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Spring 2001, Vol. 24, no. 2

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RK = Robert Kusmer
JKL = Jeffry K. Larson
SFR = Susanne F. Roberts
SL = Stephen Lehmann


Watanabe-O'Kelly, Helen and Anne Simon. Festivals and ceremonies : a bibliography of works relating to court, civic and religious festivals in Europe 1500-1800. London; New York: Mansell, 2000. 533 p.; 25 cm. ISBN 0720121825. GBP 85.

Over 2,800 festival books along with general works and compendia organized geographically and chronologically (by regnal dates of rulers); brief annotations describe events celebrated and personages involved; cross-references note other works on event treated. Entries include major holding libraries in Britain and Europe. Indexes list architects, artists, designers and engravers; authors, editors and translators; composers, librettists and choreographers; printers and publishers; rulers and other participants; occasions on which festivals were held; places of festivals; and types of festivals. [SFR]

La bédéthèque idéale: Édition 1999-2000. Ed. Thierry Groensteen et Catherine Ternaux [et al.]. [2d ed.] Angoulême: Centre national de la bande dessinée et de líimage, 1998. 175 p.: ill.; 24 cm. ISBN 290784816X; FrBN024051462. FF89.

A selective, classed, annotated selection guide to comic books published in France. Entries indicate price and age level of readership. Includes a 7-page secondary bibliography and indices of titles and authorsí names. [JKL]
"BDM" = Béra, Michel; Denni, Michel; Mellot, Philippe. Trésors de la bande dessinée. 13e éd. Paris: Editions de líamateur, c2000. 863 p.: ill.; 23 cm. ISBN 2859172971. FF295.
Focussing on the French scene, this biennial tome serves as an encyclopedia, directory, and "argus" or buying guide to the various manifestations of cartoons. Includes a 43-page classed bibliography and an index of names and titles, excluding bibliographers and publishers, and an index of advertisers. [JKL]

Bouissière, Alain. Le bar du subjonctif. [Paris]: Hatier, 1999. 141 p.: ill.; 21 cm. ISBN 2218729369; FrBN024821087. FF79.

Mission civilisatrice pas morte! Witness a défense & illustration of the imperfect subjunctive under the informal sponsorship of CO.R.U.P.S.I.S., the Comité pour la Réhabilitation du Passé Simple et de líImparfait du Subjonctif. Concludes with a brief multiple-choice quiz and a selection of legal extracts (from the Journal officiel of March 11, 1901, making the imperfect subjunctive optional). [JKL]
Le cahier critique de poésie, CCP. [Vol.] 0, 1999/[nos.] 1 & 2. [directeurs de la publication Jean-Pierre Boyer, Emmanuel Ponsart]. Tours: Farrago; Marseille: Centre international de poésie de Marseille (cipM), 2000. 155 p.; 21 cm. ISBN 2844900410. FF80.
A critical review of poetry with a projected semiannual frequency, offering in its debut number the following rubrics: Dossier Franck Venaille, Livres, Revues, Chroniques, and Sont également parus en 1999. Besides signed reviews, it also offers coverage of exhibitions, CDs, the Internet, fanzines, readings, and festivals. Includes indices of authors and revues reviewed, and of collaborators.
Delon, Michel. Líinvention du boudoir. Grain díorage. Cadeilhan: Zulma, c1999. 139, [2] p.; 17 cm. ISBN 2843040841; LCCN: 00345862. FF9.
A foundation text in the field of boudoir studies to which LC assigns the subject heading, "Bedrooms?History"; but the author presciently objects: "Bedroom? Comment confondre un boudoir et une chambre à coucher?" After these early definitions is presented a survey of the role of the boudoir in literature. Includes a bibliography of texts cited and a classed secondary bibliography. [JKL]

Dictionnaire d'histoire et de philosophie des sciences. Ed. Dominique Lecourt. Paris : Presses universitaires de France, 1999. 1032 p.; 25 cm. ISBN 2130499929. $136.21

