WESSWEB - Western European Specialists Section Newsletter

Vol. 18, No. 1 (Fall, 1994)
New Haven, Connecticut
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German Social Sciences Working Group

Kurt De Belder (NNU)
Chair, Research & Planning

At the 1994 ALA summer conference in Miami the WESS Research & Planning Committee decided to create a working group that would articulate the issues involved with and develop strategies for collaborative collection development in German social sciences. This German Social Sciences Working Group (WG) would build upon the Walden and Spohrer/Olson studies and would continue the efforts WESS has made in the context of the AAU/ARL foreign acquisitions project.

The charge of the WG is, among others, to define the universe to be considered; to identify the areas of need; to develop a method that is applicable to German studies and possibly expandable to other areas as well; to consider what verification studies might validate the method and approach; to evaluate the assignment of PCRs (primary collecting responsibilities) as a viable strategy; to consider strategies other than PCRs for distributing the collecting responsibilities, enabling more libraries to participate; and to determine some general understanding of terminology.

The following WESS members have been appointed to the WG: Chair: Martha Hsu (NIC, address), Kurt De Belder (NNU), Richard Hacken (UPB), Stephen Lehmann (PU), Michael Olson (MH), Leena Siegelbaum (MiEM), James Spohrer (CU), Advisor.

This group has started its discussions via e-mail and will have a first meeting during the 1995 ALA Midwinter conference in Philadelphia. The WG reports to the WESS Research and Planning Committee.

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