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Spring 2001, Vol. 24, no. 2

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Tuesday, January 16, 2001
Renaissance Washington Hotel, Room 4

Present: AnnMarie Mitchell, Theresa S. Byrd, Roger Brisson, Daniel Mack, Roberta Astroff, Sarah G. Wenzel, Jeffry Larson, Bryan Skib, Thea Lindquist, Gregory Wool, Charles Croissant, Helen Anderson, Marian Shaaban, Virginia Gilbert, Agnes Widder, Kathy Hunter Rutter, James Burgett, Tom Izbicki, Rebecca R. Malek-Wiley, Sue Waterman, Kristine Anderson, Dick Hacken, Helene Baumann, Gordon Anderson, Barbara Walden, John Cullars, Heleni Pedersoli, Hank Harken, Jeffrey Garrett, Emily Horning (recording).

Jeffrey Garrett called the meeting to order at 11a.m. He introduced Teresa Byrd (ACRL), who reminded the group about the upcoming ACRL National Conference in Denver, March 15th -18th. She also spoke about ACRLís Strategic Plan (full text of the plan can be found on the ACRL homepage at http://www.ala.org/acrl/plan2005.html), and reminded everyone that all ACRL Board meetings are open to everyone. Jeffrey Garrett thanked Teresa for her participation in todayís discussion.

Committee Reports

Membership Committee: Roberta Astroff (Chair, Membership Committee) noted that plans for the cruise in San Francisco aboard the California Spirit are finalized. This year WESS is co-sponsoring the cruise, which will take place Sunday, June 17, with SEES. There is a limit of 149 passengers. Tickets are $26, but the first 10 new WESS members (members who have joined since January 2000) to sign up for the cruise will receive a free ticket. SEES has a similar plan for its new members. Suggestions for WESS Events in Atlanta should be sent to Candace Miller. The committee is also interested in ways of helping members to become more active in WESS, perhaps by encouraging virtual membership or developing regional programs and interest groups.

Research and Planning Committee: Michele Casalini described a recent project to identify "orphan" titles (i.e. titles selected by Casalini editors but not purchased by any U.S. library). There were approximately 250 of these published in 2000. The group discussed various ways of dealing with these titles. Michele will compile lists for previous years. Other topics discussed included outsourcing of cataloging and difficulties in recruiting.

Newsletter: Emily Horning (Secretary) reported that the committee is looking for new volunteers. March 1st is the deadline for submitting material to the Editors. New columns (New Acquisitions of Note, Gifts, Research of Note, and the like) were also discussed. Dick Hacken encourages WESS members to check their entries in the WESS Directory and make any necessary changes, and also to send in photos for the directory. Proceedings of both the Chicago and San Francisco programs will be published.

2001 Program Planning Committee: Jeffrey Garrett reported that the WESS Program at the Annual Conference in San Francisco will be titled "Exploding Spanish Canons: Including the Voices of Spain's Excluded Communities". David W. Foster, of Arizona State University, will be one of three featured speakers. There will be a reception afterward.

2002 Program Planning Committee: Barbara Walden (Chair-Elect) announced that Ceres Birkhead is chairing this committee. The final topic is still uncertain, but several ideas are floating around, including new directions in electronic and traditional European sources, especially in geography, GIS/mapping, and travel literature; and the interplay between American sources for European studies and European sources for American studies.

Scandinavian Discussion Group: Gordon Anderson reported that the committee hosted several guests: three from the Library of Congress: Diana Dixson (Acquisitions), Taru Spiegel (European Division) and Pirkko Johnes (Cataloging).; Mr. Jon-Åge Øyslebø, Press and Cultural Counselor of the Embassy of Norway; and Zuzana Helinsky, Director of Publisher Relations, Prenax (the Swedish journal subscription service). There is a chance that a Norwegian author (name?) may attend the Annual Conference.

Jeffrey Garrett reported that Fridayís program at the Luxembourg Embassy was enjoyed by everyone in attendance.

Germanists Discussion Group: The theme of this meeting was instruction in research methodology. Members discussed major print and electronic resources and progress on the German Resources Project.

Nijhoff Committee: The Committee received two proposals this year. John Cullars encouraged members to submit proposals, and said the committee would particularly like to encourage entries from disciplines other than literature and the social sciences.

Romance Languages Discussion Group: Richard Ramer described the current Portuguese book trade in some detail. Adán Griego reported on his attendance at two recent books fairs, in Guadalajara and Madrid (?). Jeffry Larson is forming a small Publications subcommittee, and is looking for members. Jeffry, along with Charlie Fineman, has prepared a petition calling for a halt to plans to stop the publication of the Bibliographie Nationale Française, and asked for signatures. He will submit the petition to the Bibliothèque Nationale. The meeting in San Francisco will cover the teaching of languages at the college/university level and how professors use library materials to serve language learners.

Cataloging: Rebecca Malek-Wiley reported that the issues raised at Research and Planning provoked animated discussion. The group also discussed the dearth of foreign language catalogers, and proposed a survey of foreign language expertise.

College and Medium-Sized Libraries: This once-moribund committee has bounced back. Nearly twenty members attended Saturdayís meeting. Discussion covered a wide variety of issues.

Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Discussion Group: About 10 members attended. A representative from the publisher Boydell & Brewer was also present. Discussion centered on various databases and attempts to migrate these from CD-Rom to web format. On Tuesday, January 16th, five members of the group were treated to a tour of the Folger Shakespeare Library, led by Georgianna Ziegler, Head of Reference at the Folger, and Heather Wolf, Assistant Curator of Manuscripts. Heather Ward is incoming Chair.

Emily Horning, Secretary

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