Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

(revised March 2004)

WESS Newsletter
Fall 2004
Vol. 28, no. 1

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WESS Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
ALA Annual Conference 2003, Toronto
Metro Toronto Convention Centre 202D
June 24, 2003
Revised by Candace Miller

Gordon Anderson called the meeting to order at 9:35 am.

Attending: John Cullars, Rebecca Malek-Wiley, Sharon Brown, Jeffry Larson, Sarah G. Wenzel, Bryan Skib, Gordon Anderson, Kati Radics, Louis Reith and Candace Miller. ACRL guests: Theresa Byrd, Mary Jane Petrowski, Pam Snelson

Minutes from the Midwinter Executive Committee Meeting

The Committee reviewed these minutes from the ALA Midwinter Conference in January 2003 and noted several errors in the minutes. The WESS secretary, Candace Miller, agreed to make the recommended corrections to the minutes.

Briefings from ACRL Representatives

Theresa Byrd, the ACRL Board’s liaison to WESS, discussed upcoming ALA initiatives and answered some of our earlier questions about ACRL policies, for instance, our questions about virtual meetings. Theresa explained that ALA requires organizations to post notice at least 2 weeks in advance of a synchronous virtual meeting. In addition, the meeting minutes must be posted to the ALA web site within 30 days. Asynchronous virtual meetings have different guidelines. ALA requires that a group’s members take a vote on all action items discussed during an asynchronous virtual meeting at the next conference. Theresa also shared the following information:

ALA has established a Virtual Meeting Task Force and will present recommendations to the ACRL Board. Send all questions and comments for the Task Force to Deborah Dancik at deborah.dancik@ualberta.ca.

Keith Fiels is heading a group that will fix the ALA web site’s problems. Among the questions the group will consider are: Who are the web site’s primary users? Is it for ALA members only or also for outsiders?

ACRL is launching a members-only web site that will include ACRL Board documents. Theresa doesn’t know if the log-in for sections currently works.

The U.S. Department of Education is proposing to privatize ERIC (Education Resources Information Clearinghouse). The ACRL Education and Behavioral Sciences Section (EBSS) is campaigning to make sure vital ERIC feature and services would not be not lost in the process.

GPO plans a broad reorganization that will allow private printers to deal directly with government agencies. GPO also plans to increase the percentage of its documents that are only available in electronic formats. GODORT is concerned that GPO has not made arrangements to archive these electronic documents and is closely following this issue.

The ACRL Board has set up a task force to look at sections funding. A section can currently spend up to $500 for programs. ACRL is facing a nearly $450,000 budget deficit this year and will face a $300,000 budget deficit in fiscal year 2003-04. The decline in advertising income is a factor in the budget shortfall.

ACRL will carry out strategic planning during the next eight or nine months. Paul Meyer welcomes member input. Contact him at pmeyer@tecker.com. Include “ACRL Strategic Plan” in the subject line. All comments are confidential.

The 2005 ACRL Conference in Minneapolis will have as its theme: “Currents and Convergence: Navigating the Rivers of Change.” They would like a diverse range of programs, and Theresa urges WESS members to submit proposals.

ACRL is doing webcasts now and has six available programs. They are also putting together a recruiting video WESS could use. ACRL is also sponsoring more marketing programs.

This is Theresa’s last meeting with WESS as our ACRL liaison. Pam Snelson from Franklin & Marshall College will be our new liaison to the ACRL Board.

Mary Jane Petrowski asked about of this year’s WESS cruise. Exec members responded that it was a great success. Helene Baumann has volunteered to maintain the WESS cruise archive. Please send her photos from this year’s cruise.

Other ACRL news from members

Some Committee members asked about ACRL’s policy regarding paying honoraria for librarian speakers at section programs at ALA annual conferences, particularly when the section has secured outside funding for these speakers. Gordon Anderson suggested that he, Kati and Sharon discuss this matter further with ACRL.

Other Announcements

Sharon Brown recorded the WESS program at this year’s conference. Mary Jane will try to have it put into an audio web cast.

Gordon thanked Sharon for her enormous efforts in leading the 2003 WESS Program Committee, particularly in the face of the special obstacles at this year’s ALA conference.

Requested approval of changes to the WESS Manual

The Executive Committee approved John Cullars’ proposed changes to the WESS Manual and thanked him for his hard work. Gordon will arrange for the changes to be made in the WESS Manual on WESS Web.

Frankfurt Book Fair Plans

Gordon Anderson announced that the Frankfurt Book Fair will take place from October 8-13. The ACRL booth must stay up during the entire fair. We’ve submitted our proposal to ACRL for the exhibit at the International Librarians Center (formerly ICICOM/IBLC). ACRL will provide money for booth expenses and for stipends to support booth staff members’ travel to Frankfurt. Russia will be the guest country this year, and Gordon expects that SEES (Slavic and East European Section) members will be very interested in attending. He would like to see ACRL take a more prominent role in staffing the Book Fair exhibit.

Bryan Skib noted that August 1, 2003 is the deadline for ACRL Frankfurt travel stipend applications and August 15 is the deadline for Nedbook Northwest Europe Book Fair travel stipend applications and suggested that the deadlines be the same. The WESS Executive Committee will handle the applications for the ACRL Frankfurt grants; a smaller subcommittee will handle the applications for the Nedbook grants. Sarah Wenzel suggested that we designate one Executive Committee member to receive the applications and that applicants be required to submit their applications by email. The Committee agreed to these suggestions. Kati Radics agreed to receive the Frankfurt applications.

Old Business/Other Business

Sarah suggested the Executive Committee approve WESS meeting minutes before they are published in the newsletter.

Jeffry Larson shared the following information about the WESS 2004 European Conference in Paris: The early bird registration fee is $275. The advanced registration fee is $325 and the deadline is December 1, 2003. Daily registration will cost $175. The hotel registration deadline is December 22, 2003. The Paris Conference Committee is making good progress in their planning and has met their fund raising goal. The Bibliothèque Nationale de France will help them find speakers. The Executive Committee extended its thanks to the Paris Conference Committee for their hard work.

Sarah Wenzel shared a letter from the Association des Bibliothécaires Françaises (ABF) that states their support for American librarians in their fight against the Patriot Act’s perceived encroachments on the privacy of library records. The Executive Committee approved a motion to send the ABF a written thank-you letter for their support. Jeffry Larson agreed to write the letter.

Rebecca Malek-Wiley asked the Executive Committee to consider simplifying the WESS Directory. The Committee passed a motion that authorized the Publications Committee to do so.

Jeffry Larson reported that the Paris Conference is stressing our vendors’ capacity to contribute to other WESS activities. For instance, we could use additional vendor support for the WESS Newsletter. The Executive Committee agreed that this was an area of concern but not a motion item at this time.

Announcement of new officers

The recently elected WESS officers are: Tom Izbicki – Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect; Jim Niessen – Secretary; Beth Remak-Honnef – Member-at-Large.

The meeting adjourned at 11:55 am

Editor: Sarah G. Wenzel

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