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Vol. 18, No. 2 (Spring, 1995)
New Haven, Connecticut
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Column Editor: Michael P. Olson

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RdH = Richard D. Hacken (UPB)
JKL = Jeffry K. Larson (CtY)
MPO = Michael P. Olson (MH)
SDS = Scott D. Stebelman (DGW)

  • Adamo, Giovanni. Bibliografia di informatica umanistica. Roma: Bulzoni Editore, c1994. xv, 420 p.; 24 cm. (Informatica e discipline umanistiche; v. 5) ISBN 8871197186. L58,000.

    An author list of over 5500 items on computer applications in the humanities. Besides a classed subject index with its own concordance, there are indices of years of publication and of names. To be maintained online at the Università degli Studi di Roma <<La Sapienza>>. [JKL]

  • Albani, Paolo, & Buonarroti, Berlinghiero. Aga Magera difure: dizionario delle lingue immaginarie. Bologna: Zanichelli, 1994. 478 p.: ill.; 27 cm. ISBN 8808095940. L48,000.

    An encyclopedia of artificial and imaginary languages and their inventors. Has cross references, but no index; ends with a 28-page bibliography. [JKL]

  • Alarcos Llorach, Emilio. Gramática de la lengua española. Madrid: Espasa-Calpe, 1994. At head of title: Real Academia Española. 406 p.; 22 cm. (Colección Nebrija y Bello) ISBN 8423978400. $19.00.

    Comprehensive structural reference grammar of Castilian that supplants but is not a "mera refundición" of the Real Academia's 1973 Esbozo de una nueva gramática de la lengua española (annotated in McKay's 1979 Guide to romance reference grammars, p. 103f.). Offers contemporary illustrative examples, for which a bibliography is given; but no bibliography of theoretical works. Contains an "Indice temático." [JKL]

  • Aragona, Raffaele. Una Voce poco fa: repertorio di vocaboli omonimi della lingua italiana. Bologna: Zanichelli, 1994. 231 p.; 25 cm. ISBN 8808093204. L29,000.

    The lexical material for puns to amuse il placido Don (under no acct. show to Dick Hacken!). [JKL]

  • BIHES: Bibliografías de historia de España. Madrid: Centro de Información y Documentación Científica, C.S.I.C., 1993-. Contents: 1. El Franquismo (98 p.); 2. El Camino de Santiago (77 p.); 3. Las Mujeres en la historia de España (126 p.). ISSN 1133-7001. 1200 ptas/vol.

    Classed bibliographies of journal articles published since 1975. After the first, each volume comports indices of subjects, of names and titles, and of places mentioned. The publisher, CINDOC, also offers a document delivery service. [JKL]

  • Bibliografia generale della lingua e della letteratura italiana (BiGLI), Vol. I-, 1991-. Ed. Enrico Malato. Roma: Salerno Editrice, 1993-. L320,000/yr. (We felt this merited two annotations.)

    The first volume, published in 1993 for the reporting year of 1991, lists as its models the bibliographical series founded by Klapp for France, Eppelsheimer for Germany, Simón Díaz for Spain, etc. If BiGLI can match the consistency and quality of those models (let alone continue its offering of mini-abstracts), it will fill a gaping void in the bibliographic organization of Italian language and literature. [RdH]

    An annual classed (largely chronological) bibliography of texts and studies/books and articles (including references to reviews) in/on Italian language and literature that aims to be selective for contemporary literary texts and their commentary, but exhaustive for earlier periods. All entries are signed by one of almost 70 international scholars. BiGLI is promoted by the Centro Pio Rajna with the cooperation of the Biblioteche Nazionali of Florence and Rome. Tome II of vol. I includes the editorial masthead, list of collaborators, journals covered, and indices of authors, publishers and subjects. Coverage for 1991 was curtailed by a publishing deadline and will be completed in a Tome III in 1996. A CD-ROM version is foreseen. Lists its competitor, Letteratura italiana, aggiornamento bibliografico [LIAB] (Trieste: Alcione, 1991-; ISSN 1121-0753, LCCN: sn9224118), which was annotated here in the Fall 1992 issue, and is now in its fourth year. [JKL]

  • Bichet, Évelyne, & Zbinden, Madeleine. Les sources d'information en Europe: 45 pays de l'Est à l'Ouest. Paris: Éditions du Centre de formation et de perfectionnement des journalistes, [1992]. 361 p.: map; 18 cm. (Les Guides du CFPJ; 20) ISBN 2859000690; LCCN: 92233268. 220 FF.

