine und die Droste: eine Literarische Zeitgenossenschaft. Düsseldorf: Grupello Verlag, 1996 (second printing 1997). 232 p. , illus. ISBN 3928234463.
A comparative study of two prominent literary figures of the nineteenth century German literary scene on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of their births. Biographical, critical and bibliographical information, with selections from their works interspersed; consideration is given to their positions within the contemporary political milieu. [RK]

Gorys, Erhard. Lexikon der Heiligen. Originalausgabe. München: Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag, 1997. 357 p., 43 illus. DM 24,90. ISBN 3423325070.
Coverage of ca. 600 Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox and Russian Orthodox saints, including their designated holidays and a description of their mode(s) of depiction in art. Also includes glossary and list of patronages with corresponding saints. [RK]

Heesen, Hans, Harry Jansen and Ed Schilders. Waar ligt Pook? Over de dood en de laatse rustplaats van Nederlandse en Vlaamse schrijvers. Baarn: de Prom, 1997. 331 p. ISBN 9068015494. NEG 34.00.
Encyclopedia of noted Dutch and Flemish authors, their deaths and grave sites. [MPO]

Heit, Alfred, and Ernst Voltmer. Bibliographie zur Geschichte des Mittelalters. Originalausgabe. München: Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag, 1997. 351 p. ISBN 3423330082.
Enumerative bibliography covering all aspects of medieval studies in all forms of publication (excepting resources contained within periodical articles or collected works), as well as institutional resources. Electronic titles and versions are integrated within the bibliography. Includes index of cited authors and titles. [RK]

Jakoby, Richard. Musikszene Deutschland. Kassel: Bärenreiter, 1997. 148 p. ISBN 2761813937. DM 16.80.
Chapters by various contributors dealing with music in Germany, including those on schools, jobs, concerts, economics, churches, radio and television. [MPO]

Kirschner, Jürgen. Fischer Handbuch Theater, Film, Funk und Fernsehen. Frankfurt am Main: Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag, 1997. 325 p. ISBN 3596109957.
Consists of a bibliography of standard reference works as well as a description of institutions, libraries and higher education programs in the communications field. [RK]

Köbler, Gerhard. Lexikon der europäischen Rechtsgeschichte. Munich: Beck, 1997. xvii, 657 p. ISBN 3406427960. DM 96.00.
Encyclopedia of European legal history. Includes brief bibliographies for many entries. [MPO]

Michaels, Axel, ed. Klassiker der Religionswissenschaft von Friedrich Schleiermacher bis Mircea Eliade. München: Verlag C.H. Beck, 1997. 427 p. ISBN 3406428134. DM 48.
Twenty-three profiles of 19th and 20th century European "practitioners" of Religionswissenschaft, the definition of which is itself, as one might expect, the subject of debate in the editor's preface. A variety of perspectives, including those from disciplines outside theology, are brought to the subject by these thinkers, including psychology (Freud, Jung), sociology (Weber) and others. Each signed article, accompanied by a portrait (illustration), is organized into sections treating the life, work and influence of the person discussed. Bibliographies and indexes of persons and topics round out the volume. [RK]

Noack, Lothar, and Jürgen Splett. Bio-Bibliographien: Brandenburgische Gelehrte der Frühen Neuzeit: Berlin-Cölln, 1640-1688. Veröffentlichungen zur Brandenburgischen Kulturgeschichte der Frühen Neuzeit. Berlin: Akademie Verlag, 1997. 542 p., portraits. ISBN 3050028408.
The inaugural title in a new series focusing on the cultural history and biography of Berlin-Brandenburg. Focus of the present volume is on Brandenburg, specifically fifty-four individuals who were active during the reign of Friedrich Wilhelm, the elector of Brandenburg, in the Berlin-Cölln residence. Through their endeavors, these theologians, lawyers, physicians and scholars helped form the intellectual milieu of the period. Each article contains biographical information, discussion of the intellectual contributions, a bibliography of works by the person, and a bibliography of secondary sources used in writing the essay. The volume as a whole has a bibliography of frequently used sources and ends with a personal name index which references individuals named within the articles. [RK]

