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Executive Committee Meeting

June 30, 1998, Washington D.C.

WESS Newsletter

Fall 1998, Vol. 22, no. 1

Association of College & Research Libraries
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Present: (Executive Committee): Heleni Pedersoli, Stephen Lehmann, Reinhart Sonnenburg, Thomas Izbicki
Others: Nancy Boerner, Beau Case, John Cullars, Karl Fattig, Richard Hacken, Larry Hinman, Gail Hueting, Fred Jenkins, Marianna McKim, Carol Pfeiffer (ACRL), Kati Radics, Louis Reith, Elisabeth Remak-Honnef, Marje Schuetze-Coburn, Leena Siegelbaum, Ann Snoeyenbos, Sem Sutter


Carol Pfeiffer announced that the report of the ACRL Web Task Force will allow sections flexibility within guidelines. ACRL has Web space to support newsletters. Questions were raised about distribution of newsletters and ballots.

Minutes: Lehmann moved and Sonnenburg seconded acceptance of the Minutes from the January 13, 1998 of the Executive Committee as published in the Newsletter. The motion was approved.

Standing Committee Reports

Publications: Progress has been made on WESSWeb, especially on the Directory, to which Bruce Swann has added e-mail links. Sonnenburg will become managing editor of WESSWeb. A new editor, Robert Kusmer, will assume responsibility for "New Publications of Note" in the Newsletter, and a new editor is sought for "Europe in Bits and Bytes."

Research & Planning: The compilers of the union list of European newspapers is looking at CRL's newspaper project to determine possible overlap. There is growing concern about the speed and quality of the cataloging of European titles acquired by North American libraries. Harrassowitz may be able to bring up the database of unpurchased German monographs in the spring of 1999, listing 1998 titles. Potential future projects were discussed.

Martinus Nijhoff Grant: Jeffrey Garrett was awarded the grant for his project, "The End of monastic Libraries in Bavaria and the Origins of Modern Library Science."

Nominations: The following have been elected officers for the coming year: John Cullars (Chair-Elect); Nancy Boerner (Secretary); Beau Case (Member-at-Large).

Membership: The impact of ACRL's new mechanism offering fewer free choices for section membership was discussed, as was the possible role of a standing Membership Committee in adding, welcoming, retaining and involving new members of WESS. Sonnenburg moved and Izbicki seconded making Membership a standing committee. The motion was approved. Sonnenburg moved and Izbicki seconded using the draft charge, based on the charge to ACRL's membership committee, as a preliminary charge to be revised later. The motion was approved.

Discussion Group Reports

Classical, Medieval and Renaissance: The principal topic was the Byzantine studies collection at Dumbarton Oaks. Bruce Swann will be next year's chair.

College and Medium-Sized Libraries: The impact of multiple assignments and responsibilities was discussed. Creation of a listserve for the group was recommended. Fred Jenkins will be chair next year.

Romance Languages: The Romance languages collections and the Library of Congress were discussed. Emily Horning will be next year's chair.

Germanists: ARL areas studies and cataloging issues were discussed. Reinhart Sonnenburg will be next year's chair.

Scandinavian: Norwegian children's literature in its broader social and cultural context was discussed. Charles Spetland will be next year's chair.

Social Sciences/History: A Web page will be created. Ann Snoeyenbos and Sam Dunlap will be co-chairs next year.

Special Topics: Libraries, archives and cataloging issues in Eastern Europe pertinent to Western Europe were discussed. Beau Case will continue as chair.

Conference Planning

1999 Conference Planning Committee: Fund raising is under way for a program honoring the twentieth anniversary of WESS. Speakers are being selected for a program entitled, "Western European Studies Librarianship."

ACRL Board Report

John Cullars reported approval by ACRL of a resolution honoring Mario Casalini. Other news from the ACRL board included an effort to gather statistics from academic libraries which will be available electronically. The association reported a fiscal surplus, instead of the expected deficit. Sections are permitted to use either ALA or non-ALA servers for their web pages. ACRL endorsed and will help finance the SPARC initiative, which aims at producing low-cost journals in areas where commercially-produced journals are very expensive.

Nancy Boerner and Beau Case reported that the Leadership Council urged ACRL members to express to the House Commerce Committee their concerns about the effects on fair use of HR 2281.

New Business

Beau Case recommended that copies of the brochure be distributed to library schools.

Stephen Lehmann recommended that an ad hoc committee on Cataloging issues be created to gather information and identify issues affecting the cataloging of European materials, including bibliographic control, speed of process and patron access to materials. Izbicki moved and Sonnenburg seconded the creation of this committee. The motion was approved.

Thomas M. Izbicki, Secretary

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