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Fall 1998, Vol. 22, no. 1

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RK=Robert Kusmer
JKL = Jeffry K. Larson
MPO = Michael P. Olson


276 revues de création littéraire. [Ed., Amal K. Renne]. 2e éd. Paris: Ent'revues, 1997. [56] p.; 21 cm. ISBN 2907702149. 60 FF.
A directory of French literary revues, 184 of the titles with descriptive blurbs. Not as comprehensive or as informative as Roger Gaillard's ARLIT et Cie, annotated in our Fall 1992 issue, which has been updated in a 1996 edition. Lacks formatter explaining principles of selection and organization; no index. The first edition (1996) was titled 220 revues...-time for a uniform title? [JKL]

Bellenger, Yvonne. Du Bartas. [Paris]; [Roma]: Memini, 1998. 171 p.; 24 cm. (Bibliographica) (Bibliographie des écrivains français; 12) ISBN 8886609132. 280 FF.
Another installment in a series whose first number was noted in our Spring 1996 issue (see also the Spring 1998 issue). This number appears without the electronic copy on floppy disk that accompanied its predecessors; the series editors indicate that the entire series will be available online and on CD-ROM, but offer no details. This series is being reviewed in IFB, hence in IFBA and RRE. [JKL]

France annuaires. 2e édition. Paris: Varenne Entreprises, 1997. 875 p.; 31 cm. ISBN 291000211X. $214.
A classified directory of more than 2,000 French directories (i. e., published in France or in French), excluding those whose publishers did not wish to be listed. Entries include usual directory information (publisher and address, and now e-mail address and URL), bibliographic information (e. g., periodicity, collation, price, ISBN & ISSN), and contents and structure of each annuaire. Contains display ads and indices of titles, title keywords, subjects, technical support (e. g., digital media, mailing labels, Minitel), publishers and publishers' abbreviations, and place of publication. Not listed in RLIN. To be reviwed in RRE. [JKL]

Gagnière, Claude. Pour tout l'or des mots: Au bonheur des mots; Des mots et des merveilles. Paris: R. Laffont, c1997. x, 1066 p.; 20 cm. (Bouquins) ISBN 2221082559. 159 FF.
An encyclopedia of word games that expands on two of the author's previous titles: Au bonheur des mots (1989) and Des mots et merveilles (1994). Includes a brief bibliography and an index of names, but no table of contents. Another title to be inscribed in the Index librorum prohibitorum Ricardo Hackenio. [JKL]

Geoffroy, Jacques. Mille et un livres imaginaires. [publ. par la Bibliothèque municipale de Dole]. Frasne Saint-Imier (Suisse): Canevas éd., 1997. 289 p.: ill.; 21 cm. ISBN 2883820694; FrBN023197763. 130 FF.
A catalog, arranged alphabetically by title (usually in French translation), of 1,001 nonexistent books that are cited in works of fiction-preceded by an anthology of extracts from the latter category, most from French literature, from Rabelais to Puech. Includes an index of the real works of fiction citing imaginary works and a brief bibliography of critical literature. No ghosts noted. [JKL]

Gogues en vogue [Cover title: Guide/ Paris et région parisienne/ Gogues en vogue/ 1998/ 100 restaurants, boites de nuit, bars, vus côté WC] by Fabrice Peim ...[et al.] Avignon: Éditions A. Barthélemy, 1997. 100 p.; 22 cm. ISBN 2879230896. 84 FF.
For the fastidious tourist who's hot to trot, a très selective annotated guide to restaurants in 99 Parisian establishments, including a "Mac Donald's" [sic] in Neuilly (the 100th page is blank, for "votre restaurant préféré"). Uses symbols to rate cleanliness and odor. The establishments are listed in alphabetical order, with inconsistent treatment of initial articles. Includes an index by arrondissement. Mais où sont les vespasiennes d'antan? No review commissioned for RRE. [JKL]

Henry, Gilles. Dictionnaire insolite des noms propres si communs. Condé-sur-Noireau: C. Corlet, 1997. 302 p.; 22 cm. ISBN 2854806743; FrBN022514488. 145 FF.
A popular lexicon of selected proper names and eponyms used in contemporary French, arranged in classed chapters. Contains an index, but no sources or bibliography. [JKL]

Markale, Jean. Petite encyclopédie du Graal. Paris: Pygmalion/Gerard Watelet, c1997. 355 p.: ill.; 22 cm. ISBN 2857045050; LCCN: 97166600. 110 FF.
A popular guide to the Grail myth and the author's hermetic interpretation thereof. Includes chapters on the chronology of the Grail and its supposed origins, daily life in King Arthur's day, the geography of the legend, the Grail's posterity in art, music and cinema, a 14-page bibliography--largely French and English--of Grail versions and interpretations, genealogical tables, glossaries of place names and of mythic objects and formulae, as well as an index of characters that refers to the author's 8-volume adaptation, Le Cycle du Graal, from the same publisher. [JKL]

Negroni, François de, & Moncelm, Corinne. Le suicidologe: dictionnaire des suicidés célèbres. Bordeaux: le Castor astral, 1997. 571 p.: couv. ill.; 24 cm. ISBN 2859203184; FrBN02317228X. 150 FF.
How do I kill myself? Let me count the ways: Chamfort's suicide took 4 months. Brief entries describe and categorize the death of more than 1,500 international historical figures, but do not provide specific sources. Includes cross references, indices of names (the entries are in alphabetical order) and of their professions, followed by a brief bibliography on suicide. [JKL]

Poucet, Jacques, & Hannick, J.-M. Aux sources de l'Antiquité gréco-romaine: guide bibliographique. 5. éd., rev. et augm. Bruxelles: Artel, 1997. 313 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 2873740191. $58.
A classed, annotated bibliographic guide to classical studies, with indices of authors ancient and modern, abbreviations, and serial titles. An updated version of Introduction aux études classiques: guide bibliographique, whose 2nd edition (1989) was annotated in Balay (DA91). See critical review in RRE. [JKL]