Aimed at a broad audience concerned with the natural sciences, some 600 signed entries of varying lengths include bibliographies and cross-references. Principal articles treat concepts; short entries treat institutions, socio-economic and technological developments and individuals. Entries and contributors listed; name and subject indexes. [SFR]
Enckell, Pierre. Le dictionnaire des façons de parler du XVIe siècle: la lune avec les dents. Avec la collab. de líInstitut national de la langue française. CNRS dictionnaires. Paris: CNRS éditions, c2000. 379 p.; 22 cm. ISBN 2271058287. FF150.
A scholarly dictionary of 16th-century French colloquial and familiar terms, including proverbial phrases. Entries offer illustrative quotations and precise references to sources. Includes a 9-page bibliography and an index of terms. [JKL]
Gaillard, Roger. Arlit et cie: Annuaire des revues littéraires et compagnie. Troisième édition. Vitry: CALCRE, 1999. 524 p.; 30 cm. ISBN 2906018120. 252 FF.
An expanded, updated edition (980 entries) of the evaluative directory of largely French literary reviews whose first edition was annotated in our Fall 1992 issue. The publisher unsystematically updates the contents on its web site <>. [JKL]
Gaillard, Roger. AUDACE [Édition 2000]: Annuaire à líusage des auteurs cherchant un éditeur. Sixième édition. Vitry: CALCRE, 2000. 559 p. ISBN 2906018139. FF310.
The 6th edition of this frank evaluative directory covers over 1000 French publishers. Frequently annotated in these pages, found indispensable as a guide to the French book trade. The publisher unsystematically updates the contents on its web site <>. [JKL]
Goudaillier, Jean-Pierre. Comment tu tchatches!: dictionnaire du français contemporain des cités. Nouv. éd. augm. Paris: Maisonneuve et Larose, 1998. 263 p.; 21 cm. ISBN 2706813431; FrBN023893272. 120 FF.
An expanded (200 more terms) of a slang dictionary annotated in our Fall 1997 issue. Includes a one-page bibliography and a brief reverse glossary. [JKL]

Grove, Laurence. The french emblem: Bibliography of secondary sources. Travaux d'humanisme et Renaissance, 342. Geneve: Librarie Droz S.A., 2000. 239 p.; 25 cm. ISBN 2600004122.

A bibliography of the critical reception of the French emblem, emphasizing recent works. The organization of entries into chapters on research tools, general studies, French proto-emblematics, individual authors, and applied French emblematics reflects the principal areas of current research on the subject. An appendix lists both alphabetically and chronologically first editions of French emblem books before 1801 as well as French translations of emblematic works. Indexes of critical authors and of names. [SFR]

Guide Nicaise des associations díamis díauteurs: 2001. Ed. Jean-Etienne Huret. Paris: Librairie Nicaise, 2000. 254 p.;24 cm. ISBN 2951163517. FF150.

Annual directory--one would hope continuing at that frequency--of (largely) French associations of "friends" of (largely) French authors. Arranged by subject, entries include directory information, including e-mail and URLs, association publications, activities, and archives. Includes a list of three score associations that did not respond to the survey questionnaire. The foreword claims that Gallimard will maintain the guideís contents on its web site, but this could not be verified. [JKL]

Labes, Bertrand. Guide Cartier 2000 des prix et concours littéraires. Collection "Guides." Paris: Cherche Midi, c1999. 425 p.; 23 cm. ISBN 2862746770. 150 FF; 22.87 EUR.

A classed directory of Francophone literary prizes and contests, being an expanded update by the same author and publisher, but with a slight change of title, of Balay BE177; the 1992 and 1996 editions were annotated here in our Spring 1993 and 1996 issues. Includes indices of names of prizes, jurors, and secretaries, and of topics and monetary value of awards. [JKL]

Schmidt, Anne. Le miroir de líautre: théâtre de femmes et migration. Espaces littéraires. Paris/Montréal (Québec): líHarmattan, 2000. 284 p.; 22 cm. ISBN 273848946X; FrBN025418961. FF150.

A feminist history of Paris as "the secret theater capital of women from somewhere else." Includes a 17-page bibliography of primary and secondary works, tabular bio-bibliographies of 32 women playwrights who have been performed at the Comédie-Française (1689-1954), and tabular bio-bibliographies of 50 women immigré playwrights in 20th-century Paris. [JKL]

Verdaguer, Pere. Diccionari de renecs i paraulotes: execracions, blasfèmies, flastomies, imprecacions, malediccions, injúries, insults, invectives, fàstics, blasmes, penjaments, vituperis, improperis, retrets, amenaces, paraules gruixudes, malsonants I despectives, sobrenoms i malnoms, interjeccions i mots i expressions reltius al sexe. Canet (Catalunya): Llibres del Trabucaire, c1999. 259 p.; 23 cm. ISBN 2912966221. FF150.

