Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Jim Niessen, Secretary

WESS Newsletter
Spring 2004

Vol. 27, no. 2

Editor: Sarah G. Wenzel

Association of College & Research Libraries
©American Library Association

January 13, 2004 in San Diego
ACRL Suite, Manchester Grand Hyatt, Penthouse Suite #3906, 9:15 A.M.

(Attending: Gordon Anderson, Bryan Baldus, Laura Dale Bischof, Nancy Boerner, Charlotte Droll, Dick Hacken, Hank Harken, Tom Izbicki, Jeffry Larson, Thea Lindquist, Rebecca Malek-Wiley, Jim Niessen (recorder), Kati Radics (chair), Louis Reith, Beth Remak-Honnef, Pam Snelson (ACRL Board liaison), Ann Snoeyenbos, Sarah G. Wenzel)

1. Financing the WESS Newsletter (Sarah G. Wenzel)

With the current funding, in the future we will only be able to produce an 8-page newsletter. Pam Snelson reported that the ACRL will fund the newsletter next year.

The question remains of how to get back to a normal level of funding after the end of the Paris conference. It was proposed to create a subcommittee of the Executive Committee, including Sarah Wenzel, Kati Radics, Tom Izbicki, Beth Remak-Honnef, and Jim Niessen, to
1) coordinate fundraising with the Paris fundraisers and
2) restart discussions with the vendors for the future funding of the newsletter, at Annual. We will decide in Orlando whether to continue the subcommittee with these members, or with their respective offices. The subcommittee will report back in Orlando. Jeffry moved the creation of the subcommittee, Gordon Anderson seconded the motion, and it was unanimously adopted.

2. WESS's 2nd International Conference (Jeffry Larson)

Jeffry and Tom attended the ACRL Finance Committee on January 12. Pam reported that a motion was on the ACRL Board’s consent agenda to continue support of the WESS conference, and that the ACRL Board will work with WESS to cover an anticipated shortfall. The ACRL wants to see more international conferences, but at the same time there is well-grounded concern that international conferences should be budgeted pessimistically. The Executive Committee concurred in expressing its gratitude for the support of the ACRL Board for the Paris conference. Tom thanked Sue Roberts for her work in rethinking the budget. John Cullars reported that Sue’s committee came up with cuts to reduce the anticipated deficit.

3. WESS' Contribution to ACRL's Strategic Plan (Ann Snoeyenbos)

Kati put this on the agenda because the section was at a turning point, at the end of one strategic planning period with the ACRL Board looking toward the next one. Therefore Ann dedicated part of the meeting of the Research & Planning Committee to a strategic planning session. She reported the committee did good work, and she will forward its report to Kati for distribution to the Executive Committee for purposes of discussion. It should be sent to the ACRL Board by the end of the Spring.

Pam noted that the ACRL Board has been working on the new strategic plan for a year, and is now preparing its broad outlines, for posting to the ACRL home page within a month and in advance of the Board’s May meeting. Kati thanked Ann for chairing a very effective meeting. Dick Hacken noted for the record that WESS is doing important things and taking risks; Kati has brought the international activities of WESS to the attention of ACRL President Tyrone Cannon.

4. Continuity in the composition of subsequent WESS Nominating Committees

Beau Case proposed in a memo that the committee have continuity with previous committees, with at least one member reappointed for a second term. Ann made a motion, that was seconded, to accept Beau’s proposal in principle, with a charge to Kati and Tom to provide precise wording in time for Annual.

5. Announcements:

a. WESS budget (Kati Radics)

Kati informed the Executive Committee about the section’s budgetary situation.

b. Nedbook Award (Nedbook Representative)

A three-person selection committee (Past WESS chair, vice chair, and Nedbook representative) will select the awardee in the future. Tom reported that working with the Nedbook representative has been a very positive experience. Dick Hacken was the first recipient.

c. WESS' 2004 Annual Program (Laura Dale Bischof).

The program will be early on Monday morning in Orlando, before the program of the ACRL Scholarly Communication Committee, because the SCC is co-sponsoring our program. RBMS has also asked for WESS co-sponsorship of a program in Orlando about ethnic communities in Florida.

The Frankfurt Book Fair has offered to pay the plane fare of a panelist from the publishing industry. The ACRL has also suspended for our benefit its tradition of not funding librarians’ travel; but there is a rule of not funding ALA members. Three panelists are planned, one librarian, one publisher, and one person associated with SPARC Europe. The title of the program is “Scholarly Communication in Europe: Trends in Libraries, Publishing, and Copyright.”

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