    Claiming to be "le seul répertoire pratique et maniable donnant plus de 3000 adresses en Europe dans tous les domaines de l'actualité," this directory lists embassies, government ministries, political parties, international organizations, major media outlets, journalistic associations, and cultural, religious, civic and scientific institutions. Other directories will be more complete. Inconsistent in coverage: e. g., lists only one national library for Italy and none for Portugal. No index. [JKL]

  • Bover i Font, August. Manual de catalanística. Diputació de Tarragona: Publicacions de l'Abadia de Montserrat, 1993. 177 p.: ill.; 20 cm. (Biblioteca Serra d'or; 124) ISBN 8478264256. $6.14.

    p. 5

    A classed bibliographical guide to the study of Catalonia, its culture, language and literature. In appendix are lists of relevant institutions and organizations. No index. [JKL]

  • Catalogo degli editori italiani 1994. Associazione italiana editori. Milano: Bibliografica, 1993. 687 p; 24 cm. ISBN 8870753557; LCCN: 89648684, sn8818085. L75,000.

    Annual directory of Italian publishers that started in 1988. Entries include principal staff, year of establishment, subject coverage, number of titles in print, and distributor, as well as usual directory information. Includes a 16-page essay on the state of the book trade, a 5-page bibliography, statistics on production and sales, and indices of publishers by subject and by ISBN, of their staff, and alphabetical and geographical indices of distributors. [JKL]

  • Catalogo delle biblioteche d'Italia. Roma: ICCU; Milano: Editrice Bibliografica, c1993-. 25 cm. ISBN 8871070305 (set) L35,000 (1 v.).

    Published under the direction of the Ministerio per i beni culturali e ambientali/Ufficio centrale per i beni librari e gli istituti culturali, this exhaustive directory of Italian libraries is arranged by region and based on a survey in the mid '80s and subsequent updates. It succeeds the so-called Annuario delle biblioteche italiane (Sheehy AB87, Walford5 3/#1040), and is much more comprehensive and detailed than the 1993 Biblioteche d'Italia le biblioteche pubbliche statali or Marraro's 1993 Repertorio delle biblioteche italiane (annotated here in our Fall 1993 and Spring 1994 issues respectively). Entries indicate corporate structure, hours of operation and periods of closure, services, holdings, catalogs and indices, and bibliographical references. Appendices list those libraries "in preparation," not responding to the survey, and no longer existing. There are indices of libraries' names, special collections, subject specialties (classed by CDU), location, and alphanumeric code assigned herein. The volume for Umbria contains 274 pages; not seen: the published volumes for Piemonte (3 t.) and the Abruzzo. [JKL]

  • Cleis, Franca. Ermiza e le altre: il percorso della scrittura femminile nella Svizzera italiana con bibliografia degli scritti e biografie delle autrici. Torino: Rosenberg & Sellier, 1993. 412 p.; 21 cm. ISBN 8870115577; LCCN: 94219115. L28,000.

    "[U]na guida alla lingua e alla letteratura della Svizzera italiana attraverso gli scritti delle donne documentati nelle biblioteche del Cantone Ticine, dalle origini fino al 1990." The core of this work is a bibliography of books, articles, etc. in all fields, preceded by a 50-page historical survey and followed by a section of brief biographical entries and an index of names. [JKL]

  • Covarrubias Horozco, Sebastián de, fl. 1611. Tesoro de la lengua castellana o española. Ed. Felipe C. R. Maldonado; rev. Manuel Camarero. Madrid: Castalia, 1994. (Nueva biblioteca de erudición y crítica; 7) ISBN 8470396854. $120.

    A partially modernized edition of an important early 17th-century dictionary. Includes appendices of historical publishing documents and indices of proverbs and catch phrases. [JKL]

  • Danmark i Europa 1945-93. Ed. Tom Swienty. Copenhagen: Munksgaard/Rosinante, 1994. 357 p. ISBN 8716149939. DKK 295.

