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Fall 2004
Vol. 28, no. 1

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JKL = Jeffry K. Larson
RLK = Robert L. Kusmer
SFR = Susanne F. Roberts


Archives nationales (Paris) Censure des répertoires des grands théâtres parisiens: 1835-1906. Inventaire des manuscrits des pièces F18 669 à 1016 et des procès-verbaux des censeurs F21 966 à 995. [rédigé par] Odile Krakovitch. Paris: Centre historique des archives nationales, 2003. 894 p.; 27 cm. ISBN 2860002995: € 75
Following on the author’s Les pièces de théâtre soumises à la censure (1800-1830), this inventory of manuscripts of plays subject to censorship in Paris carries through to the end of censorship. A 112-page history of censorship during the 70 years covered precedes the following access tools: a table of the Archives Nationales call numbers (arranged largely by theater) and indices of plays, theaters, authors, musicians, and genres. Includes a 2-page bibliography. Two more volumes are foreseen to cover smaller theaters and cafés-concerts. [JKL]

Benoist, Alain de. Bibliographie générale des droites françaises. Paris: Dualpha, c2004. 2 v. [614, 472 p.]; 21 cm. (Collection “Patrimoine des lettres”) ISBN: 2-915461-03-1; LCCN 2004-399479: € 70
Chronological monographic author bibliographies of 16 right-wing French writers from Gobineau to Brasillach; 2 more volumes are foreseen, covering 16 more authors. Included are books, brochures, theses, correspondence, prefaces, and special issues of reviews, but not separate periodical articles (except as off-prints), by and about the authors in question; each chapter ends with sections on associations and “divers”. Successive editions and translations of primary texts are noted, as is prior publication in a periodical. No index. [JKL]

Cardot, Charles-Antoine. Guidargus du livre politique pendant l’Occupation: 1940-1944. 2e éd. augm. Veyre-Monton: Ch.-A. Cardot, 2001. XX-474 p.: fac-sim., couv. ill.; 30 cm. ISBN: 2951711301: € 65
A catalog of over 5000 largely political books, theses, and brochures by some 3500 authors openly published in French on the continent during the German occupation of France, between July 1940 and August 1944, considerably augmented from Francis Bergeron (author of Guide de l’homme de droite à Paris [1991]) and Vulfran Mory’s pseudonymously published Guidargus du livre politique sous l'Occupation: 1940-1944 (1990; not seen). Arranged by author or anonymous title, entries give bibliographical information, synopsis, extracts, critical press extracts, as well as a current (OP) market evaluation, all spliced into a brief biography. The commentaries reflect the authors’ right-wing leanings. Includes cross-references, lists of authors proscribed after the liberation, and a 5-page bibliography. [JKL]

Catalogues de libraires et d’éditeurs, 1811-1924: inventaire. Ed. Chantal Faure. [Paris?]: Bibliothèque nationale de France, c2003. 246 p.; 24 cm. ISBN: 2-7177-2267-X: € 39
A list of 19th-century booksellers and publishers catalogs from France and elsewhere held at the BNF. Short-title entries indicate the name of the firm, place, format, and holdings, but not BNF call numbers. Includes cross-references but no index. [JKL]

Dictionnaire de la réplique. Ed. Bernard Antony. [Paris]: Godefroy de Bouillon, [2004]. 428 p.; 22 cm. ISBN: 2841911586; LCCN: 2004-429294: € 37
A political catechism for French right-wingers who need help in replying to opponents’ views. Signed entries briefly present the alleged stereotype to be opposed and then lay out a conservative response. Casually approves torture in occupied Algeria and Israel; claims to lack space to discuss the elements of l’affaire Dreyfus. Includes cross-references, an index of names, and a classed bibliography. [JKL]

Dictionnaire des écrivains contemporains de langue française par eux-mêmes. Ed. Jérôme Garcin. Paris: Mille et une nuits, c2004. 417 p.; 24 cm. ISBN: 2-8420-5742-2; LCCN: 2004-429885: € 24
An updated, expanded (100 more authors) edition of Walford7: 3/#8096. The dated entries are written as obituaries by the subjects themselves, largely established authors (note that some of the death dates are futurist fantasies). Some authors, e. g., Yves Bonnefoy, are omitted, evidently not choosing to play the game. Many articles have not been updated, though the following bibliographies have been. The index simply repeats the order of the entries. [JKL]

Dittmar, Gérald. Dictionnaire biographique illustré de la commune de Paris de 1871. Paris: Dittmar, 2004. 489p.; 25 cm. ISBN 2951919247
The author has written and published within the past two years three other works on the Paris Commune, concerning free masons, women, and Louise Michel. Standard biographical works as well as archive and primary sources undergird his effort to rehabilitate the Communards from the status of rabble-rousers conferred on them by the “official” histories of the Commune to that of decent and industrious human beings. The entries number over 400, and are brief, without references or bibliography, but often accompanied by photographs. [SFR]

