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Fall 2000, Vol. 24, no. 1

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Adams, Alison; Rawles, Stephen; & Saunders, Alison. A bibliography of French emblem books of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, [v. 1: A-K]. Genève: Librarie Droz, 1999. xxxii, 670 p.: ill. 26 cm. (Travaux díhumanisme et renaissance; no. 331) ISBN 2600003576. $101.60.

Part of the "Corpus Librorum Emblematum" project, this catalog of French emblem books of the Renaissance includes in each of its entries (arranged by author) a summary of printing history, physical description, references, and located copies. In the second volume are promised indices of names, geographical and chronological tables, and bibliographies of editions and secondary literature. [JKL]
Dictionnaire de culture générale. Ed. Frédéric Laupies. Paris: Presses universitaires de France, 2000. xii, 1125 p.; 25 cm. (Collection Major) ISBN 2130481809; LCCN: 00357176. 298 FF.
A tool to help you know what you should know (according to the back cover blurb), at least in Lutetia. Signed articles cover "currents of thought" (mainly óisms) and cultural characters and myths, with each entry concluding with a brief bibliography. Includes indices of names and concepts, and a classed list of articles. [JKL]
Dictionnaire Flammarion de la langue française. Nouv. éd. Ed. Bruno Bourdon. Paris: Flammarion, c1999. xxvi, 1398 p.: ill.; 25cm. + 1 computer laser optical disc (4 3/4 in.), requiring Windows 3.11, 95, or NT. ISBN 2080820060; LCCN: 99510438. 198 FF.
A desk dictionary of 62,000 terms according to the back cover blurb. Offers grammatical and usage information, unsourced illustrations, and definitions. The introduction assesses the present state of the language. Includes a grammar in tabular form. Does not indicate which dictionary it is the "new edition" of, perhaps the Dictionnaire usuel Quillet-Flammarion, 1956 etc. [JKL]
Dontchev, Dontcho. Dictionnaire du français argotique, populaire et familier. Monaco: Rocher, 2000. 436 p. ISBN 2268034739. 125 FF.
A fairly comprehensive glossary of 8500 contemporary unconventional French terms. Entries indicate grammatical categories and definitions with unsourced illustrative examples, but do not give etymologies or dates. Includes a one page bibliography and a 97 page index of standard French equivalents. [JKL]
Duneton, Claude. Le guide du français familier. Paris: Seuil, 1998. 604 p. (Les dicos de Point virgule) ISBN 202031486X. 129 FF.
A selective popular glossary of familiar French--defined in the introduction--that is arranged in alphabetical order by the standard French equivalent. Excludes most, but not all, scatological and sexual terms; includes French Canadian expressions. Social origins but not etymologies are given; illustrative examples are fabricated. Includes a short annotated bibliography and an index of terms glossed. [JKL]
Femme, jíécris ton nomÖ: guide díaide à la féminisation des noms de métiers, titres, grades et fonctions. Annie Becquer ... [et al.]; Centre national de la recherche scientifique, Institut national de la langue française; préface de Lionel Jospin. Paris: la Documentation française, 1999. 124 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 2110042745. 59 FF.
How to derive more than 2000 feminine forms of professional titles from the masculine. There is a one page list of converse derivations (no mention of putain). Contains a 55 page explanatory introduction and a page bibliography. [JKL]
Fordant, Laurent. Atlas des noms de famille en France. Paris: Archives & culture, c1999. 190 p.: ill., maps ; 30 cm. ISBN 2911665236; LCCN: 99228610. 198 FF.
A graphic and statistical display of the evolution of the most frequent patronyms in France, first nationally, then by region and finally by département. Includes an index of surnames. The publisher, who specializes in popular genealogical titles, also maintains a database accessible by Minitel (3617 Genealogy) and on the web <> giving access to more than 24 million civil records (see "Bits & Bytes"). [JKL]
Gilder, Alfred. En vrai français dans le texte: dictionnaire franglais-français. Paris: Cherche Midi, c1999. 376 p.; 24 cm. (Collection "Documents") ISBN 2862746630. 150 FF.
A puristís glossary of 8000 Anglicisms translated into "good" French. Includes 10 appendices listing various categories of foreign borrowings, followed by a page bibliography. [JKL]
Institut Mémoires de líédition contemporaine. Répertoire des collections. Paris: Institut Mémoires de líédition contemporaine, [2000]. xiv, 231 p.; 21 cm. ISBN 2908295520. 50.00 FF.
A catalog of the Institutís extensive and important collections, arranged by source: author, organization, publisher, or revue. Entries include a brief historical description and an indication of the type of materials held. Includes indices of personal names and titles. [JKL]
Merle, Pierre. Florilège des mots de líamour. Paris: Plon, 2000. 409 p. (La Grande Ourse) ISBN 2259191851. 110 FF.