Le Portatif d'histoire littéraire. Eds. Mélançon, Robert; Nardout-Lafarge, Élisabeth; & Vachon, Stéphane. [Montréal]: Département d'études françaises, Université de Montréal, 1998. 697 p.; 22 cm. ill. (Paragraphes, ISSN 0843-5235; [xv]) ISBN 2921447088. C$35.
A critical anthology of and on [French] literary history, complemented by a substantial (almost 700 items, 110 pp.) classed, heavily annotated bibliography, which comports its own author and chronological indices. The entire volume has an index of names. [JKL]

Répertoire des revues: 675 revues culturelles présentées et analysées: Plus de 3000 adresses utiles (Revues, journaux, magazines, fanzines, France et Étranger) Pour chaque revue présentée (en fonction des réponses reçues) Titre, année de création, périodicité. But de la revue. Adresse, noms des responsables, fiche technique. Financement. Extrait du sommaire. (du numéro le plus représentatif ou le plus récent) Choix d'un texte (ou d'une illustration) Le financement des revues. L'indépendance de la presse. Le point de vue des princiapux responsables de l'édition [Cover title: Guide des revues: Trois livres en un]. Ed. André Desforges. 3. éd. Bordeaux: Les Dossiers d'Aquitaine, c1996. 302 p.: ill.; 30 cm. ISBN 2905212268. 248 FF.
Came accompanied with Liste des revues journaux et quotidiens France et étranger Plus de 4000 adresses utiles Pour faire connaître vos oeuvres. Idem, 1998. 36 p.; 30 cm. ISBN 2905212365. 50 FF.
An alphabetical directory to French cultural revues, intended for budding authors. Each entry provides the elements indicated in the lengthy subtitle. Includes an alphabetical index in two sections, France/étranger. Almost as comprehensive but not as evaluative as Roger Gaillard's ARLIT et Cie, annotated in our Fall 1992 issue, which has been updated in a 1996 edition. [JKL]

Royer, Hugues. Mille et une raisons de rompre. Cadeilhan: Zulma, 1998. (Grain d'orage) ISBN 284304040X. 49FF.
Twenty times better than Paul Simon, with to boot a story between the lines. The 1,001st reason or way to leave your lover is simply: "Parce que." [JKL]

Soufflard, Thierry. Où s'embrasser à Paris [cover subtitle: "guide des meilleurs endroits"]. Paris: Parigramme, 1996. 111 p.; 18 cm. (Paris est à nous) ISBN 2840960710; FrBN022127388. 35 FF.
For the amorous tourist who's hot to trot, a très selective guide to places to make out, from the Pont Neuf to Métro entrances to the open backs of buses (Lines 29 and 56 still had them as of the book's printing). Arranged in chapters: classical places, discreet venues (beware of commercial photographers, however, on the Bateaux Mouches!), extravagant spots (e. g., in front of the Mona Lisa), locales from movies, cafés, restaurants, and park benches. Each colloquial annotation also uses symbols to indicate preferred season and time of day and how long the couple can linger. Concludes with a calendar of propitious occasions and a glossary whose last entry tells you how to be a dutiful cosmopolitan by asking for a kiss in Schweizer Deutsch(!). Despite its usefulness for out-of-towners, actually part of a series of guides for Parisians to encourage and empower them to take back their city (another title in the collection: Où trouver le calme à Paris [1997]). No review commissioned for RRE. [JKL]

Torres, Anita. La science-fiction française: auteurs et amateurs d'un genre littéraire. Paris: L'Harmattan, c1997 282 p. 22 cm. - (Collection Logiques sociales) ISBN 273845948X. 150 FF.
A sociologist looks at a paraliterary genre, its public, and its authors. Includes surveys of publishers' series, fanzines, prizes, a 10-page bibliography, and a list of authors; no index. [JKL]

German and Dutch

Bast, Rainer A. Der Titel "Philosophische Bibliothek": ein Beitrag zur Materialen Philosophie- und Bildungs-geschichte vor allem des 18. Jahr-hunderts. Köln: Dinter, 1997. 115 p. ISBN 3924794340.
An interesting exposition of the meaning of philosophische Bibliothek as an element in the titles of twenty German journals, chiefly from the 18th century but also from the 20th, within the context of the contemporary intellectual milieu of the Enlightenment. These periodicals, containing reviews of general and philosophical literature of the day, also conveyed a popular pedagogical intent underlying the rational optimism of the period: the goal of Mündigkeit, as expressed by Kant in his reply to the question of what constituted Aufklärung. Includes facsimile title pages of the journals and an index of persons and publishers. [RK]

Benz, Wolfgang, Hermann Graml, Hermann Weiß, eds. Enzyklopädie des Nationalsozialismus. Stuttgart: Klett-Cotta, 1997. 900 p., illus., maps. ISBN 3608918051.
Consists of three parts: a "handbook" comprising twenty-two signed articles on ideological, historical, political, social, cultural and scientific aspects of national socialism with bibliographies and references to the second part, viz.: a lexicon of over 1,300 names, concepts, events and institutions; a third part consists of a personal name index with biographical data. [RK]

Geschiedenis van Friesland 1750-1995. Ed. Johan Frieswijk et al. Fryske Akademy, vol. 853. Amsterdam: Boom, 1998. 368 p. ISBN 90-5352-368-5. Ca. NEG 55.00.
Illustrated history of Friesland-today a northern Dutch province-and Frisian culture. Contains rich bibliographies and indices. [MPO]

Ham, Gijs van der. Geschiedenis van Nederland. Amsterdam, Nieuwezijds, 1998. 127 p. ISBN 90-5712-009-7. Ca. NEG 22.00.
Handy, illustrated history of the Netherlands. Contains a detailed chronology along with an index and a bibliography. [MPO]