Eibel, Alfred, & Monfort, Françoise. 500 façons d’éliminer son prochain: Dictionnaire des armes du crime. Paris: Hors commerce, 2004. 425 p.; 20 cm. ISBN: 2915286140: € 24
Entries name the weapon, the title and author, describe the method and give an extract from the version published in France. The motive and opportunity are up to you, dear. Cf. Perrot infra. [JKL]

Gloaguen, Philippe. Paris sportif [subtitle on cover: Loisirs et compétitions/équipements et magasins/ sélections de clubs/ amateurs ou pro]. Ed. Pierre Josse. Paris: Hachette, 2003. 359 p.; 16 cm. ISBN: 2012438768: € 7.90
Paris for jocks. Entries are arranged by sport. Includes an index of establishment names. [JKL]

Gloaguen, Philippe. Le Routard des amoureux à Paris 2004-2005 [subtitle on cover: restos intimes/ jardins secrets/ hôtels romantiques/ bancs publics]. Ed. Pierre Josse. Paris: Hachette, 2004. 287 p.; 16 cm. (Le Guide du routard) ISBN: 2012439187: € 7.90
A pocket guide to Paris for lovers, following the Routard’s format and style: where to eat, drink, sleep, etc. Indicates venues and activities for both romantics and libertines (the rubrics for the latter category are all on the Right Bank). Interesting tip: hourly rates are available only in 4-star hotels and must be reserved months in advance! Includes indices of establishments and of “culture”. [JKL]

Guide des relais routiers 2004: de bons restaurants pas chers et pour tous [cover title]. [Ed, Patrice de Saulieu]. [Paris]: M. Lafon: SEJT [Société d’exploitation des journaux techniques], [2004]. 399 p.: ill. (incl. maps); 22 cm. [ISBN : 2749900581]: € 13.00
An irregular directory of a chain of associated French restaurants catering to truck drivers. Arranged geographically, the entries offer brief descriptions with indications of menus, prices, and other services. The fore matter is in French, English, and German. Includes various practical sections, including directories of truck dealers/service agencies, as well as indices of establishments and communes. Contains display ads. The guide has lost ca. 100 pages in recent years. [JKL]

Léger-Cresson, Nathalie. Le guide Lire des ateliers d’écriture. Paris: Lire - Groupe Express, 2004. 156 p.; 23 cm. ISBN: 2843431891: € 19
A guide to writers’ workshops in France. Entries give directory information, a brief description, and fees. Includes sections on online workshops and those for children. Includes indices of workshop names and by region, as well as a 2-page bibliography. [JKL]

Leleu-Rouvray, Geneviève. Le Fil d’ariane: Bibliothèques spécialisées de Paris et de la région parisienne. Edition abrégée 2003 comprenant la mise à jour 2003 des notices complètes des bibliothèques augmentée d'un index des renvois aux intitulés et d'un index thématique. Saint-Maur-des-Fossés: G. Leleu-Rouvray, 2003. 147 p. ISBN: 2950827543: € 39.50
Abridged update of a directory of 379 “incontournable” special libraries in the Paris region noted in our Spring 1996 issue. Includes indices of library names and of specialties. [JKL]

Marchand-Grelbin, Suzanne. Paris et ses célébrités: Les à côtés de la plaque. Paris: Lettrage, 2004. 299 p.; 22 cm. ISBN: 2901952437: € 25
A popular dictionary offering commentaries on historical personages commemorated by plaques around Paris. Arranged by arrondissement, the articles offer background on the person commemorated and, for authors, an extract from his or her works. Includes indices of arrondissements and personal names. [JKL]

Melot, Michel. La Sagesse du bibliothécaire. Paris: Oeil neuf, 2004. 109 p.; 21 cm. (Sagesse d’un métier) ISBN: 2915543038: € 12
Reflections by the ci-devant director of the BPI Pompidou. From the back cover blurb: “Le bibliothécaire sait lire les livres sans les ouvrir. Son regard transperce les couvertures. Il visite la page de titre, l’auteur, les éditeurs, va directement au colophon, relève la date, le format, le nombre de pages, s’attarde sur la table des matières, vérifie s’il y a des index...” No index. [JKL]

Perrot, Raymond. Mots et clichés du roman policier. Saint-Germain-en-Laye: In octavo, 2003. 202 p.; 21 cm. ISBN: 2848780053: € 16
Devices, objects, places, themes, etc. from the detective novel, with illustrative examples (all published in France). Includes cross-references but no index other than the table of contents. Cf. Eibel and Monfort supra. [JKL]

Société d’études de la littérature francaise du XXe siècle. Colloque (3rd: 2002: École normale supérieure). La traversée des thèses: bilan de la recherche doctorale en littérature francaise du XXe siècle: actes du Colloque de la Société d’étude de la littérature francaise du XXe siècle. [sous la direction de] Didier Alexand... Paris: Presses Sorbonne nouvelle, [2004]. 254 p.: ill. ; 21 cm. ISBN: 2878542916: € 16
A survey of French theses on 20th-century French literature presented since 1990. The annexes present specific information such as statistics on subjects of theses, as well as instructions on searching theses in the SUDOC database ( [JKL]