To disabuse yourself of the notion that only "the French have a word for it" especially when it comes to líamour, browse this popular glossary of sexual terms and note the high proportion of Franglais; sometimes even the definitions are Anglo-American: Chippendale is glossed as "strip-teaser". Entries also cover other forms of slang and standard French from all periods, though emphasizing le bel aujourdíhui, including computerese and pictographs (see, e. g., the entry for 8=D). Entries offer cross references and occasional sources, either written or oral, but there is no bibliography or index. Uses the expression "la pipe", but does not define it. [JKL]
Pérennité des formes poétiques codifiées: Études rassemblées par Laurent Cassagnau et Jacques Lajarrige. Clermont-Ferrand: Presses universitaires Blaise Pascal, Centre de recherches sur les littératures modernes et contemporaines, 2000. 258 p.; 21 cm. (Cahiers de recherches du CRLMC) "Actes díune journée díétudes qui a eu lieu le 27 mars 1998 à Clermont-Ferrand... dans le cadre des travaux du groupe Écriture poétique moderne du Centre de recherches sur les littératures modernes et contemporaines... consacrés aux Écritures poétiques de la rupture et de la continuité". ISBN 2845161190. 100 FF.
After 11 conference papers, an 80 page classed, unannotated international bibliography on assorted poetic forms. [JKL]
Tournier, Jean. Les mots anglais du français. Paris: Belin, 1998. 621 p.; 19 cm. (Collection Le Français retrouvé; 32) ISBN 2701123046. 90 FF.
A classed dictionary of Anglicisms in French. Entries offer pronunciations, unsourced datings, and definitions in French. Includes an index of terms. [JKL]
Zégierman, Frédéric. Le guide des pays de France. [Paris]: Fayard, 1999. 2 vol. (749, 637 p.): maps. col ; 24 cm. ISBN 2213599602 (vol. 1).180 FF; ISBN 2213599610 (vol. 2) 170 FF.
A guide to the regions of France arranged geographically, with some of the regions being more arbitrarily configured than others. Each volume contains a glossary, bibliography, index of places, and a table of the regions. [JKL]


Berg, Jan and Edgar Morscher. Bolzano-Forschung, 1992-1998. Beiträge zur Bolzano-Forschung, Bd. 10. Sankt Augustin: Academia, 1999. 1. Aufl. 251 p. ISBN 3896650122. DM 48.

Complements the coverage of Bolzano research provided in the still-incomplete Bolzano-Gesamtausgabe (Einleitungsbd. 2, 1. Abt. plus Supplements I and II, for coverage up to early 1987), Heft 16 of the Forschungsberichte und Mitteilungen des Forschungsinstituts Philsophie/Technik/Wirtschaft an der Universität Salzburg (for the years 1987-1988) and Bolzano-Forschung, 1989-1991 (Beiträge zur Bolzano-Forschung, Heft 2). In addition to the bibliographic section, which constitutes the bulk of the volume, the reader is provided with a variety of other information and updates to the state of Bolzano research: a listing of dissertations and Diplomarbeiten on Bolzano, Bolzano conferences, organizations and descriptions of research projects. Not to be overlooked is a detailed organizational overview of the current state of the Bolzano-Gesamtausgabe, indicating which volumes have been published and which are in progress, as well as short content descriptions of the already published volumes. [RLK]
Böttrich, Christfried. Bibliographie Konstantin von Tischendorf (1815-1874). Leipzig: Leipziger Universitätsverlag, 1999. 139 p., ill. ISBN 3933240956. DM 23.80
First comprehensive bibliography of the 19th century German theologian, published in the 125th anniversary year of his death. Compared with earlier bibliographic treatments of Tischendorf, this one includes not only the primary, published works, but also the letters and posthumous works, as well as secondary literature. The volume is enhanced by the inclusion of several appendices: tables of contents from the collected works editions, a listing of the lectures presented by Tischendorf at the Universität Leipzig, portraits of Tischendorf, and a brief vita. [RLK]
Duden: das grosse Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache in 10 Bänden/ ed., Wissenschaftlicher Rat der Dudenredaktion . 3., völlig neu bearbeitete und erw. Aufl. Mannheim: Dudenverlag, 1999. 10 vols. ISBN 341104733X
The imposing resources of the Duden editorial apparatus have borne fruit in their latest dictionary, an impressive successor to the 2nd ed. in eight volumes (1993-1995). In contrast to some recent German dictionaries, in which both traditional and the reform orthographic (Rechtschreibung) spellings and syllabication are displayed, this work is written solely using the new rules . Also includes an essay on the new orthography, a history of the German language, and short articles on a few of the "100 words of the 20th century," as published by the Gesellschaft für Deutsche Sprache in the journal "Der Sprachdienst." [RLK]
Duden Wörterbuch der Abkürzungen: rund 40,000 Abkürzungen und was sie bedeuten. Duden-Taschenbücher, Bd. 11. 4., neu bearbeitete und erw. Aufl. / von Josef Werflin. 334 p. ISBN 3411050144.
Technological developments and political change (especially within the European and German contexts) since the publication of the 3rd ed. over ten years ago make this handbook a welcome new publication. [RLK]
Freund, Winfried. Deutsche Literatur. DuMont Schnellkurs. Originalausg. Köln: DuMont, 2000. 228 p., ill. (some col.). ISBN 3770147472. DM 24.80.
Attractive, richly illustrated, succinct pocket-book-like overview of German literature, arranged by epochs with lead-in side bars highlighting contemporary historical/cultural occurrences. Concludes with: a very brief chronological overview of German literary developments; a short bibliography covering introductory, historical, genre-related and bibliographical studies of German literature and criticism; and name and title indexes. [RLK]
Frey, Alex. Bibliothek der deutschen Literatur: Bibliographie und Register: Mikrofiche-Gesamtausgabe nach Angaben des Taschengoedeke. 2., vollständig überarbeitete und erw. Ausg. München: Saur, 1999. 674 p. ISBN 3598537727 (pbk.) DM 148; 3598537735 (bound) DM 298.
