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By Jeffry Larson, Yale University

WESS Newsletter
Fall 2006
Vol. 30, no. 1

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The annual national book fair in France, the Salon du Livre, always has an international focus.  Traditionally, another country has been the "guest" and its writers featured in the displays and events at the Salon.  When the WESS European Conference visited the Salon in March 2004, the "guest" was China. 

This spring the focus varied: instead of a single country, all Francophone countries were featured, as the kick-off a seven-month celebration of "francofffonies!" (see and to observe the centenary of the birth of Léopold Sédar Senghor, perhaps the most noted Francophone author and statesman.

Forty authors˜a canonical number˜were invited to the Salon for special attention.  Their bio-bibliographies were listed in a special booklet available in pdf at As a consequence, the 2006 Salon du Livre was an opportunity to renew acquaintance with known publishers (for example, the forthcoming web version of Le Grand Robert was announced informally), but also to expand one's horizons beyond the Hexagon.

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