Tingherian, Catherine. Paris tonique [subtitle on cover: Piscines, salles de sport, coachs efficaces pour retrouver corps de rêve et moral d’acier]. Paris: Parigramme, 2004. 106 p.: ill., 18 cm. (Paris est a` nous.) ISBN: 2840963035: € 6
A pocket guide to Paris for chic fitness freaks. Includes an index of establishments. [JKL]

Vincent, Marie-Christine, & Saint-Exupéry, François de. Paris vu au cinéma: Le premier guide touristique dévoilant les lieux de tournage de 300 films de référence. Ed. 2003-2004. Paris: Movie planet, 2003. 288 p.; ill: 21 cm. ISBN: 2-915243-00-X: € 15
A geographical guide to movies shot in Paris and its banlieue. Besides describing what scenes were shot in a particular place, entries provide practical information such as the nearest Métro, telephone, hours of service, and admission price, when appropriate. Includes indices of films and places. [JKL]


Bernard Bolzanos Bibliothek / im Auftrag der Österreichischen Forschungsgemeinschaft bearbeitet von Peter Michael Schenkel; Jan Berg & Edgar Morscher, Hg. Beiträge zur Bolzano-Forschung, Bd. 14-15. 1. Aufl. Sankt Augustin: Academia Verlag, 2002. 2 vols. ISBN 389665246X (Bd. 1: pbk.) € 24.50 ; 3896652478 (Bd. 2: pbk.) € 36.60
A quick glance at the classified overview of Bolzano’s library in the first volume’s table of contents reveals the wide-ranging interests of this modern Austrian philosopher, theologian, scientist, “Renaissance man.” Vol. 1 provides a classified “shelf-list” of his library, which has remained virtually intact since the time of Bolzano’s death in 1848. Personal and topical indexes are also included, referring the reader to the detailed, descriptive alphabetical catalog entries in vol. 2. [RLK]

Duden: das Synonymwörterbuch: ein Wörterbuch sinnverwandter Wörter / herausgegeben von der Dudenredaktion. Der Duden in 12 Bänden, Bd. 8. 3., völlig neu erarbeitete Aufl. Mannheim: Dudenverlag, 2004. 1104 pp. ISBN 3411040831. € 21.50.
Since its debut forty years ago under the title Duden: vergleichendes Synonymwörterbuch: sinnverwandte Wörter und Wendungen in the series Der grosse Duden, this synonym dictionary has grown by over 300 pages, now appearing in its 3rd edition within the series currently constituted as Der Duden in 12 Bänden. It now contains ca. 300,000 synonyms for 20,000 entry words. Over 200 idomatic expression “info-boxes,” highlighted clarification of current, controversial terms with their corresponding successor terms (e.g., taubstumm becomes gehörlos), and regional, stylistic and other differentiations of usage are provided. Recommended for current reference. [RLK]

Hentschel, Elke, Harald Weydt. Handbuch der deutschen Grammatik. de Gruyter Studienbuch. 3., völlig neu bearbeitete Aufl. Berlin ; New York: de Gruyter, 2003. 524 pp., illus. ISBN 3110175010. € 24.95
Expanded ed. of the title originally appearing in 1990 (2nd ed. 1994). New to this ed. are these features: a separate chapter is now devoted to word formation; a new chapter on verbal/graphic signs and the new rules of German orthography; and a new sub-section in the sentence structure chapter on complements and supplements. An analytical/theoretical rather than practice-oriented work. [RLK]

Hundhausen, Felicitas, comp. Verein Deutscher Bibliothekare, 1900-2000: Bibliographie und Dokumentation. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 2004. 541 pp. ISBN 3447048441. € 148
Comprehensive bibliography on the VDB at its 100th anniversary in 2000. In addition to providing citations to the proceedings of all the conferences and to reports emanating from or relating to them, the volume also cites publications on special topics addressed by the Association, cooperative projects and personnel. Opening chapters provide coverage of the literature on historical and organizational aspects. The closing section cites all the individual addresses at the conferences. Two indexes unlock the bibliography alternatively by names (comprehensively), and by authors, editors and compilers, while a third index links all the conference addresses systematically to classified categories. [RLK]

Jung, Rudolf. Bibliographie der Festschriften und Festschriftenbeiträge zum Buch- und Bibliothekswesen: Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz, 1976-2000. Kölner Arbeiten zum Bibliotheks- und Dokumentationswesen, Heft 27. Köln: Greven, 2002. 304 pp. ISBN 3774305811. € 21.90
2,488 analytic citations to 177 Festschriften in library science and the book arts and industry published in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The bibliography picks up where Danton’s Index to Festschriften in Librarianship, 1967-1975 (München; New York: Saur, 1979) left off. Organization of the citations, for which the table of contents provides an overview, is by topical areas, with considerable sub-differentiation of topics. Indexes are provided for authors, as well as for personal, corporate, geographic and topical subjects. [RLK]

