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NB = Nancy Boerner
GPH = Gail P. Hueting
JKL = Jeffry K. Larson
LMS = Leena M. Siegelbaum
RS = Reinhart Sonnenberg


Delisle, Jean and Woodsworth, Judith, eds. Translators through history. Amsterdam: J. Benjamins, 1995 (Benjamins Translation Library). ISBN 1-55619-697-0.
This history, sponsored by the International Federation of Translators, focuses on important translators throughout history. Many of the translators made significant contributions to the development of their own languages. Also published in French. [GPH]

European Union

Guide to the archives of Member States' Foreign Ministeries and European Union institutions. 2nd. ed. Luxembourg: European Commission, 1996. 102 p. ISBN 92-827-4553-8. ECU 12.
The new edition of the 1989 published first edition includes information on the new member states: Austria, Finland and Sweden. In addition, the section on the archives of the EU institutions has been updated. Apart from addresses, phone, fax, etc. all the entries contain brief histories of the archives, access information, concise descriptions of principal record groups & collections, listings of finding aids as well as publications of the archives. [LMS]

MISSOC social protection in the Member States of the Union : situation on July 1st 1995 and evolution. Luxembourg: European Commission, 1996. 629 p. ISBN 98-827-7162-8. ECU 23.
Most of this work consists of current information, organized by the type of benefit, on welfare programs in all the 15 EU member states. Brief descriptions of trends in social protection in EU as a whole as well as individual member states are also included. Contains a dictionary of keywords in (some) EU languages/English. [LMS]


Dictionnaire des oeuvres du XX siècle: littérature française et francophone. Ed. Henri Mitterand & Alexis Pelletier. Paris: Dictionnaire Le Robert, c1995. 621 p. (Collection "Les usuels"). ISBN 285036262x. 240FF.
Brief unsigned articles on 1547 (according to the foreword) or 1549 (according to the dust jacket) works of 20th-century literature in French broadly construed, offering summaries, critical analyses, and very short primary and secondary bibliographies. Also covered are 57 literary reviews and 73 general topics. Includes cross references, a chronology, and indices of authors and titles [JKL]

Dictionnaire historique de l'orthographe française. Ed. Nina Catach. Paris: Larousse, c1995. 1327 p. ISBN 2033403300. LCCN 96113011. 300 FF.
An attractively presented, authoritative lexicon of the evolution of French orthography. Contains a 14-page synthetic introduction, cross references (and a summarizing outline), a 7-page bibliography, an 89-page compilation of paragraphs summarizing the principle types of modification, a list of words by type of modification, and a general index. [JKL]

Fierro, Alfred. Histoire et dictionnaire de Paris. Paris: Robert Laffont, 1996. (Bouquins) ISBN 2221078624. 189FF.
In the same format as Jean de Viguerie's Histoire et dictionnaire du temps des Lumières, annotated in our Fall 1995 issue, this useful tome offers a 260-page "événementiel" history of Paris, a 258-page description of "Activités des Parisiens" (including geography, demography, administration, religion, education, society, economy, letters, arts, sciences, architecture, and city planning), a 125-page chronology, an alphabetical dictionary covering all aspects of "abattoir" to "zone" (as the back cover blurb claims) in such domains as administration, city planning, public health, food supply, festivals, and daily life. Especially valuable, at least until it is outdated, should be the 320-page section titled "Guide de Recherches", which has its own index and contains chapters on "lieux de travail" (archives, libraries, museums) and "instruments de travail généraux" (bibliographies, directories, official publications, guides, dictionaries, auxiliary sciences of history, journals, and historical societies); these two initial chapters are followed by bibliographies on the topics corresponding to the chapters in "Activités des Parisiens" (above), and finally a cartography, iconography, filmography, and discography. The volume concludes with 3 simple maps of Paris and an index of persons, places, and themes. While probably not adequate for the advanced researcher on a narrow topic, it should serve as a useful guide to ancillary subjects. [JKL]

Gagnière, Claude. Entre guillemets : petit dictionnaire de citations. Paris: Robert Laffont, 1996. 392 p. (Le Meilleur des mots). ISBN 2221081064. 99FF.
Thematically arranged, this pocket dictionary of mostly modern French quotations includes such witticisms as "A foreigner is some one who's always satisfied with his Peugeot" (Laurent Ruquier). Most frequently cited authors (in descending order) Renard, Cocteau, Allais, Bernard and Valéry; unfortunately nothing from Dorothy Parker (though how would you translate "horticulture" in French?) Corrects a few misattributions in French, but lends a few Groucho-Marxisms to Woody Allen. Includes an author index. [JKL]

