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SFR = Susanne F. Roberts
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Arnold-Baker, Charles. The companion to British history. 2nd rev. ed. London; New York: Routledge, 2001.
1391 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 0415260167 (hard) 0415185831 (paper) $39.95

Described on the cover as “the perfect bedside book,” this historical dictionary encompasses chronologically two millennia of history and geographically the entire world that Britain, taken broadly to include all the British Isles, encountered. Entries are brief (Dean Acheson and Acid Rain) or long (Roman Britain, 4 pp.) as the subject dictates; they have few bibliographical and cross-references. Appendixes include English Regnal Years, Selected Warlike Events (with reference to the entries), Genealogies and Diagrams, and Maps. [SFR]

Rasor, Eugene L. Winston S. Churchill, 1874-1965 : a comprehensive historiography and annotated bibliography. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 2000. 704 p.; 24 cm. Bibliographies of world leaders, no. 6. ISBN 0313305463 $96.37.

Described by the author as “a complete reference and research guide for the use of all levels of readers ... interested in British, imperial, and international developments in modern times.” An extensive historiographical narrative section surveys all important primary and secondary sources by and about Churchill in twenty chapters. References are keyed to an annotated bibliography of 3,099 entries. Coverage includes manuscript and archival sources, reference works, many aspects of Churchill’s life and political activity, and topics for further research. [SFR]



Association Ent’revues (Paris). 143 revues d’histoire & critique littéraires, de linguistique & de bibliographie. Association Ent’revues. Paris: Association Ent’revues, 2000. [ca. 70] p.; 21 cm. ISBN 290770222x: 9,15 EURO, 60 FF.

A selective directory of French revues about language and literature, including a few revues of literary creation which are covered in the publisher’s complementary directory (2d ed., 1997, ISBN 2907702149: 60 FF) annotated in our Fall 1998 issue; leaves author association newsletters to another directory from the same publisher (2d ed., 1997, ISBN 2907702157: 80 FF). Entries include names of editors and publishers, postal and e-mail addresses, and URLs. No index. [JKL]

Autres cultures, autres revues: catalogue 1998. Paris: Ent’revues: FAS, 1998. Non paginé [92] p.: ill.; 21 cm. ISBN 290770219X: 25 FF.

A directory of about 30 immigré revues supported by FAS, Fonds d’action sociale pour les travailleurs immigrés et leurs familles. [JKL]

Baghdadi, Nicolas, & Suzuki, Naomi. Papyrus: répertoire des bibliothèques, médiathèques, archives et centres de documentation, 1999. 3e éd., augm. et mise à jour. Paris: Pages Inédites Éd., 1998. xi, 979 p.; 30 cm. ISBN 2913345557: 660 FF.

A geographically arranged directory of libraries, information services and archives in France, its overseas départements and territories, and of French libraries in foreign countries. Includes indices of subject specialties, proper names and special collections, cities, and institutions. [JKL]

Baptiste-Marrey. Eloge des bibliothèques. Médialibre. Paris: CFD-Ecole des métiers de l’information; Paris: Hélikon, 2000. 238 p.; 18 cm. ISBN 295093272x: 95 FF.

Centered on but not restricted to a well-documented polemic against fees for borrowing a book from a public library (see the Rapport Borzeix below). Proposes several measures to encourage “la lecture publique” including a tax on movies and TV. The author is co-signatory of a petition to the Minister of Culture opposing such lending fees and co-founder of a new writers’ association, la Guilde des auteurs (see Le Monde, 16 Feb. 2001). [JKL]

Bibliographie des écrivains français/Bibliographica (ISSN 1245-2505) Paris; Roma: Memini. 20: Bertière, Simone. Le Cardinal de Retz. 2000. 177 p.; 24 cm. Includes errata slip. ISBN 8886609256. 310 FF/47.26 euros.
21: Pascarel, Barbara. Léon-Paul Fargue. 2000. 212 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 8886609310. 300 FF/ 45.73 euros.
22: Melmoux-Montaubin, Marie-Françoise. Barbey d’Aurevilly. 2001. 349 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 8886609329. 390 FF/ 59.46 euros.

Three more installments in a series of classed annotated bibliographies on French literary authors whose first number was noted in our Spring 1996 issue (see also our Spring 2000 issue). Includes indices of keywords, outstanding studies, theses, authors of book reviews, and authors and translators. These numbers also appear without the electronic copy on floppy disk that accompanied the early numbers; the series editors indicate that the entire series will be available online and on CD-ROM, but offer no details. This series is being critically reviewed in IFB, hence in IFBA and RRE. [JKL]

Borzeix, Jean-Marie, & Pré, Jean-Wilfrid. La Question du droit de prêt dans les bibliothèques: rapport au Ministre de la culture et de la communication. Paris; Ministère de la culture et de la communication; 1998; 66 p.; 30cm; PDF version:

The ministerial report, written by a television producer, that proposed a lending fee in public libraries and explored the modalities of reimbursing the copyright-holders, a.k.a. authors. [JKL]

Chasseboeuf, Ernestine, pseud. La brouette et les deux orphelines: correspondances sur le droit de prêt en bibliothèque. Vauchrétien: I. Davy; Angers: Éd. Deleatur, 2000 116 p.; 23 cm. ISBN 2867500338 (I. Davy); ISBN 2868070973 (Deleatur):) 85 FF.

