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Fall 1997, Vol. 21, no. 1

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SD = Sam Dunlap
RK=Robert Kusmer
JKL = Jeffry K. Larson
MPO = Michael P. Olson
LMS = Leena M. Siegelbaum
RS = Reinhart Sonnenburg

European, General

Deckmyn, Veerle. Guide to official information of the European Union. Maastricht, The Netherlands: European Institute of Public Administration, c1996. vii, 58p. ISBN 9067790990.
This publication is a revised edition of Guide to European Information published as recently as 1994. The new Guide aims to help readers to "find their way through the mass of publications...of the European Union." The work lists all the various EU agencies and their serial publications as well as databases available on-line or on CD-ROM. The appendices give an outline of EU legislative procedure, examples of how to cite EU documents, a useful "Quick reference guide" to EU documents & publications and addresses of EU agencies and institutions. [LMS]

The language industries atlas. Ed. J. A. Edwards and A. G. Kingscott. 2nd ed. Amsterdam: IOS Press, 1997. 440 p.; 25 cm. ISBN 9051992521. $111.
A Euro-centered directory of language activities or organizations broadly construed-the first and last entries are newspapers. This is the 2nd, augmented edition, with new editors, of a title noted in our Spring 1995 issue. The arrangement is no longer classed, but in one alphabetical sequence that includes the entities' names, domains of activity (e. g., translation), and individual languages and major dialects; there are cross-references between entries (one blind one and one redundant one noted). Instead of the multiple indices in the first edition, there is now only one index, by country. [JKL]


550 annuaires et guides au service de tous: la collection commentée de la Bibliothèque publique d'information. Paris: Bibliothèque publique d'information, 1995. 2 v. (598 p.); 21 cm. (Collection BPI pratique; 0298-1564) ISBN 2902706979. $45.
A classed (UDC), annotated bibliography of 519 (not 550) directories in the Paris BPI. Includes indices of titles and subjects. For a critical review, see Bulletin critique du livre français, nos. 571-2 (Avril-Mai 1996). [JKL]

Delbourg, Patrice. Demandez nos calembours: demandez nos exquis mots. Paris: Cherche Midi, 1997. 255 p.; 24 cm. (Le sens de l'humour) ISBN 2862744948. 96 FF.
A compendium of amphibologies-Les rieurs Digest, as itself suggests-arranged by real-world category (la vie quotidienne, les arts, les loisirs, la culture, les voyages et les pays du monde). Includes an index of sub-categories or situations. Another book to withhold from Dick Hacken, under pain of pain. [JKL]

Dictionnaire de Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Ed. Raymond Trousson et Frédéric S. Eigeldinger. Paris: H. Champion, 1996. 961 p.; 25 cm. (Dictionnaires & références; 1) ISBN 2852036045. 489FF.
A dictionary of Rousseau's works, contemporaries, haunts, and ideas. Articles contain cross references and bibliographies. No index. A critical review is to appear in RRE, an abstract has already appeared in RRE 97-1/2-156. [JKL]

Dictionnaire des lettres françaises. Ed. Georges Grente. [Paris]: Fayard. 24 cm. LCCN: 96209238 96206531. v. [3]: Le XVIIe siècle. Ed. Albert Pauphilet et al. Ed. entièrement rev. et mise à jour sous la direction de Patrick Dandrey. 1278 p. ISBN 221359435X. 390FF v. [4]: Le XVIIIe siècle. Ed. entièrement rev. et mise à jour sous la direction de François Moureau. 1371 p. ISBN 2213595437. 390FF
Continuation of the updated edition of Balay BE1153, the first volume of which was noted in our Fall 1995 issue. [JKL]

Escola, Marc. Jean de la Bruyère. Paris; Roma: Memini, 1996. 201 p.; 24 cm. + 1 computer disk (3 1/2 in.) (Bibliographica) (Bibliographie des écrivains français, ISSN 12452505; 5) Computer diskette contains text in Word 6.0 format. Includes indexes. ISBN 888660906X. L90000.
A further installment in a series whose first number was noted in our Spring 1996 issue. Slated to be reviewed in IFB, hence in IFBA and RRE. [JKL]

