WESS Newsletter

Fall 2006

Vol. 30, no. 1

Editor: Paul Vermouth

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Helene Baumann, 1941-2006


Feature Articles

The Newsletter: Volume 30

The WESS Newsletter, which began as the Western European Language Specialists Newsletter more than thirty years ago, has now arrived at a milestone--its thirtieth volume. As a celebration of this event, Charles Fineman and Sarah Wenzel remember different aspects of their stints as editors in the short pieces below.

The WELS, Then the WESS Newsletter, 30 Years On

Charles S. Fineman

Reflections on Editing the WESS Newsletter

Sarah Wenzel

A Rare Collection of Spanish Plays at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champlaign

Paula Mae Carns and Linde Brocato

The WESS East German Study Tour: A Report

Richard D. Hacken and Kizer Walker

Return to the Salon du Livre

Jeffry Larson


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Column Editor: Robert Kusmer

Europe by Bits & Bytes

Column Editor: Sebastian Hierl

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Column Editor: Richard Hacken

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