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Fall 2001, Vol. 25, no. 1

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Tuesday, June 19, 2001

Moscone Convention Center, Room 120

Present: Barbara Walden, Kathy Hunter-Rutter, Theresa Byrd, Sebastian Hierl, Sam Dunlap, Heleni Pedersoli, Diana Chlebek, Ceres Birkhead, Gordon Anderson, Jeff Garrett, Helene Baumann, Sarah Wenzel, Karl Fattig, Louis Reith, Sharon Brown, Emily Horning (recording).

Jeff Garrett called the meeting to order at 9:40 a.m. The minutes from Midwinter were approved. Garrett introduced Teresa Byrd, WESS’s ACRL liaison. Byrd stressed that ACRL needs to hear from its sections, and encouraged members to make use of open-mike time at Board meetings. She briefly described other relevant issues currently under discussion by the Board: the program for the next ACRL conference (to be held in Charlotte), candidates for the next ACRL election, legal issues surrounding the recent Tasini v. The New York Times decision, and plans for an ACRL members-only website. Some WESS members expressed concern about the lack of clarification and communication from ACRL regarding the recent funding grants to sections, and about scheduling difficulties at conferences. Byrd promised to bring these to the attention of the Board. Garrett thanked her for attending today’s meeting.

Sarah Wenzel reported on the ACRL Conference in Denver. She encouraged members to consider presenting at future ACRL conferences, and noted the potential for this to serve as an effective recruitment tool. Garrett has asked the Membership Committee to look into this, perhaps appointing an individual to coordinate and oversee the WESS presence at future conferences. Gordon Anderson will take this to the committee.

The WESS Cruise was a resounding success. Garrett offered thanks on behalf of the section to Beth Remak-Honnef, Gordon Anderson, Candace Miller, Roberta Astroff, Melissa Cast and to our vendors for their generous contributions.

Yesterday’s WESS Program, Exploding the Spanish Canon: Including the Voices of Spain’s Excluded Communities, was also a success. Approximately 80 people attended. The proceedings will be published, with an additional paper by Marc Ugalde of the Center for Basque Studies at the University of Nevada, Reno.

John Cullars announced that Assunta Pisani is actively investigating publishing a book of the Mario Casalini Memorial. She is looking for contributors.

WESS Liaison to the ACRL Board: John Cullars has been our liaison to the ACRL Board for more than 7 years, and would like the Executive Committee to identify a successor. Garrett thanked him for his hard work and dedication, and proposed that the section elect someone, perhaps for a two- or three-year term. Barbara Walden proposed instead that the Member At Large take on this responsibility for the time being; Sam Dunlap, our incoming Member At Large, agreed to do this.

Nominations: Heleni Pedersoli announced the slate for the next round of elections: For Vice Chair/Chair Elect: Kati Radics and Ann Snoeyenbos; For Secretary: Candace Miller and Louis Reith; for Member At Large: Laura Dale Bischof and Bryan Skib.

Newsletter: Beth Remak-Honnef is stepping down in June 2002. Garrett thanked her, and Jeffry Larson, Rob Kusmer and Dick Hacken for their service. Sarah Wenzel will take over in Fall 2002.

WESS Manual Revision: John Cullars handed out a partially edited document describing in some detail proposed and accepted revisions; these will be posted to WESSWeb. The chief item under discussion is the term of office for committee and discussion group chairs; Barbara Walden and Gordon Anderson will discuss this.

[Most committee reports were submitted at the Membership Meeting, and are included in the Membership minutes.]

WESS has received a proposal from the Library Materials Price Index Committee (LMPIC) of ALCTS to co-sponsor a program at Annual 2002 in Atlanta. Garrett assured the group that WESS would lend its name only. The program would cover pricing developments in domestic and foreign mongraphs and serials. Garrett called for a quick vote of the Executive Committee: 1 abstention, 4 yeas. Garrett will speak with the ALCTS representative.

Frankfurt Book Fair: WESS is able to give one member a nearly-free ride to Frankfurt again this year. Gordon Anderson will issue a call for nominations shortly. Helene Baumann described various tours planned for WESS members attending the fair.

Letters of recommendation: Garrett reported that a proposal had been received asking the Executive Committee to write letters of recommendation for all WESS members going through tenure and/or promotion proceedings. Garrett advised that this was probably impractical, but suggested that individual members contact the Chair directly.

Jeffry Larson, via Emily Horning, passed on the announcement that Mary Jane Parrine has retired as Curator of the Romance Language Collections at Stanford University. Larson noted Parrine’s many years of service to WESS, congratulated her on her successful career and sent his best wishes for a long and happy retirement. All present heartily agreed.

Respectfully submitted,

Emily Horning, Secretary

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