Gaillard, Roger.] Annuaire à l'usage des auteurs cherchant un éditeur: AUDACE. 1986- [Vitry, France: C.A.L.C.R.E.], 1986- 30 cm. ISBN 2906018082; ISSN 07652186; LCCN: 88645210. 296FF.
The 1997 edition of this frank, evaluative directory covers almost 900 French publishers. Frequently annotated in these pages, found indispensable as a guide to the French book trade. [JKL]

Giraud, Robert, and Ditalia, Pierre. L'argot de la Série noire, v. 1: L'argot des traducteurs: suivi d'une petite histoire illustrée de la Série noire par Maurice Bondu et Franck Lhomeau. [France]: Joseph K., c1996. 378 p; 24 cm. ISBN 291068606X. 160FF.
A guide to how to talk like a hard-boiled frog dick that explains why "Vous n'avez pas le droit de traduire motherfucker par enfoiré" (Avant-propos). Entries give brief definitions and citations from the translations in the detective fiction Série noire. Includes a bibliography of the translators and a listing of titles in the collection. A color insert is based on covers from the series. Vol. 2 promises to cover l'Argot des Français. [JKL]

Goudaillier, Jean Pierre. Comment tu tchatches: dictionnaire du français contemporain des cités. Paris: Maisonneuve et Larose, 1997. 191 p.; 21 cm. ISBN2706812559. 98FF.
A dictionary of contemporary French urban slang by an academic linguist based on surveys, personal observations, detective fiction, rap music, films, press articles, and television broadcasts. Each of 700 entries indicates pronunciation, meaning, part of speech, etymology, synonyms, and illustrative examples with references. Includes a brief standard French/slang index and a one-page bibliography. Given the multi-cultural origin of many of these terms, this glossary is liable to inspire Le Pen's envy. [JKL]

Grand usuel Larousse dictionnaire encyclopédique. [Ed. Pierre Demay] Paris: Larousse, 1997. 5 v. (7762 p.); 21 cm. (In Extenso) ISBN 2037500297. 735 FF.
The usual Larousse combination of dictionary and encyclopedia, with 75,000 common and 41,000 proper terms in one sequence, in a relatively inexpensive down-sized paper-back edition. No sourced illustrative quotations or bibliography. Contains 200 small drawings and 300 tables listing such things as French departmental and international license plate codes and Tour de France winners. There are small black/gray/white maps of 192 countries in the Atlas in the appendix to vol. 5. Contains cross references but no index, except to the Atlas. Comes in a tinted plastic half-box that is more appropriate for a home desk. [JKL]

Keenoy, Ray, [et al.]. Babel guide to French fiction in English translation. London: Boulevard Books, 1996. 252 p.; 20 cm. ISBN 1899460101. £9.95.
Signed commentaries on selected translations from contemporary Francophone literature. Includes a 70-page "Database of French fiction translated in the UK" which the table of contents indicates as covering "fiction from the French-speaking world published or distributed in the UK 1950-1997." Other titles in the series cover Italian, German, and Portuguese (& Brazilian & African) fiction. [JKL]

Lemaire, Gerard-Georges. Cafés littéraires: vies, morts et miracles. Paris: Editions de la Différence, 1997. 543 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 2729111700. 248FF.
A history of literary cafés concentrating about half the text on Paris. Includes more quotations than most books on the subject; has a 10-page bibliography but no critical apparatus or index. More than just an augmented rewrite of the author's 1986 coffee-table book with the same title (Paris: Henri Veyrier). [JKL]

