WESS Newsletter
 Fall 2001

Vol. 25, no. 1

Editor: Elisabeth Remak-Honnef

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Suspension of the Nijhoff Grant for 2002

Martinus Nijhoff International was acquired by Swets Blackwell in August of this year. A number of organizational decisions that will have an effect on services to libraries are being negotiated but have not yet been finalized. Until the two companies have been completely integrated, we have been told, the award of the Martinus Nijhoff International Study Grant will be postponed.
This affects chiefly the 2002 award, applications deadline for which was to be early December of this year. We hope very much that the award will be resumed for the 2002-2003 cycle, since the two new partners expect to have completed their integration by spring of 2002.

For this year, however, the WESS Executive Committee and the members of the Nijhoff jury regret that we will not be able to consider any proposals.

Regardless what ultimately happens, all of us, whether we have personally benefited from this award or not, owe an enormous debt of gratitude to our friends at Martinus Nijhoff International--especially to Bas Guijt and Ineke Middeldorp-Crispijn--for the honor of having this grant associated with the name of our section for so many years. May this award soon be restored and so continue to benefit many more generations of WESS and ACRL librarians with research interests in Western European studies!

Jeff Garrett
Chair, 2002 Nijhoff Jury

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