Issued in its 2nd edition to reflect the updating and extension of the Bibliothek der deutschen Literatur upon publication of the Supplement, the Bibliographie und Register represents not only the key to the microfiche, but also a comprehensive listing of all authors mentioned in Leopold Hirschbergís Taschengoedeke--the basis of the microfiche set--even when an author is not represented, or not fully represented, in the fiche. The scope of this work goes beyond belles-lettres, encompassing philosophers, political writers and other disciplinary representatives. The register provides an edition history of the titles in the Bibliothek, indicating first and subsequent editions. It is arranged in several sections: the main section, with fiche reference numbers, includes, in addition to authors and their works, an indication of their time period, regional origin and, in the case chiefly of non-literary writers, disciplinary/thematic focus. A title index follows, with indexes by literary epoch, geographic regions and disciplinary/thematic areas completing the volume. Again, the latter category is not applied to most belletristic authors. Ordering information for fiche segments by author, work, epoch, region or disciplinary/thematic focus is included, allowing libraries to select portions of the set. [RLK]
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von. Der junge Goethe: neu bearbeitete Ausgabe in fünf Bänden. / ed., Hanna Fischer-Lamberg. Berlin; New York: de Gruyter, 1999. 5 vols. + Registerband. Unveränderte Neuausgabe. ISBN 3110165120.
Originally published in 1963, this is an unrevised paperback edition. The coverage of the set is from August 1749 (in actuality, 1757) through October 1775. The basis is the "Junge Goethe" of Salomon Hirzel (1st ed., 1875) and its revision by Max Morris (1909-1912), with the expected updating of textual basis and annotations. Organization by genre category follows Morrisí and includes Goetheís letters of the period. [RLK]
Hawrylchak, Sandra H. and John M. Spalek. Lion Feuchtwanger: a Bibliographic Handbook. Vol. 2, Translations, Short Publications, Adaptations and Productions = Lion Feuchtwanger: ein bibliographisches Handbuch. Bd. 2, Übersetzungen, Kurzbeiträge, Bearbeitungen und Inszenierungen. München: Saur, 1999. 414 p. ISBN 359811379X. DM 180.
Follows the 1998 publication of vol. 1 of the planned three-vol. set (German Editions = Deutschsprachige Ausgaben), which was the first complete listing of Feuchtwangerís books in German. Vol. 2 is comprised of four diverse sections: translations of his works into 38 languages; short publications by Feuchtwanger in periodicals and anthologies, both in German and as translations (these first two sections complete the primary bibliography begun with vol. 1); adaptations of Feuchtwangerís works in other forms and media (film, opera, etc.); and, lastly, documentation of the 230 productions of Feuchtwangerís dramas, including place and date (of the premiere and subsequent performances) and director. Includes index of persons. [RLK]
Hollender, Martin. Bibliographie Heinz Piontek. Archivreihe der Stiftung Haus Oberschlesien, Bd. 3. Bibliographien zur deutschen Literaturgeschichte, Bd. 8. Bielefeld: Aisthesis, 2000. 450 p. DM. 158. ISBN 3895282553.
Born 1925 in Kreuzberg (Upper Silesia), Piontek received the Georg Büchner Preis in 1976. Hollenderís bibliography is divided into three main sections: primary works (works as poet, writer, editor, translator and reviewer); works on Piontek; and lyric and prose works dedicated to him. Coverage is from 1951-1999. Includes indexes of persons and titles. [RLK]
Kürschners deutscher Literatur-Kalender. Nekrolog 1971-1998. Ed., Andreas Klimt. München: Saur, 1999. 770 p. ISBN 3598236875. DM 398.
The third Kürschners necrology of German writers, following the 1936 ed. (covering years 1901-1935) and the 1973 (covering 1936-1970). Together, the three provide bio-bibliographical coverage of approx. 13,500 authors of German language belles-lettres. The current publication comprises 4,573 entries, including entries lacking in the first two editions, and contains indexes by birth and death years. In addition to biographical highlights, each entry presents listings of works authored or edited by the writer, and in the case of 3,800 entries, secondary sources on him or her. Of interest is also the inclusion of literary archive locations and publications relating to them. [RLK]
"Manche Worte strahlen": deutsch-jüdische Dichterinnen des 20. Jahrhunderts. / ed., Norbert Oellers. Erkelenz: Altius, 1999. 124 p. ISBN 3932483073.
Partially revised addresses of the lecture series "Manch Worte strahlen: jüdische Dichterinnen unserer Zeit," held in the winter semester 1994/95 under the sponsorship of the Deutsch-Israelische Gesellschaft (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Bonn) and the Germanistisches Seminar der Universität Bonn. The six presentations cover Else Lasker-Schüler, Nelly Sachs, Gertrud Kolmar, Rose Ausländer, Lea Goldberg and Jenny Aloni. [RLK]

Meid, Volker. Sachwörterbuch zur deutschen Literatur. Stuttgart: Reclam, 1999. 571 p. ISBN 3150104599.

