2000 Martinus Nijhoff Study Grant Recipient

WESS Newsletter

Spring 2000, Vol. 23, no. 2

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This year's Nijhoff Award Committee is pleased to have selected Jeffry Larson as the winner of the Martinus Nijhoff WESS Study Grant for the year 2000. The grant of 10,000 guilders will cover travel and expenses for two weeks' research in libraries and archives in Paris and Rome towards Jeffry's project, "Documenting the Dissemination of the Gregorian Calendar Reform in France During the Wars of Religion." This is a subject of considerable interest to historians of science and of social attitudes in early modern Europe, and those who know the quality of Jeffry's writing have good reason to look forward to reading the results of his research. WESS Chair John Cullars will present the award to Jeffry at the WESS General Membership Meeting on Monday, July 10 at the annual conference in Chicago.

Stephen Lehmann, Chair, Nijhoff Award Committee

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