Kümper, Hiram. Sachsenspiegel: eine Bibliographie, mit einer Einleitung, Überlieferung, Wirkung und Forschung. Nordhausen: Verlag Traugott Bautz, 2004. 120 pp. ISBN 3883091480. € 20
Continues the bibliographies on this significant 13th century source document provided in Kisch’s “Sachsenspiegel-Bibliographie” in Zeitschrift der Savigny-Stiftung für Rechtsgeschichte, Germanistische Abteilung (90: 1973), “Neue Literatur zum ‘Sachsenspiegel’: Fortführung der Bibliographie von Guido Kisch” in Ruth Schmidt-Wiegand, ed. Text, Bild, Interpretation: Untersuchungen zu den Bilderhandschriften des Sachsenspiegels (1986, p. 20) and Oppitz’s “Ergänzungen zu Guido Kischs Sachsenspiegelbibliographie” in Deutsche Rechtsbücher des Mittelalters. (1990, vol. 1, p. 87-94). Kümper brings the research up to date and fills in some older gaps while not claiming comprehensiveness. [RLK]

Langenscheidt Taschenwörterbuch Deutsch als Fremdsprache: das einsprachige Lernerwörterbuch für Einsteiger / Herausgeber, Dieter Götz, Hans Wellmann, in Zusammenarbeit mit der Langenscheidt-Redaktion. Berlin; New York: Langenscheidt, 2003. 539 pp., illus. (some col.). ISBN 3468490283. € 12.95
“Völlige Neuentwicklung.” All-German dictionary for those learning German as a foreign language. The vocabulary is aimed at candidates for the ”Zertifikat Deutsch” (German language competency certificate), and all entry terms are clearly set out in blue. Many illustrations, including 12 full-page color illustrations with vocabulary identification, add to an overall pleasant presentation with stay-open flexible/hardback binding. Ample usage examples, including colloquial practice from all German-speaking countries. [RLK]

Lehmann, Hans-Thies and Patrick Primavesi, eds. Heiner Müller Handbuch: Leben, Werk, Wirkung. Stuttgart: Metzler, 2003. 525 p. ISBN 3476018075. € 49.95
Taking its place alongside numerous recently published Metzler handbooks on German literary and intellectual figures (Bachmann, Heidegger, Hölderlin, Mörike, Nietzsche, Lessing, Hegel, Brecht), the present work similarly provides a comprehensive representation of its subject, in this case of a significant contemporary German dramatist. Sections focus on biography, overarching thematic elements, Müller’s work in the context of German and world literature, analyses of individual plays, other literary works, and Müller’s international reception. Signed articles by 59 scholars. An appendix includes a chronology, production-related information, a general bibliography (in addition to those within each article) and indexes for names, works and topics. [RLK]

Paulus, Julian, Robert Seidel. Opitz-Bibliographie, 1800-2002. Heidelberg: Palatina, 2003. 169 pp. ISBN 3932608038. € 44
A combined primary-secondary bibliography of 777 citations, chronologically arranged, with indexes for authors, editors, other persons, works and topics. Complements but is not linked to Klaus Garber’s Martin Opitz, “der Vater der deutschen Dichtung”: eine kritische Studie zur Wissenschaftsgeschichte der Germanistik (Stuttgart: Metzler, 1976) [RLK]

Synoptische Konkordanz zu Franz Kafkas nachgelassenen Schriften und Fragmenten / bearbeitet von Ralf Becker, Heinrich P. Delfosse und Tina Koch, in Zusammenarabeit mit Karl Jürgen Skrodzki und Michael Trauth. Indices zur deutschen Literatur, 36-38.
3 vols. Tübingen: Niemeyer, 2003. ISBN 3484380365. € 372
Complementing Delfosse’s and Skrodzki’s Synoptische Konkordanz zu Franz Kafkas Romanen (Tübingen: Niemeyer, 1993), the present work treats the posthumous works and fragments. Textual references are to Kafka’s Nachgelassene Schriften und Fragmente (I and II), “kritische Ausg.” (Frankfurt am Main: S. Fischer, 1992-1993). Indispensable for the Kafka researcher. [RLK]

Thüngen, Lutz, Freiherr von. Das Namenbuch: Nachschlagewerk der Namenkunde, Sinn und Herkunft von Vor- und Stammesnamen. Aschaffenburg: Eduard Krem-Bardischewski Verlag, 2003. 1359 pp. ISBN 3929167212. € 69.50.
An interesting “key” to 15,500 forenames. Each name is indexed to one or more topical or place-focused chapters to which it is related (e.g., Hildegard to Allemanisches and Kampf). Within the chapter entries, the reader is again pointed to other chapters with further information, as well as to genealogical works referenced in the bibliography. Access is thus provided either from names (via the index) or from topics and places (via the chapter headings). One can find out which names are associated with certain places or qualities. There is also a keyword index to chapter titles and sections (e.g., Brand, siehe Kapitel “Schwert”; brand- ). [RLK]