Le guide de la presse Alphom. ["Edition spéciale; OFUP: Office Universitaire de Presse-cover] Ed. [Alain] Dag'naud. Paris: Alphom, c1994. 1079 p. ISBN 2950862705. 350FF.
Updated edition of a classified, selective newspaper and periodical guide first annotated in our Spring 1992 issue. Includes indices of names, keywords, and titles. [JKL]

Standard French-English, English-French dictionary. [Added title page: Dictionnaire général français-anglais, anglais-français]. [Gen.ed., Faye Carney]. New ed. Paris: Larousse, c1994. 996 p. ISBN 2034513339 (on back cover), 2034302508 (correct) LCCN 9473275. $42.
A competetive new entry in the Larousse stable of desk dictionaries, with attractive through light typography. Includes verb tables, the "Essentials of English Grammar" (in 63 pages), and "usage modules" explaining social niceties from "Addressing someone" to "Wishes." [JKL]


Kussin, Christiane, comp. Literarische Gesellschaft in Deutschland : ein Handbuch. Berlin: Aufbau-Verlag, 1995. ISBN 3-351-02435-5.
A directory featuring descriptions and general information about more than a hundred literary societies in Germany. Most revolve around individual authors (German and international, from Stefan Anders to Wolfram von Eschenbach), others are regional or focus on a genre of literature. A fascinating source made even more useful by the attractive presentation. [GPH]

Die Trophäenkommissionen der Roten Armee : Eine Dokumentensammlung zur Verschleppung von Büchern aus deutschen Bibliotheken. Ed. Klaus-Dieter Lehmann and Ingo Kolasa. Frankfurt am Main: Klostermann, 1996. 251 p. ISBN 3465028821 (Zeitschrift für Bibliothekswesen und Bibliographie, Sonderheft 64) ISSN 0514-6364. DM 108.
Little has been known, even in Russia, about the massive Soviet removal of library holdings and art from Germany during and after World War II. Taking advantage of a "window" that was "opened briefly and only a crack", according to Lehmann, Director of the Deutsche Bibliothek in Frankfurt am Main, Ingo Kolasa obtained from Russian archives photocopies of 48 documents that indicate clearly the scope of this undertaking. They include, for example, bills of lading listing the institutions of origin along with terse notations of what was removed from each; more detailed descriptions of specific collections and the Soviet libraries or museums to which they were assigned; and reports from libraries on the disposition of the materials they received. Reproduced here in German translation, these documents complement and substantiate Kolasa's recent account of the operation in an article "Sag mir wo die Bücher sind..." [Zeitschrift für Bibliothekswesen un Bibliographie 42 (July/Aug.1995), 339-64; an abridged English version will appear in the November 1996 issue of College and Research Libraries]. The editors hope the publication of this information will contribute to the work of a German/Russian committee charged with finding a solution to the thorny question of mutual indemnification for illegally-acquired cultural property. Even though it is incomplete, the collection should be of great interest to historians of World War II, and to scholars of library history, as well. [NB]

Wende-Literatur: Bibliographie und Materialen zur Literatur der deutschen Einheit. Jürg Frühling...(Hrsg). Frankfurt am Main; Bern [u.a.]: Lang, 1996. 200 p. (Bibliographien zur Literatur- und Mediengeschichte 6). ISBN 3-631-49592-7. DM 65.
A convenient compilation of some 1300 titles concerning literary and political aspects of German reunification. [RS]


Alemany, Rafael. Guia bibliogràfica de la literatura catalana medieval. Alacant: Universitat d'Alacant, Secretariat de Publicacions, 1995. 184 p. (Biblioteca de filologia catalana; 1). ISBN 8479082348; LCCN 96136938. 1900 ptas.
An unannotated classed bibliography of medieval Catalan literature. No index. [JKL]

Carbonell Basset, Delfín. A dictionary of proverbs, sayings, saws, adages : English and Spanish = Diccionario de refranes, proverbios, dichos, adagios : castellano e inglés. Barcelona: Ediciones del Serbal, 1996. 441 p. ISBN 8476281676; LCCN 96170571. 4400 ptas.
Translates English proverbs into Spanish and vice-versa. Entries contain no indication of provenance; with occasional cross references, no index. Very brief bibliography. [JKL]