Höhn, Gerhard. Heine Handbuch: Zeit, Person, Werk. 2., aktualisierte und erw. Aufl. Stuttgart: Metzler, 1997. 570 p. ISBN 347601441X.
The appearance of this new edition, ten years after the first, corresponds in a timely way to the bicentennial anniversary of Heine's birth, joining numerous other publications published in 1997. Part I deals with the biographical and historical context, part II with the writer's work itself, including: review of editions of the works; substantive essays on individual works from the standpoint of origin, publication, interpretation and reception. Appendix contains chronology, enumerative bibliographies (in addition to those in each separate article) and indexes. [RK]

Hörner, Petra, ed. Hartmann von Aue: mit einer Bibliographie 1976-1997. Information und Interpretation; Bd. 8. Frankfurt am Main: P. Lang, 1998. 283 pp. DM 104. ISBN 3631332920.
Of note here is the bibliography by Petra Hörner, which provides coverage for the period after the publication of Elfriede Neubuhr's Bibliographie zu Hartmann von Aue (1. Aufl. Berlin: E. Schmidt, 1977). Hörner's bibliography, which excludes reviews and articles from common reference publications, enumerates 861 primary and secondary articles and books. A name index to the bibliography is also provided. [RK]

Hülsbergen, Henrike, ed. Stadtbild und Frauenleben: Berlin im Spiegel von 16 Frauenporträts. Berlinische Lebensbilder, Bd. 9. Berlin: Historische Kommission zu Berlin; Stapp Verlag, 1997. 363 pp., illus. (portraits). ISBN 3877762131.
Covers women of the 19th and 20th centuries prominent in the areas of women's role, social reform, politics, pedagogy, medicine and art. [RK]

Koch, Hans-Albrecht. Neuere Deutsche Literaturwissenschaft: eine Praxisorien-tierte Einführung für Anfänger. (German-istische Einführungen). Darmstadt: Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, 1997. 209 p. ISBN 353413172X.
An introductory handbook providing a comprehensive overview of Literaturwissenschaft with emphasis on Germanistik. Includes sections on literary genres (e.g., lyric poetry), the schools of literary criticism (e.g. work-immanent), rhetoric, editorial work, the book trade, libraries and archives, and the variety of tools of the researcher (bibliographies, etc.) in the areas of literature, and ancillary disciplines such as philosophy, etc. The bibliographic sections are not annotated. [RK]

Kulka, Otto Dov, in collaboration with Anne Birkenhauer and Esriel Hildesheimer, eds. Deutsches Judentum unter dem Nationalsozialismus. Bd. 1, Dokumente zur Geschichte der Reichsvertretung der Deutschen Juden, 1933-1939. (Schriftenreihe Wissen-schaftlicher Abhandlungen des Leo Baeck Instituts, 54). Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 1997. ISBN 3161464133.
Vol. 1 focuses on Jewish society under Nazi rule, on the active stance taken by German Jews vis-a-vis dictatorship prior to their eventual liquidation. An example is the program of the organization Reichsvertretung der Deutschen Juden, later evolving into the Reichsvereinigung der Juden in Deutschland in response to progressive rights violations. Contains over four hundred pages of primary source material, documenting the founding of the Reichsvertretung der jüdischen Landesverbände Deutschlands in 1932 through the establishing of the Reichsvereinigung der Juden in Deutschland in 1939, accompanied by extensive editorial commentaries. Also includes a dictionary section on persons, organizations and terms; a substantial bibliography and a chronology from 1933-1939. [RK]

Meÿenn, Karl von, ed. Die Grossen Physiker. München: Beck, 1997. 2 vols., illus., ports. ISBN 3406411517 (set).
Signed articles on physicists from the pre-Socratics through the present. Includes bibliographies of primary and secondary works and indexes of subjects and persons. [RK]

Röhr, Esther, ed. Ich bin was ich bin: Frauen neben großen Theologen und Religionsphilosophen des 20. Jahrhunderts. Originalausg. Gütersloh: Gütersloher Verlagshaus, 1997. ISBN 3579022121. 384 pp.
Coverage includes Paula Buber, Greti and Hannah Tillich, Nelly Barth, Helene Schweitzer and several other wives of important theologians and philosophers of religion. Each signed chapter includes bibliographic references, a chronology and portraits and other illustrations. [RK]

Schmidt, Gerd. Latein für Bibliothekare: eine Einführung. (Bibliotheksarbeit, 3). Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 1997. 140 p. ISBN 344703887X.
Elementary to intermediate level exercises employing words from the intellectual spheres often encountered by librarians in the course of their work. Includes many title page facsimiles for practical context. [RK]

Spiewok, Wolfgang. Geschichte der Deutschen Literatur des Spät-mittelalters. Greifswalder Beiträge zum Mittelalter, 51; WODAN, Bd. 64. Serie 2: Studien zur Mittelalterlichen Literatur, Bd. 9. Greifswald: Reinecke-Verlag, 1997- . ISBN 3894920726.
Volume 1 of the planned three-volume set includes discussion of the main intellectual currents, epic literature of the late Middle Ages, and the genres of the German Schelmenroman and Narrenroman of the same period. Contains name and anonymous title indexes; vol. 3 is to include a bibliography. The stated editorial closing of 1989 is rather cryptically "excused" in the preface (which is dated Dec. 1996) by reference to the disruptive political situation in Germany following that year. [RK]

Staedtler, Thomas. Lexikon der Psychologie: Woerterbuch-Handbuch -Studienbuch. Kroeners Taschenbuch, vol. 357. Stuttgart: Kroener, 1998. 1282 p. ISBN 3-520-35701-1. GDM 78.00
Encyclopedia of psychological terms, with diagrams and short bibliographies. Extremely well-executed. [MPO]