Lenoir, Françoise. Oriente express: répertoire des bibliothèques et centres de documentation parisiens. [6e ed.] Paris: Bibliothèque publique d'information, Centre Georges Pompidou, 1996. 362 p.; 21 cm. (BPI pratique) ISBN 2902706995; ISSN 0246-1595. $32.
An updated directory of 281 libraries and documentation centers in the Paris region (52 more than in the previous edition). Gives addresses, phone and Minitel numbers, URLs, hours, public transportation, conditions of access, subjects of coverage, holdings, catalogs, and services offered. Includes a subject index, a selective annotated list of Minitel services, and a list of research centers (CADISTs). For a critical review, see Bulletin critique du livre français, no. 578 (Novembre 1996). Kept up to date at the BPI's web site ( [JKL]

Le Robert quotidien. [Ed. Josette Rey-Debove] Paris: Robert, 1996. 2182 p.; 23 cm. ISBN 2850362980. 210FF.
Intermediate between Le Petit Robert and Le Robert pour tous, this small desk-size "practical dictionary of the French language" covers current usage, offering spelling, definitions (ca. 150,000), synonyms, antonyms, pronunciation, homonyms, etymologies, quotations (25,000), and conjugations for 50,000 terms along with 6000 explanatory boxes, all according to the back cover blurb. Includes lists of eponymic and toponymic adjectives, and a reverse list of same. [JKL]


Die Bestände der Stiftung Archiv der Parteien und Massenorganisationen der DDR im Bundesarchiv: Kurzübersicht. Herausgegeben von der Stiftung Archiv der Parteien und Massenorganisationen der DDR im Bundesarchiv. Berlin : Edition Colloquium, 1996. 178 p. ISBN 3891661274.
This is an overview of the rich holdings of the SAPMO which documents the history of the GDR as well as the German and International Worker's Movement beginning in the nineteenth century. It covers both manuscript collections of individuals (Erich Honecker and Karl Kautsky, for example) and library holdings, and includes broadsides, posters, photographs, and sound recordings from organizations as varied as the Internationale Rote Hilfe and the Deutsche Volksbühne. An appendix contains instructions and requirements for prospective users of the archives and library, and reproduces the relevant sections of the Bundesarchiv-gesetz outlining its mission and use. [SD]

Flachmann, Holger. Martin Luther und das Buch: eine historische Studie zur Bedeutung des Buches im Handeln und Denken des Reformators. Tübingen: J.C.B. Mohr (Paul Siebeck), 1996. (Spätmittelalter und Reformation. Neue Reihe, 8). ISBN 3161465997. 385p.
Covers many facets of Luther's relation to the book, including personal, occupational, social, theological and historical aspects and views. Contains indexes of personal and geographic names, languages, and topics, as well as a bibliography. [RK]

Geschichte der deutschen Literatur. By Steffen Arndal ...[et al.] Ed. by Bengt Algot Sfrensen. München: Beck. Bd. 1. Vom Mittelalter bis zur Romantik. 1997. 352 p.(... ; 1216). ISBN 3406420168. DM 24. Bd. 2. Vom 19. Jahrhundert bis zur Gegenwart. 1997. 447 p. (... ; 1217). ISBN 3406420176. DM 24.
A well-written two-volume survey of German literary history aimed at beginning graduate students. Cf. the favorable review in IFB 97-1/2-126. [RS]

Der Grundansatz der Ersten Wissenschaftslehre Johann Gottlieb Fichtes: Tagung des Internationalen Kooperationsorgans der Fichte-Forschung in Neapel 1995. Eds. Erich Fuchs, Ives Radrizzani. (Philosophia / Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici). Neuried: ars una, 1996. 408 p. ISBN 3893913424.
Comprises the conference proceedings of the third Internationale Fichte-Tagung. The volume is divided into two parts: "Der Grundansatz der ersten Wissenschaftslehre Fichtes", and "Der Stand der Fichte-Forschung." The representation is truly international in scope, and in particular the second part covers the state of research in China, Japan, Russia, Italy, France, Spain, and North America, among other aspects. Includes bio-bibliographical section on all presenters, as well as indexes. [RK]

