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Fall 2005
Vol. 29, no. 1

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JKL  =  Jeffry K. Larson
RLK =  Robert L. Kusmer


Filippini, Henri. Dictionnaire de la bande dessinée. Paris: Bordas, 2005. 912 p.; ill. (some col.); 27 cm. ISBN: 2047299705: €49

In a revised and expanded edition of a dictionary that first appeared in 1989, the author presents a 20-page history of the comics, and then covers the field in two main alphabetical sections: heroes (with publishing details and illustrations) and creators (bio-bibliographies). Includes an index of newspapers and magazines, a 2-page bibliography, and a 9-page table of copyrights. [JKL]

Anthologie de la poésie érotique française. Ed. Jean-Paul Goujon. [Paris]: Fayard, 2004. 1006 p.; 24 cm. ISBN: 2213621349; LCCN: 2004-545257: €40.

After a 150-page history of French erotic verse, the editor provides over 900 poems from the 15th to the 20th centuries, arranged by unsystematic categories, and chronologically within each category. Includes glosses, but no glossary, a 30-page bibliography and indices of authors and titles/first lines. [JKL]


Bergmann, Rolf and Stefanie Stricker. Katalog der althochdeutschen und altsächsischen Glossenhandschriften. Berlin; New York: Walter de Gruyter, 2005. 6 vols. (3,016 pp.), illus. (some col.).  ISBN 3110182726. € 898.

                The first comprehensive catalog of all extant Old High German and Old Saxon margin-annotations and a fine addition to the Medievalist’s resources.  Vols. 1-5 contain entries for 1,070 manuscripts held in libraries throughout Europe, organized by place then library. Based on examination, the manuscripts are described codicologically and for their content, while the Glossen are described according to their number and type, time and place, and linguistic geographical identification; a bibliography pertinent to the manuscript and its annotations completes each entry.  Vol. 5 comprises a 255-page bibliography and multiple indexes by such categories as authors and works, places, persons, languages, and chronology. Vol. 6 contains a photographed page (some in color) of 311 representative manuscripts described in the set along with a brief identification of holding library, manuscript, edition, and annotation characteristics on facing pages.   [RLK]

Albrecht, Michael von, Walter Kißel, Werner Schubert, eds. Bibliographie zum Fortwirken der Antike in den deutschsprachigen Literaturen des 19. und 20. Jahrhunderts. Studien zur klassischen Philologie, Bd. 149. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 2005. 277 pp. ISBN 3631508026. € 44.80

                The editors have compiled a bibliography of 3,635 entries that documents in the aggregate the influence and representation of classical antiquity in German literature of the 19th and 20th centuries.  Coverage, however, ends with 1991. The citations are arranged in four sections: by literary authors, genres, epochs and a general category.  Indexes by key words from classical antiquity and by entry authors provide an additional access mode to the bibliography. [RLK]

Stock, Karl F., Rudolf Heilinger, Marylène Stock.  Jelinek-Bibliographien:  selbständige und versteckte Bibliographien und Nachschlagewerke zu Leben und Werk der Nobelpreisträgerin. Bibliographieverzeichnisse großer österreicher in Einzelbänden.  Kleinaufl.  Graz:  Stock & Stock, 2004.  30 pp.  € 25.50

                Covering the years 1982-2004, the work complements the bibliographies appearing in Personalbibliographien österreichischer Persönlichkeiten (Bd. 8, 1993) and in Personalbibliographien österreichischer Dichterinnen und Dichter (Bd. 2, 2002).  The authors reprint an interesting, critical article on Jelinek by Hannes Krois that appeared in the Südost-Journal.  Includes index.  [RLK]

Pils, Holger, Stephan Ruderer, Petra Schaffrodt.  Martin Bucer, 1491-1551: Bibliographie. 1. Aufl. Gütersloh: Gütersloher Verlagshaus, 2005.  751 pp., 1 port.  ISBN 3579048937  € 168