Delgado Casado, Juan. Diccionario de impresores españoles, siglos XV-XVII. Madrid: Arco-Libros, c1996. 2 v. (877 p.) (Colección Instrumenta bibliológica). ISBN 8476351984 (set); LCCN 96167730. $48.
Brief biographies of 939 early Spanish printers. Each article includes bibliographical references. Concludes with a 48-page bibliography and indices of places and printers and of names. [JKL]

Diccionario da literatura galega : I. autores. Ed. Dolores vilavedra. Vigo: Galaxia, 1995. 621 p. ISBN 8482889195. $45.
The first of 3 volumes in this historical dictionary sponsered by the Instituto da Lingua Galega contains unsigned articles of varying length on authors from all periods writing in Gallegan. Citations of primary works are embedded in the text; most articles conclude with selected references to secondary works. [JKL]

Diccionario español de textos médicos antiguas. Ed. Ma. Teresa Herrera. Madrid: Arco/Libros, c1996. 2 v. (1695 p.) ISBN 8476351917); LCCN 96166087. $254.
Just what the doctor ordered if you fall ill while time-traveling to Santiago de Compostela with Alphonse the Wise. A thorough historical dictionary with illustrative quotations and references. [JKL]

Diccionario ideológico de la lengua española [Cover title: vox diccionario ideológico de la lengua española]. Barcelona: Biblograf, 1995. 1625 p. ISBN 8471538121; LCCN 95186508. $34.
A classified thesaurus with its own synoptic summary and alphabetical index, followed by a popular dictionary occupying half of the volume. Based on the same publisher's Diccionario manual ilustrado de la lengua española (Vox), 14th ed. 1992. [JKL]

Dicionário universal da língua portuguesa. Lisboa: Texto Editora, 1995. 1653 p. ISBN 9724706621; LCCN 96133820. $50.
This new monolingual desk dictionary offers brief etymologies, parts of speech, and short definitions for 93,034 words, but no illustrative quotations. Claims to cover the Portuguese of Brazil and Lusophone Africa. In appendix: 11,300 personal and 4143 place names, abbreviations in general or technical use, a 29-page lexicon of prefixes, suffixes and other elements, selected foreign words and phrases, and a list of words whose spelling is affected by the "Novo Acordo Ortográfico" of 12/16/90. [JKL]

Dueso, José. Los mil y un nombres del coño. Barcelona: Ediciones B, Grupo Zeta, 1995. 526 p. ISBN 844066060X. 2500 ptas.
A dictionary, for amateurs and connoiseurs of the sonrisa vertical=vertical smile (q.v.), accompanied by illustrative quotations from literary sources. The introduction indicates the title is a misnomer, announcing "there are a thousand names in this dictionary, neither one more nor one less": it is up to the reader-l'hypocrite lecteur-to supply the one that is missing. Concludes with a 10-page bibliography and subject index. [JKL]

Faulí, Josep. Diccionari de catalans de ficció. Barcelona: La Campana, 1995. 192 p. (Collecció Toc de Ficció; 100). ISBN 8488791070. 1800 ptas.
Thumbnail biographies of "413 Catalans who never existed"-with appropriate bibliographical references to Catalan literature from all periods. Includes indices of authors and titles. [JKL]

Fernández Santander, Carlos. Bibliografía de la novela de la guerra civil y el franquismo. A Coruña: Do Castro, D.L. 1996. 222 p. [Ensaio Filoxía]. ISBN 847492792. 1000 ptas.
Separate author lists of novels about the Spanish Civil War and the Franco period; foreign titles are sometimes cited only in an Hispanic version. Separate introductory essays discuss the novel and the Civil War, novels by Gallegans or with a Gallegan subject, and fiction on Franquismo. Contains a 13-page secondary bibliography. [JKL]

Guiá de obras literarias para la Historia de España. By Mercedes Díez-Picazo...[et al.] Madrid: Ediciones del Orto, 1996. 409 p. ISBN 8479230096. 2600 ptas.
Designed for secondary teachers, a classed annotated bibliography of literary works about the history of Spain and Spanish America. Each of about 350 works, not necessarily Hispanic, receives an unsigned one-page blurb from one of 8 authors. No secondary bibliographic references are provided, but there are indices of themes, authors, and titles. [JKL]