Philipp, Peter. Bibliographie zur Wittgenstein-Literatur. Bergen, Norway: Wittgensteinarkivet ved Universitetet i Bergen, 1996. (Working papers from the Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Bergen; Nr. 13). 540 p. ISBN: 8291071160.
By the time of his suicide in May 1995, Philipp had worked on his bibliography for several years and completed the entries up to 1993. The editors, Frank Kannetzky and Richard Raatzsch, prepared the posthumous work and notes and brought the research up to date (i.e., 1996); they do not claim comprehensiveness in their added citations. Includes an index of authors arranged by publication year. [RK]

Schnith, Karl Rudolf, ed. Frauen des Mittelalters in Lebensbildern. Graz: Verlag Styria, c1997. 504 p. ISBN 3222124671. DM 58.
Portraits of twenty European women from ruling families during the period of the 10th through 15th centuries, including many queens and empresses. The chapters, individually authored by scholars of the period, focus on the political and social milieus, and on the influence exerted by these figures. Each essay accompanied by a portrait (illustration), detailed biographical data extending to the spouse(s) and offspring, and a bibliography. Includes index of persons. [RK]

Schütze, Oliver, ed. Metzler Lexikon Antiker Autoren. Stuttgart: Verlag J.B. Metzler, 1997. 1. Auf. 791 p. , illus. ISBN 3476015475.
Four hundred sixty articles (sixty-one with portraits) by one hundred fifty contributors covering the literature of the Greco-Roman Mediterranean ecumene from the beginnings in the 8th century B.C. up to late antiquity. The scope of the volume goes beyond belles lettres to include historically significant writers from the humanistic, legal and scientific disciplines. Each article contains a short primary and secondary bibliography. [RK]

Die SED: Geschichte, Organisation, Politik: Ein Handbuch. Ed. Andreas Herbst, Gerd-Rüdiger Stephan and Jürgen Winkler. Berlin: Dietz, 1997. Xix, 1227 p. ISBN 3320019511. DM 98.00.
History of the Socialist Unity Party, which dominated East Germany from 1945 to 1990. Also includes a timeline, biographies of leading party members, and a bibliography. [MPO]


Andioc, René, & Coulon, Mireille. Cartelera teatral madrileña del siglo XVIII: (1708-1808). [Toulouse]: Presses universitaires du Mirail, c1996. 2 vol. (938 p.); 28 cm. (Anejos de Criticón; 7) ISBN 2858162859. $86.
Based on documentation in the Archivo Municipal de Madrid and the Diario de Madrid and other periodicals, this catalog, which continues or complements Balay BE1462 and BE1463, lists play performances in 18th-century Madrid, with attendance figures. Vol. I is arranged by season and theater; vol. II consists of an index of plays, and includes an index of dramatists and composers. Documentation provided in notes; no bibliography. [JKL]

Bibliografía de lingüística general y española, 1964-1990. Tomo III. Ed. Valerio Báez San José [Alcalá de Henares]: Universidad de Alcalá, D.L. 1996. 778 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 8481382124. 5000 PTAS
A continuation of the classed, unannotated bibliography (LCCN: 95235069) noted in our Spring 1996 and Fall 1997 issues. Vol. III covers general grammar, phonetics, phonology, morphology, and syntax. There is no index in this volume. [JKL]

Biblos; enciclopedia Verbo das literaturas de lingua portuguesa; 2: [D-Leitão]. [Lisboa/São Paulo]: Editorial Verbo, 1995. 1398 col.; 26 cm. $75.
A continuation of the ambitious dictionary of literatures in Portuguese annotated in our Fall 1995 issue. Vol. 2 covers the rest of the first half of the alphabet. Substantial (mostly) signed articles cover major and minor figures, major works, institutions, and abstract terms and movements. Many articles end with brief primary and secondary bibliographies. To be reviewed in RRE. [JKL]

Camarena Laucirica, Julio, & Chevalier, Maxime. Catálogo tipológico del cuento folklórico español; Cuentos maravillosos. Madrid: Gredos, 1995. 794 p.; 25 cm. (Biblioteca románica hispánica. IV, Textos; 24) ISBN 8424916735; LCCN: 95230728//r96. $64.66. Camarena Laucirica, Julio, & Chevalier, Maxime. Catálogo tipológico del cuento folklórico español; Cuentos de animales. Madrid: Gredos, 1997. 477 p.; 25 cm. (Biblioteca románica hispánica. IV, Textos; 26) ISBN 8424918770. $32.
Applies the Aarne-Thompson classificatory scheme (see Balay CF45) to the body of Spanish folk tales. The 1997 volume covers the AaTh numbers 1-299; the 1997 volume numbers 300-749. Presumably further volumes will continue the sequence. Each entry provides a sourced text of the tale and references to transcriptions of oral versions (arranged by region of Spain), to other Hispano-American indices, and to Sephardic, Portuguese, and literary versions. Each volume contains a classed bibliography of scores of pages. No index. [JKL]

