WESS Executive Committee Meeting

Annual Conference 2002, Atlanta

Marriott Marquis Z Chablis/Picard

WESS Newsletter

Fall 2002, Vol. 26, no. 1

Association of College & Research Libraries
American Library Association

Barbara Walden, Chair; Gordon Anderson, John Cullars, Sam Dunlap, Jeff Garrett, Dick Hacken, Tom Izbicki, Jeffry Larson, Thea Lindquist, Kati Radics, Louis Reith, Bryan Skib, Bruce Swann, Sarah Wenzel; guests: Theresa Byrd, Marilen Daum, Richard Hardesty, Mary Jane Petrowski.

Walden called the meeting to order at 9:35. She added Theresa Byrd to the agenda for a discussion regarding who the contact person in ACRL should be for the Paris Conference. Byrd said that others have had the same concern for other business, and that the assumption for now was that Margot would continue to be the contact, but that a copy of all communications should also go to Mary Jane Petrowski.

The minutes of the last meeting were distributed. Hacken noted two typographical corrections and Larson noted that his name should be included among those present at the last Executive Committee meeting. The minutes, so corrected, were approved.

Walden reminded those present that the voting members of the Executive Committee were the present, former, and future Chairs, Secretary, Member-at-Large, and the chairs of the standing committees (Membership, Publications, Research and Planning).

Also Walden noted that the WESS proposal for funding one-day registration for library students at traditionally African-American schools was unsuccessful. Although Mary Reichel was supportive, ALA had no method to allow one-day registration, even though one-day passes to the exhibits are allowed. This was the second diversity issue which WESS has been unable to enact.

Byrd congratulated WESS on the upcoming Goethe Institut tour. She also asked if anyone had noticed the advertisements for ACRL which had appeared in the Chronicle of Higher Education, and whether or not they were effective, or should appear in other journals. Those who had seen them felt they were useful and informative, but that references to librarianship as a career could be included.

Byrd also reported on other ACRL business which included the following: the creation of new task forces for supplemental spending, and for Spectrum mentors; the possibility of holding virtual meetings since some members are questioning the need for two conferences a year; the creation of two IRS categories for ALA; and next year’s ACRL conference in Charlotte, South Carolina.

Walden introduced Marilen Daum of the Goethe Institut, who has worked closely with Sam Dunlap on arranging the tour. Walden noted that ACRL is very enthusiastic and requires only that a waiver of responsibility for ACRL/ALA be signed by members of the tour, and that the members do something after their return, for example a conference program, or a publication. Discussion focused on the language requirement of the group, and especially on what the word new meant, and whether it was to be a new librarian, or one new to responsibilities for German studies.

After considerable discussion, the provisional wording was approved as follows: The intent of these awards is to provide for future leadership in German studies librarianship. Applicants for this position must be WESS members who have a German component in their work, and they must be new to German responsibilities in a professional library position in the last five years. Preference will be given to those who have a demonstrated commitment to WESS activities, some knowledge of German, and a position which has a substantial component involving German studies.

After a brief discussion, the consensus was that the incoming Executive Committee would serve as the jury, but that if any member of the jury applied for the tour then that member could not serve as a jury member. A longer discussion followed regarding the persons to whom the applications should come since there will be applications for the one position of experienced member, as well as the positions for those who are new to German studies. All applications would need to be forwarded to the Executive Committee in a timely fashion. Daum also remarked that she would like to start to work on the program immediately. The final consensus was that Dunlap would continue working with Daum and arrange for the announcement in C&RL News, Radics would receive the applications for the experienced person position, and Walden would receive the applications for those new to German studies.

In other business Walden noted that the list of unsuccessful candidates for any WESS office need be available only to the Nominating Committee.

Walden asked for comments regarding the proposed charge to the Membership Committee. Cullars observed that there was a discrepancy between the bylaws and the handbook regarding the selection and the term of the chair. In particular he noted that the main prerogative of the section vice-chair is to appoint the committee chairs, and that only one sentence of the charge needed alteration or deletion. The sentence reads: “Each year the Committee members will select from among themselves a chair and a secretary.” The consensus was to delete the sentence.

The charge of the Membership Committee reads as follows:

Membership Committee

In 1998 the WESS Executive Committee approved the formation of a membership committee at the annual meeting. The Membership Committee is one of the standing committees of WESS, and its Chair is a member of the WESS Executive Committee.


The Membership Committee’s first responsibility is to establish procedures to attract new members to WESS. The Committee also seeks to involve and retain a greater number of current members in WESS’s diverse activities and projects, including enabling members not able regularly to attend ALA conferences to participate in the Committee by correspondence (“virtual committee members”).

Membership Committee projects can include:

using ACRL reports to identify and contact new members to welcome them and to provide information about WESS;
maintaining an up-to-date and accurate membership roster;
sponsoring general-membership events at ALA meetings;
representing WESS at other ALA/ACRL events, such as the biennial ACRL Conference;
recruiting new members form the profession outside WESS and ALA conferences;
working with other WESS committees on relevant projects.


The Committee will consist of at least seven members, who are appointed by the WESS Vice Chair/Chair Elect in consultation with the current Membership Committee Chair. Members serve for a two-year term and may be eligible to serve again after their term expires. Committee terms will overlap so that close to half the committee will always have at least one year’s experience

Anderson moved that the charge be accepted in this form; Dunlap seconded; the motion carried unanimously.

Larry Hardesty reminded the committee of the dates of the ACRL Conference in Charlotte, and the 4 November deadline for posters, and the 7 January, 2003 deadline for rountable/workshops.

In other business, Cullars stated that proposed changes to the Handbook can be discussed via email and that the charge for the Membership Committee can now be included. He also offered to contact discussion group chairs. Walden suggested finalizing current round of changes first and adding changes to discussion groups later. Anderson offers to keep such changes before the incoming Executive Committee.

Larson mentioned that the subject of a section review was raised at the meeting of the Research and Planning Committee, but that there was some uncertainty about when the last one was performed, and whether or not it was required at intervals of five years. Walden, as past-chair for the coming year offered to find out the date of the last five year review.

Larson also announced that there is a Coutts-Nijhoff winner and that for the time being the award will continue.

There being no further business, Walden adjourned the meeting at 12:02 with a note thanks for the support of members in the past year.

Respectfully submitted,

Bruce Swann

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