Pseudonymous faux naïf letters to signatories of a petition in favor of a fee on public library lending (see Del Castillo below) with some of their actual responses (Yves Bonnefoy reneges). In appendix: a chronology of the debate, the text of a petition in favor of free lending, an open letter from the president of the Association des bibliothécaires français, and a statement of the ABF. [JKL]

Chaudenay, Roland de. Les plagiaires: le nouveau dictionnaire. Paris: Perrin, c2001. 358 p.; 23 cm. ISBN 2262017492: 145 FF.

A chronological listing of French plagiarists and their crimes, being an augmented edition of the author’s Dictionnaire des plagiaires (Perrin, 1990), which was in alphabetical order. Preceded by a lexicon of synonyms and related terms. Bibliographical references are in the body of the text. Includes a 2-page bibliography and an index of personal names. [JKL]

Confortès, Claude. Répertoire du théâtre contemporain de langue française. Paris: Nathan, c2000. xxxi, 447 p.; 22 cm. ISBN 209190192X; LCCN: 2001363426: 129 FF.

A dictionary of more than 400 20th-century Francophone plays from 37 countries, only one by each author. Page-length entries include rapid analysis of the plays (publishing and production dates, plot, theme, number and gender of roles, scene, and period) followed by a brief extract, a thumbnail biography of the author, and a very brief bibliography. Includes indices of plays by genre, of authors’ countries, plays’ titles, and by number of characters. [JKL]

Deblat, Jean-Luc. Guide lire de l’écrivain. Paris Archipel, 2000. 285 p.; 23 cm. ISBN 2841872351: 139 FF.

From the French literary magazine Lire (ISSN 0338-5019), a 2nd or 3rd edition of a handbook for aspiring authors. Useful for librarians will be the selective non-evaluative annotated directories of publishers, book fairs, prizes, agents, writers’ workshops, sources of financial aid, and media outlets. Includes indices of names/titles and subjects and a 5-page bibliography. [JKL]

Del Castillo, Michel. Droit d’auteur. Paris: Stock, 2000. 179 p. 22 cm. ISBN 223405303X: 85 FF.

A long pamphlet giving one author’s case for a lending fee in French public libraries, claiming it exists in most European countries. Scant on critical apparatus, though it does refer to the ministerial report that recommended the fee (see Borzeix above), as well as containing in appendix the text of the petition that the Syndicat national de l’édition, la Société des gens de lettres, la Société française des intérêts des auteurs, and some 288 authors addressed to the Minister of Culture declaring that a library book circulating on free loan can “legitimately be considered a pirated edition.” [JKL]

Dictionnaire de poésie de Baudelaire à nos jours. / sous la direction de Michel Jarrety / [comité, Yves Bonnefoy ... et al.]. Paris: Presses universitaires de France, 2001. xiv, 896 p.; 25 cm. ISBN 2130509401; LCCN: 2001367392: 498 FF.

An ambitious encyclopedia of Francophone poetry of the last century and a half. Signed articles are followed by brief bibliographical citations. Includes indices of movements, groups, themes, forms, revues, and poets. To be reviewed in RRE? [JKL]

Dictionnaire des regionalismes de France : geographie et histoire d’un patrimoine linguistique / Rezeau (Jd.)  1ere Jd. Bruxelles : De Boeck ; Duculot, c2001. 1140 p. : maps. ISBN 2801112828 : 365 FF

As a “DRF abrégé,” a dictionary of dialects and provincialisms of France, this work provides data on the major geographical distribution and variations of French observed during the latter half of the 20th century.  For many terms, where the level of usage varies, there are shaded maps (about 500 in all) to indicate the geographical distribution of a term, with the intensity of the shading reflecting the intensity of recognition of the term in that area. [AMM]

Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Déportation. Guide des sources documentaires sur la déportation : conservées en France. Paris: Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Déportation, 2000. 2nd rev. ed. 232 p.; 22 cm. ISBN 2950987702 75 FF

Entries are arranged by department and list address, telephone, fax if available, and hours. For departmental and communal archives, relevant classes of archives are listed with contents notes. For other archives, museums and other organizations, a brief history precedes descriptions of pertinent collections. Appendices include a list of organizations, mostly museums about the Résistance for which holdings information was not available, a map of the concentration camp system, and indexes of names of cited concentration camps and kommandos and of proper names. [SFR]

Lejeune, Philippe. Bibliographie des études en langue française sur la littérature personnelle et les récits de vie. IX, 1998-1999. Publié par le Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires sur les Textes Modernes. Cahiers RITM, ISSN 1166-2212; no. 22. Nanterre: Université Paris X, 1998. 112 p. ISBN 2904906029: 75 FF

First noted in our Spring 1990 issue, this selective, unannotated biennial bibliography lists studies in French from many disciplines on personal literature and life stories. The entries (442 in volume 9) are in alphabetical order by author. Includes a subject index and photocopies of tables of contents of selected special issues of journals and colloquium proceedings. [JKL]

Prêter (un livre) n’est pas voler (son auteur). Baptiste-Marrey, François Bon, Jean-Marie Laclavetine, Michel Onfray [et al.]. Les petits libres; 35. Paris: Mille et une nuits, 2000. 108 p.; 15 cm. ISBN 2842055438: 10 FF.