Horn, Gisela. Romantische Frauen: Sophie Mereau, Caroline Schlegel, Dorothea Veit. Rudolstadt: Hain Verlag, 1996. 1st ed. Edition Palmbaum. 135p. ISBN 3930215187.
An introduction to the lives and intellectual circles of three leading women of the Romantic era in Germany. In addition to an essay on each, Horn has assembled a selection of primary source material, comprising primarily letters, as well as diary entries, sketches of literary projects or poetry, etc. These documents include several letters to or from leading contemporary intellectual figures, such as Goethe, Schiller, Schleiermacher, Kant and others. Includes a bibliography and personal name index. [RK]

Internationaler Biographischer Index des Rechts und der Rechtswissenschaften = World Biographical Index of Law and Legal Science. Munich: K.G. Saur, 1996. 3 vols. (1537 p.) ISBN 359811303X. 894DM.
A list of 106,000 entries on judges, lawyers, legal scholars and others who flourished until ca. 1920. The reader is provided with bibliographical information on the individual in question. The reader can also easily find references to the individual in various major national archives. [MPO]

Jäger, Siegfried. Wie die Rechten reden: sprachwissenschaftliche und diskurs-analytische Veröffentlichungen zu den Themen Faschismus, Rechtsextremismus und Rassismus: eine kommentierte Bibliographie. DISS-Texte ; Nr. 29. 4th expanded, improved ed. Duisburg: Duisburger Institut für Sprach- und Sozialforschung (DISS), 1996? 134 pp. ISBN 3927388505. DM 14,80.
Following upon the first three editions, which appeared from 1989-92 under the title Faschismus, Rechtsextremismus, Sprache: eine kommentierte Bibliographie, the current work now contains 1000 titles. The first two sections, constituting the bulk of the bibliography, focus on linguistic and discourse-analytic studies from the 1930s to the present, while the next section is devoted to foreign (mainly English language) studies of the topic. The selected bibliography in the section dealing with fascist linguistic studies rounds out the part of the work devoted to secondary sources. With respect to the latter chapter, it may be noted that there is no overlap between those works and the works from the 1930s in the first two sections, an example of which is Karl Kraus' Die dritte Walpurgisnacht of 1933 (reissued 1967). Of note to teachers is a section devoted to pedagogical materials which could be integrated into the study of these topics. Two final sections comprise citations to primary sources of (selected) fascist documents illustrative of contemporary rhetoric as well as resistance documents, and to current manifestations of rightwing extremist expression. Author's annotations are selective. [RK]

Leibniz-Bibliographie. Band 2, Die Literatur über Leibniz, 1981-1990. Ed. by Albert Heinekamp, with Marlen Mertens. Frankfurt am Main: Klostermann, 1996. Veröffentlichungen des Leibniz-Archivs, 12. ISBN 3465028090. 267p.
This work is a continuation of Heinekamp's Leibniz-Bibliographie: die Literatur über Leibniz bis 1980, published in 1984 as the 2nd, newly revised edition of Kurt Müller's original bibliography of 1967. Contains 2388 titles, including some new editions and reviews of titles included in the earlier bibliography. Based on the annually appearing bibliographies within the Studia Leibniziana. [RK]

Payer, Alja, and Glassner, Gottfried. Bibliographie der deutschsprachigen Literatur über das Christentum in Russland (und Nachfolgestaaten der UdSSR), 1986-1993. Melk: Eigenverlag des Stiftes Melk, 1996. 255p. (Veröffentlichungen des Internationalen Forschungszentrums für Grundfragen der Wissenschaften Salzburg; n.F. Bd. 65) ISBN 3950048510.
As part of the 1000th anniversary of Christianity in Russia, this bibliography continues Payer's "Bibliographie: das Christentum in Russland in der deutschsprachigen Literatur von etwa 1930-1985," which appeared in several issues during 1987-90 of the journal Der christliche Osten. Following up the latter's 5000 entries, it adds another 5081 non-annotated serial and monographic entries. Unlike the serially appearing predecessor, this bibliography is augmented by an author and name index. Major focuses are: Historical and contemporary treatment of Russian orthodoxy, primarily within Russia, Ukraine and White Russia; Russian intellectual and cultural history as they relate to the history of Christianity in Russia, as well as Russian literary and artistic contributions pertinent to the theme; and works treating the interaction between the Russian Orthodox Church and the other Christian churches. [RK]