    Besides essays on Denmark's relationship with Europe from the Marshall Plan up to the signing of the Maastricht treaty, this volume contains a timetable, dictionary of terms, bibliography, and excerpts from important treaties and documents. [RdH]

  • Delgado Casado, Juan, & Martín Abad, Julián. Repertorios bibliográficos de impresos del siglo XVI: españoles, portugueses e iberoamericanos: con su fórmula abreviada de referencia. Madrid: Arco/Libros, c1993. 166 p.; 22 cm. (Instrumenta bibliológica) ISBN 8476351216; LCCN: 93241993. 1050 ptas.

    A bibliography of bibliographies of 16th-century Iberian and Iberoamerican imprints. Concludes with indices of subjects and types of bibliographies, and of names. [JKL]

  • Diccionario biobibliográfico de autores riojanos. Ed. Ma. Pilar Martínez Latre. Logroño: Gobierno de La Rioja, Instituto de Estudios Riojanos, 1993-. v. <1>:A-B; 24 cm. ISBN 8487252117 (O.C.); LCCN: 94191259. 1070 ptas. (v. 1).

    Historical dictionary of writers from La Rioja, offering descriptions of manuscript and printed works, often with local holdings information. First volume contains indices of places and of professions. [JKL]

  • Dicionário da literatura medieval galega e portuguesa. Eds. Giulia Lanciani & Giuseppe Tavani. Lisboa: Caminho, c1993. 698 p.: ill. (some col.); 26 cm. ISBN 9722108719; LCCN: 94170098. $63.28.

    An alphabetical encyclopedia composed of articles signed by 84 international scholars covering all known medieval Galego-Portuguese authors, anonymous and attributed works, poetic genres and techniques, intellectual movements, major deceased medievalists, cultural institutions, and other topics. Articles conclude with summary bibliographies. There are cross references, but no index. [JKL]

  • Dictionnaire critique de la communication. Ed. Lucien Sfez. Paris: PUF, 1993. 2 v. (1780 p., [10] p. de pl.): ill.; 25 cm. Contents: t. 1. Les Données de base. Les Théories opérationnelles; t. 2. Les Grands domaines d'application. Communication et société. ISBN 2130439381 (set). 1980 FF.

    p. 6

    A systematic (rather than alphabetical) encyclopedic anthology of writings, mostly commissioned, by over 300 authors on different aspects of communication, from cognitive science to media policy. Articles begin with a list of pertinent subject descriptors and include cross references and brief bibliographies. The section on new technology contains a glossary, and the second volume concludes with brief bio-bibliographies of leading figures in the field(s), an index of major themes, a more detailed general index, and a detailed table of contents. [JKL]

  • Dictionnaire de la pensée de Voltaire par lui-même. Ed. André Versaille. Bruxelles: Editions Complexe, 1994. lxxxvii, 1320 p.; 19 cm. ISBN 2870275307. 195 FF.

    Anthology of Voltaire's philosophical writings in prose (excluding his contes, plays and correspondence) arranged by topic. Includes a chronology, a summary bibliography, an index of names and a table of contents with cross references. [JKL]

  • Dictionnaire de linguistique et des sciences du langage. Jean Dubois ... [et al.]. Paris: Larousse, 1994. lx, 514 p.; 24 cm. (Trésors du français) ISBN 2033403343. 210 FF.

    Revised edition of Sheehy BC63. Contains a 50-page bibliography. [JKL]

  • Dictionnaire des mythes littéraires. Ed. Pierre Brunel. Nouv. éd. augm. Monaco: Éd. du Rocher, 1994. 1504 p.; 23 cm. ISBN 2268018253. 445FF.

    Signed articles on the literary treatment of over 130 mythical figures and topics. Each article comports a bibliography of primary and secondary texts. Includes an index. Previous edition (1988) translated as Companion to literary myths: heroes and archetypes (Routledge, 1992). [JKL]

  • Dictionnaire historique de la vie politique française au XXe siècle. Ed. Jean-François Sirinelli. Paris: Presses Universitaires de France, 1995. 1067 p.; 25 cm. ISBN 2130467849. 480 FF.

    378 articles signed by 97 mostly French contributors covering the facts, ideas, actors, debates, movements, interests, institutions, themes, etc. that make up the French 20th century. Entries include brief bibliographies and cross references. Forematter includes a list of contributors and their affiliations, another list of contributors with their contributions, and a list of articles. No index. [JKL]

  • Dictionnaire Voltaire: [Les oeuvres, les thèmes, les personnages, les lieux]. Ed. Raymond Trousson, Jeroom Vercruysse et Jacques Lemaire. Paris: Hachette, 1994. 281 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 2012351166. 150 FF.