A collection of brief essays against the fee for public library lending, including Baptiste-Marrey’s rebuttal of points raised by Del Castillo (see above). [JKL]


Archives in Germany : an introductory guide to institutions and sources. Edited by Frank Schumacher with Annette M. Marciel. Washington, D.C.: German Historical Institute, 2001. 23 cm. 178 pp. Reference guides of the German Historical Institute, no. 13.

A basic orientation to the German archival system, the guide is divided into seven main parts: state archives; church archives; business and economic archives; media archives; parliamentary, party, and association archives; university archives; and other (art, literary, music, and scientific collections) archives. Entries are organized alphabetically by city within each section; they contain contact information, including address, phone, fax, e-mail and Web sites, hours, names of contacts, a brief description of holdings, and further references. The full text of the guide is also available at the GHI’s Web site: [SFR]

Ärzte Lexikon: von der Antike bis zur Gegenwart / W.U. Eckart, C. Gradmann, Hrsg. 2., vollständig überarbeitete Aufl. Berlin; New York: Springer, 2001. 380 pp., 82 ports. ISBN 3540675299. DM 49.90

Nearly 700 signed, concise articles provide international coverage for the period from antiquity to the present. While primary works are indicated within the articles, Springer has provided access to the secondary works on the physicians through its website at Includes chronological list of entries by birth year and an index of persons named in the articles. The latter is useful for tracking down references to individuals from other walks of life, as well as to physicians in the context of other physicians’ articles. For example, you can find references to Goethe that appear in ten separate articles of the encyclopedia, or you can find numerous references to Hippokrates in the articles on other physicians. [RLK]

Bolbecher, Siglinde, and Konstantin Kaiser. Lexikon der österreichischen Exilliteratur / in Zusammenarbeit mit Evelyn Adunka, Nina Jakl, Ulrike Oedl. Wien: Deuticke, 2000. 763 pp., ports. ISBN 3216305481.

A glance through the pages of this voluminous work brings home the tragedy of the Hitler years. Here we find articles on those authors who, through racial and/or political persecution, were forced into exil, but also those who became “internal exiles” or part of the resistance. The authors made a conscious effort to include the little- known writers of this era. Includes biographical information, including exile and post-exile periods; information on literary works of these periods; and secondary works. An appendix contains a bibliography of anthologies of Austrian exile literature, a general bibliography of secondary literature, and a cross-referenced list of names, pseudonyms and other variant name forms for the writers included in the encyclopedia. [RLK]

Deutsch-polnische Beziehungen in Geschichte und Gegenwart : Bibliographie 1900-1998
. Ed. Andreas Lawaty and Wieslaw Mincer with Anna Domanska. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 2000. 4 v. (1384, 1143, 1060, 725 p.); 25 cm. Veröffentlichungen des Deutschen Polen-Instituts Darmstadt, Bd.14/1-4. ISBN 3447042435

This vast bibliography brings together and classifies over 53,000 titles, including monographs and articles in periodicals and collections, that appeared between 1900 and 1998 in many languages; also included are important works of the late 19th century. The entries are gathered into four large volumes and subdivided into eleven sections as follows: Bd. 1: Politik, Gesellschaft, Wirtschaft, Kultur in Epochen und Regionen; Bd.2: Religion, Buch, Presse, Wissenschaft, Bildung, Philosophie und Psychologie; Bd. 3: Sprache, Literatur, Kunst, Musik, Theater, Film, Rundfunk, Fernsehen; Bd. 4: Benutzerhinweise, Abkürzungen, Register. Most parts begin with general reference works and general topics before treating the material chronologically; most end with a bio-bibliography of important figures. Sub-sections are cross-referenced, and many entries are annotated. Volume 4 gives abbreviations for publications and indexes of authors, persons, places, and subjects. [SFR]

Deutsches Schriftstellerlexikon 2001: ein Who’s Who der deutschprachigen Literatur.  Dritter Jahrgang.  Edited by Renate Stahl.  Dietzenbach:  Im Verlag des Bundes Deutscher Schriftsteller, e. V., 2001. ISBN 300004759X ( DEM 220.00

The two-page foreword to this dictionary states that the work contains biographical and bibliographical information about more than 2,000 German authors. An annual publication now in its third year, it claims to be the largest single-volume listing of writers. Although this reference work provides information about lesser-known German writers, fewer than 10 percent of the entries make their way onto the comprehensive list of authors prepared by Harrassowitz, and it is not a good source for information about established authors. (There is no entry for Günter Grass, for example). The Schriftstellerlexikon is a sociologically interesting document not least because it lists many foreign-born authors who write in German. A significant number of authors listed write television scripts, movie scripts, and children’s literature, making this at least a starting place for researchers in those fields.
The biographical information supplied usually includes name (also pseudonyms), date and place of birth, educational history, current occupation, and memberships in various organizations, the existence of which one was not even dimly aware (e.g., the Arbeitskreis ostfriesischer Autoren or the Verband deutschsprachiger Schriftsteller in Israel). For each author there is a list of publications, which includes book titles, place and date (but not publisher), and titles of articles in journals (with citation). Often there is a list of awards, and, for about one third of them, a brief list of secondary literature. Sometimes there is an indication of the number of volumes sold. [JBR]

Duden Aussprachewörterbuch: Wörterbuch der deutschen Standardaussprache / bearbeitet von Max Mangold in Zusammenarbeit mit der Dudenredaktion. Der Duden in 12 Bänden, Bd. 6. 4., neu bearbeitete und aktualisierte Aufl. Mannheim: Dudenverlag, 2000. 894 pp. ISBN 3411040645. DM 42.00

This new edition of a standard work updates the entries to include recent foreign names and words whose “appearance” in German is noteworthy. [RLK]

Duden Familiennamen: Herkunft und Bedeutung von 20,000 Nachnamen / bearbeitet von Rosa und Volker Kohlheim. Mannheim; New York: Dudenverlag, 2000. 912 pp., ill., ports., maps. ISBN 3411708514.

