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Fall 2001, Vol. 25, no. 1

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Monday, June 18, 2001

Moscone Convention Center, Room 133

9:00 a.m. — 12:00 p.m.

This year’s program was entitled Exploding the Spanish Canon: Including the Voices of Spain’s Excluded Communities. The Program Chair and Moderator was Tom Izbicki. Our invited speakers were Ramon Abad, Librarian at the Cervantes Institute in New York, Silvia Bermudez, Associate Professor of Spanish, UC Santa Barbara, and David William Foster, Professor and Chair, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Arizona State University. The respondent was Adan Griego of Stanford University. The program concluded at 10:30, and the General Membership Meeting began a few minutes later, participants and guests having moved to Room 133 in the Convention Center.

Introduction and Announcements: Jeffrey Garrett (Chair) opened the meeting at 10:45. He expressed his thanks to Beth Remak-Honnef for her superb work organizing the WESS Cruise, which everyone agreed was a smashing success. On a sad note, Garrett noted the passing of Chris Germino of Vanderbilt this past April. Chris was a longtime WESS member, and will be sorely missed.

Two members spoke about their recent research projects: Sue Waterman, recipient of the 2001 Nijhoff Grant, described her work on 19th century theories of collecting and collections in Belgian archives, and Jeffry Larson told of his visits to France and Italy, researching the promulgation of the Gregorian calendar reform.

Committee Reports:

Publications: Reinhart Sonnenburg and Jeffry Larson reported on the concern about the role of this committee in publishing WESS conference proceedings. A large portion of the backfile of the WESS Newsletter has been digitized, thanks to Jeffry Larson and a student employee; the committee hopes to digitize the rest soon. Plans for revising the WESS brochure were also discussed.

Research and Planning/Cataloging: John Marner reported that these two committees met jointly to discuss cooperation between cataloging and collection development. There were two speakers: Stephen J. Smith from the University of Illinois spoke about issues of access, and Heidi Lee Hoerman, from the University of South Carolina, spoke about the diminishing number of cataloging classes in library schools, and the move away from teaching foreign languages in U.S. elementary and secondary schools. Thirty-five people attended; many expressed an interest in a follow-up program at a future conference.

Membership: Sarah Wenzel described her presentation at the recent ACRL conference on Electronic Europe. The committee also discussed ways in which this group might become more active, and possible ideas for the big social event at Annual 2002 in Atlanta.

2002 Conference Planning: Ceres Birkhead announced that 4 speakers have tentatively accepted WESS’s invitation to speak in Atlanta. Humphrey Southall (University of Portsmouth, UK), Karl Longstreth (University of Michigan), David Seaman (University of Virginia) and our own Dick Hacken (Brigham Young University).

2004 WESS Conference Planning Group: The group met for the first time Saturday, with Jeff Garrett presiding. Members of the WESS Executive Committee were also present. Five subcommittees were formed: Program, Publicity, Fundraising, Local Arrangements, and Budget. The group will create a website. Sarah Wenzel, as convener of the Program Subcommittee, would be happy to receive suggestions.

Nominating: Heleni Pedersoli announced that the committee has gathered a full slate of candidates for the next election. Announcements will appear on WESS-L and in CRL News.

Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Discussion Group: Carlo Krieger presented a paper entitled "Yolanda, the discovery of a medieval manuscript (Codex Mariendalensis)".

Social Sciences and History Discussion Group: Ceres Birkhead announced new resource pages on WESSWeb in Women’s Studies, Political Science and Statistics. David Duncan has started a new listserv for library medievalists. Sam Dunlap reported on a University of California study, funded by a Mellon grant, on the impact of electronic journals.

Special Topics: The group chose to discuss Romani (Gypsy) studies this year. There were four presenters: Kathy Hunter-Rutter and Sebastian Hierl spoke about libraries and research institutions with major Romani collections and distributed a bibliography of relevant resources; Leena Siegelbaum gave an overview of Romani history and reported on the status of Romani in Eastern Europe today; and Kati Radics spoke about the Romani language and its many varieties.

Romance Languages Discussion Group: Beth Remak-Honnef described how librarians and faculty at UC Santa Cruz are cooperating on foreign language teaching projects. Jeffry Larson reported on the status of a petition to the Bibliothèque Nationale asking them to reconsider their decision to cease publishing the Bibliographie Nationale Française. The incoming chair is Adan Griego.

Germanists Discussion Group: Jeff Garrett demonstrated the Xipolis database. Nancy Boerner, Reinhart Sonnenburg and Michael Olson gave a short presentation on the best reference works for German Studies. Gail Hueting will continue as chair.

Scandinavian Discussion Group: Marianna McKim described her impressions of the recent SASS conference in Chicago. John Dillon is the incoming chair.

ACRL Section Council Meeting: Barbara Walden reported briefly on Friday’s meeting. WESS is "doing very well" in keeping with the ACRL Strategic Plan.

Respectfully submitted,

Emily Horning, Secretary

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