WESS General Membership Meeting

ALA Annual Conference, Atlanta

WESS Newsletter

Fall 2002, Vol. 26, no. 1

Association of College & Research Libraries
American Library Association

17 June 2002
305 GWCC

Sam Dunlap convened the meeting at 8:35. After the general announcements Barbara Walden thanked Jean Touzot for continuing support of WESS, and announced the new WESS officers.

Reports on Discussion Groups:
Cataloging: Jon Marner described a presentation of Larry Crider (New Mexico State University) on Spanish language subject headings and the possibility that a similar presentation could occur in Toronto; a new chair has yet to be chosen.

Classics, Medieval and Renaissance: Heather Ward noted the discussion of sending a letter to Brepols regarding the International Medieval Bibliography search interface, and certain clauses in the contract for l’Année Philologique. Rebeccau Lindau is the new chair.

College and Medium-sized Libraries: Dennis Lambert highlighted the two main topics of discussion: the performance of approval plans for smaller libraries, and film collections. Other topics included document delivery, use of special collections, and building collections for new faculty. Hank Harkin is the new chair.

Germanists: Gail Hueting led the discussion of a survey of collections and websites; there were presentations on a collection of Nazi literature, and recent reference works from K. G. Saur. Helene Baumann is the new chair.

Romance Languages: Yvonne Boyer, the incoming chair, noted the presentation on modern Portuguese literature.

Scandinavian: Dunlap read comments of John Dillon. Gail Hueting is the new chair.

Social Sciences and History: David Duncan described a presentation of Early English Books Online for the discussion group with a focus on content relevant to social sciences. Rebecca Malek-Wiley is the new chair.

Special Topics: Sarah Wenzel reported for Sebastian Hierl on the discussion of indices that may or may not cover nineteenth century material; Hierl is expecting to mount a webpage for special topics.

Committee Updates:
Conference Planning (2003): Sharon Brown, who attended the ACRL Conference Planning committee meeting, gave the working title for the conference: New Goals, New Relationships: the Research Library in Europe.

Membership: Helene Baumann reported for Roberta Astroff that the cruise committee is in place; that there is a draft of changes to appear in the handbook, and that the committee is exploring a one on one mentoring of library school students.

Research and Planning: Fred Jenkins, the incoming chair, reported that, after a discussion with Walden, a number of initiatives are planned. These include the identification of vendors to supply videos and DVDs; the (re)establishment of liasions to professional organizations (e.g., AHA, APA, and MLA); subcommittees on recruitment, and on internships and exchanges; a clearing house for current research.

Publications: Beau Case is the current chair; Louis Reith is the new chair; Sarah Wenzel is the incoming editor of the WESS Newsletter. The WESS brochure is at the final edit stage, while Wenzel will provide a draft of a bookmark based on the brochure.

Nominating: Heleni Pedersoli thanked all the candidates who ran in the most recent election and congratulated the incoming officers.

Other reports:

Jeffry Larson reported that the response of the ACRL Board to the budget was positive and that they considered the project as ground breaking. At the moment, the official status is uncertain, but the outlook is good. Wenzel noted that there will likely be a CFP from the program committee early in the fall, perhaps with a 31 December deadline.

Dunlap reported that the dates for the Goethe Institut tour would be 9-17 November 2002, and that the Executive Committee still has to decide on the exact language for qualifications of applicants. The ACRL Board has given their enthusiastic approval to the tour which fits well with its own international plan.

Gordon Anderson reported that WESS has been at the Frankfurt Book Fair for four years now and that it is now in the ACRL budget. Announcements regarding support for attendees are forthcoming. The dates this year are 9-14 October with a pre-fair symposium “New Realities” set for 7-8 October.

Walden announced that there were applicants for the Coutts Nijhoff International West European Specialist Study Grant, and that a winner has been chosen, but that the name cannot be announced yet.

The meeting adjourned at 9:50.

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