Bibliografia da História do Livro em Portugal: seculos XV a XIX. Ed, Diogo Ramada Curto. Lisboa: Biblioteca Nacional, 2003. 213 p.; 24 cm. (Colecções Biblioteca nacional) ISBN 9725653343: $24
A classed, unannotated bibliography of 1395 books, chapters, and articles on the history of the book in modern Portugal. Includes indices of authors and titles, and subjects, the latter reproducing the order of the entries, thus redundant with the table of contents. To be reviewed in RRE? [JKL]

Cátedra, Pedro M., & Rojo, Anastasio. Bibliotecas y lecturas de mujeres: siglo XVI. [Salamanca]: Instituto de Historia del Libro y de la Lectura, c2004. 461 p., pl. [12] p.; 24 cm. (Instituto de Historia del Libro y de la Lectura. Serie Maior; 2.) ISBN: 8493350400: € 49.30
After a lengthy study of female books, libraries, and readership in 16th-century Spain, the authors present 278 sourced and dated inventories of books owned by women. Includes a 22-page bibliography and an index of personal names. [JKL]

Checa Godoy, Antonio. Fuentes sobre radio: un siglo de bibliografía internacional. Sevilla: Mergablum. Edición y Comunicación, 2003. 302 p.; 21 cm. ISBN: 8495118939: € 16.49
After a brief history of radio, a classed, unannotated international bibliography of books, articles, films, and television programs on radio. Includes a 15-page list of relevant web sites and a 31-page list of periodicals. No index. [JKL]

Costa, José Ricardo Marques da. O livro dos provérbios portugueses. 2a. ed. Lisboa: Editorial Presença, 2004. 925 p.; 26 cm. LCCN: 00-277786; ISBN: 9722324101: $65
A considerably augmented edition (with the same ISBN) of a collection of Portuguese proverbs. The 34,000 entries are arranged first in alphabetical, then thematic order. Includes a subject index, a list of unclassed proverbs, a glossary, a list of saints’ days and other festivals, and a 1-page bibliography. [JKL]

Cuevas Morales, Silvia. De la “A” a la “Z”: diccionario universal bio-bibliográfico de autoras que escriben en castellano: siglo XX. Madrid: Kira Edit; Madrid: Aconcagua Publishing, 2003. 445 p.: ill.; 23 cm. ISBN: 8492331194: € 36.62
Bio-bibliographies of more than 800 20th-century women authors who write in Castilian. The linguistic restriction to only one of the languages of Spain excludes influential writers such as Mercè Rodoreda. Includes a 2-page general bibliography and an index by country of origin. To be reviewed in RRE. [JKL]

Desportos & Letras: Exposição bibliográfica 3 de Junho-4 de Setembro. Lisboa: Biblioteca Nacional, 2004. 299 p.; ill.: 24 cm. (Colecções Biblioteca nacional) ISBN 9725653815: $28
On the occasion of the European Cup, the catalog of an exhibit of 1246 manuscripts, books (classed by genre), periodicals, and graphic objects, and one musical score on sports, focusing on soccer. Includes indices of personal and corporate names, and of sports. [JKL]

Diccionari d'historiografia catalana. Diccionaris de l'Enciclopèdia. Ed. Antoni Simon i Tarrés. Barcelona : Enciclopèdia Catalana, 2003. 1222 p.; 25 cm. ISBN 8441209073 € 112.85
Asserting a need both scientific and national, this dictionary documents Catalan historiography, too long marginalized, and connects it to the Western tradition. Over 2,000 signed entries present historiography in the broadest possible way; they treat authors, historiographical trends and schools, major libraries and archives, academic institutions and centers of local studies, major works and periodicals, and more. Many entries contain cross-references, bibliographies, and suggested readings. There is a classified list of entries. Especially useful are treatments of library and archival collections and historical themes. [SFR]

Diccionario de autores y obras andalusíes; Tomo I: A-Ibn B. Ed. Jorge Lirola Delgado, José Miguel Puerta Vílchez. [Seville, Spain]: Junta de Andalucía, Consejería de Cultura; Granada [Spain]: Fundación El Legado Andalusí, [2002?]- v. <1>: col. ill.; 27 cm. (Enciclopedia de al-Andalus.) ISBN: 8493205168 (v. 1) LCCN: 2003-379341: € 127.72
Signed scholarly bio-bibliographies of Arabic-speaking authors born or active in Islamic Spain, 711-1492. Considerable attention is paid to name authority. A typical entry ends with primary, secondary, and tertiary bibliographies. Includes a 13-page general bibliography of sources. Each volume will include cumulative indices of authors’ names, titles of works, places, and subjects. Discouragingly, the publisher’s web site ( announces that this volume “will appear” at the beginning of 2002. To be reviewed in RRE. [JKL]

