From the Chair

By Tom Izbicki

WESS Newsletter
Fall 2004
Vol. 28, no. 1

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This year saw a singularly successful WESS conference in Paris. We are faced now with the challenge of building on our success. Most immediately, we need to work toward publication of the papers. In the longer range, we have the possibility of another conference in Europe in 5 to 7 years. Moreover, Tom Kilton is spearheading an inquiry into the possibility of a French American Resources Project. All of these efforts will benefit not just WESS but the entire profession.

Equally important is the effort to recruit new librarians with knowledge of Europe and its cultures. WESS has created a Committee on Recruitment to the Profession. Jerry Heverley is the chair of this new committee. It will meet for the first time formally in Boston at ALA Midwinter. Look for more news of this effort in the Newsletter as it progresses.

Editor: Sarah G. Wenzel

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