Quarg, Gunter. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, 1646-1716: eine Ausstellung zu Leben und Werk in Büchern und Dokumenten. Kleine Schriften der Universitäts- und Stadtbibliothek Köln ; 1. Köln: Universitäts- und Stadtbibliothek Köln, 1996. ISBN 3931596087. 20DM.
Catalogue of an exhibition held at the Universitäts- und Stadtbibliothek Köln commemmorating the 350th anniversary of Leibniz's birth. The annotated entries comprise primary and secondary sources by and about Leibniz which are held by the Library. Since the Library of the Universität Köln was the only one in North Rhine-Westphalia largely undamaged during World War II, the bibliography showcases some treasured items, including a considerable number of first editions. Of special note are the Dissertatio de art combinatoria, Leipzig, 1666, personally sent to his friend Boineburg who donated it to the Cologne Jesuits in 1667; and the famous Essais de theodicée sur la bonté de Dieu, la liberté de l'homme et l'origine du mal, Amsterdam, 1710, three copies of which Leibniz had his publisher send directly to another Cologne friend, Bartholomaeus Des Bosses. The latter two pieces highlight Leibniz's Cologne "connections," although ironically he never personally visited the city. The catalog inaugurates a new series, Kleine Schriften der Universitäts- und Stadtbibliothek Köln, which are to focus on works of lesser extent but substantial scholarly interest. [RK]

Rehm, Margarete. Lexikon der Frau: Was war wann das erste Mal im Bereich der Frau. Berlin: Frieling, 1997. 157 p. ISBN 3828001971. 19.80DM.
An encyclopedia of the first women who accomplished something notable (e.g. first German mystic, first to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, etc.). Also includes general entries. [MPO]

Stadler, Friedrich. Studien zum Wiener Kreis: Ursprung, Entwicklung und Wirkung des Logischen Empirismus im Kontext. Frankfurt am Main: Suhrkamp, 1997. 1035 p. ISBN 3518582070. 128DM.
A magnificent single-volume treatment of the Vienna Circle, an important group of philosophers of the twentieth century. [MPO]

Stork, Hans-Walter, and Wittmann, Alfons. Veröffentlichungen des Bonifatius-Verlages, 1869-1994. Paderborn: Bonifatius, c1994. 442 p. (Kataloge der Universitäts-bibliothek Eichstatt. IX, Verlagsarchive ; Bd. 2) ISBN 3870888474.
A bibliography of 2273 entries in honor of the 125th anniversary of the founding of the Bonifatius-Verlag (originally called Verlag der Bonifacius-Druckerei). Of these, the publisher's extant archive of 1139 items are housed in the library of the Katholische Universitat Eichstatt by a 1990 contractual arrangement between the publisher and the university. The authors are the Verlagsleiter (Stork) and Diplom-Bibliothekar of the university library (Wittmann). Due to historical circumstances, not the least of which are those surrounding the events of World War II, the bibliography does not represent 100% of the publication record. An index by publication year follows the main section. [RK]

Die Thomas-Mann-Literatur : Bibliographie der Kritik. Klaus W. Jonas and Helmut Koopmann. In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Thomas-Mann-Archiv Zürich. Frankfurt/M. : Klostermann. Bd. 3. 1976/94 (1997). XLIII, 614 S. ISBN 3465028473. DM198.
This third installment of the most comprehensive Thomas Mann bibliography covers the research literature of the years 1976 through 1994. Earlier volumes, covering the period 1896-1975, were published in 1972 and 1979. [RS]