                Superseding the compilations of Ferdinand Mentz in the 19th century and Robert Stupperich in the 20th, this is the first comprehensive bibliography of the influential Reformation figure, covering primary sources through 2004 and secondary through 2002 in a total of 3,314 entries.  Primary source citations include a listing of holding libraries.  Includes personal name index.   A desirable companion to the modern edition of Bucer, Martini Buceri opera omnia, which began in 1960 and is still in progress.   [RLK]

Zeillinger, Peter. Jacques Derrida: Bibliographie der französischen, deutschen und englischen Werke. Wien: Turia + Kant, 2005. 158 pp.  ISBN 385132420X (pbk.): € 18

                Purports to be the first complete bibliography of Derrida.  Comprised of two parts:  first edition entries together with German and English translations; and an extraction of the German and English translations from the first section.  Arrangement is chronological by first edition, with subsequent iterations and translations subsumed under the first appearance citation.  Includes lectures and publications.  Section 1 is 1954-2004, section 2 is 1972-2004.  [RLK]

Jaumann, Herbert.  Handbuch Gelehrtenkultur der frühen Neuzeit. Bd.1, Bio-bibliographisches Repertorium.  Berlin ; New York:  Walter de Gruyter, 2004.  721 pp.  ISBN 3110160692. € 158

                The first of a planned two-volume bio-bibliography of scholars in early modern Europe, roughly from the 15th to 18th centuries.  The context is the intellectual, social and material culture which informed the lives of these individuals, and which they in turn influenced.  While the work represents a wide spectrum of disciplines from the humanities, sciences, law and medicine, it marginalizes the belles lettres and art, which the author claims have been falsely assigned a cultural centrality over the last two centuries by a nationalistic historiography and philology.  Each alphabetically arranged, succinct article provides a biographical sketch, followed by primary bibliographies for works and editions and a secondary bibliography.  Vol. 2 will consist of a glossary.  [RLK]

Wiesemann, Falk. Sepulcra judaica: Bibliographie zu jüdischen Friedhöfen und zu Sterben, Begräbnis und Trauer bei den Juden von der Zeit des Hellenismus bis zur Gegenwart = Jewish Cemeteries, Death, Burial and Mourning from the Period of Hellenism to the Present: a Bibliography. Essen: Klartext, 2005. 797 pp. ISBN 3898614220. € 98

                8,761 entries, some of which are annotated to pinpoint chapters or sections dealing with topics of relevance to the bibliography within works of broader scope. An opening section contains citations relating to the topics of death, burial and mourning; successive sections comprise historical and geographic focuses of the topic.  Indexes for named persons, places, topics and entry authors enhance access to the bibliography. [RLK] 

Nietzsche Wörterbuch.  Bd. 1, Abbreviatur - einfach / herausgegeben von der Nietzsche Research Group (Nijmegen) unter Leitung von Paul van Tongeren, Gerd Schank und Herman Siemens.  Berlin; New York:  Walter de Gruyter, 2005. 763 pp. (Bd. 1).  ISBN 3110171864.  € 148 (subscription price through 12/31/05); € 178 (retail price).

                This is the first of a planned four-volume set projected for completion by 2010, when an electronic version will also be issued.  Encompasses 67 out of a maximum of 500 words that will eventually be included.  Each entry is presented as a well-organized article containing the number of instances of usage, cited examples, variants, synonyms, meanings and connotations within the context of the collected works.  Bibliography and index of referred-from terms included.  [RLK]

Worstbrock, Franz Josef, ed.  Deutscher Humanismus, 1480-1520: Verfasserlexikon. Bd. 1, Lfg. 1.  Berlin; New York: Walter de Gruyter, 2005.  311 pp.  ISBN 311017572X (pbk.). € 68

                This is the first fascicle of vol. 1 in a new publication which is conceived to be a supplement to the 2nd ed. of Die deutsche Literatur des Mittelalters: Verfasserlexikon (1977- ).  The alphabetically arranged bio-bibliographical reference work covers in this first issue the authors Adelmann von Adelmannsfelden through Burkhard von Andwil.  Following the format and organizational model of Stammler’s complementary title, this work promises to provide a useful reference tool for the transitional period from medieval to humanistic literature. [RLK]   

