WESS Section Business

Executive Committee Meeting

July 1 1997, San Francisco

WESS Newsletter

Fall 1997, Vol. 21, no. 1

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Present: Executive Committee: Diana Chlebek, Nancy Boerner, Roger Brisson, Heleni Pedersoli
Others: Angela Carreno, Beau David Case, John Cullars, Gail Hueting, Heidi Hutchinson, Thomas Izbicki, Stephen Lehmann, Michael Olson, Heleni Pedersoli, Carol Pfeiffer, Beth Remak-Honnef, Marje Schuetze-Coburn, Ann Snoeyenbos, Reinhart Sonnenburg, Barbara Walden

Announcement: Nancy Boerner, on behalf of ACRL and WESS, will attend a regional conference in Indiana on area librarians in education.

Standing Committee Reports

Publications: Heleni Pedersoli, chair, reported on the steady, heavy use of WESSWeb, particularly the significant usage from other countries. Some administrative problems in maintaining currency of the site still remain; WESSWeb section editors were congratulated on their excellent contributions to this resource. The WESS Newsletter is now fully accessible via WESS Web. Marje Schuetze-Coburn, WESS Newsletter Editor, has agreed to extend her term an extra year. The new WESS brochure has been produced and distributed; Beau Case and Laura Dale Bischoff were thanked for their work in updating and revising it.

Research & Planning: Roger Brisson, chair, reported that the group discussed major national and international trends in cataloging foreign language materials and also the concept of shared cataloging. Covered were such issues as encoding levels, administrative complacency regarding priorities about backlogs, and the need of WESS to share concerns about the cataloging of European materials through liaisons with ALA-sponsored cataloging committees and alliances with various technical services groups. After a discussion of the DeBelder Union List of European Newspapers, it was recommended that a survey be sent to WESS members asking for interested volunteers for the project. Ann Snoeyenbos proposed establishing a new group to address the interests of WESS members who collect in the area of social sciences; the idea was enthusiastically received. She also led a discussion on the need to address collection interests for the area of the U.K. and for English-language materials from Western Europe.

General Membership Meeting: Nancy Boerner reported that 60 people attended the speaker presentation by Dr. Henry M. Gladney, of the IBM Almaden Research Center, who spoke about the collaboration between the Vatican Library and IBM to digitize manuscripts from the Vatican's collection. During the business portion of the meeting, it was brought to the WESS Chair's attention that there were problems in the mailing of WESS ballots for the election of officers. ACRL will be informed of this.

Discussion Group reports

Classical, Medieval and Renaissance: Thomas Izbicki, chair, reported on two presentations: Dr. Hope Mayo's discussion of projects devoted to electronic access to medieval manuscripts, and the demonstration by Keith Allen from Chadwyck-Healey concerning the vendor's Web version of the Patrologia latina database.

Germanists: Heidi Hutchinson reported on the multi-media presentation by Jeff Garrett and Sem Sutter, "Books as Booty," which covered the confiscation and destruction of monastic libraries in Bavaria and Austria during the age of Napoleon, and also discussed the odyssey of books and treasures from several Polish libraries during and after World War II.

Romance: Beth Remak-Honnef, incoming group chair, reported on two presentations. Caroline Szylowicz, the Kolb-Proust Librarian at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, presented an illustrated talk on the Kolb-Proust Archive for Research, a virtual archive which provides access to the electronic version of index cards used by Kolb in gathering data in the course of his research and his edition of Proust. Professor Charles Faulhaber, Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese at Berkeley, U.S. head of the ADMYTE digitized Iberian manuscript project, and Director of The Bancroft Library, demonstrated and discussed using Web documents for an inter-campus distance learning course in medieval Catalan language and literature; he also presented information about ADMYTE and the Digital Scriptorium Project.

Scandinavian: Mariann Tiblin, chair, reported on the group's discussion of ongoing activities among Scandinavian specialists. These include the current status of electronic discussion lists, Disc-Nordic and Disc Nord-Lib, and also the Mellon Foundation grant to Cornell Univ. Library in instituting an "Icelandic National Digital Library." Also discussed were ways of developing a structure for cooperative efforts in Scandinavian librarianship.

Special Topics: Beau David Case, chair, discussed presentations at the group's inaugural meeting. Dr. Peter Haikalis, Development Officer and selector of Greek, San Francisco State University Library, talked about his experience as a Fulbright scholar at the University of Crete Library, Dr. Roland Moore, Research Anthropologist, Prevention Research Center, Berkeley, spoke about Greek Internet resources, and Beau Case discussed Greek reference and selection tools.

Conference planning committees

1998 Conference Planning Committee: Stephen Lehmann, chair, announced that the program topic will focus on large digitization projects in Western Europe; this program will pull together the conference themes of both ALA and ACRL. Invited speakers included Elmar Mittlerer, library director at University of Göttingen, Kurt DeBelder, electronic texts librarian at the Royal Library in Brussels, and Jack Kessler, a private consultant and specialist in digital library development in France. Respondent will be Deanna B. Marcum, National Digital Library Federation.

1997 WESS Pre-Conference: Eva Sartori, chair, reported that the pre- Conference had 70 attendees, and that it received excellent evaluations. Pre-Conference organizers and presenters were commended for their impressive work.

Martinus Nijhoff Award: Michael Olson, committee chair, presented the award to Sem Sutter for his project, "Books in German-Occupied Europe: The Rosenberg Files. Sem thanked Nijhoff for sponsoring the award and described his project and plan for researching it in Europe.

ACRL Board Report: John Cullars, WESS liaison to the Board summarized the Board's meeting of June 28 and July 1. The main items of concern to WESS were: (1) Althea Jenkins' description of the WESS Pre-Conference as successful, well-planned and carried-out, and (2) the new pricing structure for ACRL sections based on the size of membership. Members will now pick two instead of three free sections as part of their ACRL membership. Small sections (under 1000 members) like WESS will receive $500 in Basic Services fees; their will be more autonomy to sections in expenditure of funds; funds still may NOT be used for equipment or software purchases, speaker expenses and honoraria for library speakers in accordance with ALA fiscal policy.

Summary of Action Items: Following the recommendation of the WESS Publications Committee, the WESS Executive Committee moved and passed a motion that the WESS Newsletter editor's term be limited to three years and to make it renewable on a yearly basis after this.

Old Business: Ann Snoeyenbos, as chair of ALA's New Member Round Table, asked the WESS Executive to consider suggestions to recruit and improve the mentoring of members new to WESS, particularly in the areas of mentoring and guidance. Discussion followed, including considering the possibility of WESS's forming a "Membership Committee" for such purposes. Ann also proposed that WESS include more opportunities and venues for the discussion of the social science, English-language materials and pan-European topics. The new special topics discussion group was proposed as a possible forum for this.

New Business: The drafts of forms for Evaluation of WESS Committees and Meetings, previously presented for consideration to the WESS Executive by Ann Snoeyenbos, were discussed and amended by the Executive. It was agreed to reproduce a final version of the form for distribution on a trial basis at meetings.

Meeting adjourned at 1:10p.m.

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