Costa, J. Almeida, & Melo, A. Sampaio e. Dicionário da língua portuguesa. 7. ed., corr. e aum. Porto, Portugal: Porto Editora, 1992. 11965 p.; 22 cm. (Dicionários Editora) ISBN 9720050012. $69.
A further updated, augmented edition of the popular desk dictionary noted in our Spring 1993 issue; bears the same ISBN. [JKL]

Cuadrado, Jesús. Diccionario de uso de la historieta española [1873-1996]. Madrid: Compañía Literaria, 1997. 816 p.: ill.; 29 cm. ISBN 8482130544 (hard cover). 11,000 PTAS.
A semi-luxurious historical dictionary of Spanish comic strips, covering creators (with thumbnail bio-bibliographies, with pseudonyms), titles (including series/serials), monographic studies, and occasional bibliographical references. Includes cross references and a bibliography of cited references. [JKL]

Deneb, León. Diccionario de equívocos: definiciones, expresiones, frases y locuciones. Madrid: Biblioteca Nueva, c1997. 272 p.; 22 cm. (Diccionarios temáticos) ISBN 8470304143; LCCN: 97180783. 2625 PTAS.
A dictionary of 10,000 Castilian terms and idiomatic phrases, including slang, that can be used in more than one way or setting. No cross references, cited sources, bibliography, or index. Though not a simple collection of homophones, still to be inscribed in the Index librorum prohibitorum Ricardo Hackenio.[JKL]

Diccionario Salamanca de la lengua española. [Ed. Juan Gutiérrez Cuadrado]. Madrid: Santillana; Salamanca : Universidad de Salamanca, 1996. XV, 1726 p.; 22 cm. ISBN 8429443711; BNE971543935. 4500 PTAS.
Edited by a noted linguist, this is a serious monolingual desk dictionary of contemporary Castilian, including non-technical Hispanoamericanisms. Entries include definitions, morphological and syntactic information, usage indicators, phrases, and examples (but no sourced quotations). Includes conjugation tables in appendix. [JKL]

Dougherty, Dru, & Vilches de Frutos, Ma. Francisca. La escena madrileña entre 1918 y 1926: análisis y documentación. Madrid: Editorial Fundamentos, c1990. 491 p.; 24 cm. (Colección Arte; 109. Serie Teatro) ISBN 8424505670; LCCN: 91187459. 3398 PTAS Vilches de Frutos, Ma. Francisca (María Francisca), & Dougherty, Dru. La escena madrileña entre 1926 y 1931: un lustro de transición. Madrid: Fundamentos, 1997. 589 p.; 24 cm. (Colección Arte; 116. Serie Teatro) ISBN 8424507614; LCCN: 97189807. 4095 PTAS.
These two works written in collaboration form part of a trilogy promising an analytic survey of almost 2 decades (or more) of theater production in Madrid. Each volume includes an index of authors and substantial appendices-comprising over 500 pages between the 2 volumes and insufficiently indicated in the LC tracings-that list productions, by play title, with capsule credits. Thoroughly documented, but only in the footnotes, with no separate bibliography. When completed should prove an invaluable tool for further research. [JKL]

Doval, Gregorio. Refranero temático español. Madrid: Del Prado, 1997. vi, 447 p.: ill.; 26 cm. (Palabras mayores) ISBN 8478389059. 3695 PTAS.
A classed, commented collection of Spanish proverbs, with 2000 main entries and references to 3000 other proverbs. Origins are indicated in general terms. Includes an index of proverbs and a very brief bibliography. [JKL]

Los escritores: hitos de la literatura clásica euskerica. Ed. Gorka Aulestia. Vitoria: Fundación Sancho El Sabio, 1996. 466 p.: phot., ill. col.; 24 cm. (Besaide Bilduma; 7) ISBN 8492081333. 6000 PTAS.
A popular survey of important Basque authors. Contains a catalog of other publications of the Fundación Sancho El Sabio and a brief bibliography. No index. [JKL]