Kotowski, Elke-Vera, ed.  Juden in Berlin: Biografien. Juden in Berlin, Bd. 2.  Berlin: Henschel, 2005. 304 pp., ports.  ISBN 3894874619.  € 25

                Alphabetically arranged concise entries for almost 2,000 Jewish Berliners.  Excludes currently living persons.  Numerous portraits.  A glossary of Jewish terms and corporate bodies, a street index, and a bibliography complete the volume.  [RLK]            

Der Brockhaus in drei Bänden / redaktionelle Leitung, Annette Zwahr.  3., völlig neu beaurbeitete Aufl.  Leipzig:  F.A. Brockhaus, ©2004.  3 vols. + CD-ROM. ISBN 3765315036.  € 66

Der Brockhaus in einem Band. Jubiläumsedition 2005.  11., aktualisierte Aufl. / redaktionelle Leitung, Siegrun Paulick.  Leipzig:  F.A. Brockhaus, 2005.  1,024 pp.  ISBN 765316814.  € 20

                The 3-volume edition, coming ten years after the 2nd, offers 80,000 efficient entries replete with mainly color illustrations and 300 maps.   The CD-ROM provides index or keyword searching of the text (only).  A number of other Duden/Brockhaus titles, if purchased and downloaded, may be cross-searched in the PC-Bibliothek.  Cross references within the articles appear as hyperlinks for quick movement back and forth between related articles.   

                The anniversary edition of the one-volume version comprises 55,000 concise entries, over 4,000 chiefly color-illustrated pages, ca. 350 maps and over 100 tables.  [RLK]

Handbuch der deutschen Konnektoren: linguistische Grundlagen der Beschreibung und syntaktische Merkmale der deutschen Satzverknüpfer (Konjunktionen, Satzadverbien und Partikeln) / von Renate Pasch ... [et al.].  Schriften des Instituts für Deutsche Sprache, Bd. 9.  Berlin; New York:  Walter de Gruyter, 2003.  800 pp. ISBN 3110174596.  € 178

                Systematic syntactical classification of ca. 350 German-language connector terms (e.g. und, aber, deshalb etc.) as well as semantic conditions of usage.  Term-level access is provided by a list that contains each connector’s definition, intonation, usage example, relative syntactical position, and reference to class within the systematic structure of the volume’s main section.  Indexes by linguistic terms and by topics; bibliography.   [RLK]

Duden.  Die Grammatik: unentbehrlich für richtiges Deutsch / herausgegeben von der Dudenredaktion. Der Duden in 12 Bänden, Bd. 4.  7., völlig neu erarbeitete und erw. Aufl. Mannheim:  Dudenverlag, 2005. 1,343 pp.  ISBN 3411040475.  € 21.95

Hoberg, Rudolf and Ursula.  Der kleine Duden. Deutsche Grammatik.  Der kleine Duden, 4.  3., überarbeitete Aufl.  Mannheim:  Dudenverlag, 2004.  410 pp. ISBN 3411055731.  € 9.95

                Updated since its last appearance in 1997, the Deutsche Grammatik (series Der kleine Duden) provides in succinct form and format an introduction to linguistics and German in particular, its phonetic and written aspects, the parts of speech, word formation and syntax.  Numerous tables and “info-boxes” set off salient points. 

                On the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the Duden Verlag, Die Grammatik (Bd. 4 of Der Duden in 12 Bänden) has undergone a revision and substantial expansion since its 6th ed. (1998).  While traditional grammars describe the written language beginning with sounds and letters up to sentences, the 7th ed. additionally clarifies the construction and properties of texts and devotes a separate chapter to the grammar of the spoken language.   [RLK]

Duden.  Fremdwörterbuch: auf der Grundlage der neuen amtlichen Rechtschreibregeln / herausgegeben von der Dudenredaktion. Der Duden in 12 Bänden, Bd. 5.  8., neu bearbeitete und erw. Aufl.  Mannheim:  Dudenverlag, 2005.  1,104 pp.  ISBN 3411040580 (book): € 21.95 ; 3411716320 (book + CD-ROM): € 27.95   