Background and meaning of 20,000 surnames, including 300 portraits of well-known bearers. Selected family coats of arms, maps of regional name distribution. [RLK]

Katalog der Leichenpredigten und sonstiger Trauerschriften in Bibliotheken und Archiven der Odenwaldregion / bearbeitet von Rudolf Lenz … [et al.]. Marburger Personalschriften-Forschungen, Bd. 24. Stuttgart: Thorbecke, 1999. 224 pp. ISBN 3799543155

657 entries, primarily for clergy, city officials, students and landed officials, in that order of prevalence. Analysis provided from multiple criteria in indexes of names and name variants/references for the eulogized, eulogists and composers of funeral odes and cantatas, artists and engravers, publishers and places of publication, places (including birth and death places), illustrations and occupations. [RLK]

Klawiter, Randolph J. Stefan Zweig: an International Bibliography. Addendum I. Studies in Austria Literature, Culture and Thought. Riverside, Calif.: Ariadne Press, 1999. 535 pp. ISBN 092949735X.

An impressive supplement to the parent work published in 1991. The entries are helpfully organized into numerous discrete categories and richly amplified through the generous inclusion of detailed contents information. Also contains indexes of works by Zweig, assorted topics, sources and proper names. Certainly a “must have” for any Zweig researcher. [RLK]

Romero, Christiane Zehl. Anna Seghers: eine Biographie, 1900-1947. Berlin: Aufbau-Verlag, 2000. 560 pp., ill. ISBN 3351034989

Zehl’s focus is on Segher’s early period, before the association with the East German communist ideology. As such, the author tries to elevate biographical and intellectual elements in the life of this Jewish writer which are often overshadowed by her post-World War II period. Includes bibliography and name index. [RLK]

Sarkowicz, Hans and Alf Mentzer. Literatur in Nazi-Deutschland: ein biografisches Lexikon. Hamburg: Europa Verlag, 2000. 381 pp., ill., ports. ISBN 3203820250.

Includes the entire spectrum of writers in Nazi Germany, both those sanctioned by and those who opposed the government, both those whose writings cannot be considered literature and those, like Andersch, who achieved literary stature. Lengthy introduction, bio-bibliographic articles, bibliography and name index. [RLK]

Die Studentenproteste der 60er Jahre : Archivfûhrer, Chronik, Bibliographie. Ed. Thomas P. Becker and Ute Schrõder. Koln: Bohlau, 2000. 381 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 3412077003

This handbook for the study of the student movements surveys relevant German archives in several categories (social movements, political parties, academic institutions, media, state and municipal archives, and private collections) as well as archives in Austria and Switzerland. Entries give addresses and phone/fax numbers, brief descriptions of holdings, and conditions of use. The chronology covers events day by day from 1964 through 1970. The bibliography is classified according to topics such as student movements in the BRD and in other countries, source collections, biographical and eye-witness accounts, literature, women, media, and individual cities in the BRD. Indexes include institutions, organizations and schools; persons, and places. There are lists of abbreviations and of archives whose collections were not analyzed. [SFR]

Vittorio Klostermann, Frankfurt am Main, 1930-2000: Verlagsgeschichte und Bibliographie
/ unter Mitarbeit von Siegfried Blasche … [et al.] ; herausgegeben von Vittorio E. Klostermann. Frankfurt am Main: Klostermann, 2000. 387 pp., port. ISBN 3465031067.

Essays on the publisher’s history and major subject programs, as well as an afterword by Vittorio E. Klostermann, the owner after the death of his father and brother, accompany a fully detailed catalogue of publications by Klostermann from 1930-2000. There is also an index of all series and the titles within them and an index of authors within multi-volume works, editors, compilers and translators. [RLK]

Weimarer Nietzsche-Bibliographie / bearbeitet von Susanne Jung …[et al]. Personalbibliographien zur neueren deutschen Literatur, Bd. 4. Stuttgart: Metzler, 2000-2001. 5 vols. ISBN 347601651X (set) DM 1340.00

It is appropriate that this bibliography, completed before the centennial anniversary of Nietzsche’s death, was produced by the librarians and staff of the Stiftung Weimarer Klassik, Herzogin Anna Amalia Bibliothek, because it is there that the best Nietzsche research resources are located: Nietzsche’s personal library, the library of the former Nietzsche Archive, and the collection of post 1954 primary and secondary acquisitions relating to Nietzsche. The annotated, international bibliography encompasses over 20,000 entries of primary and seondary literature from 1867 to 1998, with access enhanced through inclusion of indexes of persons, topics and works. Volumes 2-5 present the secondary literature, with volume 5 being devoted to the historical record of Nietzsche reception and research. [RLK]

Zangemeister, Karl. Theodor Mommsen als Schriftsteller: ein Verzeichnis seiner Schriften / im Auftrag der Königlichen Bibliothek bearbeitet und fortgesetzt von Emil Jacobs; neu bearbeitet von Stefan Rebenich. Hildesheim: Weidmann, 2000. ISBN 3615002172.

