WESSWEB - Western European Specialists Section Newsletter

Vol. 18, No. 2 (Spring, 1995)
New Haven, Connecticut
Page 13

Discussion Groups

(Addresses of DG Chairs )

Classics, Medieval & Renaissance

At the Midwinter meeting. Professor Dee Clayman from Brooklyn College gave a very useful presentation of the Année Philologique on CD-ROM which is scheduled to be released later this year [details disseminated on CMR]. It was agreed to pursue a joint CM&R and Romance Languages session on electronic resources for Chicago.

--Barbara Halporn (MH), Chair

College & Medium-Sized Libraries

Basic Western European newspapers and magazines for small libraries were discussed;. the list of titles will be revised. A 1993/1994 list of Western European books for small libraries will be drawn up for Choice this year. Also discussed was the collecting patterns survey that Gretchen Holten and Eva Sartori (both NbU) sent out to 47 medium-sized ARL libraries. Julie Still (NjTS) is Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect.

-- Tom Izbicki (MdBJ), Chair


Heidi Hutchinson (CU-Riv), Kati Radics (CLU), and Marje Schuetze-Coburn (CLSU) gave presentations on how their German responsibilities fit into their over all duties, and whether they are in fact doing more with less.

--Michael Olson (MH), Chair


At the Midwinter meeting in Philadelphia, Carol Armbruster (DLC) gave an extended talk on LC's work with Romance languages [details on RomList]. Arrangements are being made for demonstrations of relevant CD-ROM products at the meeting in Chicago.

--Lawrence Crumb (OrU), Chair


[No announcement received.

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