The small format (16 cm.) of this book make it useful as a quick reference handbook. In short articles, terms from literary science and literary history, including genres, literary/intellectual movements, rhetoric, poetics and literary devices are elucidated. Includes modest bibliography at the end of the volume. [RLK]
Metzler Goethe Lexikon: mit 150 Abbildungen / eds., Benedikt Jeßing, Bernd Lutz, Inge Wild. Stuttgart: J.B. Metzler, 1999. 583 p.: illus. ISBN 3476015890.
Short discussions of topics, places, people, Goetheís literary characters and works associated directly or indirectly with Goethe. [RLK]
Riedel, Nicolai. Uwe-Johnson-Bibliographie: 1959-1998. (Personalbibliographien zur neueren deutschen Literatur, Bd. 3). Stuttgart: J.B. Metzler, 1999. 600 p. ISBN 3476016803.
4,000 detailed entries, including complete contents notes and edition information, comprising a comprehensive primary and secondary bibliography of the "Dichter der beiden Deutschland," Uwe Johnson (1934-1984). Includes indexes of literary works, topical words, periodicals (including newspapers) and persons. [RLK]
The Oxford-Duden German Dictionary: German-English/English-German. Ed. by the Dudenredaktion and the German Section of the Oxford University Press Dictionary Department ; chief editors, W. Scholze-Stubenrecht, J.B. Sykes. 2nd ed., edited by M. Clark, O. Thyen. Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press, 1999. 1728 p. ISBN 019860226X, 0198602480 (thumb index) ($36.45).
An extremely attractive dictionary, this 2nd ed. incorporates the new orthographic rules while also indicating with an* the old spellings. The entries, as well as examples of their usage, are attractively printed in bold-face. There are many "extras" here, in addition to the dictionary proper: grammatical "boxes" highlighting special words, an introduction to "Rechtschreibung," an outline of German grammatical forms, key points of German orthography and punctuation, sample letters for various circumstances, and useful phrases according to function. [RLK]
Przybilka, Thomas. Krimis im Fadenkreuz: Kriminalromane, Detektivgeschichten, Thriller, Verbrechens- und Spannungsliteratur der Bundesrepublik und der DDR, 1949-1990/92: eine Auswahlbibliographie der deutschsprachigen Sekundärliteratur. Originalausg. Köln: Baskerville Bücher, 1998. 451 p. ISBN 3930932504. DM 198.
The 10,000+ entries are gleaned from both the popular and scholarly press, from newspaper reviews to monographic studies. The bibliography is divided into four main sections: German-speaking Europe outside the DDR, 1949-90; DDR, 1949-1990; German-speaking Europe, 1991-92; and a Miscellaneous section. The first three parts are subdivided into sections of General items, items by author under consideration, and item by protagonist. The miscellaneous part is arranged by a variety of entries, including literary prize name, publisher, series, honoree, etc. Includes indexes of entry authors, literary authors and protagonists, and lists of magazines, newspapers and pseudonyms. [RLK]
Seifert, Siegfried. Goethe-Bibliographie 1950-1990 / unter Mitarbeit von Rosel Gutsell und Hans-Jürgen Malles ; Stiftung Weimarer Klassik. München: Saur, 2000. 3 vols. (1565 p.). ISBN 3598112866. DM 780.
A valuable resource following close on the heels of the Goethe year 1999, Seifertís bibliography continues without gap the Goethe-Bibliographie 1912-1950 by Carl Diesch and Paul Schlager, which was published in 1960 as Bd. IV/5 of Goedekeís Grundriß zur Geschichte der deutschen Dichtung aus den Quellen (3., neubearbeitete Aufl.). Not surprisingly, the roughly equivalent time span covered by the two bibliographies yielded 15,000 entries for Diesch but 26,000 for Seifert. Annotations used with secondary works only in those cases where the content was not clear from the title. Access to the multidimensional character of many of the studies cited is aided through the detailed combined name/subject index (in addition to the index to Goetheís works). As Seifert points out, this index is "more than the sum of its parts," for it reveals otherwise perhaps undetected thematic content and interrelationships. [RLK]
Wiesmeier, Lothar. Internationale Bibliographie zur deutschen Klassik, 1750-1850: Gesamtregister, Folge 1-41. Bibliographien und Kataloge der Herzogin Anna Amalia Bibliothek zu Weimar. 3 vols. (1145 p.). München: Saur, 1998. ISBN 3598328850. DM 834.
Provides a comprehensive index to the microfiche edition of the IBK, issues 1 (1959) through 41 (1994), thus integrating and collocating entries from the previously appearing partial indexes. Primarily personal and geographic names, but also includes names of periodicals from the classical period and--in the case of Goethe and Schiller--an expanded index that includes topics; other topical entries appearing in earlier indexes are omitted. Author names appear in an alphabetical listing, in addition to being included in the main index. [RLK]
Wilamowitz-Moellendorff, Erdmann von, and Günther Mühlpfordt. Heine-Bibliographie, 1983-1995. Personalbibliographien zur neueren deutschen Literatur, Bd. 2. Stuttgart: Metzler, 1998. 396 p. ISBN 3476015610.
