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Executive Committee Meeting

July 9, 1996

WESS Newsletter

Fall 1996, Vol. 20, no. 1

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Present: Executive Committee: Michael Olson, Diana Chlebek, Gail Hueting, Tom Kilton, Charles Spornick
Committee chairs: Roger Brisson, Heleni Pedersoli, Eva Sartori, Marje Schuetze-Coburn
Discussion group chairs: Sem Sutter
Liaison to ACRL Board: John Cullars
Others present: Nancy Boerner, Beau David Case, Kurt De Belder, Stephen Lehmann, Carol Pfeiffer (liaison from ACRL Board), Louis Reith.

WESS Chair Michael Olson opened the meeting at 11:35 a.m. by welcoming WESS members and others present.

Standing Committee reports Publications: Heleni Pedersoli. The Internet Publications Committee reported on the further progress of WESSWeb. The Internet Publications Committee requested a motion to have itself disbanded, have its responsibilities taken over by the Publications Committee, and have the WESSWeb page editors become ex officio members of the Publications Committee. The motion was approved unanimously. All the column editors need help with material for their columns. It was moved and seconded that the newsletter column editors also be ex officio members of the Publications Committee. The motion was approved unanimously. WESS brochure: Suggestions were to add a logo and more information on WESSWeb.The officers' manual has been updated.

Research and Planning Committee: Roger Brisson. The committee broke with tradition to have two speakers, Michele Casalini (Casalini) and Friedemann Weigel (Harrassowitz) come to discuss EDI (Electronic Data interchange) and its applications to library acquisitions. The German Social Sciences Working Group met and voted to disband. The ARL demo project is up and running. No input was requested. They are willing to have WESS convene the group again if necessary. Union List for Western European Newspapers-Kurt De Belder. The list will start with current periodicals. Libraries will receive survey forms.

Discussion Group reports Classical, Medieval and Renaissance: Gail Hueting commented that there was nobody to report for this group because it was meeting this morning at the Pierpont Morgan Library.

Germanists: Sem Sutter. The topic was trends in German studies. Knut Dorn reported on changes underway at Harrassowitz (a less technical version). Heidi Hutchinson is new chair, Jeff Garrett is incoming chair for 1997-98.

Romance: John Cullars (for the chair Lawrence Crumb) reported that about 20 people attended a discussion of French publishing in Switzerland and Belgium and Italian publishing outside Italy. The speakers were Gilles de la Rochefoucault of Aux Amateurs de Livres and Giaocchino Lanza Tomasi of the Italian Institute of Culture in New York.

Scandinavian: About 20 people heard reports on ongoing projects, argued in favor of continuing the group as the only forum for Scandinavian collection development, and heard Patrick Stevens and his colleagues from Cornell speak on preservation work being done on the Fiske Icelandic Collection. Mariann Tiblin will chair the group next year.

Conference planning committees 1996 Conference Program Planning Committee: Marje Schuetze-Coburn. (See following report).

1997 Preconference Planning Committee: Eva Sartori. The financing needed for the preconference and publicity were discussed. Vendors have been very supportive of the preconference. The speakers will be Richard Hacken (state of Western European scholarship and publishing), Jeffry Larsen (Francophone countries), Jeff Garrett (Germanic countries), Mary Jane Parrine (Italy), Dan Hazen (Iberia), Heidi Hutchinson (technical services issues), and Peter Allison (how to select for a small or medium-sized library when you can't even read the languages).

Martinus Nijhoff Award: Tom Kilton. Barbara Halporn and Eleanor Hofstetter, the recipients for last year and this year, reported on their research at the WESS membership meeting.

ACRL Activities Section Council: Diana Chlebek. ACRL would like to see more collaborative efforts. Diana reported on WESS preconference plans, the union list project, and the German Social Sciences Working Group.

ACRL Board report: John Cullars. ACRL has more money available for section business. Other topics covered were ACRL outreach to paraprofessionals with the aim of integrating them into section activities. There is a movement afoot to revise the ACRL constitution and bylaws. This will be discussed at Midwinter and, if accepted, will be on the ballot next spring.

New business

Beau Case asked WESS to provide a home for specialists in Modern Greek. It offers a potential to attract new members. Case was willing to consider the idea of a broadened group that would meet once a year.

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