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Fall 1997, Vol. 21, no. 1

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"Greece and the Modern Greek Speaking World"

1997 ALA Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA
Sunday, June 29, 1997 11:30 am - 1:00 pm

The inaugural meeting of Special Topics included three speakers:
(1) Dr. Peter Haikalis, Development Officer and selector of Greek, San Francisco State University Library spoke about his experiences as a Fulbright scholar at the University of Crete Library and as an instructor at a library school in Greece; (2) Dr. Roland Moore, Research Anthropologist, Prevention Research Center, Berkeley, spoke about Greek Internet resources; (3) and Beau David Case, Assistant Professor & Librarian, Ohio State University, spoke about Greek reference and selection tools, and other resources for librarians with an interest in Greek, in vernacular and in English translation.

The final agenda item for the meeting included brainstorming for topics for the Annual Conference in Washington, DC, as well as the election of a Chair [the person(s) who volunteer a topic will be the Chair(s)]. A whopping 23 persons were in attendance! Handouts from the session are available at http://aleph.lib.ohio-state.edu/~bcase/alagreek.html

Contact Beau Case at case.42@osu.edu for topic/Chair suggestions or for more information about the meeting.

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