    Signed articles by 54 collaborators on Voltaire's works, with a few on topics such as genres, large abstractions, people and places. Articles typically end with a selective bibliography; followed by a general index and an index of Voltaire's works. [JKL]

  • Dizionario di linguistica [e di filologia, metrica, retorica]. Ed. Gian Luigi Beccaria. Torino: Einaudi, c1994. 814 p.; 21 cm. (Dizionari Einaudi; 6) ISBN 880613583X. L85,000.

    Lexicon of about 2000 articles signed by 31 authors. Contains a 43-page bibliography and cross references, but no index. [JKL]

  • Féraud, Jean-François. Dictionaire [sic] critique de la langue française (1787). Tübingen: Max Niemeyer Verlag, 1994. 3 v. (Lexicographica, Series maior; 51) ISBN 3484309512; ISSN 0175-9264. Ca. DM 800.

    First reprint (92% reduction) in over 200 years of a ground-breaking 18th-century lexicon, with a substantial modern preface. [JKL]

  • Fernández Gómez, Juan F. Catálogo de entremeses y sainetes del siglo XVIII. Oviedo: Instituto Feijóo de Estudios del Siglo XVIII, 1993. 758 p.; 25 cm. (Textos y estudios del siglo XVIII; 18) ISBN 8460614786. 5885 ptas.

    A catalog of over 2000 minor 18th-century Spanish theatrical works; entries show known performances, adaptations, manuscripts and printings, with holding locations and bibliographical commentary and citations. Concludes with a biographical dictionary of authors and a general index. [JKL]

  • Franchi, Saverio. Le impressioni sceniche: dizionario bio-bibliografico degli editori e stampatori romani e laziali di testi drammatici e libretti per musica dal 1579 al 1800. Roma: Edizioni di storia e letteratura, c1994. 864 p.; 24 cm. (Sussidi eruditi; 44) L150,000.

    Guide to the lives and works of pre-19th century Roman theatrical publishers. Entries list production and biographical and bibliographical sources. Includes an index of names and titles. [JKL]

  • Giordano, Antonella. Letterate toscane del Settecento: un regesto; con un saggio su Corilla Olimpica e Teresa Ciamagnini Pelli Fabbroni di Luciana Morelli. Firenze: All'insegna del giglio, c1994. xv, 294 p.; 24 cm. ISBN 8878140198; LCCN: 94177116. L35,000.

    Bio-bibliographies of 3 dozen Tuscan women writers of the 18th century, averaging 4 pages each (plus briefer entries on 10 unpublished women with literary connections), followed by a 100-page essay on two major writers. Locations are shown for primary texts. [JKL]

  • Hennig, Jean-Luc. Dictionnaire littéraire et érotique des fruits et légumes. Paris: Albin Michel, 1994. 513 p.; 25 cm. ISBN 2226068929. 160 FF.

    --And you thought un haricot vert was just a green bean. [JKL]

  • p. 7

    Herbst, Andreas, Winfried Ranke, and Jürgen Winkler. So funktionierte die DDR. 3 vols. Reinbek bei Hamburg: Rowohlt, 1994. Ca. 1670 p. (total). ISBN 3-499-16348-9 (vol. 1), 3-499-16349-7 (vol. 2), 3-499-16350-0 (vol. 3). DM 29.80 per vol.

    A three-volume encyclopedia of the German Democratic Republic. The first two volumes treat organizations and institutions; the last is a "Who was who." [MPO]

  • Hugues, Philippe d'. Almanach du cinéma. [Paris]: Encyclopaedia Universalis, 1992. 2 v.: ill.; 21 x 27 cm. Contents: Des origines à 1945; De 1946 à nos jours. ISBN 2852297035. $109.09.

    An almost daily chronology of film history. Annexes offer bibliographic sources, lists of international prizes, and indices of film titles, directors, actors, and literary authors. [JKL]

  • Kanzog, Klaus. "Staatspolitisch besonders wertvoll": Ein Handbuch zu 30 deutschen Spielfilmen der Jahre 1934 bis 1945. Munich: Schaudig & Ledig, 1994. 395 p. (Diskurs Film ISSN 0931-1416; 6) ISBN 3-926-37205-2. DM 49.50.

