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Fall 2000, Vol. 24, no. 1

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July 10, 2000

Introduction: John Cullars, Chair, introduced the new WESS officers:

Jeffrey Garrett (Chair), Barbara Walden (Vice chair, Chair-elect), Emily Horning (Secretary), and Helene Baumann (Member-at-large). He then acknowledged our generous sponsors, including Touzot for the $1000 annual grant; Puvill, who supplied refreshments for the program; and the many vendors who contributed to the Newsletter and the riverboat cruise.

Nijhoff Studies Grant: [This presentation preceded the Program and Membership Meetings due to a scheduling conflict]. John Cullars presented the Nijhoff Studies Grant of 10,000 Dutch guilders to Jeffry Larson, Humanities Librarian at Yale and recounted Jeffry’s many contributions to librarianship including his educational background, WESS participation and publishing achievements. Jeffry Larson described his project, "Documenting the Dissemination of the Gregorian Calendar Reform in France during the Wars of Religion", reporting on his longstanding interest in the topic and his plan of research.

Frankfurt Book Fair: ACRL is providing funds for attendance at the Frankfurt Book Fair this year, not as an initiative, but from the regular budget, consisting of $500 for two ACRL members, as well as support for one ACRL staff member to accompany the group.

Reference Reviews Europe: Nancy Boerner announced that the new edition is available in the Casalini Libri booth. Subscriptions cost $30.

Committee and Discussion Group Reports: see Executive Committee Minutes

John Cullars reminded committee chairs that ALA summary reports are due within two weeks of the annual meeting. The report is available on the ALA website, and needs to include the approximate number of attendees and a paragraph describing the meeting.

Conclusion: John Cullars thanked Gordon Anderson for making the arrangements for the successful and enjoyable riverboat cruise.

Jeffrey Garrett thanked John Cullars for his marvelous leadership this year.

Kathleen Hunter Rutter, Secretary

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