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 Fall 2001

Vol. 25, no. 1

Editor: Elisabeth Remak-Honnef

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Reference Reviews Europe

Trying to decide whether or not to purchase the Dictionnaire de Don Juan? That might not be a hard decision, but what about the Lexikon der Blondinen? Can you put your faith in La bibbia: edizioni del XVI secolo? Will Bibliotheca gastronomica: eten en drinken in Nederland en België 1474-1960 be worth the bite it takes out of your reference budget? Wouldn’t good descriptive and evaluative reviews make those tough decisions easier?

Well then, it’s Reference Reviews Europe to the rescue. All the titles above, and hundreds more, are reviewed in the current issue, volume 6 (2000), which was published in July. The internet edition of volume 6 goes online in September.

RRE represents the work of many contributors, almost all of them WESS colleagues — abstractors, who provide English-language summaries of the German-language reviews from Informationsmittel für Bibliotheken (on which RRE is based), and reviewers, who provide original reviews of European reference materials, mostly in the Romance languages. Volume 6 contains the work of 26 abstractors and 9 original reviewers.

Want to get in on the action? Volume 7 (2001) is already in the works, so there’s more abstracting and reviewing to be done. Joining the RRE team is as easy as contacting one of the current editors. To become an abstractor or simply to get further information, contact: Nancy Boerner (nboerner@indiana.edu), James Burgett (jeburg01@uky.edu), Beau Case (case.42@osu.edu), or Marianna McKim (m_mckim@hotmail.com), who joined the editorial team in summer 2001. To contribute an original review, contact Jeffry Larson (jeffry.larson@yale.edu).

Aside from writing abstracts or original reviews, you can also help by recommending that your institution subscribe to RRE. At $30, the price is right! With a subscription to RRE, which includes both print and online versions, just the turn of the page or a couple of mouse clicks takes you to the information you need to give thumbs up or thumbs down to the Rocklexikon der DDR, say "oui" or "non" to the ABCdaire de Proust.

In print and online, RRE puts professional advice at your fingertips. See why CHOICE (May 1997) has high praise for RRE -- the only journal devoted exclusively to English-language reviews of European reference titles.

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