A publication under the auspices of Herzogin-Anna-Amalia-Bibliothek Weimar and the Stiftung Weimarer Klassik, the present work continues the coverage provided by the Heine-Bibliographie by Gottfried Wilhelm (1960), Siegfried Seifertís Heine-Bibliographie, 1954-1964 (1968) and the Heine-Bibliographie, 1965-1982 (1986) compiled by Siegfried Seifert and Albina A. Volgina, retaining their organizational/methodological bases. 2,400 titles are enumerated from the primary and secondary literature. Includes an index of persons, subjects and titles. [RLK]


Andrade, Adriano da Guerra. Dicionário de pseudónimos e iniciais de escritores portugueses. Lisboa: Biblioteca Nacional, 1999. 471 p.; 23 cm. (Colecões BN) ISBN 9725652622; LCCN: 00335106. 3500 esc.

A dictionary of pseudonyms (including common nouns) and initials used by authors in Portugal and its colonies. Entries are arranged alphabetically as they appear on the title page, viz., usually beginning with the forename. Sources are indicated. Includes an index of authors (arranged this time by surname) so that one can find all of Pessoaís known "heteronyms". [JKL]
Bernat Vistarini, Antonio, & Cull, John T. Enciclopedia de emblemas españoles ilustrados. Madrid: Akal Ediciones, c1999. 952 p.: ill.; 25 cm. + 1 computer laser optical disc (4 3/4 in.) (Diccionarios/Akal; 23) ISBN 8446010755; LCCN: 99516656. 12,854 ptas.
A presentation and description of 1732 Spanish Golden Age emblems arranged by theme, with many of the fields in both Spanish and English. Includes indices of themes, mottoes, sources of mottoes, authors and works, and glossaries in Spanish and English. The multi-platform CD-ROM affords Boolean searching in a graphical interface which permits downloading and printing. [JKL]

Bibliografía en resúmenes de la literatura española: (artículos) 1996. Dirección de Emilio Martínez Mata; redacción de Manuel Angel Fernández Álvarez ... [et al.]. Oviedo: Universidad de Oviedo. Servicio de Publicaciones, 2000. 220 p.; 21 cm. ISBN 8483171963. 2300 ptas.

Continuation of the classed bibliography with signed abstracts of scholarly articles on Spanish literature that was noted in our Spring 1994 and Spring 2000 issues. Now includes indices of authors and journals and collective works. Still announces a web version, but still not found on the U. of Oviedoís web site ( [JKL]
[Cañelles López, Ramón]. Guía de premios y concursos literarios en España 1998/1999. Madrid: Ediciones y Talleres Escritura Creativa Fuentetaja, 1998. 331 p.; 24 cm. (Colección herramientas) ISBN 8492123168. 2900 ptas.
A classed directory of Hispanic literary contests and prizes. Includes 7 indices. Annotated in our Spring 1997 issue under the previous title: Guía de concursos y premios literarios en España 1996/1997. [JKL]
Castañares, Wenceslao, & González Quirós, José Luis. Diccionario de citas.  [Madrid]: Editorial Noesis, [2000]. 757 p.; 25 cm. ISBN 8487462510. $13.34.
Second expanded edition of an international dictionary of quotations arranged by author, giving the original (citing the source) and its Spanish translation if foreign. Includes an index of themes. [JKL]
Diccionario de la lengua española. Madrid: Espasa, c1999. 1435 p.; 25 cm. (Diccionario léxico Espasa) ISBN 842399452X; LCCN: 00307590. 5950 ptas.
A popular desk dictionary giving limited linguistic information about 50,000 terms. Appendices offer verb tables and abbreviations. [JKL]
Gramática descriptiva de la lengua española. Eds. Ignacio Bosque & Violeta Demonte. Contents: 1. Sintaxis básica de las clases de palabras; 2. Las construcciones sintácticas fundamentales; Relaciones temporales, aspectuales y modales; 3. Entre la oración y el discurso; Morfología. Madrid: Espasa, c1999. 3 v. (5351 p.); 23 cm. (Colección Nebrija y Bello) ISBN 8423979172 (set); LCCN: 99487395. 19,950 ptas.
An up-to-date synchronic description (omitting phonology) of primarily peninsular Spanish, and its Andalusian, Asturian, Canary, Cantabrian, Castilian, and Leonese dialects (Catalan is omitted, even from the index). The 78 chapters are signed by 73 scholars largely from Spain and the US; each is followed by a substantial bibliography. Includes a detailed (63 p.) table of contents and indices of subjects, cited terms, and cited works. [JKL]
Gran Diccionari 62 de la llengua catalana. Ed. Lluís López del Castillo; amb la collaboració de Bernat Cormand. Barcelona: Edicions 62, 2000. 1236 p.; 24 cm. (Diccionaris 62 de la Llengua Catalana; 1) ISBN 8429746501. 4350 ptas.
A soft cover desk dictionary of Catalan giving basic grammatical information, occasional etymologies, definitions, and unsourced illustrations of 57,000 terms. Includes a grammatical appendix. [JKL]
Grillo Torres, María Paz. Guía selecta de obras dramáticas. Madrid: Fundamentos, 2000. 333 p.; 24 cm. (Arte. Serie Teoría Teatral) ISBN 8424508386. 2500 ptas.
A directorís guide to 130 mostly European plays offering the following information: author, world premiere, number of acts, scenes, decors, characters, running time, genre, synopsis, current interest, production difficulties, Spanish premiere, recent Spanish productions and editions. Includes the following indices: title, author, number of characters, running time, genre, ease of production, juvenile audience, and national origin. [JKL]
Lacerda, Roberto Cortes de; Lacerda, Helena da Rosa Cortes; & Abreu, Estela dos Santos. Dicionário de proverbios: |Francês Português Inglês. Lisboa: Contexto, 2000. 550 p.; 26 cm. ISBN 9725752449. $45.00.