                Another new edition published on the 125th anniversary of Duden Verlag, the Fremdwörterbuch has expanded with the addition of 2,000 new entries, reflecting the current state of international influence on German vocabulary and practice.  Includes etymology, definitions, “info-boxes” for special focus on special word elements.  The optional accompanying CD-ROM contains everything in the printed volume, plus, in the case of selected entries (those with IPA description), the user can hear the pronunciation by clicking on the speaker icon; searching is possible either in a browse or search mode.   [RLK]

Duden.  Wörterbuch neue Rechtschreibung:  was Duden empfiehlt.  Mannheim:  Dudenverlag, 2005.  575 pp.  ISBN 3411050691 (pbk.).  € 9.95

                On the occasion of the impending dies ominosus of Aug. 1, 2005, when  Rechtschreibung became obligatory, Duden has added to the abundance of books on the topic by presenting the “Duden recommendation” amidst multiple permissible possibilities in the case of each entry in the book.  In essence, Duden offers a convenient and reliable way to be correct without the need to decide in the case of words with multiple authorized forms.  Its slogan:  “Ein Wort, eine Schreibung.” Entries do not contain definitions, since that is not the purpose here.  [RLK]

Steinhauer, Anja.  Duden. Das Wörterbuch der Abkürzungen:  rund 50,000 nationale und internationale Abkürzungen und Kurzwörter mit ihren Bedeutungen. 5., vollständig überarbeitete und erw. Aufl.  Mannheim:  Dudenverlag, 2005.  480 pp.  ISBN 3411050152  € 9.95

                Since the publication of the 4th ed. in 1999, the proliferation of new abbreviations continues unabated, mainly coming from the area of technology.  As a result, 10,000 new entries have been added to this Wörterbuch, now compiled by Anja Steinhauer with contributions by the author of the previous editions, Josef Werlin.  Additionally, two new features distinguish the new publication:  lists of abbreviations for discrete topics (e.g., Doktorgrade) integrated alphabetically but set off in boxes with pale blue background; these lists are enumerated in the table of contents for quick access; secondly, a section at the end provides a first-ever reverse entry section leading the user from full-forms of terms to their abbreviations.  A very handy reference work.  [RLK]

Lohenstein, Daniel Casper von.  Sämtliche Werke : historisch-kritische Ausgabe. Abt. II, Dramen. Bd.2, Agrippina ; Epicharis. Berlin; New York: Walter de Gruyter, 2005. 2 vols. (870 pp.), illus. ISBN 3110181568 (hardbound). € 278

                This double-volume is the first-published of a planned 25-volume critical-historical edition of the works of Lohenstein, projected to be completed by 2020.  A fine addition to the primary literature of the German Baroque. [RLK]

“Homer des Nordens” und “Mutter der Romantik.” Bd. 4, James Macphersons Ossian und seine Rezeption in der deutschsprachigen Literatur / herausgegeben von Howard Gaskill und Wolf Gerhard Schmidt.  Berlin; New York:  Walter de Gruyter, 2004. 850 pp.  ISBN 3110179377. € 98

                With this volume the set, begun in 2003, has been completed.  Provides a collocation of reception texts through the 20th century as translations, adaptations, criticism, philological treatments including the topic of authenticity, and “Ossianomania.” Commentary section follows the historical texts section.  [RLK]


Diccionario de escritores en lengua castellana: quién es quién hoy en las letras españolas. [Ed. Twiggy Hirota.] Madrid: Ministerio de Cultura, Asociación Colegial de Escritores de España, 2004. 350 p.; 26 cm. No ISBN; DL M. 43981-2004: $23.54

An updated edition of Balay BE1458/Walford7 3:#8298, the 1988 edition having slipped through the cracks. Now limited to writers in Castilian. Entries indicate place and year of birth, present position with an occasional address, published works, anthologies, and prizes. No index. [JKL]