Walther, Manfred. Das Leben Spinozas: eine Bibliographie. Hannover: Uni-Verlag Witte, 1996. ISBN 393215200X. DM25.
Researched through 1992 (except for a few titles since then), this unannotated bibliography is divided into three main sections: primary sources, secondary sources, and history of reception of Spinoza's philosophy. Emphasis is on biography as well as on the religious, political, social and cultural contexts of his work. Appended to the section of secondary sources is a group of citations headed "Spinoza in der Literatur," dealing with Spinoza's influence in the spheres of literature and art. Citations encompass books, articles and conference papers. [RK]


Bibliografía de lingüística general y española, 1964-1990. Tomo II. Ed. Valerio Báez San José [Alcalá de Henares]: Universidad de Alcalá, D.L.1996. 889 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 8481381411. $55.
A continuation of the work (LCCN: 95235069) noted in our Spring 1996 issue. Covers the linguistic sciences and linguistics in relation to other sciences, viz.: semiology, semiotics, synchronic and diachronic linguistics, typology, comparative linguistics, Romance philology, applied linguistics, pragmatics, textual criticism, philosophy of language, mathematical linguistics, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, geo-linguistics, ethno-linguistics, and linguistics AND history, stylistics, literary theory, biology, etc. The entries are not annotated; there is no index in this volume. [JKL]

Bruguera [i Talleda], J. (Jordi), and Fluvià i Figueras, Assumpta. Diccionari etimològic. Barcelona: Enciclopèdia Catalana, 1996. 1261 p.; 22 cm. (Diccionaris complementaris; 4) ISBN 8441225168; LCCN: 97110416. 5950 ptas.
A desk etymological dictionary of Catalan with about 50,000 terms derived from the author's Diccionari ortografic i de pronuncia (Barcelona: Enciclopedia Catalana, 1990). Does not slavishly follow Joan Coromina's 9-volume Diccionari etimològic i complementari de la llengua catalana. (Balay AC248). Includes a very brief bibliography and an index of cross-referenced terms. [JKL]

Cepeda, Isabel Vilares. Bibliografia da prosa medieval em língua portuguesa: subsídios. Lisboa: Ministério da Cultura, Instituto da Biblioteca Nacional e do Livro, 1995. 265 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 9725652169; LCCN: 96196348//r97. $20.
After a 10-page general bibliography, a series of author bibliographies of pre-1500 Portuguese prose texts, listing major manuscripts (with locations), and, in chronological order, editions and studies (in books and journals); occasionally entries are lightly annotated and indicate the presence of book reviews. Includes separate indices of medieval and modern authors/editors/publishers. [JKL]

Dicionário de literatura portuguesa. Ed. Alvaro Manuel Machado. Lisboa: Editorial Presença, 1996. 567 p.; 26 cm. ISBN 972232084X; LCCN: 97120602. $60.
A dictionary of Portuguese literary authors from all periods. The articles of varying length signed by 67 academic specialists are followed by brief bibliographies. A separate "Periodologia" covers important concepts and movements; only this section contains see references-there being none in the author entries for Pessoa's heteronyms, for example. No index. To be reviewed in RRE. [JKL]

Dicionário do romantismo literário português. Ed. Helena Carvalhão Buescu. Lisboa: Caminho, c1997. 634 p.; 25 cm. Ill.; plates. ISBN 9722111019. $95.
A dictionary of Portuguese Romantic literary authors, reviews, and tendencies. The articles of quite varying length-the one devoted to Herculano occupies over 8 pages-signed by 56 academic specialists are followed by brief bibliographies. Contains cross references, selective indices of authors and titles, a table of reproductions of contemporary paintings and drawings, and indices of thematic entries and of contributors' articles. To be reviewed in RRE. [JKL]

Euskara-gaztelania/castellano-vasco: hiztgia. Usurbil: Elhuyar Kultur Elkartea, 1996. 690 p.; 25 cm. ISBN 8487114067. 7500 ptas.
A thorough bilingual Basque/Castilian dictionary, based on the publisher's Hiztegi Entziklopedikoa (1993) and Euskal Hiztegi Modernoa (n.d.), and other lexicons. There are 85,000 individual entries, 16,000 sub-entries for compounds, phrases and grammatical constructions, and 2800 onomastic entries divided between the two balanced halves, with front matter in both languages and grammatical tables. [JKL]