Based on the original bibliography of Zangemeister, published in 1889 and its update of 1905 by Jacobs, Rebenich has provided a cumulation and update, retaining the arrangement of the earlier work. New entries, including 34 to the bibliography of primary works and, of course, numerous additions to the secondary literature since 1905, are integrated. In the case of new primary titles, a subscript letter “a” was appended to the appropriate number so as to obviate re-numbering the whole. [RLK]


Alvar Ezquerra, Manuel. Tesoro léxico de las hablas andaluzas. [Madrid]: Arco/Libros, c2000. 829 p.; 31 cm. ISBN 8476354223: 15,080 ptas.

An important lexicon of usages peculiar to Andalucia, that excludes generally-used terms in the 21st edition of the Real Academia Española’s Diccionario de la lengua española (1992). Entries indicate part of speech or gender and offer definitions that are derived from and keyed to the mostly lexicographical sources listed on pp. 19-23. Localizations are keyed to specific places in the 2nd edition of Manual Alvar’s Atlas lingüístico y etnográfico de Andalucía (1991). [JKL]

Bibliografía del Camino de Santiago. Coordinación de Fermín de los Reyes Gómez; con la colaboración de Isabel Díez Ménguez ... [et al.]. [Madrid]: Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte, Subdirección General de Información y Publicaciones, [2000]. 2 v. (xxxi, 928 p.): il.; 24 cm. ISBN 8436933982: 3260 ptas.

Arranged by imprint and then chronologically, this annotated bibliography covers books and articles from 6 centuries about the pilgrimage to Santiago. Includes an index of names and subjects. [JKL]

Cuadrado, Jesús. De la historieta y su uso, 1873-2000. Atlas español de la cultura popular; v.1. Madrid: Ediciones Sinsentido: Fundación Germán Sánchez Ruipérez, 2000. 2 v. (xxiii, 1334, xxxix p. ): ill.; 24 cm. ISBN 8489384231 (set); LCCN: 2001384293: 15,000 ptas.

This encyclopedia of Spanish comics is a revised edition of the author’s Diccionario de uso de la historieta española, 1873-1996 (Madrid: Compañía Literaria, 1997), annotated in our Spring 1998 issue. Contains many black-and-white reproductions from titles discussed. Includes bibliographical references; no index. [JKL]

Diccionari dels partits polítics de Catalunya : segle XX
/ editor, Isidre Molas ; directors, Isidre Molas i Joan B. Culla.  Diccionaris d’Enciclopèdia Catalana 1. ed. Barcelona :  Enciclopèdia Catalana, 2000. 383 p. ISBN 8441204667 : 3500 ptas

Describes all the political movements and parties that have operated in Catalonia, Spain during the 20th century.  Consists of rather detailed paragraphs by topic. The extensive indexes, including the index to personal names, should prove a helpful resource. [AMM]

Diccionario español de documentos alfonsíes
. Dirección de M. Nieves Sánchez. Madrid: Arco Libros, 2000. 460 p.; 32 cm. ISBN 8476354134: 11960 ptas.

Declaring itself to be a continuation of the Diccionario español de textos médicos antiguos, ed. Ma. Teresa Herrera (Madrid: Arco/Libros, c1996. 2 v.) annotated in our Fall 1996 issue, this scholarly lexicon is based on 670 documents in Castilian promulgated by Alfonso X’s chancellery, published on CD-ROM as Textos y concordancias electronicos de documentos Castellanos de Alfonso X by Maria Teresa Herrera [et al] (Madison.: Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies, 1999). Entries provide different spellings, forms, and acceptations of terms, references to the primary documents, and cross references. Includes a 27-page list of documents cited and a one-page bibliography. [JKL]

Diccionario de diccionarios. Ed. Antón Santamaría. Biblioteca Filolóxica Galega. La Coruña: Fundación Pedro Barrié de la Maza, Conde de Fenosa, 2000. 62 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 8489748691. 5000 ptas.

Noted in our last issue. The publisher acknowledges that ‘this product doesn’t work in Windows in English’ and announces plans ‘to install a Windows 9x in English, and test it. [JKL]

Diccionariu de la Llingua Asturiana. Oviedo: Academia de la Llingua Asturiana, 2000. 1305 p.; 31 cm. ISBN 848168208X: 10,200 ptas.

A normative monolingual guide to how to babble on in bable, the language of Asturia, from the authority on the subject. Entries give grammatical information, definitions, and occasional illustrative phrases without source reference. No grammatical or conjugation tables. [JKL]

Dicionário de português-inglês. 2. Edição. Dicionários “Editora.” Porto: Porto Editora, 1998. 1009 p.; 26 cm. ISBN 9720050217: $50.00.