Ferrer Benimeli, Jose Antonio, & Susana Cuartero Escobes. Bibliografia de la masoneria. Madrid: Fundacion Universitaria Espanola, 2004. 2 t. in 3 v. (Investigaciones bibliográficas sobre autores españoles; 7) ISBN 8473925491 (Obra completa): €57.69

A classed, unannotated international (but Hispano-focused) bibliography of freemasonry. The first tome (439 p.), listing over 6,000 titles, is the 3rd edition of Ferrer’s bibliography (1974, 1978), which is omitted from Balay and Walford. The second tome (990 p.) contains 14,000 new titles from 1978-2004, and opens with a 235-page “Comentario bibliográfico”. Both tomes follow the same arrangement and entry numbers, and include separate indices of personal and geographical names. [JKL]

González Vázquez, Carmen. Diccionario del teatro latino: léxico, dramaturgia, escenografía. Madrid: Ediciones Clásicas, 2004. xxi, 334 p.; 24 cm. ISBN: 8478825193: $31.17

A scholarly dictionary covering the philological, literary, and theatrical aspects of terms relevant to ancient Latin theater. Entries conclude typically with selective bibliographies. Includes see-references and the following indices: Latin terms, Greek terms, comedies adapted from the Greek, characters, Spanish technical equivalents, as well as a 32-page bibliography. [JKL]

Grande dicionário: língua portuguesa. Ed. Graciete Teixeira. Porto: Porto Editora, 2004. 1622 p.; 31 cm. ISBN 9720050004: $200

A major new desk dictionary (not just a new edition) in this publisher’s stable of reference works. Covers international usage of Portuguese. Entries indicate pronunciation, origin, grammatical category, definitions, field of usage as well as regional or national area, and fixed phrases, but no illustrative quotations. [JKL]

Osuna, Rafael. Las revistas literarias: un estudio introductorio. Cádiz: Universidad de Cádiz, Servicio de Publicaciones, 2004. 204 p.; 24 cm. + 1 CD-ROM. ISBN: 8496274071: $23.08

Written as a textbook for a course at Duke U. in 1990, this systematic study of the operation and landscape of Spanish literary reviews confines itself to that cut-off date. Concludes with a 7-page bibliographical essay. No index. The CD-ROM—unmentioned in the book—contains as a pdf the author’s Revistas y Prensa Literaria 1661-1991: Bibliografía Anotada, an alphabetical author/title listing. [JKL]

Rábade Villar, María do Cebreiro. As antoloxías de poesía en Galicia e Cataluña: representación poética e ficción lóxica. Santiago de Compostela: Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, 2004. 271 p.; 21 cm. ISBN: 8497503759: $27.14

A critical survey of recent Galician and Catalan poetry anthologies, which are major means of literary evaluation. Concludes with a 22-page bibliography of anthologies treated and a 14-page secondary bibliography. No index. [JKL]

Rodríguez-Vida, Susana. Diccionario temático de frases hechas. Castelldefels: Editorial Columbus, 2004. 639 p.; 25 cm. + 1 CD-ROM (4 3/4 in.). ISBN: 849338951X: $53.95

A thesaurus of 16,121 Castilian phrases arranged according to 4,300 themes. Includes a half-page bibliography, an alphabetical list of phrases, and indices of keywords in the phrases and of themes and their keywords. Concludes with a 4-page appendix on the use of the CD-ROM, which can be used to make the same look-ups as the book. [JKL]

Seco, Manuel. Diccionario fraseológico documentado del español actual: locuciones y modismos españoles. Madrid: Aguilar, 2004. xxxii, 1084 p.; 24 cm. ISBN: 8429476741. LCCN: 2005-413380: $44.15

A scholarly dictionary of Spanish phrases and locutions based on the author’s general Diccionario del espanõl actual (1999), noted in our Fall 2000 issue. Entries indicate variants, grammatical categories, level and area of usage, as well as sourced illustrative citations. Includes a 22-page bibliography of cited texts. [JKL]

