WESSWEB - Western European Specialists Section Newsletter

Vol. 18, No. 2 (Spring, 1995)
New Haven, Connecticut
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Executive Committee Meeting

February 7, 1995, Philadelphia

ACRL Activities Council Meeting: Tom Kilton reported that ACRL is currently more concerned that its sections not hold redundant meetings than it is about the numbers of programs that each section sponsors. The ACRL Initiative Fund awards up to $5,000 for projects that challenge the status quo in the library world. ACRL will continue to fund two 8-page newsletters per year for each section and there is also continued funding for section manuals.

Publications Committee: Eva Sartori reported that there are many subscribers to ECOLL but not much actual activity on the listserv. We will continue the listserv for at least six more months. A brief update announcement and form for the WESS Directory will go out twice a year [in the Newsletter]. When the Chair of WESS welcomes new members, a copy of the [full] survey form should be included with the letter.

WESS Gopher: Jim Campbell suggested that although we have members who do not have Web access, it would make more sense to mount a server on the World Wide Web as "WESSWeb" rather than to create a Gopher structure, which would be far more complicated and time-consuming. Basic WESS information will include the WESS brochure, membership information, the Officer's Manual, and abstracts from selected reference publications, e.g., those excerpted and translated from the Informationsmittel für Bibliotheken. Selected postings regarding publications discussed on ECOLL might also be included. At a later date, we will provide more information on WESS committees, lists of resources in Western European studies, etc.

Newsletter Subcommittee: Mike Olson reported that the Newsletter Subcommittee is no longer meeting separately from the Publications Committee. He recommended that the Subcommittee be abolished as soon as possible; it was accepted unanimously. The Subcommittee was originally created to serve as an editorial board for the Newsletter. The Subcommittee was successful in setting up guidelines for the succession of editorship. The editor and the assistant editor of the Newsletter will continue to attend Publications Committee meetings. Extra money left over from the money sent by vendors to WESS for the Newsletter can be used for other WESS expenses such as the brochure and refreshments at programs.

WESS Officer's Manual: Tom Kilton noted that the responsibility for information on the Brochure, Officer's Manual, etc. that is going on the Web will reside with the Publications Committee. There are a number of updates that we need to make to the Officer's Manual:

1. Appointments to committees by the WESS Vice Chair.

2. Obligations of committee members to attend meetings.

3. Use of vendor contributions to the Newsletter.

4. The abolition of the Newsletter Subcommittee.

5. Nijhoff Award recipient obligations.

6. Calendar of deadlines for the WESS Chair and Vice-Chair.

7. ACRL meeting obligations for the WESS Chair and Vice-Chair.

8. The policy for sending directory update forms to new members.

Tom Kilton will compose the corrections and distribute them to the Executive Committee before the Chicago conference.

Martinus Nijhoff Award: The past policy is that an applicant has not had to be a member of WESS or ACRL, but only a member of ALA. It was suggested that we change this policy to require applicants to be members of WESS. Nijhoff agrees with this suggested policy change but it might be disallowed by ALA. The Nijhoff recipient must report expenditures within 6 weeks to ACRL and the sponsors. Jim Spohrer will propose these changes in more detail to

p. 13

the Executive Committee via e-mail. The Nijhoff Committee met and chose a recipient for the award [see announcement].

Research and Planning Committee: Kurt De Belder reported that a number of speakers addressed its meeting on the topic of the AAU/ARL Acquisitions Project and the ARL Working Group on the German Demonstration Project. He will send out a summary and a list of Web addresses. The WESS German Social Sciences Working Group has been asked by the ARL Working Group to help define a methodology to select monographs, serials, and German government documents.

General Membership Meeting: After committees and discussion groups reports, Patrick Stevens, Curator of the Fiske Icelandic Collection (NIC), gave a talk on this collection and related projects.

1996 Conference (New York) [see page 14].

1997 WESS Pre-Conference (San Francisco): Eva Sartori reported that the committee envisions a one- to two-day conference, both conceptual and practical, oriented to meet the needs of those who do collection development for Western European language materials in small, medium and large libraries, as well as library students intending to enter this area of specialization. The preparations will be finalized by the Annual convention in Chicago, 1995.

--Submitted by Gretchen Holten, WESS Secretary,
Abridged by Jeffry Larson, Editor

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