Euskal hiztegi entziklopedikoa. Donostia: Klaudio Harluxet Fundazioa, 1995. 8 v. (3333 p.); 8000 ill. (some col.); 29 cm. ISBN 8492109408 (Obra osoarena). $806.
A substantial, popular monolingual Basque dictionary-encyclopedia, claiming 55,000 lexical entries with 29,000 proper names (of which 8,000 are Basque) all in one sequence. Maps accompany articles. No index. In OCLC, but not RLIN. [JKL]

Haensch, Günther. Los diccionarios del español en el umbral del siglo XXI: Problemas actuales de la lexicografía. Los distintos tipos de diccionarios, una guía para el usuario. Bibliografía de publicaciones sobre lexicografía. Salamanca: Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca, 1997. 293 p.: ill.; 25 cm. (Obras de referencia; 10) ISBN 8474818494; LCCN: 97185455. 3200 PTAS.
The well-known German lexicographer gives a systematic survey of Hispanic lexicography and what he calls "metalexicografía." The third chapter, comprising over half the book, covers the different types of dictionaries. The fourth and final chapter constitutes a guide on how to review a dictionary. Contains many illustrative bibliographic citations in passing, and a 40-page "metalexicographical" bibliography. [JKL]

Hiztegi entiziklopedikoa. Usurbil: Elhuyar Kultur Elkartea, 1993. xxx, 1790 p.; 3600 ill. (some col.); 26 cm. ISBN 848711489X. 8000 PTAS.
A popular monolingual Basque desk dictionary-encyclopedia, claiming 50,000 lexical entries with 25,000 proper names (of which 6,000 are Basque) all in one sequence. Includes a small colored atlas. No index. In OCLC, but not RLIN. [JKL]

Martín Sánchez, Manuel. Diccionario del español coloquial: (dichos, modismos y locuciones populares). Madrid: Tellus, c1997. 453 p.; 25 cm. ISBN 8486780136; LCCN: 97227530. 3210 PTAS.
A popular dictionary of standard Castilian idiomatic phrases. Entries include definitions, usage indicators, references to the Real Academía's dictionaries (Balay AC727, 728), and occasional historical explanations. Includes cross references and an extensive subject index. [JKL]

Méndez, Rafael. Del concepto a la palabra: diccionario temático. Madrid: Ediciones Temas de Hoy, 1997. 839 p.; 24 cm. (Diccionarios de hoy) ISBN 8478807357; LCCN: 97168733. $32.
A thesaurus of Castilian terms, largely for concrete objects or names (less than a page devoted to both philosophy and psychology). The classification scheme is idiosyncratic, starting with "Adivinación" [prophesy] and ending with the category of "unusual words." Some entries comport brief definitions; others are listed with members of the same class, e. g., asteroids. Includes cross references and an index of themes. [JKL]

Montero Alonso, José [et al.]. Diccionario de Madrid: historia, personajes, monumentos, instituciones, calles, literatura, teatro, cine, periodismo, arte, gastronomía, deportes, toros, fiestas populares. Madrid: Rubiños-1860, S.A., 1997. 509 p.; 26 cm. ISBN 8480410949; LCCN: 97192429. $41.
A historical dictionary of Madrid. The more than 3000 signed articles refer to relevant literary and historical works. Includes chronological lists of municipal officials, cross references, but no index. [JKL]

Navarro Domínguez, Fernando. Manual de bibliografía española de traducción e interpretación: diez años de historia: 1985-1995. Alicante: Universidad de Alicante, D.L.1996. 317 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 8479083026. 2400 PTAS.
A classed, unannotated bibliography of traductology in Spain. The first section, subdivided by subject or aspect, lists review articles and conference presentations. The next four sections list conferences, books, dedicated reviews, and doctoral theses on traductology. The journals covered are those dedicated to the subject and special issues, with only partial coverage of non-specialist periodicals. Journal articles and books are generally limited to Castilian. These gaps are hoped to be filled in in successive publications. Includes an index of authors. [JKL]

Nieto Ballester, Emilio. Breve diccionario de topónimos españoles. Madrid : Alianza, c1997. 447 p.: ill. (some col.); 23 cm. ISBN 8420694878; LCCN: 97189397//r972. $33.
A brief historical gazetteer of Spain of all population centers over 10,000 and most of those over 1000, as well those of historical or linguistic interest; omitted are place names that are either too obvious or too obscure. Entries provide population, history, and etymologies, but no bibliographic references. Includes cross references, a 2-page bibliography, a 3-page glossary, and an index of see references. [JKL]

