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Migrations in Society, Culture, and the Library

WESS Newsletter
Fall 2005
Vol. 29, no. 1

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Migrations in Society, Culture, and the Library

Proceedings of the WESS European Conference

Paris, France, March 22, 2004

Tom Kilton

Ceres Birkhead


These papers address the broad theme of migration from a variety of vantage points, representing not only the changing roles of libraries in a world of migration, but also societal adaptations to immigration, ranging from contrasting patterns of assimilation in various European countries to the impact of the works of artists and authors who have migrated to Europe. Specific issues include migration in digital formats, resources for particular clusters of migration studies, the play between text and images in the 19th century illustrated press, new projects in digital and other library resources, the various meaning of boundaries and movements in art and physical collections, Russian emigration, physical and format migrations in publishing and literature, and the ongoing role of microforms in preservation of collections. Although many of the papers were based on theoretical research, others showcased practical new electronic means of accessing interdisciplinary resources involving migration. 

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