An update of a Portuguese-English desk dictionary, whose back cover blurb claims 180,000 terms translated, including technical and scientific words, as well as regional variants and levels of usage. Entries indicate grammatical category and frequently offer illustrative phrases without source reference. Includes no grammatical or conjugation tables. [JKL]

Eisenberg, Daniel; & Marín Pina, María Carmen. Bibliografía de los libros de caballerías castellanos. Humanidades; 40. Zaragoza: Universidad de Zaragoza, 2000. 515 p.; 22 cm. ISBN 8477335486: 3600 ptas.

An updated, augmented edition of Eisenberg’s Castilian romances of chivalry in the sixteenth century: a bibliography (London: Grant & Cutler, 1979 [Research bibliographies & checklists; 23]). Arranged topically then chronologically, the annotated entries cover the primary, secondary, and tertiary literature, indicating holding locations of manuscripts and older editions. Includes 10 indices. [JKL]

Galende Díaz, Juan Carlos. Diccionario general de abreviaturas españolas [Cover subtitle: Siglas, acrónimos, fórmulas y expresiones documentales]. 2. ed. corr. y aum. Diccionarios. Madrid: Editorial Verbum, c2000. 422 p.; 20 cm. ISBN 8479621834; LCCN: 2001384509: 2945 ptas.

A compendium of over 20,000 Spanish abbreviations, according to the back-cover blurb. Includes a 6-page bibliography. [JKL]

Gran diccionario Xerais da lingua. Coordinación de Xosé María Carballeira Anllo; edición de Xosé Cid Cabido. Vigo: Xerais de Galicia, Ediciones, 2000. 2027 p.; 28 cm. ISBN 8483025906: 12,000 ptas.

A monolingual Gallegan dictionary whose entries distinguish typographically among standard Gallegan, non-standard Gallegan, and non-Gallegan terms. Entries provide indications of pronunciation and usage, grammatical category, acceptations, synonyms, illustrative quotations without source reference, and explanations of phrases. Includes no grammatical or verb tables or bibliography. [JKL]

Gutiérrez Izquierdo, Ramón. Lecturas de nós: introducción á literatura galega. Vigo: Edicións Xerais de Galicia, c2000. 582 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 8483025051: 3360 ptas.

An historical survey of literature from Galicia, devoting more than half of its pages to the 20th century. Includes a 30-page classed bibliography and an index of names, titles, and subjects. [JKL]

História da literatura portuguesa; vol. 1: Das origens ao cancioneiro geral; vol. 5: O realismo e o naturalismo (ed. Carlos Reis). Histórias das literaturas de lingua portuguesa. Lisboa: Publicacoes Alfa, 2001-. 23 cm. ISBN 9726262569 (obra completa): $50.00/vol.

An ambitious survey of Portuguese literature, under the general editorship of Francisco Lyon de Castro, to be completed in 7 volumes. Chapters by different hands are generally followed by selective bibliographies. Each volume includes an index of names. [JKL]

Laurenti, Joseph L. Catálogo bibliográfico de la literatura picaresca, siglos XVI-XX. 2. ed. refundida, corr. y aum. Kassel: Edition Reichenberger, 2000. 2 v. (xi, 878 p.); 24 cm. Teatro del Siglo de Oro. Bibliografías y catálogos; 27-28. ISBN 393188788X: DM 280.

A new edition of Balay 1475/Walford7 1/8323-4, whose supplements have been noted in previous issues. [JKL]

Las Letras más notables de las Islas Baleares: antología de la prosa castellana periodística, histórica, epistolar, ensayística y
/  Bernardo MartR [seleccionador].  1. ed.   Colección Jano, 2. Palma de Mallorca] : Calima,  2000. 407 p.

Anthology of works of the various genres by 18 authors, arranged chronologically. Six authors are from the 20th Century.  The lengthy introducion discusses the various types of literature included, presents a literary history of the  Balearic Islands, and gives criteria for selection. [AMM]

Moliner, María. Diccionario de uso del español. Edición abreviada por la Editorial Gredos. Madrid: Gredos, 2000. 1503 p.; 25 cm. ISBN 8424922646: 5500 ptas.

A desk-sized abridgement of the 2-volume 2nd edition (1998) of the standard lexicon of Spanish, which was noted in our Spring 1999 issue and reviewed in the current RRE. Includes, according to the back-cover blurb, 40,000 entries and 115,000 definitions, covering American Spanish, colloquialisms, barbarisms, and neologisms. Entries include definitions, synonyms, grammatical category, illustrative phrases without source reference, indications of constructions, register, geographic range, usage, and conjugation. Specialized terms and acceptations have been deleted, as well as etymologies, syntactical notes, and lists of related terms. Includes a 32-page grammatical appendix. [JKL]

Parés i Puntas, Anna. Tots els refranys catalans [cover subtitle: 25.000 refranys d’arreu de les terres catalanes; el repertori més complet de parènues, proverbis I refranys existent en català]. Barcelona: Edicions 62, 1999. 633 p.; 25 cm. ISBN 842974519X; LCCN: 99516289: 3990 pesetas.

A classed collection of Catalan proverbial terms. Entries offer occasional explanations in Catalan. Includes a one-page bibliography and a keyword index. [JKL]

Ruiz [Fernández], Ciriaco. Diccionario ejemplificado de argot. Diccionarios Universidad de Salamanca; 1. Barcelona: Península; Salamanca: CILUS [Universidad de Salamanca, Centro de Investigaciones Lingüísticas], 2001. 439 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 8483073447: 3900 ptas.

