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Executive Committee Meeting

June 27, 1995, Chicago

WESS Newsletter

Fall 1995, Vol. 19, no. 1

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* Jeffry Larson was honored at the General Membership Meeting for the contributions that he made to WESS over the years as the Newsletter editor.

* Chairs of discussion groups and standing committees should attend the WESS Executive Committee meetings or send a proxy to make a report. This obligation will be added to the WESS Officer's Manual.

Publications Committee:

Eva Sartori reported on the continuing work on WESSWeb. Geographic areas have been assigned to WESS members. The WESS Officer's Manual will be regularly updated by the Chair of WESS and Heleni Pedersoli will update the WESS Directory every three years. A great deal of work has been completed on the IFB Abstracts. The Abstracts are not an official WESS publication, but there are close ties to WESS and there is a link to the IFB Abstracts on WESSWeb. The ECOLL Listserv may be discontinued due to lack of activity. WESS is currently looking for a new volunteer to run the list. Gretchen Holten will continue to produce the WESS brochure. She and others who produce the brochure in the future can get reimbursed for duplication expenses from leftover newsletter money.

Research and Planning Committee:

Kurt De Belder reported that he, Martha Brogan, Richard Hacken, and Jim Campbell spoke about selection of electronic resources on the Internet and WWW, creation of Web homepages, creation of WWW resources and how WESSWeb can serve a function in these activities. There was further discussion of progress of the German Social Sciences Working Group project. Monographs have proven to be problematical. Serials and newspapers were also discussed. The group is working on ways to describe what is not available at American libraries. One project that has emerged from these discussions is a proposed national union list of Western European newspapers and news magazines held in American libraries. This union list would be modeled after the list of Western European newspapers held in New York City libraries that is available electronically on WESSWeb. A motion was made to set up an ad-hoc subcommittee, which would report to Research and Planning, to organize the project. The motion was seconded and passed. The following people have agreed to serve on the subcommittee: Kurt De Belder (Chair), Marcia Pankake, Frank DiTrolio, Roger Brisson, Marje Schuetze-Coburn, and Peter Allison.

Discussion Groups

Classical, Medieval and Renaissance:

Tom Izbicki reported that a presentation was made by Brepols on existing compact disk products and projected company projects.

College and Medium-Sized Libraries:

Tom Izbicki reported that group members attended the meeting of the 1997 San Francisco Pre-Conference Planning Committee to provide input since the pre-conference will be of particular interest to librarians at college and medium-sized libraries.


Mike Olson reported that the group discussed progress made by the German Social Sciences Working Group and German home pages on the World Wide Web.


Elizabeth Kirt of Johns Hopkins University demonstrated Letteratura Italiana Zanichelli for the group. Ann Marie Mitchell will be the new chair of the Romance group.


Mariann Tiblin reported that the group is working on a project to inventory current selection practices for Scandinavian materials and holdings of Scandinavian periodicals at American libraries. Anyone who has not received a survey, but is interested in providing input should contact Mariann. The Scandinavian group will now be meeting at both the Midwinter and Annual conferences.

Midwinter & Annual Conferences

1996 New York Conference Planning:

Marje Schuetze-Coburn reported that the committee has identified a number of potential speakers for the conference program. The committee will shortly send out letters inviting the speakers to participate. The conference program will explore questions relating to the importance of European studies in U.S. academic universities and libraries.

1997 San Francisco Pre-Conference Program Planning:

Eva Sartori reported that the pre-conference will be on materials and services on Western Europe for academic libraries.

Martinus Nijhoff Award:

Barbara Halporn, Head of Collection Development at Widener Library at Harvard University, won the 1995 Martinus Nijhoff award. Dr. Halporn's proposal is to complete research and manuscript preparation on her book, "The World of Johann Amerbach: Early Printing in its Social Context." A wine and cheese reception was held in honor of the Nijhoff company and Barbara Halporn, as this year's Nijhoff Award recipient, at the General Membership Meeting.

ACRL Meeting Reports

ACRL Activities Section Council Report:

Tom Kilton reported that the outgoing chair of WESS as well as the incoming chair will now be expected to attend the meeting of the ACRL Activities Section Council meetings. These meetings are a good opportunity for section chairs to air grievances and talk about common interests and concerns.

ACRL Board Report:

John Cullars attended the first ACRL board meeting of the conference. He reported that from now on a representative of the section newsletter editors will serve as an ex-officio voting member of the ACRL Publications Committee. The ACRL strategic plan was passed at the meeting and the ACRL Board plans to meet in October to outline the specifics of its implementation. A major focus of the plan is the intention of ACRL leaders to become more involved in section activities. The ALA Organizational Self-Study Committee gave its report at the ACRL Board meeting. The report contains recommendations for an extensive reorganization of ALA and its divisions.

Submitted by Gretchen Holten
WESS Secretary

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