Hold your own in North Catalonia-a.k.a. Roussillon to Franco-phobes, I mean Francophones-with this popular glossary of oaths and invectives by a prolific Catalan novelist. Entries provide brief definitions and occasional notes about North Catalan usage. After an alphabetical section there are classed lists of terms relating to different aspects of sexuality (beware of potential confusion: albergínia [eggplant] can mean either vulva or penis!). [JKL]


Caputo-Mayr, Maria Luise, and Julius Michael Herz. Franz Kafka: internationale Bibliographie der Primär- und Sekundärliteratur: eine Einführung = International Bibliography of Primary and Secondary Literature: an Introduction. 2., erw. und überarbeitete Aufl. = 2nd, enl. and rev. ed. München: Saur, 2000. 2 vols. in 3. ISBN 3907820975. DM 498.00

This edition, now under the auspices of Saur, offers a reissue as well as updating and amplification of the original Francke publications appearing in 1982 and 1987. Vol. 1 comprises the bibliography of primary literature and its translations into 40+ languages, providing coverage for 1908-1980 and 1981-1997. Vol. 2 is divided into two part-vols. Pt. 1 reprints the 1955-1980 citations of the Francke edition, while Pt. 2 covers 1981-1997. One of the contributions of vol. 2 is the lengthy annotations accompanying the citations; this feature is continued in Pt. 2 of vol. 2, but not to the same extent as in the first edition, since articles are not annotated. A new and valuable feature is the translation into English of the book commentaries from Pt. 2. Further accommodations to the English-speaking scholar are made in the form of dual language indexes (including a subject index to criticism) and introductions. [RLK]

Deutsche Dramatiker des 20. Jahrhunderts / eds., Alo Allkemper, Norbert Otto Eke. Berlin : Erich Schmidt, 2000. 920 pp. ISBN 3-503-04975-4 (hardbound) DM 268.00.

This work contains 51 lengthy articles by notable scholars in the fields of literature and theatre studies on influential dramatists and playwrights from the 20th century German theatre landscape, from Arthur Schnitzler and Gerhart Hauptmann to Thomas Bernhard and Marieluise Fliescher. Each essay includes an in-depth portrait of the dramatic work and the aesthetic conception, as well as a selective bibliography of primary and secondary literature. [RLK]

Deutschsprachige Literatur aus Prag und den böhmischen Ländern, 1900-1939: chronologische Übersicht und Bibliographie / eds., Jürgen Born, Diether Krywalski. 3., vollständig überarbeitete u. erw. Ausg. München: Saur, 2000. 373 pp. ISBN 3598113072. DM 128.00.

A valuable reference work whose focus is the rich cultural, geographical and historical world of German-language literature in Bohemia from 1900 to the onset of World War II. The work is divided into four sections. The first provides a highly interesting juxtaposition, on facing pages, of separately published literary works of Prague/Bohemian authors, cultural "events," and contemporary political activities; each category is presented in a column divided by months within the year, making it easy to compare literary, cultural and political/social occurences at any given time. Section 2 provides detailed collection information from the Universitätsbibliothek Wuppertal for individual works by Bohemian authors writing in German, while section 3 indicates significant collections in other libraries. The last part is a bibliography of secondary literature on the German-language literature of the Bohemian countries of this period through August 1999. Indexes of names and titles, and of periodicals and yearbooks, complete the volume. [RLK]

Huttmann, Arnold. Kronstadts medizinisch-pharmazeutische Bibliographie der Jahre 1530-1930. Veröffentlichungen des Südostdeutschen Kulturwerks. Reihe B, Wissenschaftliche Arbeiten, Bd. 77. München: Verlag Südostdeutsches Kulturwerk, 2000. 159 pp., illus., facsims. ISBN 3883561509. DM 46.00

The latest in a succession of bibliographies on the natural sciences comprising the project "Naturwissenschaftliche Bibliographie Siebenbürgens," produced by the Arbeitskreis für Siebenbürgische Landeskunde, Sektion Naturwissenschaften. Provides full bibliographic description for 599 monographs, dissertations and articles by authors who resided in Kronstadt or were born there. Selectively, holdings locations and biographical information on the authors are also provided. Includes numerous portraits and facsimile title pages. Index to authors. [RLK]

Kempcke, Günter. Wörterbuch deutsch als Fremdsprache / unter Mitarbeit von Barbara Seelig Ö [et al.]. Berlin, New York: de Gruyter, 2000. 1329 pp., illus. ISBN 3110164078 (pbk.: DM 39.80) 3110146398 (bound)