A Castilian slang dictionary based on 570 textual sources (of which 470 are post-1975) cited in the entries. Definitions and usages have been compared with a dozen other slang dictionaries. Includes a 17-page bibliography of sources, but no reverse index. [JKL]

Silva, Maria Regina Tavares da. A mulher: bibliografia portuguesa anotada (monografias, 1518-1998). Bibliografias; 4. Lisboa: Edições Cosmos, 1999. 371 p., [12] p. of plates: col. ill.; 23 cm. ISBN 9727621678; LCCN: 00318517: $35.00.

Sponsored by the Comissão para a Igualdade e par os Direitos das Mulheres, this generously annotated bibliography covers books, pamphlets, and (unanalyzed, unindexed) conference proceedings on women published in Portugal. The 1928 entries are arranged by author; includes a subject index. [JKL]

Stathatos, Constantine C. A Gil Vicente bibliography, 1995-2000. Teatro del Siglo de Oro. Bibliografías y catálogos; 36. Kassel: Edition Reichenberger, 2001. 111 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 3935004311.

A continuation of the author’s annotated bibliographies (1940-1975 [1980], 1975-1995 [1997]—see my review of the latter in Choice, May 1998) of editions, translations, and studies of the 15-16th-century playwright. Maintains the same arrangement, includes indices of scholars/translators and subjects, and 2-page bibliography. In appendix: chronology of GV’s plays. [JKL]

Suances-Torres, Jaime. Diccionario del verbo español, hispanoamericano y dialectal. [Barcelona]: Herder, c2000. li, 1650 p.; 26 cm. ISBN 8425421330: 9600 ptas.

A dictionary of Castilian verbs that, according to the back-cover blurb covers 20,038 verbs with 43,905 acceptations, 3698 phrases, 7968 etymologies, and over 10,000 literary quotations and usage examples. Entries give definitions and conjugations with references to the documentary sources listed in the 159-page bibliography. [JKL]

Suplemento ao Dicionário de Eça de Queiroz. Ed. A. Campos Matos. Lisboa: Caminho, 2000. 647, [1] folded p.: ill., some col.; 26 cm. ISBN 9722113410: $65.00.

Updates and complements the 2nd edition (1993) of the encyclopedia devoted to the leading 19th-century Portuguese novelist. Longer articles are signed by scholarly contributors and are followed by selective bibliographies. Includes indices of names and subjects. [JKL]

Torrente, Alvaro; & Marín, Miguel Angel. Pliegos de villancicos en la British Library, Londres y la University Library, Cambridge. Catálogo descriptivo de pliegos de villancicos; 1. Bibliografías y catálogos; 29. DeMusica; 5. Kassel: Reichenberger, 2000. xliv, 443 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 393188795: DM 120.

A scholarly descriptive catalog of unbound carols from Spain. Includes 11 indices. The series will continue with holdings from North America and then other countries. [JKL]

Torres Ramírez, Isabel de; & Muñoz Muñoz, Ana Ma. Fuentes de información para los estudios de las mujeres. Colección Feminae; 6. Granada: Universidad de Granada, 2000. 348 p.: ill.; 21 cm. ISBN 8433827111; LCCN 2001371206: 2500 ptas.

A combination of bibliographical essays and annotated bibliographies classed as follows: history and present state of women’s studies abroad and in Spain, general information sources, non-bibliographical reference works, bibliographies and indices, gray literature and official publications, non-print sources, institutional and personal resources, and electronic resources. In appendix: Andalusian resources not included in the main body of the work and a directory of women’s centers and libraries in Spain. The index of authors’ names and titles appears to be superseded by a 39-page insert. [JKL]

Vázquez de Parga, Salvador. Héroes y enamoradas: la novela popular española. Parapapel; 3. Barcelona: Glenat, 2000. 370 p.: ill.; 21 cm. ISBN 8484490726: 1800 ptas.

An historical survey of character types in popular Spanish fiction. Contains many black-and-white reproductions from titles discussed. In appendix: alphabetical and chronological lists of popular series, and lists of pseudonyms and reverse index of real names (both alphabetical by forename). [JKL]

25 años de investigación en la lengua española. Eds. Maria Bargalló Escrivà, Cecilio Garriga Escribano. Tarragona: Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Departament de Filologies Romàniques, c2000. 243 p.; 21 cm. ISBN 8484240355: $12.67.

Four chapters, each followed by a selective bibliography, survey the present state of studies in Spanish phonology, morphology, syntax, and history of the language, followed by a general prospective conclusion. Includes an index of personal names. [JKL]


Dizionario bibliografico del giallo. Ed. Roberto Pirani, Monica Mare. Pontassieve: Pirani bibliografica, 1996-1998. 3 v.; 29 cm. L610,000.