A dictionary of 1500 French proverbs (and their Portuguese and English translations) with definitions, datings, variants, equivalents (including in other languages) and opposites, sources, and commentaries. Includes an page bibliography, and indices of keywords, proverbs in other languages, sources, and names. [JKL]
Luque [Durán], Juan de Dios; Pamies, Antonio; & Manjón, Francisco José. Diccionario del insulto. Barcelona: Península, 2000. 486 p.; 23 cm. (Atalaya; 46) ISBN 8483072726. 2900 ptas.
How to give as good as you get in Spanish, cretino. More than 5,000 entries indicate derivation and meaning, and offer sourced examples. Includes a 7-page bibliography. [JKL]
Martín Sarmiento, F. Onomástico etimológico de la Lengua Gallega. Ed. J. L. Pensado. La Coruña: Fundación Pedro Barrié de la Maza, Conde de Fenosa, 1999. 2 v.: 529, 345 p.; 24 cm. (Obras Lingüísticas del Padre Sarmiento) ISBN 8489748519. 6240 ptas.
The second modern edition of etymologies of Galician personal and place names by an 18th-century philologist (whom LC knows as Sarmiento, Martín, 1695-1772). The first volume constitutes the editorís study and includes its own 19 page bibliography. The second volume, presenting the edited text with notes and variants, includes indices of toponyms and anthroponyms, of persons, of terms and themes, and a 24 page bibliography of cited works. [JKL]
Martínez de Sousa, José. Manual de estilo de la lengua española. Gijón: Trea, 2000. 636 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 8495178613. 6500 ptas.
Following advice to prospective authors on how to submit a manuscript to a publisher, the author offers a detailed, comprehensive Spanish style guide. Includes an index/table of contents, topical tables, and a page bibliography. [JKL]
Las mejores obras de la literatura española e hispanoamericana. Ed. Juan Angel Castaño. Elche: A. C. Frutos del Tiempo, 1999. 225 p.; 19 cm. (Solara Literatura) ISBN 8488170238. 1195 ptas.
The presentation with signed commentaries of the 50 "best" Hispanic literary works as chosen by 50 readers, 80% of whom are "book professionals" (writers, professors, journalists, translators, publishers, and booksellers). The second part lists each jurorís top 25 selections. [JKL]
Murcia Grau, M. J. (Miguel J.). Diccionario de abreviaturas, siglas y acrónimos. Barcelona: Ediciones Península, 1998. 350 p.; 20 cm. (Diccionarios Península) ISBN 8483071150; LCCN: 98218004. 2700 ptas.
An international dictionary of abbreviations and initialisms with explanations in Spanish. [JKL]
Navarro Durán, Rosa. Enciclopedia de escritores en lengua castellana. On cover: Un amplio panorama de la literatura española e hispanoamericana. / colaboración de Mónica Monteys. Barcelona: Planeta, 2000. 777 p.; 24 cm. (Enciclopedias Planeta. Serie Mayor) ISBN 8408034766. 4200 ptas.
Bio-bibliographies of more than 1500 authors from all periods writing in Castilian from Spain and Spanish America. Brief bibliographical references are embedded in the articles. Contains cross references from or to pseudonyms and an index of titles. The author is a professor at the Universidad de Barcelona. [JKL]
Nuevo Espasa ilustrado 2000: diccionario enciclopédico. Ed. Carolina Reoyo González]. Madrid: Espasa, c1999. xv, 1800, xxxii: ill. (some col.), col. maps; 24 cm. ISBN (invalid) 8423994551; LCCN: 00335075. 4996 ptas.
A Spanish equivalent of the Petit Larousse, but in one alphabetical sequence. Lavishly illustrated, mostly in color, but short on linguistic information, though it has a grammatical appendix. [JKL]
Pires, Daniel. Dicionário da imprensa periódica literária portuguesa do século XX; [vol. II, tomo 1]: 1941-1974, A-P. Lisboa: Grifo, [1999]. 385 p.; 21 cm. ISBN 9728178484. $45.00.
A continuation of the historical descriptive dictionary of twentieth-century Portuguese literary reviews (including cultural reviews, collective monographs, hommages, and titles overlooked in the previous volume) that was noted in our Fall 1997 issue; the bibliographic record now receives an open date (1996-) and the volume covering 1900-1940 is retroactively declared to be volume 1. The volume numbering on this title page should have been placed before the dates of coverage rather than after. Entries, arranged alphabetically by periodical title, give descriptive characterizations of reviewsí contents and lists of contributors, followed by brief bibliographic references and (unlike the previous volume) call numbers in 10 Portuguese libraries. The bulk of the preface is devoted to censorship. The second tome [Q-Z] will continue the same pagination and contain a chronological table, a geographical index, a general bibliography, a bibliography on censorship, and an index of personal names. To be reviewed in RRE. [JKL]
Reichenberger, Kurt & Roswitha. Bibliographisches Handbuch der Calderón-Forschung = Manual bibliográfico calderoniano v. 2, pt. 1: Die Literatur über Calderón une seine werke, 1680-1980 = Los Estudios sobre Calderón y su obra, 1680-1980. Kassel: Editionen Reichenberger, 1999. 604 p; 31 cm. ISBN: 393188774X. DM 480.