Abelleira Fernández, Jesús. Diccionario enciclopédico hermenéutico o auxiliar de lectura del Quijote: explicación de palabras, nombres y pasajes oscuros siguiendo el orden de lectura. [Madrid: Sr. Jesús Abelleira Fernández, 1997]. 255 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 8460568601. 2500 PTAS.
A glossary of terms occurring in Don Quijote in the order of the text. The introduction lists alleged misinterpretations. No index. [JKL]

Aixalà i Mateu, Emma. Els EZ de Catalunya [Subtitle on cover: Qui són i què han fet/ "Diccionari biogràfic de 404 Álvarez, Díez, Domínguez ... que han destacat en diversos àmbits de Catalunya"]. Barcelona: La Campana, 1997. 318 p.; 20 cm. (Edicions La Campana; 133) ISBN 848879147X; LCCN: 98113267. 2500 PTAS.
Contains brief unsourced biographies of Catalonians who've made a name for themselves-all ending in -ez (which, the author explains in the introduction, are patronymics originating outside of Catalonia). In appendix: tables showing percentages of people in Catalonia whose surname ends in -ez, arranged by municipality. [JKL]

Alvarez Barrientos, Joaquín, & Rodríguez Sánchez de León, Ma. José, eds. Diccionario de literatura popular española. Salamanca: Ediciones Colegio de España, [1997] 368 p.; 24 cm. (Ediciones Colegio de España; 2) ISBN 8486408679. 2300 PTAS.
A scholarly guide in the guise of a lexicon of Spanish folk, popular, and paraliterature. Articles, signed by 60 international scholars and writers, include brief bibliographies. Includes cross references but no index. See critical review in RRE. [JKL]

Amores, Montserrat. Catálogo de cuentos folclóricos reelaborados por escritores del siglo XIX. Madrid: Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, 1997. 406 p.; 24 cm. (Biblioteca de Dialectología y Tradiciones Populares; 27) ISBN 8400076788. 4500 PTAS.
A catalog of about 400 versions of 251 tales receiving treatment (or allusions) by Spanish authors in the 19th century, whether in books or in reviews; does not claim to be exhaustive. The entries, arranged in the order of the Aarne-Thompson classificatory system (see Balay CF45), indicate the 19th-century literary versions (with citations and brief synopsis), type number according to various classifications (with references to Camarena and Chevalier's Catálogo tipológico del cuento folklórico español, noted in our Spring 1998 issue), listings of oral versions in the languages of Spain (with bibliographic citations), and other literary treatments, pre- and post-19th century (e. g., Æsop). Includes a 22-page classed bibliography, and indices of authors and story types. See critical review in RRE. [JKL]

Aroca Sanz, Juan. Diccionario de atentados contra el idioma español. Madrid: Ediciones del Prado, c1997. ix, 447 p.; 26 cm. (Palabras mayores) ISBN 8478389342; LCCN: 98112045. 8675 PTAS.
A popular, idiosyncratically normative dictionary of usage errors and barbarisms in contemporary Castilian-the author calls himself a "guerrillero del idioma." Articles occasionally cite offending examples and use symbols to indicate appropriate penalties, e. g., house arrest, jail, re-education camp, hanging. Denounces the use of "castellano por Español" as a "grave" offense, but leaves the punishment unspecified. [JKL]

Avalle-Arce, Juan Bautista. Enciclopedia cervantina. Alcalá de Henares: Centro de Estudios Cervantinos, 1997. 501 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 8488333137; LCCN: 98145377. 4500 PTAS.
A dictionary of Cervantes' works, the proper names and names therein, and his commentators. The list of abbreviations indicates the editions cited. No index. [JKL]

Bonnín Valls, Ignacio. El teatro español desde 1940 a 1980: estudio histórico-crítico de tendencias y autores. Barcelona: Octaedro, 1998. 312 p.; 24 cm. (Octaedro Universidad/Textos) ISBN 8480633255. 2880 PTAS.
A systematic survey of postwar Spanish drama, basically under Franco, with a chapter on Catalan and Galician theater. Primary bibliographies follows the sections devoted to each of over 30 playwrights. Contains a 6-page general bibliography and an index of authors and theatrical groups. [JKL]

Catálogo de manuscritos de la Biblioteca Universitaria de Salamanca. [Salamanca]: Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca, <1997- > v. <1: Manuscritos 1-1679bis>; 25 cm. (Obras de referencia; 12) ISBN 8474818737 (obra completa); ISBN 8474818753 (v. 1) LCCN: 98124123. 12,300 PTAS (v. 1).
The beginning of a thorough catalog of one of the oldest and largest collections in Spain. Greek manuscripts will be cataloged separately. Includes the following indices: personal names (and anonymous titles), titles, copyists, owners, incipits, first verses, dated codices, datable codices, provenances, and former signature numbers (changed due to reorganization). To be reviewed in RRE. [JKL]

Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de. Cervantes completo [Cover title: Obra completa]. Ed. Carlos Alvar. Madrid: Alianza Editorial con la colaboración del Centro de Estudios Cervantinos, c1996- v. <1-3, 7-13 >; 18 cm. + <10 > [floppy] computer disks (3 1/2 in.) Vols. <1-3, 7-13 > accompanied by computer disk. System requirements for accompanying computer disks: MS-DOS. Incomplete contents: 1. La Galatea - 2. El trato de Argel - 3. La Numancia -6. La Gitanilla; El amante liberal - 7. Rinconete y Cortadillo - 8. La española inglesa; El licenciado Vidriera; La fuerza de la sangre - 9. El celoso extremeño - 10. La ilustre fregona; Las dos doncellas; La señora Cornelia - 11. El casamiento engañoso; El coloquio de los perros - 12. Viaje del Parnaso - 13. El gallardo español; La casa de los celos. ISBN 8420645001 (o.c.).; LCCN: 97137933. ca. $9/vol.
Based on Sevilla Arroyo & Rey Hazas' 1993 edition below.
-. Don Quijote de la Mancha. Con cuadros cronológicos, introducción, bibliografía, texto íntegro con posibilidad de una lectura abreviada, notas, llamadas de atención y documentos a cargo de Florencio Sevilla Arrollo; resúmenes de pasajes secundarios y orientaciones para el estudio a cargo de Elena Varela Merino. Madrid: Editorial Castalia, c1997. 2 v.: ill.; 17 cm. (Castalia didáctica; 44) ISBN 8470397788 (obra completa); LCCN: 98164588. $17.
Based on the first edition, offers the full text, but also summaries of the passages that are considered "secondary," and thus can be skipped. [JKL]

