Membership Meeting Minutes

Submitted by Candace Miller

WESS Newsletter
Fall 2003

Vol. 27, no. 1

Editor: Sarah G. Wenzel

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The West European Studies Section General Membership Meeting took place at the Delta Chelsea Hotel during the ALA General Conference. Bryan Skib, Member at Large, called the meeting to order at 8:35 A.M.

Reports from WESS discussion groups were the first order of business.

John Marner reported for the Cataloging Discussion Group. During their meeting, they discussed how to recruit people with foreign language skills into the profession. They also elected Tom Edlin as their new chairperson.

Charlene Kelsey reported for the Classics, Medieval and Renaissance Discussion Group. They discussed the L’Année Philologique database during their meeting.

Hank Harken reported for the College & Medium-Sized Libraries Discussion Group. Sales representatives from Touzot attended their meeting to discuss approval plan options.

Helene Baumann and Rebecca Malek-Wiley reported for the Germanists Discussion Group. They held their meeting at the Goethe Institute’s Toronto branch. The branch director, Ulla Habekost, talked about their history and activities. Dr. Mark Grzeskowiak from the University of Toronto gave a presentation on early German settlers in Toronto. James Burgett is the new Germanists Discussion Group chairperson.

Gail Hueting reported for the Scandinavian Discussion Group. They discussed the effect that Nijhoff’s takeover could have on approval plans. Gordon Anderson is their new chairperson.

Rebecca Malek-Wiley reported for the Social Sciences Discussion Group. They are still looking for a new chairperson and welcome interested volunteers.

Sebastian Hierl reported for the Special Topics Committee. They opened their meeting with an overview of the Romany Studies page at`hierl/wess/Romani_Studies_Links.html. Their guest speaker, Ronald Lee, Director of the Roma Community & Advisory Centre in Toronto, talked about Romany culture and equity issues.

Committee reports were the next order of business.

Andrejs Alferov from Coutts presented the Coutts-Nijhoff award. Last year’s winner, Jim Niessen, gave a presentation on German language materials acquisition in Hungary’s three largest libraries. Gordon Anderson announced that this year’s Coutts-Nijhoff winner is Mike Olsen from Harvard University. Mike’s report, “Two Libraries, Two Peoples: The Deutsch Bibliotek and Staatsbibliotek,” explores how libraries in the former Federal German Republic and German Democratic Republic have evolved since German Reunification.

Thea Lindquist reported for the Membership Committee. They would like to pursue cooperative mentoring activities with other groups like the New Members Roundtable. Next summer, WESS will skip our traditional boat cruise at ALA; instead the Membership Committee will organize a less-expensive social event. They are considering a cocktail party but welcome other ideas from WESS members.

Richard Hacken reported for the Nominating Committee. He thanked those who ran for WESS office in recent elections: Sam Dunlap and Tom Izbicki for Vice-Chair/Chair-elect, Adan Griego and Jim Niessen for Secretary and Beth Remak-Honnef for Member-at-Large. After a very close election, the winners were Tom Izbicki for Vice-chair/Chair-elect, Jim Niessen for Secretary, and Beth Remak-Honnef for Member-at-Large. He also thanked other Nominating Committee members for their help. They recommend that at least one member of each year’s Nominating Committee stay on for the following year in order to insure continuity of information about those seeking office.

Rebecca Malek-Wiley reported for the Publications Committee. The WESS newsletter deadline is September 15. Sarah Wenzel, newsletter editor, is soliciting articles for the next issue. Rheinhart Sonnenburg asked WESS members to contribute resources in their subject areas to WESSWeb. Contact Rheinhart or the appropriate sub-editor. Marianna McKim is turning over responsibility for the Scandinavian web page to Dick Hacken. Dick is still sub-editor for Iberia in general. Emily Stambaugh is the new sub-editor for Iberian libraries and librarianship and Iberian publishing. People should contact Beau Case for copies of the WESS brochure. Members are urged to check the WESS Directory to insure their information is up-to-date. The Publications Committee is revising the WESS Directory form and will ask the Executive Committee for permission to do so.

Fred Jenkins reported for the Research & Planning Committee. James Simon discussed the Recruitment Sub-Committee’s possible future plans. Helene Pedersoli reported on possible internships and exchanges.

Sarah Wenzel reported for the 2004 Paris Conference Planning Committee. They’ve met their initial fund raising goal; have reserved meeting space and hotel rooms. The deadline for papers was August 1, 2003. The Committee will distribute a registration flyer at the end of the year.

Laura Dale Bischof reported for the 2004 Conference Planning Committee. The program theme is “Scholarly Communication in Europe.” The committee has already confirmed one speaker, David Prosser from SPARC Europe. Their funding situation looks good. The German Book Office has expressed interest in helping financially and with locating speakers.

Updates, issues and matters arising comprised the final order of business.

Gordon Anderson reported on the upcoming Frankfurt Book Fair. It will take place from October 8 through October 13. Russia is the guest country and Vladimir Putin may open the General Session. ACRL will have a booth at the book fair and has put aside four stipends worth $500 each to help fund ACRL members who wish to attend. Willem-Jan Hooijmans from Nedbook announced that his company is launching the Nedbook Northwest Europe Award. Nedbook will award three stipends worth $1,000 each to fund travel to European book fairs. Prospective applicants can find information about both stipends at the WESS web site.

The meeting adjourned at 9:35.

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