    An encyclopedia of thirty major films produced during the years of the Third Reich. [MPO]

  • Laffont-Bompiani. Nouveau dictionnaire des oeuvres: de tous les temps et de tous les pays. Ed. Paul de Roux. Paris: Robert Laffont, 1994. 7 v.; 20 cm. (Bouquins) ISBN 2221068874. $261.00.

    --. Nouveau dictionnaire des auteurs: de tous les temps et de tous les pays. Ed. Paul de Roux. Paris: Robert Laffont, 1994. 3 v.; 20 cm. (Bouquins) ISBN 2221068882. $111.87.

    --. Dictionnaire des personnages littéraires et dramatiques de tous les temps et de tous les pays: poésie, théâtre, roman, musique. Paris: R. Laffont, 1994. 1040 p.; 20 cm. (Bouquins) ISBN 2221079426. 120 FF.

    New editions of a standard French dictionary of literary works (Sheehy BD54, Walford5 3/#6337) and its complements for authors (Sheehy BD101, Walford5 3/#6437) and major characters (Sheehy BD56, Walford5 3/#6547). The main set covers almost 21,000 literary (and non-literary) works of authors born before 1951 or dead before 1994, as compared with 16,400 in the preceding edition. Almost 600 articles from the older edition have been completely recast; new articles are signed. Vol. 7 of the main set is an author index to the works covered; the 3-vol. author set and the dictionary of characters contain references to the main set, but have no index. [JKL]

  • Language industries atlas. Ed. P. M. Hearn and D. F. Button. Amsterdam; Washington: IOS Press, 1994. xviii, 406 p.; 25 cm. ISBN 9051991487. $86.25.

    An avowedly incomplete survey-based directory covering Japan, the US, and Europe--especially the EC--, that repertories over 1000 "activities" in the following chapters of varying organization and usefulness: language organizations, standardization bodies, teaching and learning, language planning, research institutes, research programs, linguistic resources, press and television, conferences, and publications. Includes indices of titles and corporate names, countries, abbreviations, and translation organizations, as well as a reply form for a future edition. [JKL]

  • Literaturverfilmungen des Deutschen Fernsehfunks, 1952-1991. Ed. Sigrid Ritter. Frankfurt am Main and Berlin: Deutsches Rundfunkarchiv, 1994. 956 p. ISBN 3-926-07240-7. Ca. DM 98.

    Detailed descriptions of literary films shown on German TV between 1952 and 1991. [MPO]

  • Maricourt, Thierry. Dictionnaire des auteurs prolétariens de langue française, de la révolution à nos jours. Amiens: Encrage, 1994. 253 p.; 24 cm. (Figures) ISBN 2906389544. 185 FF.

    Brief biographies--typically three to a page, and without bibliographies--of Francophone proletarian authors. See the Avertissement for the complicated definition of "proletarian." Contains cross references, but no index. [JKL]

  • Merino Acebes, Azucena. Diccionario de directores de cine español. Madrid: Ediciones JC, 1994. 190 p; 21 cm. ISBN 8485741919. 2355 ptas.

    533 bio-filmographies of Spanish film directors, listing their works (excluding short subjects and made-for-TV films). Includes indices of persons and films. [JKL]

  • Niederehe, Hans-Josef. Bibliografía cronológica de la lingüística, la gramática y la lexicografía del español desde los comienzos hasta el año 1600 (BICRES). Amsterdam; Philadelphia: J. Benjamins Publishing Co., 1994. 457 p.; 22 cm. (Studies in the history of the language sciences; 76) ISBN 1556196121 (alk. paper); LCCN: 9436633. $110.00.

    Descriptions of almost 1000 items in early Hispanic linguistics, with entries offering holding locations and bibliographical commentary and citations. Contains a 47-page bibliography of sources and studies. Concludes with indices of titles, places of publication, scribes and printers, holding locations, and authors. [JKL]

  • Niedzwiecki, Patricia. Au féminin! Code de féminisation à l'usage de la francophonie. Paris: Nizet, 1994. 285 p.; 21 cm. ISBN 2707811785. 160 FF.

    How to refer to women in the professions and other related topics. Some chapters offer systematic

    p. 8

    treatment of morphological elements. Includes a chronology and a 32-page bibliography. [JKL]

  • Nordisk kvindelitteraturhistorie. Copenhagen: Munksgaard/Rosinante, 1994-. 5 vols. ISBN 8716146654. DKK 698 per vol.