The first part of the 2nd volume of the Reichenbergerís monumental annotated bibliography on Calderón covers in classed order general and biographical resources, style, themes, textual matters, and the comedies. The second part will cover secondary literature on the autos sacramentales, the short plays, non-dramatic works, the reception of Calderón, and exhibitions and illustrations. Vol. 2, pt. 1 contains its own author index. [JKL]
Rodrigues, A. A. Gonçalves. A tradução em Portugal: v. 5: 1901-1930. [Lisboa]: ISLA: Instituto Superior de Línguas e Administração, Centro de Estudos de Literatura Geral e Comparada, 1999. ISBN 972959032X (v. 5); LCCN: 93104364. $50.00.
The continuation and apparently penultimate volume of the census of translations into Portuguese first noted in our Fall 1993 issue. Includes indices of authors and anonymous works, translators, publishers, and periodicals. [JKL]
Rodríguez Fernández, Ana Maria. Bibliografía fundamental de la lengua española [fuentes para su estudio]. Madrid: Castalia, 2000. 223 p.; 24 cm. (Castalia Instrumenta; 6)ISBN 8470398598. 1500 ptas.
A selective, classed, annotated bibliography on Spanish grammar. Includes an index of names. [JKL]
El romancero vulgar y nuevo. Ed. Flor Salazar. Madrid: Fundación Ramón Menéndez Pidal: Seminario Menéndez Pidal, Universidad Complutense, 1999. LXII, 629 p.; 25 cm. (Índice general del romancero [catálogo ejemplificado]; 1) ISBN 8489934010; BNE19996269519. 8645 ptas.
A scholarly catalog designed to standardize references to Castilian romances or ballads with their multiform variants. The presentation of the project is given in both Spanish and English. Both profane and sacred ballads are arranged by sub-genre especially as determined by their principal characters. Each entry gives: thematic key number, uniform title, meter, variant titles, selected illustrative versions, geographical distribution, other "contaminating" or converging romances, and incipits. Includes the following indices: title, thematic key number, variant title, first line, contaminations, oral and published sources, and a key to bibliographical abbreviations. Presumably, Catalan, Portuguese, Latin American, and para-romance genres will be treated in other volumes. [JKL]
Seco, Manuel; Andrés, Olimpia; Ramos, Gabino. Diccionario del español actual. Contents: v. 1. A-F -- v. 2. G-Z. Madrid: Aguilar, c1999. 2 v. (xxvii, 4638 p.); 26 cm. ISBN 8429464727 (obra completa); LCCN: 99525333. $88.43.
A major new scholarly dictionary of contemporary Castilian introduced at the 1999 LIBER book fair. Entries give pronunciation, derivation, classified definitions and usage, locutions, and sourced illustrative examples. Includes tables of verb conjugations and a bibliography of cited sources. A must for every foreign language reference collection. To be reviewed in RRE. [JKL]
Wentzlaff-Eggebert, Harald. Las vanguardias literarias en España: bibliografía y antología crítica. Frankfurt: Vervuert, 1999. xxxv, 665 p.; 23 cm. (Bibliografía y antología crítica de las Vanguardias Literarias en el Mundo Ibérico; 3) ISBN: 3893542922. DM 60.00.
A classed, occasionally annotated bibliography of almost 3400 books and articles, etc., from and about Spainís 20th-century literary avant-garde (excluding Catalonia, designated for another volume in the series), followed by a 300-page anthology of 16 critical essays. Includes an index of personal names in the bibliography. To be reviewed in RRE. [JKL]


Aprile, Renato. Indice delle fiabe popolari italiane di magia. Firenze: L. S. Olschki, 2000-. v. I* & I**: [AT 300-451] (894 p.): ill. (tables and maps); 24 cm. (Biblioteca di Lares. Nuova serie; 56) ISBN 8822248554. L160,000.

The ambitious adoption of the Aarne-Thompson classification scheme to Italian folk tales of magic. Entries offer motive analysis and extensive regional variants. Includes a 15-page bibliography and an index of regional variants. Makes no mention of the apparent first edition (Berlin: Edimetheos, c1995-). [JKL]
Atlante letterario italiano 2000. Padova: Libraria padovana editrice, 1999. 158 p.; 20 cm. LCCN: 98650710 sn9744677. L35,000.
The 1999/2000 edition of an annual dictionary/directory of contemporary authors, literary groups, literary reviews, and prizes. Includes an index of names. Entries are self-submitted, thus not reflective of literary importance or quality. First noted in our Spring 1998 issue. Also viewable online at (see "Bits & Bytes"). [JKL]
Bianchini, Edoardo. Italiano straniero: piccolo repertorio storico dei barbarismi e dei significati che mutano nella lingua italiana. Perugia: Guerra, 1998 (printed 1999). 180 p.; 24 cm. (Studi sul linguaggio sulla comunicazione e sullíapprendimento; 3) ISBN 8877153210. L20,000.
Addressed to secondary and university students, including foreigners, a description of how terms from other languages were adapted into Italian with many examples classed as to their origin. The index refers back to these sections. Contains a one-and-a-half page bibliography. [JKL]
Cinti, Decio, 1879-1954. Nuovo dizionario dei sinonimi e dei contrari. Ed.Marco Drago, Andrea Boroli]. Novara: De Agostini, 1999. xvi, 750 p.; 22 cm. ISBN 8841563567. L29,500.