Dicionário Verbo Oxford: inglês-português. 2a. ed. [Lisboa]: Verbo, 2003. 787 p.; 24 cm. ISBN: 9722218530: $55
A major English-Portuguese dictionary not found in OCLC or RLIN in August 2004. Entries provide phonetic transcription, geographical area of usage, grammatical category, semantic field, level of usage, translations, illustrative examples, idiomatic phrases, and cross-references. Includes an annex on English grammar and lexical notes by category,
e.g., color. Same ISBN as the 703-page 1st edition (1997). [JKL]

Dicionário Verbo: português-inglês. [Ed. João Malaca Casteleiro and António Maduro Colaça]. [Lisboa]: Verbo, 2000. xv, 1130 p.; 24 cm. ISBN: 9722220209: $60
A major Portuguese-English dictionary not found in OCLC or RLIN in August 2004. Entries provide phonetic transcription, geographical area of usage, grammatical category, semantic field, level of usage, translations, illustrative examples, idiomatic phrases, and cross-references. [JKL]

Léxico hispánico primitivo (siglos VIII al XII): version primera del “Glosario del primitivo léxico iberorromanico”. Ed. Manuel Seco; proyectado y dirigido inicialmente por Ramón Menéndez Pidal; redactado por Rafael Lapesa; con la colaboración de Constantino García. [Madrid, Spain]: Fundación Ramón Menéndez Pidal: Real Academia Española, c2003. xlvi, 667 p.; 26 cm. ISBN: 8467010541 LCCN: 2004-372711: € 43.25
Finally, the publication of a major historical lexicon of early Ibero-Romance terms in the works since 1926. Entries offer meanings and quote dated sources. Includes cross-references and a 13-page bibliography. To be reviewed in RRE. [JKL]

Libro blanco de la prensa diaria [subtitle on cover: Estudios sobre los medios de prensa escrita desde las ópticas empresariales, technológicas, legales, éticas y de contenidos]. Madrid: Asociación de Editores de Diarios Españoles, [2004]. 393 p.: col. ill.; 24 cm. ISBN: 8460799948; LCCN: 2004-428058: € 61.43
A statistical survey of different aspects of the Spanish press, with many tables and charts. Includes a section on the digital press and detailed organizational charts of the major publishing groups. Some sections include bibliographies. Includes color advertisements; no index. [JKL]

Martínez de Sousa, José. Ortografía y ortotipografía del español actual. Somonte-Cenero, Gijón: Ediciones Trea, 2004. 678 p.: ill. ; 24 cm. (Biblioteconomía y administración cultural; 95) . ISBN: 849704083X: € 54.93
A rigorously organized spelling and printing style guide for contemporary Castilian. Includes a 22-page bibliography and detailed subject index. [JKL]

Ruiz Pérez, Pedro. Manual de estudios literarios de los siglos de oro. Madrid: Editorial Castalia, [2003]. 478 p.; 25 cm. (Castalia universidad; ; 2.) ISBN: 8497400879: € 39.97
A thorough survey of Golden Age literature and its context. Each chapter ends with a selective bibliography. Includes indices of concepts and of authors and anonymous works. [JKL]


Ape sebezia: giornale scientifico letterario: indici 1824-1827. a cura di Pina Basile. Salerno: Edisud, [2003]. 194 p.; 21 cm. (Quaderni del Dipartimento di letteratura, arte, spettacolo Università degli studi di Salerno; 5) € 10
Tables of contents with abstracts of a minor short-lived 19th-century Neapolitan literary journal. Only 4 or 5 copies of the review were found through the Metaopac, with no holdings shown; the introduction lists other copies in Naples and Rome. Includes indices of places, personal names, and subjects. Other titles in the series index other journals from the same time and place. [JKL]

Barbiero, Emiliano. Omonimie italiane: parole che in italiano si scrivono nello stesso modo ma che hanno diverso significato e spesso si pronunciano diversamente. 5. ed. riv. e aggiornata. Vicenza: LIEF, 2003. xiv, 511 p.; 24 cm. No ISBN: € 22
An alphabetical list of Italian homographs, with some obvious morphological and semantic exclusions. Previous editions not seen. [JKL]

Barella Sciolette, Anna. L’Italiese: dizionario delle parole straniere nella lingua italiana. Modena: Logos, 2002. 192 p.: ill.; 21 cm. ISBN: 887940203X: € 12.95
A popular dictionary of foreign terms used in contemporary Italian. Entries provide only equivalencies or brief explanations without sources. Includes an index of terms by language of origin and a one-page bibliography. [JKL]