An interesting reference work, this dictionary is intended for the moderately advanced foreign student of German. As a German-only dictionary, it does not attempt to fill the need for translations, but rather for fuller explanations of the usage of German words based on the needs of non-native speakers. Will fill a definite gap in a library's German dictionary holdings. [RLK]

Kosch, Wilhelm. Deutsches Literatur-Lexikon. Das 20. Jahrhundert : biographisches und bibliographisches Handbuch. Edited by Carl Ludwig Lang. Bern, München: Saur, 2000- Bd. 1, AAB-Bauer. ISBN 3908255015 (Bd. 1)

This is the first volume to be issued as part of a subset of the 3. Aufl. of Deutsches Literatur-Lexikon : biographisches und bibliographisches Handbuch. However, it is not merely an extract of the parent set, for it expands and updates the portion dealing with the 20th century: one third of the entries are new to this publication, while the other articles have been brought up to date. The principles of form and breadth of content informing the 3. Aufl. are carried forth in this new publication, which will be a welcome addition to the reference shelf. [RLK]

Köster, Rudolf. Redensarten: Herkunft und Bedeutung. Duden Taschenbücher, Bd. 29. Mannheim: Dudenverlag, 1999. 256 pp. ISBN 3411705019. DM 17.90

Provides the origin and meaning of over 1,000 figures of speech which have come into use in German, though understandably quite often not of Germanic origin. This compact volume provides interesting reading, aside from its reference value. [RLK]

Lohse, Ulrich. Dentalkataloge: Bibliographie zahnärztlicher Verkaufskataloge und verwandter Literatur bis zum II. Weltkrieg = Bibliography of Dental Trade Catalogs and Related Literature until World War II. Landkirchen a. Fehmarn: Pelican Publishing, c1999. 355 pp., illus., ports. ISBN 3934522009. DM 128.00

Dual-language work providing historical coverage of German, British and American companies and their dental trade catalogs. Entries in the main section detail the name of the company, its history and a list of its catalogs, with holding libraries and institutions indicated. Full holding institution information provided in a special index. Source bibliography included. The entries often include illustrations, portraits, company logos. [RLK]

Lore, Frank, and Sabine Ribbeck, compilers. Stefan George-Bibliographie, 1976-1997: mit Nachträgen bis 1976: auf der Grundlage der Bestände des Stefan George-Archivs in der Württembergischen Landesbibliothek / herausgegeben von der Stefan George-Stiftung. Tübingen: Niemeyer, 2000. 358 pp. ISBN 3484108231. DM 128.00

Continues the work of Georg Peter Landmann's Stefan George und sein Kreis: eine Bibliographie. Erg. und nachgeführte 2. Auf. Hamburg: Hauswedell, 1976. Lore's and Ribbeck's bibliography differs in scope from Landmann's, however, in that it confines itself--except for the Nachträge section-- to George, picking up citations by and about the George Kreis only insofar as they deal with George himself. The authors offer the normal disclaimer regarding potentially missed entries, stating that "möglichst nur autopsierte und vollständige Titel [werden] aufgenommen, auf Zitierungen aus zweiter Hand jedoch [wird] verzichtet." Includes citations to 3,853 titles and 1,443 reviews, chronologically arranged. [RLK]

Nietzsche-Handbuch: Leben, Werk, Wirkung. Ed., Henning Ottmann. Stuttgart: Metzler, 2000. 561 pp. ISBN 3476013308. DM 78.00

50+ contributors have assembled a volume which seeks to pull together and gain perspective on the daunting bio-bibliographical and critical sources, information and criticism that comprise Nietzsche's life, work and reception. At that, as the editor states, it tries to accomplish this task beyond the extremes of Nietzsche bedevilment or apotheosis, aiming to be "eine Hilfe für die Schule des genauen Lesens." The work is arranged according to the categories of biography; bibliographical essays on the primary works; an alphabetic encyclopedic section on concepts, theories and metaphors; sources of Nietzsche's own education and intellectual development; and reception and influence. In addition to interspersed bibliographies, there is a brief general bibliography as well as indexes of names, works and topics. [RLK]

Reclams Romanlexikon: deutschsprachige erzählende Literatur vom Mittelalter bis zur Gegenwart. Eds., Frank Rainer Max, Christine Ruhrberg. Stuttgart: Reclam, 2000. 1,183 pp. ISBN 3150104742. DM 98.00