An author bibliography of detective or mystery fiction (in the widest sense, even including, e. g., Sheridan, s. v. Le Fanu with no cross reference) published in Italy from 1858 (Edgar Allan Poe) through 1993, including anthologies. Author entries, listed inconsistently under real name (e. g., Dard, with a cross reference from San Antonio) or pseudonym (e. g., Le Carré with no cross reference from Cornwell), include brief biographical notes and selected secondary bibliographical references. Works are grouped by genre and listed in chronological order; foreign titles are listed in the order of appearance of the original language edition, and translators are indicated. Re-editions and reprints are included. In appendix are abbreviations of series and periodical titles, with a reverse index. [JKL]

Dizionario bibliografico del giallo. Integrazioni e errata corrige; Ia: (A-I). Ed. Roberto Pirani, Monica Mare. Pontassieve: Pirani bibliografica, 1999- v. ; 29 cm.

This supplement complements and corrects the listings in the main set (above), with the same elements and arrangement. [JKL]

Dizionario bibliografico del giallo: collane e periodici gialli in Italia: 1895-1999
. Ed. Roberto Pirani, Monica Mare, [et al.]. Pontassieve (Firenze): Pirani bibliografica, 2000. 2 v.; 30 cm. L250,000.

A listing of titles published in 797 series or periodicals devoted to detective or mystery fiction in Italy 1895-1999. Series and serials are grouped by publishing group. Continues and corrects some of the bibliographical information in the main set (above), including more horror and juvenile fiction. The index volume contains chronological and alphabetical lists of series and periodicals. [JKL]

Dizionario della resistenza: storia e geografia della liberazione
. Ed. Enzo Collotti, Renato Sandri e Frediano Sessi. Turin: G. Einaudi, 2000. 2 v. 22 cm.; 617 and xxx pp. Grandi opere. ISBN: 8806146890 Lit. 150,000. E 77.47

This important work offers the first complete historiographical and geographic coverage of the Resistance. The first of four sections comprises essays by experts and a classified bibliography. The second proposes a new approach to the Resistance—a detailed geographic analysis of the movement by regions and cities, also with bibliographic notes. The third part is a dictionary of over 700 alphabetical subject entries. The final part combines a descriptive essay with apparatus for a detailed analysis of the historiography of the Resistance. Indexes of names, decorated individuals and statistical data complete the work. [SFR]

Donne: due secoli di scrittura femminile in Sardegna: 1775-1950: repertorio bibliografico / a cura di Franca Ferraris Cornaglia ... [et al.]; saggio introduttivo di Laura Pisano. Cagliari: CUEC, 2001. 355 p., [24] leaves of plates: ill.; 24 cm. ISBN 8884670160: L38000.

An unannotated bibliography of writings (books and articles) in all disciplines by 454 women of or in Sardinia. Arranged alphabetically by author then chronologically by date of publication. Includes lists of libraries, serials, and publishers cited, and an index of authors by genre. Includes reprints from 19th-century sources of statistics and lists covering literacy and level of education. [JKL]

Guida all’Italia del libro. Supplementi di Libri e riviste d’Italia. Guide; 1. Roma: Istituto poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato, 1998. x, 146 p.; 22 cm. ISBN 8824037178: L25,000.

A directory of Italian book-related governmental units, associations, institutions (including Casalini Libri), revues, schools, and libraries. Includes indices of names of persons and corporate bodies. [JKL]

Letteratura italiana del novecento Rizzoli Larousse. Diretta da Nino Borsellino e Walter Pedullà. Contents: 1. La nascita del moderno: dalla crisi del naturalismo alle avanguardie, 1900-1930 — 2. Le forme del realismo: dal realismo magico al neorealismo, 1930-1960 — 3. Sperimentalismo e tradizione del nuovo: dalla contestazione al postmoderno, 1960-2000. Milano: Rizzoli: Motta, c2000. 3 v.: ill.; 28 cm. L560,000.

A collective historical survey of 20th-century Italian literature. Substantial chapters signed by different scholars are devoted to major authors, groups, movements, or topics, and are followed by selective bibliographies. Includes indices of authors and titles. [JKL]

Lurati, Ottavio. Dizionario dei modi di dire. Enciclopedia europea. Milano: Garzanti, 2001. xlii, 1057 p.; 27 cm. ISBN 884790091: Lits 230,000.

A scholarly lexicon of idiomatic uses of selected Italian terms. Entries offer systematic explanations, cross references and sourced illustrative quotations. Includes a 34-page bibliography; no index. [JKL]

Poesia on line. [a cura di] Nicola Lagioia; con la collaborazione di Mariangela Surace. Matrix; 5. Roma: Castelvecchi, 2001. 46 p.; 21cm. ISBN 8882102890: $11.42.

A Baudelairian or Benjaminesque guide to contemporary Italian poetry on the web as of March 17, 2001. Divided into three sections (general collections [11], author specific sites [10], and unclassifiable “curiosities” [19]), the evaluative annotations assess the pluses and minuses of web poetry. The first two sections offer Michelin-like ratings for content, structure, design, ease of navigation, and overall quality. Indicates no URL for itself. [JKL]

Sorice, Michele. L’Industria culturale in Italia. Libri di base + [più]; 14. Roma: Editori riuniti, 1998. 124 p.; 20 cm. + 1 floppy disk. ISBN 8835945518: Lits 12,000.

A survey of the production of mass culture in contemporary Italy from Caruso to videogames, covering radio, television, comics, and pocket books. The floppy disk provides data from different sectors at selected moments of the 20th century in the form of tables, maps, chronologies, and thumbnail biographies of leading players. The book includes instructions for installing the disk in Windows 3.x and 95. [JKL]

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