Bibliografia romana 1989-1998. Città di Castello (Perugia): Edimond, 2004. Ricerche, fonti e testi per la storia di Roma; 1. xli, 536 p.; 25 cm. ISBN 885001800 €66.
A project of the Centro di Ateneo per lo studio di Roma, this work takes advantage of numerous Roman bibliographical precedents, all well described in the introduction, as well as of bibliographies of other major cities. It focuses on recent works about Rome during the fifteen centuries from the beginning of the Middle Ages to the present. Active collaboration with cultural institutions produced over 10,000 entries drawn from library catalogues, databases, and over 140 periodicals from many disciplines; all sources are listed in an index. Entries are arranged in nine subject categories (e.g., territory and environment, cultural life and education). Indexes of personal names, corporate bodies, monuments and place-names, and nouns conclude the volume, which is also available on CD-ROM. [SFR]

Castoldi, Massimo. Parole per ricordare: dizionario della memoria collettiva, usi evocativi, allusivi, metonimici e antonomastici della lingua italiana. Bologna: Zanichelli, c2003. 433 p.; 25 cm. ISBN: 8808088782; LCCN: 2004-397217: € 30
A “Dictionary of catchwords and phrases recalling Italian events, episodes and personalities of note” [Casalini blurb]. Entries give brief historical explanations of terms. Includes cross-references; no bibliography or index. [JKL]

Catalogo delle riviste studentesche . La classe politica; 2. Ed. Nora De Giacomo, Giovanni Orsina, Gaetano Quagliariello. Manduria (Taranto) [etc.] : Piero Lacaita, 1999. 845 p. ; 22 cm. ISBN 888728024X LIT 40000
Cataloguing over 500 items, this work is the first to take a census of university student journals, reviews, and single items from the period between Unity and 1968. Essays present and analyze the publications of seven chronological periods. Entries list major contributors and principal themes treated as well as bibliographic information and holding libraries. Indexes treat names as well as periodicals by name and place of publication. [SFR]

Cesaro, Marco. Italian film show: guida ai festival del cinema italiani. Faenza (Ravenna): Cinetecnica, 2004. 249 p.: ill.; 21 cm. ISBN: 8887457549: € 20
A directory of 167 Italian film festivals arranged alphabetically by the name of the festival. Entries indicate the organizing body, director, category, format, address (postal and e-mail), telephone, fax, and URL; more important fesitvals also have expository descriptions. No index. [JKL]

Cinquant'anni di attività editoriale: le pubblicazioni dell'amministrazione archivistica (1951-2000). Ed. Antonio Dentoni-Litta et al. Roma : Ministero per i beni e le attività culturali, Direzione generale per gli archivi, 2003. xxxviii, 491 p.; 28 cm. ISBN 8871252438 € 38.80
This excellent research tool catalogs the publications of the Italian Archival Administration, edited by both the central and regional branches starting in 1951. This date marks the beginning of a coordinated and continuous editing program. In two parts, the work opens with the publications or the Direzione generale per gli archivi, organized by collections, which include inventories of the archivi di stato and of smaller collections, conference proceedings, editions of sources, studies, thematic issues of official periodical, etc. The second section lists by province the publications of its archival entities. An appendix brings these up to date to 2002; indexes treat names, corporate bodies, places, subjects, and collections of the state archives. [SFR]

De Giovanni, Neria. E dicono che siamo poche...: scrittrici italiane dell'ultimo Novecento. Ed. Giacomo F. Rech. Roma: Dipartimento per l'informazione e l’editoria: Istituto poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato [for the Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri/Commissione Nazionale per la Parità e le Pari Opportunità tra Uomo e Donna], 2003. 498 p.: col. ill.; 24 cm. (Quaderni rosa) ISBN 8824034624: € 35.00
Bio-bibliographies, an anthology, and color photographs of 20th-century Italian women writers. Includes a 3-page “Bibliografia essenziale” and a list of publications of the Commissione Nazionale per la Parità e le Pari Opportunità tra Uomo e Donna (not all of them in OCLC or RLIN). No index (only some of the bio-bibliographies are in alphabetical order—and by forename at that). [JKL]

D’Eugenio, Antonio. Lessico erotico inglese-italiano [v. 2 subtitle: La Reggia dell’amore]. Bari: Levante, 2002-2004. 2 v. (392, 480 p.): ill. (some col.); 24 cm. (Femio; 8, 11.) ISBN: 8879492748; LCCN: 2004-371187: € 66
A classed, fairly scholarly glossary of American English sexual terms and slang with humorous cartoons and jokes in insets. Entries indicate if terms are slang, and offer the Italian equivalent, the standard English term, variant phrases and definitions, and sourced quotations. Volume 1 is devoted to the masculine and volume 2 to the feminine. Each volume includes 14-page bibliographies, cross-references, and indices of terms and of illustrations. [JKL]

Dizionario biografico degli anarchici italiani. Vol.1 (A-G). Ed. Maurizio Antonioli et al.
Pisa: Biblioteca Franco Serantini, 2003-. 790 p.; 25 cm. ISBN 8886389868 €80
The fruit of thirty years of progress in the historiography of anarchism, this first volume of a multi-volume biographical dictionary contains over 2,000 brief biographies of famous as well as obscure local anarchists, entire family groups (the Fabbri), volunteers in the Spanish Civil War, journalists, syndicalists, and guerrilla fighters, among others. Each of the substantial entries is signed and cites sources and includes bibliographical references. There is a small section of interesting photographs.