Norton, Frederick John. La imprenta en España 1501-1520; edición anotada, con un nuevo «Índice de libros impresos en España, 1501-1520» por Julián Martín Abad. Madrid: Ollero y Ramos, D.L.1997. 385 p. : ill.; 25 cm. ISBN 8478950788 (hard cover). 7500 PTAS.
A translation of Norton's survey of early 16th-century Spanish printing (CUP, 1966), whose index listed only those works cited in the text. Of particular importance is the index of works which is normalized to Spanish usage and expanded, with information from Norton's A descriptive catalogue of printing in Spain and Portugal, 1501 1520 (CUP, 1978 [Walford6 v. 3/#394]), to include the other half of Spanish imprints from the period. Also includes an index of persons other than literary authors and a general index that lists printers. [JKL]

Obras de referencia: repertorio bibliográfico para bibliotecas públicas / Elaborado por el equipo de redación de la revista Educación y Biblitoeca. 2a ed. [Madrid]: Tilde Servicios Editoriales, 1996. 192 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 8488729014. 1000 PTAS.
A very selective, classed, generally annotated guide to reference works, largely limited to Castilian titles in print, that are appropriate for public libraries in Spain. Includes sections on children's literature and CD-ROMs. Lists foreign encyclopedias, for example, without annotation. Does not indicate when a title is a translation of a foreign work. Gives ISBNs, current prices, latest added volumes. Includes indices of titles and authors; contains a few display advertisements. Lists several titles new to this reader. Neither this guide nor its parent journal are listed in RLIN or OCLC. [JKL]

Ortega Cavero, David. Gran Sopena de sinónimos, antónimos y asociación de ideas: Thesaurus. Diccionario Analógico de la Lengua Española. Barcelona: Ramón Sopena, 1996. 2 v.: 766, 790 p.; 26 cm. ISBN 8430310185 (hard cover). $83.45
An apparent reprint of Walford6 v. 3/#5807, offering an alphabetical listing of 870,000 Castilian words with related terms (synonyms, 84,000 antonyms, and 5,000 proverbs) listed under each; no definitions. Includes 136,000 cross references, a classed ndex of themes, and an index of words that can be confused phonetically or typographically. [JKL]

Quesada Marco, Sebastián. Diccionario de civilización y cultura españolas. Madrid: Istmo, c1997. 459 p.; 18 cm. ISBN 8470903055; LCCN: 97203418. 1376 PTAS.
A pocket dictionary of Spanish civilization and culture. The article on the "Leyenda negra" fails to note the recent creation of the term by a Spanish apologist. Cross references, but no bibliographical references or index. [JKL]

Señor, Luis. Diccionario Espasa Citas. Cantoblanco (Madrid): Espasa-Calpe, 1997. 642 p.; 25 cm. ISBN 8423994155. $47.55.
A thematically classed dictionary of international quotations. Sources cited by author only. Includes indices of authors and subjects. [JKL]


Atlante letterario italiano, 1997. 2.rist. Padova: Libraria padovana, 1997. 79 p.; 20 cm. L35000.
A dictionary of not very well-known contemporary Italian authors, literary awards, groups, and periodicals, with information provided by the subjects. No editorial matter to indicate the basis of selection. First published in 1996. Index of names. [JKL]

Browne, Virginia, et al. More and more false friends, bugs & bugbears: dizionario di ambigue affinità e tranelli nella traduzione fra inglese e italiano: con word games. 2. ed. Bologna: Zanichelli, 1995. 432 p.; 25 cm. ISBN 0880809426A; LCCN: 97204597. LITS 49,000.
Halfway between a lexicon and a textbook, this is a revision and enlargement of two works originally published separately under the titles: Odd pairs & false friends (1987; Walford6 v. 3/#5753) and Bugs & bugbears (1989). Each of the two primary sections lists Italian and English terms in one alphabetical sequence. "More and more False Friends" has its own index of Italian terms; "Bugs & bugbears" deals with difficulties and traps, and has an index of terms that do not have their own entries. "Word games" provides exercises and solutions based on "False Friends." Contains a brief list of lexica used. [JKL]

