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Fall 1997, Vol. 21, no. 1

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As per the discussion at this summer's Research and Planning meeting, a subcommittee for the Union List of Western European Newspapers has begun to take form and define goals for itself. Jennifer Vinopal has volunteered to chair this sub-committee and she, Angela Carreno, and Ann Snoeyenbos have met to discuss how we will carry this project forward.

We would like to start with a pilot project as a means of:

1. testing the survey instrument used for gathering data;
2. tinkering with the development of a database that could be used nationally; and,
3. ensuring the feasibility and usefulness of the project.

During the 97/98 year we want to limit data collected to 10 ARL institutions in the Northeast.

If anyone is interested in participating in this sub-committee or has any comments whatsoever regarding Kurt de Belder's original Union List (http://www.nyu.edu/pages/unionlist), our goals, etc. please contact me (Jennifer Vinopal) atjennifer.vinopal@nyu.edu

Thank you.

Jennifer Vinopal
Librarian for Western European Languages and Literatures, NYU

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