A revision, updating and reorganization of the 5-volume Reclams Romanlexikon, 1998-2000, which was organized chronologically, in contrast to the current title's alphabetical arrangement by writer. The title belies the wide-ranging content of the work, which goes beyond the strict boundaries of the genre "novel" to include all forms of prose narrative writing, including novels, Novellen, short stories as well as non-fiction forms such as travel accounts, diaries and autobiographies; further, the Medieval equivalents of the modern novel, the verse epics--as well as some modern ones-- are also included. Thus the reader will find articles on the Nibelungenlied, Herder's Journal meiner Reise im Jahr 1769, Goethe's Dichtung und Wahrheit and Hermann und Dorothea, in addition to the expected works like Thomas Mann's Zauberberg. The 1,700+ title articles providing analyses in addition to publication information are the collaborative work of over 250 scholars. Includes title index. [RLK]

Scherabon-Firchow, Evelyn. Notker der Deutsche von St. Gallen, 950-1022: ausführliche Bibliographie. Studien zum Althochdeutschen, Bd. 38. Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2000. 123 pp. ISBN 3525203535. DM 45.00

Continuing the work presented in her 1968 and 1983 bibliographies, Scherabon-Firchow has assembled here 734 entries on the Benedictine monk, arranged in the categories of primary works, dictionaries, general reference works and secondary titles. Excludes newspaper articles and partial reprints of Notker's writings in anthologies. [RLK]

Wolf, Birgit. Sprache in der DDR: ein Wörterbuch. Berlin; New York: de Gruyter, 2000. 259 pp. ISBN 3110164272. DM 39.80

An interesting historical, political, sociological documentation of words used and meanings conveyed in the use of German in the forty-year existence of the GDR, written by a former East German linguistic scholar. Includes and goes beyond an examination of the party-speak of the SED (Communist Party of East Germany) to examine the use of language outside its context. Dictionary format. Includes source bibliography. [RLK]

Würffel, Reinhard. Lexikon deutscher Verlage: 1071 Verlage von A - Z von 1545-1945 und 2800 Signete. Berlin: Verlag Grotesk, 2000. 1054 pp. ISBN 3980314715. DM 158.00

A truly marvelous reference work which presents the history of over a thousand German publishing houses in concise but meticulous detail, with the publisher logos (including variants--21 for Insel Verlag alone) depicted in the margins. Coverage is of publishers founded before 1945, but the information is current up to the URL for the publishers that are still around. To this librarian there is something enormously appealing about this book, which is both authoritative and has the look and feel to it of a labor of love. Includes index. [SL]

[cf. Olzog, Dagmar, Johann Hacker, eds. Dokumentation deutschsprachiger Verlage. 13. Ausg. München: Olzog, 1998. 504 p., illus. ISBN 3789290033. DM 98.00. A directory of contemporary publishers in German-speaking Europe--column editor].


Alvarez Casado, Ana Isabel. Bibliografia artistica del franquismo : publicaciones periodicas entre 1936 y 1948. Coleccion Tesis cum laude. 2, Serie A, Arte. Madrid: Fundacion Universitaria Espanola, 1999. 515 p.; 27 cm. ISBN 8473923936.

In two major parts: the first analyzes the press in general, treats individuals of artistic significance, and classifies and evaluates 54 newspapers and periodicals. The second comports references about artistic topics, organized by publication. A bibliography of contemporary and secondary works about art and art history and an index of periodicals consulted complete the work. [SFR]

Corriente, Federico. Diccionario de arabismos y voces afines en iberorromance. Biblioteca Románica Hispánica. Diccionarios; 22. Madrid: Gredos, 1999. 589 p.; 25 cm. ISBN 8424922433. Ptas 7200.

A glossary of terms of Arabic or related origin used in Castilian, Astur-Leonés, Gallegan, Portuguese, Catalan, Aragonese, and their dialects. Entries offer derivations and semantic explanations, besides indicating language of current use. Includes a 49-page grammar of Arabisms, an annotated list of "false Arabisms", an index of non Ibero-Romance terms, and a 19-page bibliography. [JKL]

Diccionario da literatura galega: III. obras. Ed. Dolores Vilavedra. Vigo: Galaxia, 2000. 512 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 8482883658. $25.20.