Lessico elementare: dati statistici sull'italiano scritto e letto dai bambini delle elementari. By Lucia Marconi ... [et al.]. Bologna: Zanichelli, 1994. 447 p.: ill.; 25 cm. ISBN 880809538X; LCCN: 97133325. LITS 72,000.
A frequency dictionary of the vocabulary of Italian elementary school children offering the 6095 most used words in texts written by and for children, a list of most frequently read words, and a list of words most frequently used in children's writing. The first list is presented in alphabetical and frequency order; the other two only in order of frequency. Contains lists of texts indexed and a brief scholarly bibliography. [JKL]

Marello, Carla. Le parole dell'italiano: lessico e dizionari. Bologna: Zanichelli, 1996. xii, 259 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 8808173267; LCCN: 97183573. LITS 32,000.
A historical survey of Italian lexicography. A chapter on computer applications describes Italian dictionaries available on CD-ROM. Contains a 25-page bibliography, and indices of terms treated and of subjects. [JKL]

Novelli, Silverio, & Urbani, Gabriella. Dizionario della seconda Repubblica. Roma: Editori riuniti, 1997. xiii, 170 p.; 20 cm. (Universale economica; 57. Dizionari) Subtitle on cover: Le parole nuove della politica. ISBN 8835942470; LCCN: 97190116. LITS 8500.
A brief dictionary of Italian political terms, including neologisms, in use after March 26, 1994 (read the "Presentazione" to find out why). Each entry provides a brief definition and illustrative, sourced quotations. Includes lists of cited works and an index of cross references. [JKL]

L'oggetto libro: arte della stampa, mercato e collezionismo `96. Milano: S. Bonnard, 1996-. ill.; 30 cm. LCCN: 97650476 sn9732382. 200,000 LITS.
A semi-luxurious annual on books as objects: printing, fabrication, trade, and collecting. After divers essays on various aspects of the field-e. g., "La cucina letteraria"-there is a 50-page survey for 1995: exhibits, conferences, auctions, publications (classed, annotated bibliography), databases, and miscellany. No known later issue.[JKL]

Storia della critica letteraria in Italia. Ed. Giorgio Baroni. Torino: UTET libreria, 1997. xxiv, 598 p.; 23 cm. ISBN 8877503815; LCCN: 97200512. LITS 59,000.
A survey of literary criticism in Italy from antiquity to 1995. Each of 10 chapters, signed by a different Italian scholar, concludes with a classed bibliography; also includes a 12-page general bibliography of works cited and an index of names. [JKL]

Toscana. Roma: ICCU; Milano: Bibliogrfica, 1997. 3 v. (x, 983 p.). (Catalogo delle biblioteche d'Italia). At head of title: Ministero per I beni culturali e ambientali?; Regione Toscana, Dipartimento delle politiche formative e dei beni culturali, servizio beni culturali e librari. ISBN 8871070763. LITS 110,000.
The volumes covering Tuscany in the Italian directory of libraries first noted in our Spring 1995 issue. Not yet in Balay or Walford. [JKL]


Gould, D.E. Historical dictionary of Stockholm. Lanham, MD : Scarecrow, 1997. 257 p. (Historical dictionaries of cities of the world; 2). ISBN 080183280. $64.
Entries of this dictionary are devoted to influential figures, places, historical events and notable landmarks in or dealing with Stockholm. There are cross references from Swedish terminology to English words. The "selective" bibliography is actually quite exhaustive. The appendices list mayors, buildings, art galleries and museums, associations, authors connected with the city and miscellaneous statistics. [LMS]

Graedler, Anne-Line, and Stig Johansson. Anglisismeordboka: engelske lånord I norsk. Oslo: Universitetsforlaget, 1997. 466 p. ISBN 8200229025. Ca. $50.
Dictionary of approximately 4,000 anglicized loan words into Norwegian. Includes pronunciation and usage. [MPO]

Hillila, Ruth-Esther and Barbara Blanchard Hong. Historical Dictionary of the Music and Musicians of Finland. Westport, CN: Grenwood, 1997. 473 p., ill. ISBN 0313277281. $85.
Here is finally a book about music in Finland beyond Sibelius. The work is heavy on historical aspects of classical music, but light on folk and popular music. No cross references from Finnish terminology. Some entries include surprising personal minutiae. Illustrations are rather poor. Includes a name index, a short bibliography and some chronologies. [LMS]

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