WESS Committee on Cataloging Issues Formed

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Fall 1998, Vol. 22, no. 1

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Recently in a two-week period on AUTOCAT, the following subjects appeared: Spanish Language Cataloging, Dutch classification, confusing UT authority records, BILINDEX, Foreign language materials, New record or is it just a new printing? Studien zu Jesus und Paul. That there is so much discussion of WESS-related issues on the de facto international cataloging listserv indicates a possible role for WESS to play in fostering professional development and interaction for catalogers in the Western European languages and area studies.

At the WESS Executive Committee meeting at Midwinter, the Ad Hoc Committee on Cataloging Issues was created. This committee is charged to look into ways in which cataloging issues are addressed in the current WESS structure, but also to identify issues and projects that a possible standing "cataloging committee" might address. The ad hoc committee also will examine how other ACRL sections address cataloging concerns. Much of the work will take place electronically as the committee discusses these issues and prepares for an open information exchange session at a future ALA meeting.

The membership of the committee is: Roger Brisson (Penn State U.), Karl Fattig, Chair (Bowdoin Coll.), Heidi Hutchinson (U. of California, Riverside), Fred Jenkins (U. of Dayton), Louis Reith (Georgetown U.), Kathy Rutter (Harvard U.), Leena Siegelbaum (Harvard U.), Kai Stoeckenius (Boise State U.) and Patrick J. Stevens (Cornell U.).

Finally, the committee invites you to send your ideas and questions regarding "cataloging and WESS" to the group. Our email address is wesscat@bowdoin.edu. Mail sent to that address will be distributed to the entire committee.

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