General Membership Meeting Minutes

Jim Niessen, Secretary

WESS Newsletter
Fall 2004
Vol. 28, no. 1

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WESS General Membership Meeting
Wyndham Magnolia Room, Orlando
Monday, June 28, 2004 10:30 AM

(Attending: Andy Alferovs, Frances Ott Allen, Gordon Anderson, Anne Barnhart, Helene Baumann, Nancy Boerner, Yvonne Boyer, James Burgett, Paula Carns, Sam Dunlap, Nancy DuPree, Michelle Emanuel, Dick Hacken, Hank Harken, Jerry Heverly, Tom Izbicki, Ineke de Jong, Sean Knowlton, Dennis Lambert, David Lincove, Thea Lindquist, Eudora Loh, Rebecca Malek-Wiley, Mike Markiw, Jon Marner, Shawn Martin, Candace Miller, Jim Niessen (recorder), Heleni Pedersoli, Kati Radics (substitute chair), Bryan Skib, Ann Snoeyenbos, Emily Stambaugh, Heather Ward, Paul Vermouth)

1. Substitute Chair

In the absence of Beth Remak-Honnef, WESS Chair Kati Radics chaired the Membership Meeting.

2. Reports of WESS Committees

3. Other Reports

Gordon Anderson reported on current plans for the Frankfurt Book Fair, which will take place on October 6-10. Dr. Andreas Werner has organized a preconference for October 4-5, to be chaired by Jeff Garrett. The Arab World is the fair’s honored guest this year, and we hope that ACRL will once again offer as many as four travel stipends. Plans are being made for staying in Gelnhausen. It was suggested that we ask ACRL-AAMES (the African, Asian, & Middle Eastern Section) to help invite applications for stipends. The WESS Executive Committee will solicit and judge applications for stipends.

Kati Radics thanked the attendees for a good year and for coming to Orlando.

Respectfully Submitted,
Jim Niessen, WESS Secretary 2003-2004

Editor: Sarah G. Wenzel

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