This, the final volume of a scholarly dictionary of Gallegan literature, covers 249 literary works. Each of the unsigned entries describes a workís content and literary reception and offers a brief secondary bibliography. Includes cross references, and indices of authors and works (the latter largely reproducing the order of the articles). The first two volumes (on authors and Gallegan reviews) were annotated in our Fall 1996 and 1998 issues. [JKL]

Diccionario de diccionarios. Ed. Antón Santamaría. Biblioteca Filolóxica Galega. La Coruña: Fundación Pedro Barrié de la Maza, Conde de Fenosa, 2000. 62 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 8489748691. Ptas 5000.

See the annotation for this resource under the column "Europe in Bits & Bytes"--ed.

Diccionario general de sinónimos y antónimos: lengua española. José Manuel Blecua. Vox universidad. Barcelona: Bibliograf, 1999. 1202 p.; 26 cm. ISBN 8483320606; LCCN: 00385708. Ptas 6500.

A popular thesaurus without critical apparatus, based on Gili Gayaís Diccionario manual de sinónimos y antónimos from the same publisher (Balay AC748; Walford7 1:5883) but much expanded. Each entry indicates a termís part of speech and then lists synonyms and possibly antonyms, with occasional explanations of distinctions. [JKL]

García Gallarín, Consuelo. Los nombres de pila españoles. Palabras mayores. Madrid: Ediciones del Prado, c1998. 366, [1] p.: ill., maps; 26 cm. ISBN 8483721392; LCCN: 99222444. Ptas 3475.

A scholarly dictionary of Spanish forenames given at the baptismal font (pila). Entries offer etymology, historical or legendary distribution, proverbial uses, and foreign equivalents. An ample introduction discusses categories, tendencies, spellings, and abbreviations. In appendix: saintsí days arranged by name, a table of frequencies in 20th-century Madrid, a table of frequencies arranged by chronological period since 1900, maps showing geographic distribution of selected names, and a 4-page bibliography. [JKL]

Fernández Gutiérrez, José María. La Novela Semanal. . Colección Literatura Breve; 5.Madrid: Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, 2000. 209 p. ; 22 cm. + 1 CD-ROMISBN 8400079914. $21.28.

Tabular descriptions of novels published in a Spanish popular weekly series from 1921 to 1925. Arranged in chronological order, page-length entries describe the formal and substantive characteristics of each work. Includes a 2-page secondary bibliography. The accompanying CD-ROM with set-up instructions in Castilian on a separate slip contains a catalog of the novels as well as indices of authors and illustrators. CD-ROMs with similar data will accompany future bibliographic monographs on early 20th-century Spanish popular serials (p. 11). [JKL]

Historia social de la literatura española [en lengua castellana]. Carlos Blanco Aguinaga ... [et al.]. 3a ed. Básica de Bolsillo. Biblioteca de Ensayo. Literatura. Madrid: Akal, 2000. 2 v.: 515, 600 p.; 17 cm. ISBN 8446012529 (set). ptas 3330.

A slightly expanded and updated edition of a classic history of Castilian literature in its social context. Each chapter ends with a "basic bibliography." Includes an index of names and anonymous titles. [JKL]

Lechado García, José Manuel. Diccionario de eufemismos y de expresiones eufemísticas del español actual. Colección Cervantes. Madrid: Verbum, 2000. 207 p.; 20 cm. ISBN 8479621656. 1995 ptas.

By an appropriately named author (his name means "whitewashed"), this popular glossary of circumlocutions offers minimal grammatical and usage indications and no illustrative sources. By using the inverse dictionary at the end you can talk dirty in Castilian without seeming to. Includes a very brief bibliography of dictionaries used. [JKL]

Mujeres en la historia de Espana : enciclopedia biografica. Eds. Candida Martinez, Reyna Pastor, & Maria Jose de la Pascua; coordinacion Susana Tavera. Enciclopedias Planeta. Barcelona: Planeta, 2000. 850 p.; 23 cm. ISBN 840803541X. $26..

Arranged alphabetically by classical, medieval, modern, and contemporary historical periods, more than two hundred women receive brief identifications followed by biographical notices of varying lengths. Each section has a substantial historical introduction. Bibliographical appendices contain general works for each period as well as works about individual women. Indexes comprise lists of women treated by period and alphabetically, subject and chronological indexes by period, and a general name index. [SFR]

Nou Diccionari 62 de la Literatura Catalana. Ed. Enric Bou. Barcelona: Edicions 62, 2000. 912 p.; 25 cm. ISBN 8429747702. Ptas 12,500.

