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Spring 2000, Vol. 23, no. 2

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January 18, 2000

Note: Since the Membership Meeting immediately preceded the Executive Committee Meeting it was agreed that certain committee and discussion group reports did not need to be repeated. Please consult the WESS Membership Minutes for the reports.

Present: Kati Radics, Candace Miller, Karl Fattig, Helene Baumann, John Cullars, Nancy Boerner, Jeff Garrett, Heleni Pedersoli, Reinhart Sonnenburg, Marianna McKim, Louis Reith, Gordon Anderson, Teresa Byrd, Dick Hacken, AnnMarie Mitchell and Kathleen Hunter Rutter (recording).

New Business:

Membership Committee Event: Gordon Anderson was successful at raising support from eight vendors to sponsor the riverboat cruise on the Chicago River Sunday, July 9 (6:30 p.m. boarding, 7 p.m. sailing). He distributed a preliminary budget, sample menus, and distributed cost estimates. Jeff Garrett commended Gordon Anderson for his hard work, and recommended that, if this type of outing is to become an annual event, it should be put on the agenda for the annual meeting.

Bylaws revision: After discussion of the bylaws revision and the need to inform membership of the proposed revisions in a timely fashion, a motion was called to post the bylaws on-line for discussion. The motion was carried.

Minutes: The minutes of the June 1999 meeting were approved.

Book fair participation: A motion was called by Jeff Garrett and carried that WESS make a proposal to the ACRL board for continued WESS participation in the Frankfurt Book Fair, and that attendance and support be expanded to include members of other ACRL sections. The deadline to request support is March 15, 2000.

In discussion, it was emphasized that WESS presence in Frankfurt does not preclude WESS involvement in other European book fairs.

ACRL Board: John Cullars, as WESS liaison to the ACRL Board, reported that Vice-Chair Jeff Garrett officially thanked the Board for its support of WESS participation at the Frankfurt Book Fair. WESS and several other sections requested that language reflecting the international or global scope of ACRL activities be added to the Strategic Plan, which was done. Based on concerns expressed at Sections Council, suggested non-librarian speaker honoraria will be set at no more than $500 from ACRL, though a section may petition the ACRL chair for more if it feels circumstances warrant a higher honorarium.

ACRL Liaison: Teresa Byrd stated that she would like the opportunity to make announcements at future Executive Committee meetings

Kathleen Hunter Rutter, Secretary

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