-. Don Quijote de la Mancha. Con cuadros cronológicos, introducción, bibliografía, texto íntegro con posibilidad de una lectura abreviada, notas, llamadas de atención y documentos a cargo de Florencio Sevilla Arroyo; resúmenes de pasajes secundarios a cargo de Elena Varela Merino. Madrid: Editorial Castalia, c1998. 1,395 p.: ill.; 23 cm. ISBN 847039794X; LCCN: 98181031. 4500 PTAS.
A bound edition of the editors' 1997 paperback edition. [JKL]

-. Don Quijote de la Mancha. Edición del Instituto Cervantes; dirigida por Francisco Rico con la colaboración de Joaquín Forradellas; estudio preliminar de Fernando Lázaro Carreter. Barcelona: Instituto Cervantes: Crítica, c1998. 2 v.: ill.; 21 cm. + 1 computer laser optical disc (4 3/4 in.) + User's guide (44 p.; 20 p.) (Biblioteca clásica; v. 50) In box. Contents: v. 1. Don Quijote de la Mancha - v. 2. Volume complementario - Guía de uso. Banco de datos textual en DBT, versión beta, al cuidado de Joan Torruella (CD-ROM in back pocket) System requirements for accompanying CD-ROM: IBM PC or compatible; 486 microprocessor or higher; Windows 3.1 or higher or Windows 95; 4 MB memory; 4 MB free hard disk space; CD-ROM drive. ISBN 8474238927 (tela, obra completa); ISBN 847423624X (rústica, obra completa). $71.
A critical edition compiling the early printings; received the Menéndez Pelayo prize. Accompanied by a complementary volume of commentaries and critical apparatus, and an electronic version of the Quijote on CD-ROM. Textual corrections are posted by the editors at [JKL]

-. El ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote de la Mancha l Spine title: Don Quijote de la Mancha, I]. Edition and notes by Tom Lathrop. Newark, Del.: Juan de la Cuesta, c1997- v.: ill.; 24 cm. (Juan de la Cuesta Hispanic monographs. Series: Documentación cervantina; no. 16-) (Juan de la Cuesta Hispanic monographs. [Series:] Clásicos para estudiantes; no. 2-) ISBN 0936388803. $1l (v. 1).
As the subseries indicates, a textbook for students. [JKL]

-. Miguel de Cervantes [computer file]. Roberto González Echevarría, general editor. Woodbridge, CT : Primary Source Media, c1998. 2 computer optical discs (4 3/4 in.) + 1 user's guide (vii, 30, vii, 32 p.: ill.; 22 cm.). (Major authors on CD-ROM) System requirements: PC-compatible 486 or better; 8 MB of RAM; color VGA; 12 MB min. of free hard disk space; VGA color monitor (640x480x256 colors); double speed CD-ROM drive; Microsoft Windows 3.1 or higher; Mouse. One CD-ROM in English, one in Spanish; User's Guide in English and Spanish bound tête-bêche. Issued in portfolio. ISBN 1578031370. ca. $1000 (depends on discount when packaged with other titles).
Contains translations as well as editions, including two of the Quijote: Diego Clemencín's (1833-9) and Rodríguez Marín's (1947-8). [JKL]

-. Obra completa. Ed. Florencio Sevilla Arroyo & Antonio Rey Hazas. Alcalá de Henares [Spain]: Centro de Estudios Cervantinos, 1993-1995. 3 v.; 25 cm. Contents: 1. El ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote de la Mancha - 2. Galatea; Novelas ejemplares; Persiles y Sigismunda - 3. Ocho comedias y ocho entremeses; El trato de Argel; La numancia; Viaje del Parnaso; Poesías sueltas. ISBN 8488333013 (obra completa); LCCN: 94161664//r96. ca. $50/vol.
Generally follows the first edition of each text. [JKL]

-. Obras completas [computer file]. Ed. Florencio Sevilla & Antonio Rey. Madrid: Micronet, 1997. 1 computer optical disc : col.; 4 3/4 in. + 1 user manual (24 p.; 20 cm.) System requirements: IBM PC or compatible, 486 or better; 8 MB; Windows 3.1 or better; VGA monitor. Includes bibliographical references. Summary: In addition to the complete works, this includes a biography of the author, a chronology of his life and works, a bibliography, and images from his time. Also has Diccionario Cervantino by J. B. Avalle-Arce. Title from screen. Issued in portfolio. ISBN 8487509827. 6000 PTAS.
The text of Sevilla & Rey's 1993 edition (above) on CD-ROM. [JKL]

Clave: Diccionario de uso del español actual. Ed. Francisco Javier Almarza ... [et al.]. Madrid: Sm, 1997. 2056 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 8434851938. 4995 PTAS.
A serious new desk dictionary offering more than 300,000 entries, and more than 50,000 barbarisms, neologisms, and Americanisms. Entries include parts of speech, usage register, definitions, cross references, synonyms, unsourced examples, and occasional etymological, pronunciation, orthographical, morphological, syntactic, semantic, and usage notes. Distinguishes between Castilian (central-northern peninsular) and "meridional" (southern peninsular, Canaries, and Spanish American) norms. Appendices cover grammatical usage, verb conjugation tables, initialisms, suffixes, rhetorical figures, fixed expressions. The same team has also published the smaller Avanzado: diccionario didáctico de español (1997). [JKL]