Gran Diccionario de la Lengua Española. Ed. Pilar Remírez. Barcelona: Larousse Planeta, D.L.1996. XXI, 1856 p.; 31 cm. ISBN 8480162651. $146.
A very large, heavy desk monolingual dictionary that offers brief etymologies, definitions (indicating the domain of usage), and use in phrases. No pronunciation or bibliography; the illustrative examples are not sourced. Also exists on CD-ROM, ISBN 84-8016-266-X (ca. $200). [JKL]

La imagen de la mujer en la literatura. Ed. Ma. Ángeles Calero Fernández. Lérida/Lleida: Universitat de Lleida, Departamento de Filología Clásica, Francesa e Hispánica, Subsección de Literatura Española, 1996. 303 p.; 22 cm. (Scriptura [ISSN 1130961X, LCCN 94655605//r95]; 12) ISBN 8489727163. $17.
After divers essays on the announced topic, the editor supplies a 40-page "Análisis de las figuras femeninas en la literatura escrita en español: una bibliografía aproximativa" and a 38-page "La mujer en algunas literaturas occidentales: una aproximación bibliográfica"; both bibliographies are limited to studies and are broadly classed by chronology and region, though without indices. The volume concludes with an index of previous issues of Scriptura. [JKL]

Lacarta, Manuel. Diccionario del Siglo de Oro. Madrid: Alderabán, [1996] 436 p.; 21 cm. (Colección DIDO diccionarios) ISBN 8488676204; LCCN: 97168033. $28.
A dictionary of Spanish history and culture between 1517 and 1700. Brief articles, 3-page general bibliography, no index. [JKL]

Laguna Mariscal, Gabriel, & Ramírez de Verger, Antonio. Bibliografía selecta de autores latinos. Madrid: Clásicas, 1996. 177 p.; 22 cm. (Anejos de Tempvs; 1) ISBN 8478822682 : $10.
A very selective compilation of author bibliographies for students, listing for each Latin author: bibliographies, standard editions, commentaries, general literary studies, lexicographical treatments, translations into Spanish, and studies of their influence. Recent publications are favored. No index. The first in a series of supplements to the journal, Tempus; revista de actualización científica (Madrid: Ediciones Clásicas, 1992), not recorded in RLIN or OCLC. [JKL]

Laurenti, Joseph L. Catálogo bibliográfico de la literatura picaresca, siglos XVI-XX: suplemento. Kassel: Reichenberger, 1997. vi, 155 p.; 24 cm. (Teatro del Siglo de Oro. Bibliografías y catálogos; 18) ISBN 3930700891. $35.
A supplement to the author's bibliography that was noted in our Fall 1991 issue. Includes indices of names and subjects. [JKL]

Pires, Daniel. Dicionário da imprensa periódica literária portuguesa do século XX (1900-1940). Lisboa: Grifo, [1996] 459 p.; 21 cm. ISBN 9728178085. $50.
A reformulation of the author's 1986 Dicionário das revistas literárias portuguesas do século XX, noted in our Fall 1989 issue. The article on Orpheu is four and a half pages long, followed by a 4-page bibliography. Includes a chronological table, a geographical index, and an index of personal names. [JKL]

Sánchez Vicente, Xuan Xosé. Diccionariu asturianu-castellanu, castellanu-asturianu: sinónimos, refranes y frases feches. Uvièu [Oviedo]: Trabe, 1996. 569 p.; 25 cm. (Diccionarios Trabe) ISBN 8480530561; LCCN: 96229214. 5975 ptas.
To help you translate from Bable into Spanish, a bilingual glossary based on the author's Diccionariu de la llingua asturiana. (Gijón: GH Editores, 1988), with 5,000 new words. The Castilian/Asturian section is only an 110-page index. [JKL]

