WESSWEB - Western European Specialists Section Newsletter

Vol. 18, No. 2 (Spring, 1995)
New Haven, Connecticut
Page 14

WESS - An Appeal for New Members

Tom Kilton (IU), WESS Chair

Over the past several years WESS members have engaged in a number of very worthwhile projects: a substantive Newsletter, a membership directory, discussion groups held at annual and midwinter conferences, annual conference programs, electronic discussion groups, ECOLL, a listserv for the discussion of electronic resources, the launching of a WESS Internet site "WESSWeb," a German Social Sciences Working Group to carry out research in connection with the AAU/ARL Foreign Acquisitions Project, and a planning committee for a 1997 WESS Pre-Conference just prior to ALA in San Francisco.

Since its inception over twenty years ago, WESS has provided a unique opportunity for Western Europeanist librarians to participate in a professional service organization concerned with a variety of collection development, reference service, and bibliographic control issues related to their particular needs. Although many WESS members have given years of dedicated service to the section, new blood is constantly sought by the WESS officers when making new committee appointments. As the current Chair of WESS, I urge you to join the section, to come to meetings, and to make your interests in serving with particular groups known to the chairs of those groups. We welcome you, and we will value your participation in our section.

The latest published statistics for the ACRL sections (November 1994), show a slight drop in membership statistics for almost all of the sections, including WESS. This section needs your ideas, your input, and your active involvement in its work.

At the conclusion of the upcoming Chicago conference, Jeffry Larson's term of office as Editor of the WESS Newsletter will end. I know the entire WESS membership joins me in congratulating Jeffry for producing a consistently informative Newsletter over many years. Thanks also go to John Cullars, who served as Assistant Editor of the Newsletter until summer, 1994. Marje Schuetze-Coburn, current Assistant Editor, will take over as Editor immediately following the 1995 annual ALA conference in Chicago.

Currently, copies of the newly revised WESS Brochure are being sent out to all ALA-accredited American library schools together with a cover letter soliciting new WESS members.

If I only had the wry-humor of my predecessor, or the punning abilities of our Newsletter's "Personal and Institutional News" column editor, I would end this with some sort of witticism. Unfortunately I do not, but I hope that their wonderful contributions in these areas will continue on and on.

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