WESS Executive Committee Meeting

ALA Midwinter Meeting, 2003

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Spring 2003, Vol. 26, no. 2

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The West European Studies Section Executive Committee met during the ALA Midwinter Meeting on January 28, 2003. Gordon Anderson, Member at Large, called the meeting to order at 10:29. Gordon Anderson, Katalin Radics, Barbara Walden, Candace Miller, Bryan Skib, Sharon Brown, Thea Lindquist, Richard Hacken, and Louis Reith attended.

Barbara Walden presented an action item about the Coutts-Nijhoff Committee. How does WESS define “academic libraries” or “research libraries”? Does the word “librarian” need to be in an applicant’s job title as long as they work as librarians? Are librarians not currently working in libraries eligible? The executive board passed this resolution.

The Executive Committee approved the June 2002 minutes with the following changes: Charlotte is in North Carolina not South Carolina. We need clarification on whether ad hoc committee chairs are automatically members of the Executive Committee. Mary Jane Petrosky will consult the ACRL manual and get back with us. If ad hoc committee chairs are not Executive Committee members then we may need to revise the WESS bylaws. In order to amend our bylaws we will need to get approval from ACRL then place his issue on our spring ballots. After some lively discussion but no resolution, Gordon suggested that we place this issue on the agenda for meeting in Toronto and asked board members to bring some wording we can consider.

Theresa Byrd, our ACRL Executive Board liaison, shared the following information:

The ACRL conference will take place in Charlotte, North Carolina from April 10, 2003 through April 13, 2003. Early Bird registration closes on February 2, 2002. ACRL is conduction a pre-conference workshop, “Strategic Marketing for Academic Libraries: Train the Trainer.” This six hour workshop costs $140.00 and lunch is included in the fee.

Maureen Sullivan is heading a task force that welcomes questions about registration fees, section funding and other issues. Contact her at MSull317@aol.com. Tyrone Cannon, ACRL Vice-Chair, is revising the ACRL strategic plan for 2003-04. He knows that many members complained that ACRL didn’t solicit their input and he would like to rectify this. He urges members to complete the ACRL survey.

The Spectrum Scholars Task Force would like a mentor for each Spectrum Scholar. In order to reach this goal, they need to recruit fifty mentors after Toronto.

The ACRL Executive Board will meet on January 28 from 2:00 PM to 4: P.M. and will hold an open microphone section at the end of the meeting. They are proposing a 15% increase in programming budgets. This would increase program budgets from $500 to $750. ACRL’s vice-president will make the final decision.

ALA’s Allied Professional’s Association is interested in certification and pay equity issues. ALA loaned them money to start an advocacy group to address these concerns.

ALA and ACRL are both revising their web sites. The new web sites will go live on April 1, 2003. They will no longer have discreet URL addresses. Sue Martin from ACRL will convert all division sites that reside on the ACRL main site. Web masters who oversee these sites should contact Mary Jane Petrosky or Mary Ellen.

ACRL is adopting a three prong approach in carrying out their latest strategic plan:
1) Establish a standing committee.
2) Establish a scholarly committee or discussion group
3) They hired Sue Martin to oversee the Strategic Plan.
Peg English is the Scholarly Committee chair and will concentrate on open access, licensing agreements and developing tool kits. She will set up an advisory service that will include a listserv and FAQ. Peg will also work on advocacy and research issues.

John Cullars discussed changes to the WESS Manual. The Manual and WESS bylaws currently contradict one another on the Vice-Chair’s duties and responsibilities regarding committees. The Vice Chair appoints committees but the Chair fills committee openings that come up during the year. Other sections don’t confer ex officio status to their chairs so we should follow ACRL’s lead here.

The Executive Committee decided that we need to extend the ad hoc committee planning the 2004 Paris Conference. Gordon approved this.

Jane Faulkner presented a draft of proposed changes to the WESS Manual regarding the Special Topic Discussion Group. The Executive Committee approved the proposed changes and will add them to the WESS Manual.

Gordon reported on the Frankfurt Book Fair. The organizers would like more American librarians to attend. They will raise the pass prices from $40 to $120. The book fair is a commercial vendor and WESS needs to do a better job of marketing ourselves there. He suggested shorter stints for people manning the WESS booth so they will have time to visit the exhibits and attend programs.

The meeting adjourned at 12:19 P.M.

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