"Inspired" by the publisherís 1979 Diccionari de la Literatura Catalana (Balay BE1450, Walford7 3/#8206), this dictionary offers 3100 articles on deceased Catalan authors (or generally those born before 1950), works, and other literary phenomena, excluding terms of prosody and rhetoric. The list of contributors indicates the authorship of major articles, which are unsigned in the body of ND62LC, as it calls itself. Entries offer the briefest of secondary references. Includes lists of literary awards and an 104-page bibliography. [JKL]

Platas Tasende, Ana María. Diccionario de términos literarios. Madrid: Espasa, c2000. xii, 935 p.; 17 cm. ISBN 8423992616; LCCN: 00403877. Ptas 2100.

A glossary of terms of literary history and criticism. Entries offer definitions, illustrative references, and source. Includes cross reference, but no index; also a 23-page bibliography. [JKL]

Segura Munguía, Santiago. Lexicogénesis: derivados y compuestos en la creación del vocabulario latino y castellano. Serie Letras; 32. Bilbao: Universidad de Deusto, 2000. 205 p.; 22 cm. ISBN 8474856922. Ptas 4000.

A tabular presentation of Latin prefixes and morphological elements with their Castilian derivatives. [JKL]


Bertone, Giorgio. Breve dizionario di metrica italiana. Piccola biblioteca Einaudi. Nuova serie; 13. Torino: Einaudi, 1999. xix, 259 p.; 20 cm. ISBN 8806151096. L28,000.

Definitions and examples of Italian metrical forms. Includes cross references (but no index) and a 32-page classed bibliography. [JKL]

Bibliografia; Vol. 1. fino al 1996. At head of title: Atlante linguistico ed etnografico del Piemonte Occidentale: "Università degli studi di Torino, Dipartimento di scienze del linguaggio; Regione Piemonte, Assessorato alla cultura." Ed. Paola Tirone. Documenti e ricerche. Atti; 4. Alessandria: Edizioni dellíOrso, 1999. 820 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 887694401X. L120,000.

A classed bibliography of scholarly literature on locales in the western Piedmont and their culture, including language, ending with a chapter of references to the ALEPO itself. Includes indices of subjects and authors. [JKL]

Boggione, Valter, & Casalegno, Giovanni. Dizionario letterario del lessico amoroso: metafore, eufemismi, trivialismi. Torino: UTET, 2000. xxxii, 735 p.; 31 cm. ISBN 8802056439. L230,000.

Too bulky for bed-side use, this pulpit-sized glossary of erotic terms in Italian literature, based on the authorsí Dizionario storico del lessico erotico italiano (Longanesi, 1996), now entirely revised, enlarged, and updated. Entries include brief definitions and grammatical information, and illustrative quotations with specific sources cited. Includes an index of terms classed by semantic field and a 45-page bibliography of cited texts, repertories, and studies. The derivation from the DSLEI (annotated in our Spring 1997 issue) is not indicated in the forematter or bibliography, but only on an errata slip tucked in the transparent dust cover. [JKL]

Contribuzion par une bibliografie: 1945-1997. Cuaders dal Centri interdipartimentâl pe ricercje su la lenghe e la culture dal Friûl = Quaderni del Centro interdipartimentale per la ricerca sulla lingua e la cultura del Friuli; 1. Udine: Forum, 1998. 126 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 888675650X; LCCN: 00388110. L24,000.

A chronological list of a half centuryís production of Friulian books (1460 titles by more than 400 authors), including translations from other languages. Within each year titles are arranged by literary genre and "varia." Includes an index of authors and a chronological table of production statistics by genre. To help support your Raeto-Romance collection. [JKL]

Dizionario della stampa cattolica ambrosiana. Ed. Giacomo De Antonellis. Milano: NED, 1998. xx, 231 p.; 22 cm. ISBN 8870232662. L38,000.

A "dictionary of 250 entries on Catholic printing and publishing in Milan: titles, events, personalities and organizations" (Casalini blurb). Articles offer brief bibliographies. Includes indices of names and of serial titles, and a one-page general bibliography.

Grazzini, Giovanni. Di Crusca in Crusca: per una bibliografia dellíAccademia. Ed. Rosaria Di Loreto. Ospedaletto (Pisa): Pacini Editore, c2000. 295 p.: ill.; 24 cm. LCCN: 00419305. L130,000.