    A history of women's literature in the Nordic countries, of which the first two volumes have already appeared. As the traditional literary canon is put under scrutiny, these volumes lend an ear to voices from the past that have been too long ignored. [RdH]

  • Nordnorsk kulturhistorie. Ed. Einar-Arne Drivenes, Marit Anne Hauan, and Helge A. Wold. 2 vols. Oslo: Gyldendal Norsk Forlag, 1994. 472 p. per vol. ISBN 82-05-19361-4 (vol. 1), 82-05-19361-4 (vol. 2). NOK 950 (for both vols.).

    Various contributors discuss the history of, and specific aspects of contemporary life in, north Norway. With full bibliographies. WESS doesn't get any northerner than this. [MPO]

  • Oltre il testo: gli ipertesti. Ed. Mario Ricciardi. Milano: F. Angeli, 1994. 245 p.; 22 cm. (Scienze umane e nuove tecnologie; 1) ISBN 8820486717. L30,000.

    Essays on applications of hypertext in the humanities. Concludes with a 26-page survey, "La storia dell'informatica attraverso i suoi libri." [JKL]

  • Povert, Lionel. Dictionnaire gay. Paris: Jacques Grancher, c1994. 483 p.: ill.; 24 cm. (Dico compil') ISBN 2733904337; LCCN: 95117195. 149 FF.

    Over 350 entries covering historical figures, celebrities, movements, slang, the arts and media. Appendices include Parisian gay and lesbian organizations and a brief bibliography. Spotlights homoerotic aspects of conventional subjects, sometimes superficially, sometimes with impressive erudition. [SDS]

  • Rimario trobadorico provenzale, II: Dalle origini alla morte di Raimbaut d'Aurenga (1173). Ed. Pietro G. Beltrami and Sergio Vatteroni. Pisa: Pacini, [1994]. 354 p.; 24 cm. (Biblioteca degli studi mediolatini e volgari; n. s., 14) ISBN 8877810912; LCCN: 89163054 (set). $60.00.

    Second of a projected six-volume index of troubadours' rhymes based on critical editions, keyed to A. P.-H. Carstens' 1933 Bibliographie der Troubadours (Walford5 3/#8106). In appendix is an elaboration of the index that appeared in vol. I based on I. Frank's Repertoire métrique de la poésie des troubadours (1953-57); a Lessico trobadorico in rima is promised for vol. VI. [JKL]

  • Santoro, Marco. Storia del libro italiano. Milano: Bibliografica, 1994. 446 p.; 21 cm. (Bibliografia e biblioteconomia; 47) ISBN 887075376X. L45,000.

    Survey of the history of the book in Italy up to 1990. Includes bibliographical references, statistical tables, a 53-page bibliography, and an index of names of persons and publishing houses. [JKL]

  • Semerano, Giovanni. Le origini della cultura europea: vol. II: Dizionari etimologici; Basi semitiche delle lingue indeuropee; Pt. I: Dizionario della lingua greca; Pt. II: Dizionario della lingua latina e di voci moderne. Firenze: L.S. Olschki, 1994. 2 v.; 26 cm. (Biblioteca dell'<<Archivum Romanicum>>. Serie II, Linguistica [ISSN 006-6814]; vol. 43) ISBN 8822242335 (v. 2: set). L195,000.

    Semitic roots of Greek and Italic words; continuation of a work begun in 1984. [JKL]

  • Simões, Guilherme Augusto. Dicionário de expressões populares portuguesas: arcaismos, regionalismos, calão e gíria, ditos, frases feitas, lugares-comuns, aportuguesamentos, estrasgeirismos e curiosidades da linguagem. [3. ed., muito aum.] Lisboa: Publicações Dom Quixote, 1993. 700 p.; 24 cm. (Dicionários Dom Quixote; 34) ISBN 9722010948; LCCN: 94203266. $36.42.

    A lexicon of popular usage offering very brief definitions, often with coded references to ca. 150 mostly lexicographical sources. [JKL]

  • Southern European studies guide. Ed. John Loughlin. London; New Jersey: Bowker-Saur, c1993. xix, 233 p.; 23 cm. (Area studies guides) ISBN 0862917867. $70.00.