Cotarelo y Mori, Emilio. Bibliografía de las controversias sobre la licitud del teatro en España: [contiene la noticia, extracto ó copia de los escritos, así impresos como inéditos...]. Estudio preliminar e índices de José Luis Suárez García. Granada: Universidad de Granada, 1997. 842 p.; 26 cm. (Archivum; 64) ISBN 843382290X. 5000 PTAS.
A facsimile of an important 1904 bibliography of writings on theater in Spain; the substantial introduction updates the question, followed by a 6-page bibliography of criticism. The editor also provides indices of authors/titles (both chronological and alphabetical), and of names and subjects. [JKL]

Cronología de la literatura española; [v.] IV: Siglo XX (primera parte). Madrid: Cátedra, c1997. 1236 p.; 25 cm. (Crítica y estudios literarios) ISBN 8437615305; LCCN: 92114236//r93. 4500 ptas.
Continuation of the scholarly enterprise first annotated in our Fall 1993 issue. Lists 275 authors from Azorín (1863-1967) to Luis Alberto de Cuenca (1950-), and for each a chronological listing of their works. Also contains a 3-page bibliography, a separate chronological listing of authors, chronological listings of works by title and by genre, and alphabetical indices of authors and titles, and general tables of cultural events. The 2nd volume on the Siglos de oro has yet to appear. [JKL]

Diccionario da literatura galega: II. Publicacións periódicas. Ed. Dolores Vilavedra. Vigo: Galaxia, 1997. 596 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 848288137X. 3990 PTAS.
The second of 3 volumes in this historical dictionary sponsored by the Instituto da Lingua Galega contains unsigned articles typically half a page long on Gallegan reviews from their inception in 1800. Most articles conclude with selected references to secondary works. Includes an index of proper names. The first volume, on authors, was noted in our Fall 1996 issue. [JKL]

Diccionario da Real Academia Galega. A Coruña: Real Academia Galega; Vigo: Galaxia, 1997. xx, 1241 p.; 25 cm. ISBN 8483021722; LCCN: 98132341. 5950 PTAS.
Intending to account for usage, but also indicating desired norms, this monolingual dictionary supplants the Academia's much smaller Diccionario da Lingua Galega (1990). Contains 25,000 entries providing (occasional) pronunciation, parts of speech, morphology, usage level, definition, syntactic context, unsourced examples, synonyms, antonyms, and fixed phrases. [JKL]

Diccionario de sinónimos da lingua galega. Ed. María Camiño Noia Campos ... [et al.]; Gonzalo Constenla Bergueiro ... [et al.]. Vigo: Galaxia, 1997. 831 p.; 22 cm. ISBN 8482881345. 3450 PTAS.
Published with the support of the Dirección General del Libro, Archivos y Bibliotecas do Ministerio de Cultura. Lists synonyms with indications of parts of speech, acceptions, register of usage, phonetic variants, and unsourced examples. For when you are at a loss for words at the end of your pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. [JKL]

Dicionário cronológico de autores portugueses: Vol. IV. Ed. Ilídio Rocha. /organizado pelo Instituto Português do Livro; Mem Martins, Portugal: Publicações Europa-América, c1997. 740 p.; 18 cm. ISBN 9721043788 (v. 4); LCCN: 86205625. $39.
The continuation, under new editorship, of an important work originally annotated in our Fall 1992 issue, with vol. 3 noted in our Fall 1995 issue. Chronologically arranged unsigned bio-bibliographies of varying lengths by 44 contributors cover authors born between 1900 and 1919. Includes indices of names and of pseudonyms and variant names or titles. [JKL]

Directorio ibérico de librerías de antiguo y de ocasión: incluídos paises americanos de habla española y portuguesa 1996-1997. Torrejón Rey: Amuravi, 1996. 297 p.; 21 cm. ISBN 848531011X. 2400 PTAS.
A guide to and for the Ibero-American antiquarian book trade whose 1992 edition was noted in our Fall 1994 issue. Less than half of the volume is devoted to the geographically arranged directory, with geographical, corporate title, and subject specialty indices. Promises a calendar of relevant events for the next edition. [JKL]

Durán López, Fernando. Catálogo comentado de la autobiografía española, siglos XVIII y XIX. Madrid: Ollero & Ramos, 1997. 403 p.; 21 cm. ISBN 8478950648; LCCN: 97153144. 5565 PTAS.
After a 30-page discussion of the genre, the author presents an annotated bibliography, arranged by author (and ipso facto by subject), of Spanish 18th- and 19th-century autobiographies. Each entry includes a thumbnail biography and a commentary on the autobiography. Includes indices of nobiliary titles and periodicals, and a 27-page bibliography. The author invites additions. [JKL]

Enciclopédia verbo: luso-brasileira de cultura. Ed. século 21. Lisboa; São Paulo: Editorial Verbo, [1998- v. <1-4 [A-Bourbaki]>: ill. (some col.); 26 cm. ISBN 9722218506 (obra completa); LCCN: 98172407. $110/vol.
A new edition of an important Portuguese-Brazilian general encyclopedia [Balay AB81; Walford6 v. 3/#1505]. The article on "biblioteca" covers 36 pages. All but the shorter articles are signed; the editorial team is largely academic, but beginning of the first article, on "A," reprinted from the 1st edition, is by the novelist Vitorino Nemesio. Some of the updating has been effected with apparently infrequent brief inserts within brackets into older articles; v., e. g., s. v. "Açores." Contains many drawings, diagrams, color photographs, cross references (but not to proper names), and brief bibliographies; an index is promised for the final volume. Each volume contains over 1,400 pages and lists of that volume's contributors and of abbreviations used. [JKL]