Valle Rodríguez, Carlos del. Catálogo de hebraica, impresos, y de judaica, manuscritos e impresos, de la Biblioteca Nacional de Madrid/ con un apéndice documental de Elvira Pérez Ferreiro. Madrid: Aben Ezra Ediciones, 2004-. v. <1: Letras A-I>; 430 p.; 21 cm. (España judía.; Serie Varios) ISBN: 8488324197 (general de la obra); 8488324200 (v. 1); LCCN: 2005-420369: $50

An admittedly incomplete short-title catalog of the Biblioteca Nacional’s holdings of printed Hebraica and printed and manuscript Judaica. Arranged by author, entries give physical description and references to other editions. The author published a catalog of the BN’s manuscript Hebraica in 1986. No indication of what indices will close the work. [JKL]          

Conde Peñalosa, Raquel. Mujeres novelistas y novelas de mujeres en la posguerra española (1940-1965): catálogo bio-bibliográfico. Madrid: Fundación Universitaria Española, 2004. 257 p.; 29 cm. (Investigaciones bibliográficas sobre autores españoles; 6). ISBN: 8473925416: $45.10

A selective catalog of serious adult novels written by Spanish women in Castilian in the mid-20th century, excluding (most) short stories, genre fiction, and young adult and children’s literature. Entries indicate first and successive editions, translations and adaptations, a genre or thematic label, prizes won, brief synopsis, and stylistic commentary. Includes indices of works, chronology, and genres/themes, as well as rankings by number of reprints and prizes won. Also includes brief author biographies and a 21-page bibliography. [JKL]


Dizionario Bompiani delle opere e dei personaggi: di tutti i tempi e di tutte le letterature. Nuova ed. riv. e integrata. Milano: Bompiani, 2005-. 12 v.; 22 cm. ISBN: 8845232468 (complete set): €154.80

A new edition, prefaced by Umberto Eco, of Balay BE63. Vol. XI offers an index of characters and vol. XII synoptic tables and indices of original titles and authors. To be reviewed in RRE. [JKL]

Dizionario dei registi del cinema mondiale. Ed. Gian Piero Brunetta. Torino: G. Einaudi, 2005-. v. 1. : A-F; xii, 702 p.; 22 cm. (Storia del cinema mondiale) ISBN: 8806178628: €78

An international biographical dictionary of directors to be complete in 3 vols. Entries conclude with filmographies and selective bibliographies. Promises to include addenda and corrigenda in future editions. Silent on what indices will be included. [JKL]

LSI: Lessico dialettale della Svizzera italiana. Ed. Franco Lurà.  Bellinzona: Centro di dialettologia e di etnografia, 2004. 5 v.: map; 25 cm. No ISBN: €450.00

Under the auspices of the Centro di dialettologia e di etnografia, the scholarly LSI covers the Italian dialects of Ticino and Graubünden (Grigioni). Based largely on the survey results for the Vocabolario della Svizzera italiana, entries include pronunciation, part of speech, level and area of usage, variants, semantic equivalents, locutions, and see-references. [JKL]

Storia della letteratura italiana. Ed. Enrico Malato. Roma: Salerno: 1995-2004. 25 cm.

v. 13: La ricerca bibliografica, le istituzioni culturali, Ed. Saverio Ricci. 2005. xix, 1069 p., [16] col. leaves of plates: ill. ISBN: 88-8402-480-3: €116.00 (July 2005)

v. 14: Bibliografia della letteratura italiana (ed. Giorgio Masi & Marzia Minutelli); indici. 2004. xxi, 1155 p. Work now complete. ISBN: 88-8402-475-7: €116.00 (July 2005)

The concluding volumes of a monumental history of Italian literature. Vol. 13 consists of descriptive directories of relevant libraries and other cultural institutions, with indices of same. Vol. 14 consists of a classed bibliography of Italian literature, with indices for the whole set of names, anonymous works, and manuscripts. [JKL]

Editors: Sarah G. Wenzel, Paul Vermouth

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