A chronological bibliography of works relating to the academy founded in 1583 and devoted to the study and preservation of the Italian language. Entries generally bear brief annotations. Also includes an index of the Accademiaís Atti, a list of its serial publications, and an index of names. [JKL]

Letteratura italiana del Novecento: bilancio di un secolo. Ed. Alberto Asor Rosa. Piccola biblioteca Einaudi. Nuova serie; 56. Torino: Einaudi, 2000. xii, 624 p.; 20 cm. ISBN 8806155415. L40,000.

A survey of 20th-century Italian literature in 27 essays by different hands. Includes indices of subjects and names. [JKL]

Pegorari, Daniele Maria. Vocabolario dantesco della lirica italiana del Novecento. Palomar antiquam matrem; 21. Bari: Palomar, 2000. xcv, 585 p.; 20 cm. ISBN 8887467269. L110,000.

An "intertextual concordance," arranged by modern poets and their works, that traces allusions to or uses of Danteís text by 17 20th-century Italian poets. Includes a 10-page bibliography of texts and studies and indices of terms and names. [JKL]

Poesia í99: annuario. Ed. Giorgio Manacorda. Contatti; 191. Roma: Castelvecchi, 2000. 284 p.; 19 cm. +1 v. (Tit.: Poesie rifiutate: 1968-1969 by Pier Paolo Pasolini. - 62 p.). ISBN 8882101908. L24,000.

A survey of the present state of poetry and its criticism in Italy, including essays by and about poets, a list of the "best books of 1999" (only Mario Luziís Sotto specie umana [Garzanti] qualifies), brief signed reviews of books by 30 contemporary poets (some unknown to RLIN or OCLC), selections from a poet unpublished in book form, a survey of poetry in the "rest of the world," this time from the US: "East Coast" and "West Coast," concluding with brief reviews of 14 translations. A supplement offers unpublished poems by Pasolini. [JKL]

(Roma vostra. English.) Rome for you: academies, archives, associations, card indexes, cultural institutes, film libraries, foundations, galleries, institutes, libraries, museums, newspaper and periodical libraries, photograph libraries, historical buildings containing cultural properties; On cover: Italia nostra. Edited by Maria Antonelli Carandini; [translated by Luisa Guarneri Hynd]. "Sponsored by Ente Nazionale Italiano per il Turismo". Roma: Colombo, 1999. 219 p.; 21 cm. L18,000.

A brief, sober guide to the cultural institutions of Rome and the Vatican City. Arranged in five topical chapters, the entries provide summary histories, indications of contents, proprietor, management, address, telephone number, and hours. No index other than the table of contents. [JKL]

Rossetti, Sergio. Rome: A bibliography from the invention of printing through 1899. Vol. I: The Guide Books. Biblioteca di bibliografia italiana; 157. Firenze: Leo S.Olschki, 2000. 276 p.; ill.; 25 cm. ISBN 8822248236. $33.

First volume of a projected three-volume bibliography of publications about Rome. Lists in chronological order 2,457 guide books with full bibliographic and collation information often lacking in older repertories. Notes citations in earlier bibliographies and identifies holding libraries including NUC listings. Indexes list authors, titles, imprints, and printers. [SFR]

Tedeschi, John A., and James M. Lattis. The Italian Reformation of the sixteenth century and the diffusion of Renaissance culture : a bibliography of the secondary literature, ca. 1750-1997. Historiographical introduction by Massimo Firpo. Modena: F.C. Panini; Ferrara: ISR, 2000. lxiii,1047 p.; 25 cm. (Strumenti, Istituto di studi rinascimentali, Ferrara) ISBN 8876869786. $152.98.

Vast, critically annotated bibliography of secondary material focuses on the cultural activities of Italian exiles in Europe. Substantial historiographical introduction. References systematically arranged by Sources (modern editions of primary texts), Bibliography (library catalogs, review articles, surveys), General Studies, Personages, Places (Italian cities and provinces, Italian reformers abroad), Theological and Intellectual Currents, and Special Topics. Cross-references. Index of names excludes those listed in Personages. [SFR]

Zanni, Marco. Ditelo con gli insulti: e non accontentatevi di un semplice vaffanculo: dizionario completo degli insulti, italiano-inglese. Reggio Emilia: Tecnograf, 1999. 269 p.; 24 cm. L45,000.

A repertory of insults purportedly for self-defense in Italy. Entries include explanations, derivations, brief etymologies, and English equivalents. No critical apparatus. A 400-page edition was published by Baldini & Castoldi in 2000 [not seen]. [JKL]

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