2001 Martinus Nijhoff Study Grant Recipient

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Spring 2001, Vol. 24, no. 2

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As Chair of the Martinus Nijhoff International West European Study Grant, I take great pleasure in announcing that Sue Waterman,, Resource Services Librarian for German and Romance Languages and Literature at Johns Hopkins University, has been chosen to receive the Nijhoff Grant to work on a project entitled "Collecting the Nineteenth Century: The Book, the Specimen, the Photograph as Archive." Ms. Waterman will examine the activities of three generations of a prominent Belgian family, the Selys Longchamps, during the 19th century: a grandfather, father, and two sons, who were a geologist, naturalist, amateur photographer, and bibliophile, respectively. This project will investigate collection processes of the 19th century, as well as the role of individual agents in those processes. The Committee notes that this project represents an interestingly different focus from earlier WESS research supported by the Nijhoff Study Grant and that it should result in a valuable contribution to a number of disciplines. Ms. Waterman will be visiting archives and libraries in Paris, Brussels, Liège, Namur, and Charleroi during the fall of 2001.

Thanks are due to Dick Hacken and Sarah Wenzel as well as Bas Guijt and Ineke Middeldorp-Crispijn of Nijhoff International for their excellent work on the Committee and particularly to Nijhoff International for its continued sponsorship (since 1985) of this splendid opportunity for members of WESS to conduct research in Western Europe.

I would also like to announce the publication of Barbara Halporn's World of Johann Amerbach: Early Printing in its Social Context. by the University of Michigan Press. Nijhoff International supported this research in 1995. The Section extends its congratulations to Barbara and its gratitude to Nijhoff International for this major work of scholarship on the book trade.

John Cullars
Chair, Martinus Nijhoff Award Committee

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