Editori italiani dell’Ottocento: repertorio. Ed. Ada Gigli Marchetti ... [et al.]; in collaborazione con la Fondazione Arnoldo e Alberto Mondadori; coordinamento redazionale: Patrizia Landi. Milano: F. Angeli, c2004. 2 v. (1525 p.); 23 cm. (Studi e ricerche di storia dell'editoria; 22.) ISBN: 8846453131; LCCN: 2004-397472: € 90
A catalog of 19th-century Italian publishers. Signed entries indicate place, dates of activity, variant corporate names, ownership, character of publishing, as well as sources and bibliography. In an appendix are entered publishers in areas no longer part of Italy, viz., Ticino, Dalmatia, and Istria. Includes a 60-page bibliography and indices of places arranged by province (preceded by an index showing towns’ provinces) and of personal and corporate names. [JKL]

Ferretti, Gian Carlo. Storia dell’editoria letteraria in Italia: 1945-2003. Torino: Einaudi, 2004. xiv, 517 p.; 20 cm. (Piccola biblioteca Einaudi. Nuova serie; 247) ISBN: 8806157361: € 22
A scholarly history of literary publishing in Italy in the late 20th century, ending with the l’universo multimediale. Includes a 20-page bibliography and indices of publishers and publishers series, works, newspapers and periodicals, and personal names. [JKL]

Fumi, Giampiero. Fonti per la storia dell'agricoltura italiana, 1800-1849 : saggio bibliografico. Milan: Vita e pensiero università, 2003. lxiii, 548 p., [4] leaves of plates : ill. ; 22 cm. ISBN 8834310438 €
This volume is the third in a series devoted to a survey of the literature of Italian agronomy. The 19th century development of knowledge and practice fostered the growth of academic and agrarian societies, technical instruction, and a specialized press. The Introduction describes at length this literature and is accompanied by a bibliography, a table of the numerical distribution of titles by subject across the five decades in question, and a comparison of two repertories of the works of Agostino Basso. The bulk of the work is a chronological inventory. There are indexes of subjects, authors, and imprints.

Giovannini, Fabio, & Tentori, Antonio. Porn’Italia: [subtitle on cover: il cinema erotico italiano]. Viterbo: Stampa alternativa/ Nuovi equilibri, 2004. 221 p.; 17 cm. (Eretica.) ISBN: 8872267897: € 10
Preceded by an historical survey of Italian erotic cinema, with individual chapters devoted to major directors, we find very brief bio-filmographies of leading “interpreters”, extracts of their memoirs and reflections, and a catalog of 20 masterpieces. Not illustrated. No index. [JKL]

La letteratura italiana: aggiornamento storiografico e bibliografico. Ed. Elena Landoni. Genova: Marietti 1820, 2003. 242 p.; 21 cm. (Istruzione e cultura; 3.) ISBN: 8821178722: € 16
A scholarly survey of Italian literature followed by signed present-state studies on early Italian literature, Dante, Petrarch, Tasso, Marino, Goldoni, Manzoni, Leopardi, and the 20th century. Bibliographic citations are embedded in the text; no index. [JKL]

Lexicon recentis latinitatis: volumen 1. et 2. editum cura Operis fundati cui nomen Latinitas. Urbe Vaticana: Libraria Editoria Vaticana, 2003. 728 p.; 25 cm. ISBN: 8820974541: € 110
An Italian-Latin glossary for recent terminology, reprinted from the first edition in 2 volumes (1992-1997). Entries show the Latin neologism, its part of speech and morphology, similar usage in classical and medieval authors, synonyms, and cross references. Includes an 8-page bibliography of sources. [JKL]

Pergolari, Andrea. Dizionario dei protagonisti del cinema comico e della commedia italiana. [Italy]: Un mondo a parte, [2003]. 415 p.: ill.; 24 cm. ISBN: 8890062932: € 29
Brief bio-filmographies, usually with head shots, of cast and [some] crew members of Italian film comedies, including soft-core, but not hard-core erotic films. Contains a one-page bibliography and an index of roles, e. g, registi. [JKL]

Rinaldi, Athos. Abbecedario del cinema: guida essenziale alla bibliografia cinematografica tematica e monografica. Livorno: Belforte cultura, 2004. 382 p.: ill.; 24 cm. (I 400 colpi; 1.) ISBN: 8889183004: EUR24.
A selective, unannotated, subject bibliography of Italian books and articles on cinema. After a topical section, typically “cinema &...”, comes a “Bibliografia monografica” that covers persons, mainly actors and directors. Two indices reproduce the order in which the sections are arranged. [JKL]

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