Saraiva, António José, & Lopes, Oscar. História da literatura portuguesa. 17a. ed., corr. e actualizada. [Porto, Portugal]: Porto Editora, [1996?] 1216 p.; 22 cm. ISBN 9720301708; LCCN: 96164754. 5900 esc.
A further update in the standard Portuguese literary history, whose previous edition was noted in our Fall 1993 issue. The contemporary chapters and end-chapter bibliographies are updated. Includes an "Índice Onomástico Remissivo." [JKL]

Autoras en la historia del teatro español, 1500-1994; v. 1. Siglos XVII-XVIII-XIX; v. 2. Siglo XX (1900-1975). Ed. Juan Antonio Hormigón. [Madrid]: Publicaciones de la Asociación de Directores de Escena de España, [1996- v. <1-2 >; 24 cm. (Serie Teoría y práctica del teatro; no. 10-<11>) ISBN 8487591574 (obra completa); 8487591582 (v. 1); 8487591590 (v. 2); LCCN: 96171953. $62.
An important work offering bio-bibliographies of more than 600 Spanish women playwrights from all periods. Author entries include as much biographical information as is available. Each entry on the works includes, where available, publishing and performance data, genre, scenic indications, characters, a plot summary, and a brief commentary followed by bibliographical references. The second volume includes a index to the works covered. [JKL]

El teatro europeo en la España del siglo XVIII. Ed. Francisco Lafarga. [Lleida]: Universitat de Lleida, c1997. 442 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 8489727244. $32.
Essays on the presence of French, Italian, English, and German theater in 18th-century Spain, followed by catalogs of Spanish translations of French tragedies, comedies, and "drames," of Italian tragedies and comedies, and of English plays. The entries provide bibliographic descriptions and holding locations. Includes indices of authors, translators, and musicians, and an 18-page bibliography. Should prove indispensable to comparatists. [JKL]


Dizionario autori: italiani contemporanei. 2. ed. ampliata. Milano: G. Miano, 1996. 393 p.: facsims.; 24 cm. (Contributi bibliografici).
An augmented edition (80 more pages) of a biographical dictionary of Italian authors active in the 1970s and after, whose first edition we noted in our Fall 1992 issue. [JKL]

Gambetti, Lucio, & Vezzosi, Franco. La letteratura italiana del Novecento: repertorio delle prime edizioni. Genova: Graphos, 1997. 527 p.; 21 cm. L88000.
For the book collector, a list of the first editions of 709 20th-century Italian literary authors arranged alphabetically by author. Contains a 4-page bibliography. [JKL]

Ghidetti, Enrico, & Luti, Giorgio. Dizionario critico della letteratura italiana del Novecento. Roma: Editori riuniti, 1997. viii, 940 p.; 21 cm. (Il caso italiano) ISBN 8835941326; LCCN: 97169705. L80,000.
An important dictionary of 20th-century Italian literature, covering major authors (those "constituting a critical problem"), movements, and literary revues. The articles, signed by 31 collaborators, end with "essential bibliographies" and, for authors, lists of principal works. No monographic title entries and no index. To be reviewed in RRE. [JKL]

La nuova critica letteraria nell'Italia contemporanea; antologia a cura di Arnaldo Colasanti; con un piccolo schedario della critica a cura di Tommaso Debenedetti. Rimini: Guaraldi, 1996. 350 p.; 22 cm. (Antologie) ISBN 8880490907; LCCN: 97145765. L30,000.
A selection of recent Italian literary criticism, with brief bio-bibliographies. [JKL]

Tufani, Luciana. Leggere donna: nuova guida all'acquisto dei libri di donne. 2.ed. Ferrara: L.Tufani, 1996. 275 p.; 21 cm. (Elledi; 2) ISBN 8886780036: L25000.
A catalog of fiction by women in print in Italy arranged by country of origin. Each section contains a rapid overview, selected brief reviews, and an extensive checklist. Useful to foreign selectors mainly for its section on Italy with its 20-page bibliography, since the texts from non-Italian authors are listed in their Italian translations. Contains a brief bibliography of multi-national titles, a name index, and directories of publishers, book stores, libraries, and research centers. [JKL]

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