Gómez García, Manuel. Diccionario del teatro. Madrid: Ediciones Akal, 1998. 908 p.; 25 cm. (Akal/diccionarios; 14) ISBN 8446008270; LCCN: 98146581. 6550 PTAS.
A dictionary-largely European in coverage, but with special attention to contemporary Spanish drama-of proper names, institutions, and technical terms of the theater. Contains cross references, but no bibliography (except for acknowledgments in the introduction) or index. [JKL]

Gómez García, Manuel. El teatro de autor en España, 1901-2000. Madrid: Asociación de Autores de Teatro, Sección Autónoma de la Asociación Colegial de Escritores, [1996] 260 p.; 24 cm. (Damos la palabra. Ensayo; 4) ISBN 848865913X. 1555 PTAS.
After a survey of 20th-century Spanish drama, the appendices, which constitute almost half the volume, present: a selective list of playwrights (both alphabetical and chronological), a selective chronological list of plays performed in Madrid, bio-bibliographies of members of the Asociación de Autores de Teatro (AAT), a 4-page bibliography, and an index of names. The author is a playwright and a founding member of the AAT. [JKL]

Guía de librerías de España 1997. Madrid: Confederación Española de Gremios y Asociaciones de Libreros - CEGAL, 1997. 1278 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 8492000880. $57.
Second edition (the first was in 1991) of a geographically-arranged guide to book dealers in Spain whose entries give address, phone number, fax number (but not e-mail address or URL), organization, services offered, and subject specialties; the last are indexed. No name or corporate title index. The introduction mentions a forthcoming digital version, but without details. [JKL]

Informe de literatura, 1996 del Centro de Investigacións Lingüísticas e Literarias Ramón Piñeiro: a literatura galega no 1996 e a súa recepción. Ed. Blanca-Ana Roig Rechou. [Santiago de Compostela]: Xunta de Galicia, 1997. 675 p.; 28 cm. ISBN 8445320831. 3100 PTAS.
A classed, annotated bibliography of Gallegan literature and literary studies for 1996, whose previous volume was annnotated in our Spring 1997 issue. [JKL]

Literaturwissenschaftliches Wörterbuch für Romanisten. Spanish. Diccionario terminológico de las literaturas románicas. Rainer Hess ... [et al.].; versión española de José Ma. Díaz-Regañón López. Madrid: Gredos, c1995. xi, 326 p.; 25 cm. (Biblioteca románica hispánica. V, Diccionarios; 17) ISBN 8424917863; LCCN: 96178062. Ptas 4950.
A serious glossary of philological terms, whose entries indicate cognates in other Romance languages, provide discursive definitions and brief bibliographies of secondary sources. Contains a brief general bibliography, numerous cross references, no index. Neither this Castilianization nor the German original is annotated in Walford or Balay. To be reviewed in RRE. [JKL]

Morfakidis, Moschos. Bibliografía de estudios neogriegos en español y en otras lenguas ibéricas. Granada: Athos-Pérgamos, 1998. XII, 186 p.; 24 cm. (Serie neogriega. Estudios; 1) ISBN 8492284757. $11.
One end of the Mediterranean looks at the other in this classed unannotated bibliography of Iberian studies and translations of modern Greek texts and culture appearing in books and periodicals. Includes indices of authors and translators. See critical review in RRE. [JKL]

Pérez, Manuel. El Teatro de la transición política (1975-1982): Recepción, crítica y edición. Kassel: Edition Reichenberger, 1998. 562 p.; 24 cm. (Problemata literaria; 42) ISBN 3931887227.
A useful guide to early post-Franco Spanish theater. The first section covers playwrights alphabetically, listing their performed works, indicating for each title where performed and by whom, with excerpts from critical reviews, and bibliographical information on published editions. A second section gives the same alphabetical coverage for collective creations. Synoptic tables indicate with coded entries for each play the premieres, reruns, date, place, type of production and company, length of run, and character of critical reception. Indices of artists and plays in a separate booklet. [JKL]

Reis, Carlos António Alves dos, & Lopes, Ana Cristina M. Diccionario de narratología. Salamanca: Ediciones Colegio de España, [1996] 262 p.: ill.; 24 cm. ISBN 8486408547. 2400 PTAS.
A translation into Spanish of the authors' dictionary (Coimbra, 1987) of semiotic terms used in narrative analysis, derived from the French Communications school. Entries are generally followed by selected bibliographical references keyed to the 15-page bibliography. Includes cross references, but not the index or table of contents announced on page 11. [JKL]

Rodríguez González, Félix, ed. Nuevo diccionario de anglicismos. Madrid: Gredos, c1997. 562 p.; 25 cm. (Biblioteca románica hispánica. V, Diccionarios; 20) ISBN 8424918835; LCCN: 98144369. 4700 PTAS.
A scholarly, non-normative lexicon of Anglicisms (direct loan words) in contemporary Castilian. Entries include pronunciation, definitions, origins, grammatical characteristics, and usage, including whether the terms are integrated into Spanish, frequent, infrequent, or obsolete. Except for very high-frequency terms, sources are cited from current periodicals. Contains a 10-page bibliography. [JKL]

Santiago Mulas, Vicente de. La Novela criminal española entre 1939 y 1975: (introducción histórica y repertorio bibliográfico). Madrid: Asociación de Libreros de Viejo, 1997. 378 p.; 24 cm. 500 PTAS.
Based on a thesis presented at the Universidad Complutense, a brief introductory survey of the genre in Spain, a bio-bibliography of authors, in two lists, by gender; followed by an index of pseudonyms, and a brief bibliography of criticism. Includes indices of authors and titles. [JKL]