A posthumous, augmented revision of a standard dictionary of synonyms and antonyms (Balay AC540). [JKL]
Cortelazzo, Manlio, & Zolli, Paolo. Il nuovo etimologico: DELI-dizionario etimologico della lingua italiana. 2. ed. in volume unico, a cura di Manlio e Michele A. Cortelazzo; con CD-ROM e motore di ricerca a tutto testo. Bologna: Zanichelli, c1999. 1856 p.; 26 cm + 1 computer optical disc (4 3/4 in.) System requirements: PC with Windows 3.1 or Windows 95. ISBN 8808094286; LCCN: 00333168. $88.24.
The second edition, with CD-ROM, of Cortelazzoís 5-volume Dizionario etimologico della lingua italiana, 1979-1988 (Balay AC537, Walford7 3/5853). [JKL]
De Gregori, Giorgio, & Buttò, Simonetta. Per una storia dei bibliotecari italiani del 20. secolo: dizionario bio-bibliografico 1900-1990. Roma: Associazione italiana biblioteche, 1999. 182 p.; 22 cm. ISBN 8878120650. L35,000.
Brief biographies of 169 20th-century Italian librarians, with each article followed by selected bibliographical references. No index. [JKL]
De Mauro, Tullio. Grande dizionario italiano dellíuso. Torino: UTET, 1999-. 6 v.; 31 cm. Accompanied by computer laser optical disc; 4 3/4 in. + Includes: 1 userís guide (79, [5] p.); 31 cm. ISBN 8802055238. L1,600,000.
A monumental dictionary of Italian usage. Entries indicate pronunciation, syllabification, parts of speech, level of usage, first attestation (occasionally with specific citations), etymology, definitions, derivatives, compounds, synonyms, antonyms, conjugation/declension, grammatical notes, variants, phrases, and cross references. Includes tables of noun and verb inflections. In appendix: a postface on the formation and structure of the Italian lexicon, a semantic guide to prefixes and suffixes, and a list of textual sources. The CD-ROM contains the complete text with software affording Boolean searches, customized glossaries, and statistical graphs. System requirements: Windows 95 or higher; Pentium 133 Mhz processor; 16 MB RAM; SVGA 640 x 480 p., 256 col.; CD-ROM drive; mouse; 15 MB disc space. [JKL]
Dizionario della fiaba: simboli, personaggi, storie delle fiabe regionali italiane. / Gian Paolo Caprettini ... [et al.]. Roma: Meltemi, c1998. 429 p.; 20 cm. (Gli Argonauti; 47) ISBN 8886479719; LCCN: 99202758. L65,000.
A dictionary of over 700 fables from Italy with entries for characters and objects, analyses of psycho-anthropological aspects and contexts, and a list of other fables in which these appear. Includes a 3-p. bibliography and indices of major themes, titles, and regional collections. [JKL]
Giusti, Marco. Dizionario dei film italiani stracult. Milano: Sperling & Kupfer, c1999. ix, 883 p.; 22 cm. (Varia) ISBN 8820029197; LCCN: 00345691. L59,000.
An encyclopedia of Italian cult movies (the sub-genres are listed on the dust cover flap). Entries give brief cast and crew information and a short description. Includes an index of directors. [JKL]
Letteratura italiana. Dizionario delle opere. Ed. Alberto Asor Rosa & Giorgio Inglese [et al.]. Torino: G. Einaudi, c1999-c2000. 2 v.; 22 cm. "Il Dizionario delle opere, ultimo modulo della Letteratura italiana Einaudi, è líideale completamento della sezione Le opere"--P.[xiii]. ISBN 880614295X; LCCN: 00355661. L150,000/vol.
A scholarly dictionary of important Italian literary and other works, complementing also the main setís Gli autori: dizionario bio-bibliografico e indici (ISBN 8806115049), also edited by Inglese. Signed articles conclude with brief bibliographies. Contains an index of authors (labeled "opere" since it refers from the personal names to the titles). [JKL]
Picchi, Fernando. Grande dizionario inglese italiano, italiano inglese. Milano: U. Hoepli, c1999. 3307 p.; 25 cm + 1 computer optical disc (4 3/4 in.) System requirements for accompanying computer disc: Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT or Windows 3.1x; CD ROM drive; VGA video display. ISBN 8820327104; LCCN: 00355891. L125,000.
A serious desk dictionary of Italian and English covering 175,000 terms, offering grammatical and usage indications, unsourced illustrations, and synonyms and antonyms. Appendices offer scientific terms and abbreviations. "CD-ROM consists of the entire text of the English-Italian and Italian-English sections published in book form, plus a number of introductory documents ..."--P. [x].[JKL]
Ragazzini, Giuseppe. Dizionario dello sport: inglese-italiano, italiano-inglese. Bologna: Zanichelli, 1998. 608 p.; 25 cm. ISBN 8808099873; LCCN: 99229276, L78,000.
A bilingual dictionary with 9000 sports terms in English and 31,000 in Italian. The Italian entries do not offer the grammatical information provided in the English section. Includes a list of Italian soccer team/player names, with explanations in English. [JKL]

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