    Published in association with the University of Bristol's Centre for Mediterranean Studies, this collection of bibliographical essays by 14 mostly British scholars covers the social aspects of Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, and Malta, as well as the regional topics of economic development, emigration, tourism, the EC and Southern Europe, and international relations. Chapters conclude with lists of references; there is an index of names and subjects. [JKL]

  • Splett, Jochen. Althochdeutsches Wörterbuch. Berlin: De Gruyter, 1993. 2 vols. in 3. ISBN 3110124629. DM 790.

    An innovative approach to the vocabulary of Old High German that segregates the corpus (literary canon plus marginal glosses) into "word families." The second volume analyzes the ligature of roots with pre- and suffixes and offers an index to the whole. Splett audaciously considers his work to be laying a "foundation" for some future structural history of German vocabulary. [RdH]

  • La Stampa italiana nell'età della TV. Eds. Valerio Castronovo & Nicola Tranfaglia. Roma-Bari: Laterza, 1994. 633 p.; 21 cm. (Storia della stampa italiana [LCCN: 80494396]; v. 7) (Storia e società) ISBN 8842045098. L48,000.

    Concluding (?) volume of a history of Italian media, containing 18 chapters by 19 hands on different

    p. 9

    sectors and aspects of the related industries. Three chapters contain bibliographies. There are indices of names and titles; in the former the most frequent entries are Berlusconi and Fininvest. [JKL]

  • Den store citatbog. Ed. J.B. Holmgard. Copenhagen: H. Reitzel, 1994. 464p. ISBN 8741230558. DKK 248.

    A treasury of Danish quotations. Holmgard has worked both in the foreign office and as a columnist for the daily Politiken since 1971. In both capacities he has gathered (and in the latter capacity has published) quotations that are devilishly Danish. [RdH]

  • Theaterlexikon: Autoren, Regisseure, Schauspieler, Dramaturgen, Bühnenbildner, Kritiker. Ed. C. Bernd Sucher. Munich: Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag, 1995. 818 p. ISBN 3-423-03322-3. DM 34.

    Biographical encyclopedia of ca. 1,500 persons who impacted German-language theater in this century. [MPO]

  • Uomini & redazioni. Roma: Olgiata editrice, 1993-. 27 cm. L150,000/no.

    This directory of popular Italian media selectively covers newspapers, magazines, press agencies, and broadcast networks. Entries give addresses, phone and fax numbers, and staff names with titles and phone numbers or extensions. Includes indices of personal names and titles of publications. Issue seen: vol. 2, no. 1, Apr. 1994 (404 p.), labeled "trimestrale," but Casalini reports it "in fact ... is a `quadrimestrale' and [may] become a `semestrale.'" [JKL]

  • Volpi, Vittorio. DOC, Dizionario delle opere classiche: intestazioni uniformi degli autori, elenco delle opere e delle parti componenti, indici degli autori, dei titoli e delle parole chiave della letteratura classica, medievale e bizantina. Milano: Editrice bibliografica, c1994. 3 v.; 30 cm. (Grandi opere) ISBN 8870753492 (v. 1); 8870753999 (v. 2); 8870753883 (v. 3). L350,000.

    A cataloger's register of uniform entries for classical etc. authors and titles, comparable, for both Greek and Latin, to L. Berkowitz' Thesaurus Linguæ Græcæ: canon of Greek authors and works (Balay BD367; Walford5 3/#8476). Vol. 3 contains indices of authors' names and places of origin (with cross references from the modern Italian place name), titles, Greek titles, keywords, and topographia scriptorum. [JKL]

  • Warnant, Léon. Dictionnaire des rimes orales et écrites. [2d ed.] Paris: Larousse, c1994. lx, 572 p.; 20 cm. (Expression) ISBN 203340904X. 140 FF.

    <<Quelque sujet qu'on traite, ou plaisant ou sublime,
    Que toujours le bon sens s'accorde avec la rime:
    L'un l'autre vainement ils semblent se haïr;
    La rime est une esclave, et ne doit qu'obéir.
    Lorsqu'à la bien chercher d'abord on s'évertue,
    L'esprit à la trouver aisément s'habitue;
    Au joug de la raison sans peine elle fléchit,
    Et, loin de la gêner, la sert et l'enrichit.
    Mais lorsqu'on la néglige, elle devient rebelle,
    Et pour la rattrapper le sens court après elle.>> [JKL] ~

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