Santonja, Elena. Diccionario de cocina. Madrid: Alderabán, 1997. 266 p.: Il.; 21 cm. (Dido Diccionarios) ISBN 8488676298. 2995 PTAS.
A popular lexicon of Spanish terms for the table (cuisine and wine), with a nod to other nations' cuisines. The entry for paella informs the reader that it is "la glorificación mundial del arroz" and that seafood is not a prerequisite. Concludes with 40 Spanish recipes and a brief bibliography. [JKL]

Serra i Kiel, Dolors. Bibliografia nord-catalana. Barcelona: Publicacions de l'Abadia de Montserrat, 1996. 209 p.; 19 cm. (Biblioteca Serra d'or; 159) ISBN 8478266941; LCCN: 96148473. $13.
A chronological descriptive bibliography of North Catalan imprints from 1502 to 1994, viz., printed in the (now) French province of Roussillon or in its dialect. Entries include brief historical notes, secondary bibliographical references, and copy holdings. Includes indices of subjects, of authors and their works, collaborators, and anonymous titles, and of printers and publishers. [JKL]


Annuario sociale: Cronologia dei fatti, dati, ricerche, statistiche, leggi, nomi, cifre, siti internet. 1. ed. (1997)- Torino: Edizioni Gruppo Abele, 1997- 21 cm. ISBN 8876702571; LCCN: 98650558. LITS 24000.
A commercial annual that presents concise information in the following chapters about Italian social questions: AIDS, penal system, drugs, immigration, Mafia and criminality, minors and youth, poverty and development, and society and hardship (e. g., psychiatry, homelessness, prostitution). Indicates sources of data; includes an index of tables, a classified directory of Internet addresses, and a list of abbreviations, but no subject index. [JKL]

Cannata, Nadia. Dizionario biografico degli scrittori italiani: dizionario compatto. Cover title: Gli scrittori italiani: dizionario biografico compatto degli autori della letteratura italiana. Bologna: Zanichelli, 1997. 431 p.; 16 cm. ISBN 8808096203. LITS 24,000.
A pocket dictionary that contains brief bio-bibliographies of 1,469 authors with a chronological listing of writers and indices of titles and places of birth. [JKL]

Ferrari, Giorgio, & Zatterin, Marco, eds. Atlante del Graal [Subtitle on cover: La prima guida enciclopedica al ciclo della Tavola rotonda]. Milano: Il Minotauro, 1997. 211, [10] p.: ill.; 24 cm. (Gli atlanti; 1) ISBN 8880730339; LCCN: 97193177. LITS 36,000.
A popular lexicon of terms occurring in the Grail legend and its epigones (e. g., the rock band Deep Purple). A few of the articles are signed; contains a 1-page bibliography. No index. [JKL]

Guida allo studio della letteratura italiana. Ed. Emilio Pasquini. [3d ed.] Bologna: Il mulino, 1997. xiii, 487 p.; 24 cm. (Strumenti. Linguistica e critica letteraria) ISBN 8815056084. LITS 48,000.
An updated edition of a guide (Walford 6 v. 3/#8081), consisting of bibliographical essays on thematic and chronological topics, by the same hands as in the 1985 edition (516 p.). Some chapters have been more thoroughly revised than others, with some pruning of out-dated work. Now includes an index of names and major subjects. To be reviewed in RRE. [JKL]

Lucarini, Achille. Dizionario italiano delle parole difficili. Roma: Editori riuniti, 1997. viii, 246 p.; 20 cm. (Universale economica; 66) ISBN 883594371X; LCCN: 98152504. LITS 5000.
A dictionary of words that have become difficult through disuse, excluding technical terms (unless they have been adapted to a common acceptation), nonce words, and Anglicisms. Entries often provide illustrative unsourced phrases. No bibliography or index. The author has collaborated on several dictionaries. [JKL]

Onorati, Nicola. Checkpoint: 5.500 vocaboli inglesi immigrati nella lingua italiana: [documentazione e lessico]. Roma: Star edizioni cinematografiche, 1996. 208 p.; 20 cm.; ill. L25000.
A glossary of contemporary Anglicisms in Italian with very brief definitions. Forematter lists English film, television and song titles, logos, job titles, and abbreviations that are current in Italy. The illustrations are clippings of advertisements and headlines. Contains a one-page bibliography and list of newspapers and magazines used as sources. No index. [JKL]

Sabatini, Francesco, & Coletti, Vittorio. DISC: dizionario italiano Sabatini Coletti. Firenze: Giunti, 1997. xv, 3037 p.: ill.; 26 cm. + 1 computer optical disc: 4 3/4 in. + 1 booklet (31 p. : ill. ; 13 cm.) Accompanied by a CD-ROM which contains the dictionary in electronic form. System requirements for accompanying CD-ROM (Windows): 80486DX 33 MHz processor; 8 MB RAM; SVGA monitor, 640x480, 256 colors; Double-speed CD-ROM drive; Windows sound card; Windows 3.1 or higher. (Macintosh): 68030 processor or PowerPC; 8 MB RAM; 13" monitor, 256 colors, 640x480, Double-speed CD-ROM drive; sound card, System 7.1. ISBN 8809210077; ISBN 8809210093 (CD-ROM) LITS 110,000.
An ambitious new monolingual desk dictionary by 2 Italian linguists. Entries are articulated into sections presenting phonetics, morphology, semantics (including synonyms), and etymology (with dating); about 300 entries also comport syntactical or historical commentaries. Frequent unsourced examples of usage; illustrative quotations from literary authors selectively presented. In appendix: lists of abbreviations and symbols, Latin and other foreign expressions, geographical nouns and adjectives; classified tables of nomenclature; and line drawings to which references are made in the lexical entries. CD-ROM not examined. [JKL]

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