Junceda, Luis. Diccionario de refranes. Madrid: Espasa Calpe, 1996. 598 p. (Espasa de bolsillo). ISBN 8423992322. 1950 ptas.
This popular pocket dictionary of proverbs is not based on Campos and Barella's Diccionario de refranes Espasa, whose second edition was annotated in our Fall 1993 issue. While lacking Campos and Barella's quasi-scholarly apparatus, it offers a convenient thematic index and an index of proverbs cited under other headings. [JKL]

Pozo Arcaz, Luis Juan. Clavis periodicum : Indice de publicaciones periódicas del Mundo Antiguo. Madrid: clasicas, 1995. 118 p. (Instrumenta studiorum). ISBN 8478821678. $8.
A short-title index of periodicals for Hispanic classicists. Arranged alphabetically by serial title, followed by an index of abbreviations. [JKL]

Repertório bibliográfico da historigrafia portuguesa (1974-1994). [S.l.]: Instituto Camoes, Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Coimbra, 1995. 753 p. ISBN 9729038511. $50.
Unannotated author listings of 20 years of history writing in Portugal. The difficult to use subject index follows the plan of that in the Bibliografia anual da Historia de Portugal (1990). [JKL]

Repertorio bibliográfico da lingüística galega : desde os seus inicios ata 1994 inclusive. Ed. Francisco García Gondar. Santiago de Compostela: Publicacions do Centro de Investigacións Lingüísticas e Literarias Ramón Piñeiro, 1995. 609 p. Errata slip inserted. ISBN 9445314920; LCCN 96148857. $25.
A classed unannotated bibliography of books, theses, and articles on the Gallegan language or dialect. Includes cross references and indices of authors and of studies on varieties of Gallegan. [JKL]

Rodrigues, A.A. Gonçlaves. A tradução em Portugal : tentativa de resenha cronológica das traduções impressas em lingua portuguesa excluindo o Brasil de 1495 a 1950. Vol. 3. 1851-1870. LCCN 93-104364. [Lisboa]: ISLA-Instituto Superior de Linguas e Administraçáo, S.A./Centro de Estudos de Literatura Geral e Comparada, [1993]. 300 p. ISBN 9729590303. Vol. 4. 1871-1900. [Lisboa]: ISLA-Instituto Superior de Línguas e Administração, S.A./Centro de Estudos de Literatura Geral e Comprada, [1994]. 599 p. ISBN 9729590311. Ca $107 for vols. 1-4.
This chronological inventory of translations in books and periodicals into Portuguese, first annotated in our Fall 1993 issue, is brought up through the 19th century. Note the migratory imprint: 3 publishers over 4 volumes. The indices included in the earlier volumes are postponed until the work's conclusion. [JKL]

Santoyo, J.C. Bibliografía de la traducción : en español catalán, gallego y vasco. [León]: Universidad de León, D.L. 1996. 564 p. + disk. ISBN 8477195560. 3500 ptas.
An unannotated author listing of books and articles in Hispanic languages on translation. No index, but accompanied by a Windows-formatted disk persumably offering keyword searching. [JKL]


Annali del lessico contemporaneo italiano [ALCI] : neologismi. `93/'94- Padova: Esedra editrice, [1995-] LCCN sn9644058. L15,000.
An annual documenting contemporary Italian neologisms. The reader's collaboration is solicited with a form at the back. Cross references, but no index. [JKL]

Capire l'antifona : dizionario dei modi di dire : con esempi d'autore. Ed. Giovanna Turrini...[et al.]. Bologna: Zanichelli, 1995. 662 p. ISBN 8808096548. L54,000.
A "dictionary of Italian idiomatic expressions with alphabetical index of key words" (Casalini blurb). The 4-page bibliography of sources does not indicate editions cited. [JKL]

Compendio autori italiani del secondo `900. Poppi (Arezzo): MEM, 1996. 141 p. L50,000.
A very selective biographical dictionary of contemporary Italian literary authors. Each article, typically of about half a page, mentions a few of the subject's works, without references to the secondary literature. The "Avvertenza" is signed by a Giovanni Nocentini, who seems to be not infrequently cited in the unsigned "critical" entries. No critical apparatus. No competition for Asor Rosa's excellent Dizionario della letteratura italiana del Novecento (Einaudi, 1992), which both Balay and we unfortunately overlooked, or even the Dizionario autori : italiani contemporanei (Milano, 1991), annotated in our Fall 1993 issue. [JKL]

La critica italiana moderna e contemporanea : storia e testi. [Ed. Carlo Muscetta]. Roma: Pagine, 1993-95. 6 v. LCCN 94223066. L196,000.
An extensive critical history and anthology of Italian literary criticism, from historicism and Croce up to structuralism, sociocriticism and beyond. Each section includes bibliographical references. [JKL]

Iurilli, Antonio. Novecento letterario italiano : repertorio bibliografico : strumenti per lo studio e la ricerca. Bari: Palomar, 1996. 464 p. L60,000.
"Important bibliographical tool for the study, research, and interpretation of Italian 20th- century language and literature" (blurb on the Casalini slip). After a few brief sections on general bibliographical and literary research tools, Iurilli devotes ca. 400 p. to 20th-century Italian literature. Key features include: 100 pages of primary bibliographies for authors from Accrocca to Zavattini (this chapter has its own keyword index), 135 pages of selective topical bibliographies (including secondary and tertiary bibliographies on selected authors), and a directory of resources in libraries and cultural centers. Inevitably some of the information is out of date, e.g., journal cessations. Includes an index of names, titles, and subjects. Worth a desk copy. [JKL]

Pagnotta, Linda. Repertorio metrico della ballata italiana : secoli 13. e 14. Milano [etc.]: R.Ricciardi, 1995. 401 p. ISBN 887817503X. L115,000.
An impressive, even indispensable catalog of the prosodic forms of the medieval Italian "ballata arcaica", the core of which is an 175-page "Repertorio delle struttura strofiche". Includes primary and secondary bibliographies and over a score of indices, including one of manuscript locations. [JKL]

Piccioni, Emilio, ed. Roma bibliografica : cinque anni di bibliografica romana : 1989-1994. Roma: Mortimer, 1995. 401 p. (Ricerche bibliografiche; 2). L80,000.
A classed, unannotated, polyglot bibliography of the history and culture of Rome from antiquity to the present day, updating the editor's 1989 similarly titled repertory (Roma bibliografica : trent'anni di bibliografica romana 1959-1988 [ISBN 8885150004; LCCN 90115431]). Includes indices of authors and titles. [JKL]

Simonini, Augusto. Cent'anni di riviste : la vittoria della critica sulla letteratura. Con un'appendice di Ivan Simonini sul Neodecadentismo. Bologna: Calderini, c1993. 439 p. ISBN 8870197611; LCCN 95160426. L30,000.
A survey of twentieth-century Italian literary/cultural/intellectual reviews and their impact on key figures and issues. A 40-page chapter in the appendix provides useful informaation about recent births and cessations of reviews (the section "le reviste spente" begins with the salutory advice: "Diffida delle riviste sospese: non sono mai morte" [Beware of suspect reviews: they are never dead]). Though there is an index of periodical titles, there is no compendious bibliographical list that makes it easy to eyeball information by subject or other categories, all the detail being embedded in the text. [JKL]

Storia dell'editora d'Europa; v. 2 [Italia]. Firenze: Shakespeare & Company, 1995. 885 p. L1,000,000 for vols. 1-6.
After the continental scope of the first tome, this enterprising history covers Italian publishing in its second volume. After 26 signed chapters on selected topics from the sociopolitical context through the discovery of America to the image of the book, the last 550 pages are devoted to brief signed histories of major publishers, concluding with an 8-page chapter on small presses and 4 pages of defunct publishing houses. WESS conferees will note the reference to publisher Mario Casalini on p.634. Includes indices of names and of authors; an index (vol. 7) will be published at a separate price, according to the Casalini slip. [JKL]


Allan, Robin, Holmes, Philip, and Lundskaer-Nielsen, Tom. Danish : a comprehensive grammar. London, New York: Routledge, 1995. (Routledge grammars). ISBN 0-415-08206-4
Swedish : a comprehensive grammar. London, New York: Routledge, 1994. (Routledge grammars) ISBN 0-415-08208-0.
Comprehensive reference grammars for both beginning and advanced students of these languages. Sources like these for English speakers have not been plentiful, so they will be welcome additions to Scandinavian reference sections. [GPH]

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